Hoosiers off to best start in Wilson era with 38-35 win over WKU #iufb

Jonathan Crawford intercepted back-to-back passes by Western Kentucky star quarterback Brandon Doughty to set up a come-from-behind, 38-35 Indiana victory Saturday before an announced crowd of 44,823 at Memorial Stadium.

The win gives the Hoosiers (3-0) a perfect three-game homestand and their best start in the Kevin Wilson era.

Indiana stuck to its script in a shootout between prolific offenses, turning a halftime deficit into a second-half comeback for the third consecutive week.

The teams combined for 1,207 yards — the bulk of which came through the air. Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld completed 20 of his 27 throws for 355 yards and three touchdowns. Jordan Howard rushed for 203 yards, Devine Redding added a rushing touchdown and Mitchell Paige scored once through the air and once on a punt return to open the scoring.

Doughty was equally excellent leading the WKU passing attack, throwing for 484 yards and three touchdowns, but a pair of fatal flaws turned this one into a momentum-building victory ahead of next week’s Indiana road trip to Wake Forest.

Paige’s 91-yard return came after Ralph Green III batted down a pass on third down on WKU’s opening series. The punt went deep to the 9-yard line, Paige received ample blocking and ran down the Hoosier sideline for the touchdown.

Griffin Oakes booted the ensuing kickoff out of bounds and the Hilltoppers answered with a six-play, 65-yard scoring drive that ended with a nine-yard touchdown run by D’Andre Ferby.

Indiana moved downfield to the WKU 33 on the next series, but Sudfeld dropped the ball on a run to the right and the Hilltoppers recovered. The error didn’t hurt, though, and Tegray Scales broke up a 3rd-and-14 pass to force a punt in his first game back from a two-game suspension.

After an empty IU drive late in the first quarter, Western Kentucky went 90 yards in 13 plays, taking its first lead of the day on a two-yard run by Ferby, who bounced off initial contact and ran two yards for the score.

Indiana turned a goal line stand into offensive momentum late in the second quarter after stuffing Ferby on 4th-and-1 inches. The Hoosiers drove 99 ½ yards in 13 plays, finishing the drive when Sudfeld found Ricky Jones wide open in the corner of the end zone for an 18-yard score that tied the game at 14-14 with four minutes left in the half. It was an impressive and methodical drive for the Hoosiers, who used seven consecutive runs from Howard and Redding to pick up 41 yards and set up the tying touchdown.

Western Kentucky quickly retook the lead after a two-play, 75-yard drive that ended with a 15-yard touchdown pass from Doughty to Tyler Higby. IU seemed poised to match the Hilltoppers when it opened its next possession with a 69-yard pass from Sudfeld to Jones, but the Hoosiers stalled at the WKU 10 and settled for a 27-yard field goal from Griffin Oakes.

A defensive stand before halftime could’ve kept IU within one strike of the lead, but a breakdown in the secondary put the Hoosiers in the hole. On 3rd-and-13, Taylor beat Devonte Williams and Jonathan Crawford over the top for a 78-yard touchdown that sent the Hilltoppers to a 28-17 lead with 35 seconds left in the half.

The quick strike IU sought arrived on the first possession of the second half, when Paige went over the middle, bounced off a would-be tackle near the sideline and scored a 36-yard touchdown to cut the WKU lead to four.

That’s when the IU defense keyed the comeback.

Back-to-back interceptions by Crawford set up a pair of IU scores that gave Indiana a 38-28 lead with five minutes left in the third quarter.

Crawford’s first pick set up a 97-yard scoring drive that ended with hard-fought 23-yard touchdown reception by Simmie Cobbs. Crawford intercepted Doughty on the first play of WKU”s next drive, giving the Hoosiers the ball at the WKU 22. Three plays later, including an 18-yard run by Howard, IU punched the ball in on a two-yard scoring run by Redding.

The Hoosiers held sway at the end of an 11-play, 55-yard drive by the Hilltoppers when Nick Mangieri blocked a 37-yard field goal attempt on the final play of the third quarter.

Western Kentucky cut its deficit to three points with a 14-play drive that ended on a three-yard touchdown pass from Doughty to Dangerfield with six minutes remaining, but Indiana sealed the win with a 12-play drive that killed nearly six minutes to clinch the victory.


  1. Yup those old dud 5th year rookie coaching hires like Wilson will never be able to handle those brilliant, offensive genius, hard charging young buck like Jeff Brohm. No way, his resume is much to strong for Wilson to compete against. What a joke. 1 TD in the second half. Hell I was led to believe by a certain Brohm lover that WKU would bring the end zone with them. Here is the real story about Brohm. He is playing with Dave Elson, Willie Taggert and Petrino’s recruits in his 1st HC gig. That is not a bad inventory to have to take over when in C-USA. What did Wilson start with at IU? Lynch’s lowly recruiting efforts. Some programs take longer to turn in the right direction and IU has proved it over and over and over and over again. POTMFB Go IU!!

  2. Oh, clarion. You poor thing. IU beats a C-USA team by 3 and you’re incorrigible. Tell me, where are the other 3 wins coming from? Wake is brutal but IU does not win road games. So let’s see slappy Wilson win 3 B1G games. Not bloody likely.

  3. theres wake forest,purdue and i guess you havent been reading any kind of news sir about some news goin on in piscataway new jersey and maryland look dude don’t be a hater just because others fans wanna believe they can win thats what a true fan does also might i add that they beat missouri a year ago last time i checked that was on the road against a team that won the sec east

  4. I’d say IU has “survived” it’s first three games of this season, all of which were at home. Regardless of the outcome of this game, Wilson was out-coached by a second-year head coach from within an inferior conference. I am not impressed. Maybe my expectations for this season were simply too high, but I’m seeing the same old crap that we’ve seen for the last four seasons. A Big Ten team playing at home should have breezed through WKU and won by three TDs, not held on for dear life. I’ll give IU credit for not quitting when they were behind, but as far as their overall performance, it remains well below par. And to my astonishment, the play calling in today’s game was highly suspect. I expect the defense to be weak, but that offense in the first half was sputtering badly.

  5. #6 I agree with several things you say. It is IU football. Watching rest of big ten and IU plus there is WF; IU will win more than 6 games this year.

  6. Always love Clarion’s spirit, but if I dug through the archives, I could find many instances of him citing how Lynch’s recruiting was improving more and more and was in uncharted territory for the # of 3 star kids he was getting. I could find many posts with the exact same optimistic tone after IU started 3-0 by barely beating cupcakes under Lynch, only to see them lose out the rest of their games in conference. I’m afraid to say, for Clarion, personality trumps product on the field. Wilson’s personality and a few heart attack wins over bottom feeders are enough to make the sale that the program is on the upswing. Wish I had it in me to keep believing like that after all these oh-so-similar years.

  7. All you Coach Wilson hater, get off his back!!! he has taken a struggling (dreadful) program and brought it back to some degree of respect….Maybe it has taken five years, but the program was so far in the dumps (players, staff and future recruits) that he has needed all five years or a minor miracle to turn this football program around….are we forgetting all those loses to teams like Indiana State, Ball State, etc…..where we not only lost, but we where out man (not very physical)….now we have the caliber of athletic to compete in the Big 10….do not forget IU football is 3-0 this season and beating current teams with Freshman and Sophomores…everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X and enjoy the run…..this IU teams compete, they have not quit on Coach Wilson and his staff, they continue to play hard until the end of the game….i for one think and believe there are a few games that IU can win on their Big 10 schedule.

  8. At the beginning of the year I thought IU had a decent shot at a 7-5 season. Win all the non-conf. and pick up 3/4 of games v RU, Mary, Iowa, and Pee-yew. But as PO wrote, IUFB has “survived” three home games v. sub-standard competition… Without the dropped two point try AND the shanked one point try by So. Ill., IU would haven’t survived its opener. No wonder the attendance was 44k today; WKU fans smelled a victory and hit the highways. “Crestfallen” does not begin to describe my feelings, but after five years of sickening defense I am just about out of hope.

    And to return to the scheduling thing, anyone notice that NU is 3-0 with wins over two Power Five teams that were 17-9 last year (Stanford 8-5, Duke 9-4)? And PLEASE don’t give me that nonsense that NUFB can afford to schedule tougher than IUFB ’cause it is in the soft” West division and thus can win a few more conf. games to make it all good if it drops some pre-conf. games. NU “gets it” that it is a real football team and plays other real football teams.

    Here’s and idea. IUFB v. KYFB. A natural rivalry with an opponent that is hardly a college football behemoth. I think it boils down to this: IU is AFRAID TO PLAY ANYONE IT DOES NOT HAVE TO! So it schedules nobodies to fill up the slate.

  9. Agree with several comments. It is the same scenario since the beginning of IU fb except for a less than handful of seasons. This year IU will have a winning record meaning more than 6 wins.

  10. Could not agree more davis. You are desperately and dreadfully hopeless.

    Po I think too IU’s offensive performance was atrocious. 659 total yards is woefully lacking. By the way your the OC for what team?

    Tom your right about Lynch improving recruiting his last 2 years. It was true if even only a half step to the whole picture. Kofi, Cody, Trey and a couple of others. But I recall nobody on D that stands out now. But he should have he had a bowl game to recruit with.

  11. My only complaint is we need more pressure on the qb…blitz up the middle and from the corner once in a while, send the house, our def front is too good for this!

  12. IU is 3 and 0 and I’m Glad about that. IU has also beaten 3 teams that any BIG Ten team should beat. To elevate SIU, FIU, and Western Kentucky to BIG Ten status is ridiculous. IU was supposed to beat these teams and they did. Their first test is Wake Forest which is an ACC (real conference) team but not a special ACC team. If they beat those guys on the road then I think they will win 7 games and that guarantees a Bowl Game. If not, how many teams on IU’s Big Ten schedule are worse than Wake Forest? I think Wilson has done a good job and this team is better (though not significantly) than his other teams. However, IU still has to outscore teams in 2nd Tier conferences because its defense can’t stop those teams from scoring. A worrisome observation is that even though IU is outscoring 2nd Tier teams, it isn’t laying 40 to 50 plus points on them as other BIG Ten teams are doing to similar competition. This can be a Good Year but it certainly isn’t ‘special’ yet nor does it seem as though it will be.

  13. Great win. OSU had a similar game. We’re gonna see a lot of games go down to the wire this year. The season is still a tossup.


  14. Had to track the IU game online. Watching the Ole Miss-Alabama game now. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of swing plays. Ole Miss had Bama on the ropes and dropped and interception- possibly a pick six the would have put them up 27. Instead, Bama promptly drove down field, then stuffed Miss for negative yards on three straight plays. As much as I hate to say it, they’ll probably Roll Tide again. Ridiculous.

    But it underscores the importance of our fourth down call. I get that you want to instill a killer instinct. You play to win. But playing to win doesn’t always mean mortgaging the farm. Do we take that risk against OSU on the road? Absolutely. But not there. We were fortunate it didn’t cost us the game.

    By the way, Bama just scored again. We’re fortunate we didn’t suffer the same fate. Swing plays.

    Still, hats off to our Hoosiers. They hung tough late and pulled it out. Tough to tell if they’re just a resilient young team who will continue to win close games and have a breakthrough season, or if they’ve maxed out their credit card.

  15. Who’s kidding who? This IU team has no ability defend against the pass. No pass rush and stunningly soft coverage in the secondary. Until they fix this glaring flaw they can not be taken seriously.

  16. Here’s what’s at stake and why Pdonuker can’t stand that Wilson is suddenly succeeding:

    At Indiana, Fred Glass has been the athletic director for nearly seven years. He has made one significant change in that period – replacing Bill Lynch with Kevin Wilson as football coach. Basketball coach Tom Crean was hired six months prior to Glass becoming AD.

    This is the background. The then. Now flash forward to the present:

    Both the football and basketball programs appear to be entering a year when tough decisions might have to be made. The football team has made progress under Wilson, but that progress has yet to result in a record sufficient to warrant a bowl invite, and Hoosier basketball fans have endured two years of mediocrity following successive seasons that ended after Sweet Sixteen games in the NCAA Tourney.

    As an aside I always said that given enough time Coach Crean can turn the program around a full 360 degrees. And it seems that I was right.

    Paying the $1 million to bounce Wilson would not hurt too much, but stroking the $7.5 million check that would be needed to part ways with Crean prior to July 1, 2016, when the buyout drops to $4 million would put Glass at risk because while he didn’t hire Crean, he was the AD when the extension that includes that massive buyout was negotiated.

    So Glass did not hire Crean, he re-hired him and granted him a massive buyout. But who hired Glass?

    If Glass has to fire both Wilson and Crean during the next year, unless both programs make significant positive steps shortly thereafter, he will likely be next.

    What will Glass do? And therein lies the answer:

    The status quo is likely Glass’s best tack to long term employment in what he says he would like to be his last job. If football goes bowling, Crean could be in trouble with another run of the mill season, but if Wilson authors another clunker, Crean is likely safe through at least the 2016-2017 season, regardless of basketball’s success – or lack thereof.

    But the football team is 3-0 and fighting, adjusting at half-time, and able to win close games.

    And thus the plot thickens whether Podonkey likes it or not.

  17. Posters here need to do some researching as WKU was listed in the top 30 in the country by several sites; living in the past about teams IU plays [one of several rankings http://espn.go.com/college-football/rankings%5D. This team was very good last year and returned most of the players expecting to have an even better team so IU just beat, dominated the second half, a team that was getting votes finishing just outside the top 25. This makes no difference into the kind of team we have this year but does show IU is improving; let’s hope the win doesn’t mirror last year’s win against Mizzo as Nat was out for the year the following game.

    It feels great to write that IU is 3-0 but so much better if I can write next week they are 4-0.

  18. Who cares how many yards IU’s offense ran up. They run a huge number plays (80 to 90) per game. But WKU’s QB threw for 360 yards during the first half. THE FIRST HALF! In the fourth quarter IU has a ten point lead. They work the ball down to WKU’s 19 yard line with about 12 minutes to go in the game. They don’t kick a field goal, which would all but guarantee a victory, but instead they go for it on fourth a 4. They fail, giving WKU the ball back with about ten minutes to play. WKU drives the ball 80+ yards to cut the deficit to 3 points. IU then mounts another drive and gets the ball down to the one/two yard line before taking a knee. What is Wilson’s thought process on those last two possessions? Does he not understand that winning by 3 points against an inferior team on your home field is not going to impress anyone. Does he not understand that potential recruits and bowl committees are not going to be impressed with a three point victory over a Conference USA team? I’m starting to question the judgement of a coach that everyone says is so smart. From my vantage point, while a win is a win, that was not an impressive win at all. I am happy that IU is 3-0, but I am not at all impressed.

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  20. I see a running back that is just as good as TC. A NFL prospect at QB that is still shaking off some rust but has a huge ceiling. An offensive line that has shown it can show up for 4 quarters. A YOUNG defense that has stepped up exactly when we have needed them most. Hell, we ran a punt back! I don’t care how it looks to anyone else. I see an undefeated, exciting team. I’ve jumped out of my seat several times.
    Haters step off. Go Hoosiers!!!

  21. Juan- not a hater, but just as hopeless as HC described me. I see the same things as you, but wonder about KW’s ability to put it all together. I’m not for dumping him; the real judge of that will be his record. IUFB has improved recruiting and at least we are not losing to the Ball States and N. Texas States anymore (although it’s been close), but at some point soon KW is going to have to get meaningful conf. wins. And this 2015 defense is making that look awfully unlikely.

  22. Someone needs to explain to Kevin Wilson how much harder he made the end of the game by failing to kick field goals. I know he felt going in that he needed touchdowns and not field goals but you don’t accomplish that by going for it on 4th and 3. We were up 10 near the end of the game against an opponent who had shown that it could score quickly. While a touchdown would have been great and going up 13 would have left it a 2 score game, 3 more points would have been huge. Up 13, WKU’s final touchdown would have put us still up 6 and then if our final drive had sputtered we could have taken another 3 and taken a very safe 9 point lead. Giving up the chance to go up 13 late in the game put unnecessary pressure on our final drive. Fortunately, we were up to the pressure and ran out the clock. It could have been so much easier though.

  23. Juan Blanco like your post #24 — Haters need to step off….this team is something special (for an IU football team) ….all the games have been exciting regardless of what some or most people think of the level of competition….IU football team plays very hard for the entire game, the team is very competitive and they will be competitive in the Big 10…..Coach Wilson has done an excellent job with this team…..in this game the WKU players looked worn down, while the IU players stilll showed signs of life/energy…i can see this team being very competitive against Rutgers, Maryland, Penn State and Purdue…..possibilities of a six to seven win season….provide everyone stays healthy…..i can only see this team and the players getting better as the goes on.

  24. In this case the more accurate term than “hater” is “optimist, with experience.”

    The game plan for other Big 10 teams to deal with IU is going to be pretty straight-forward. Trade TDs with them all day, until Sudfeld eventually throws a pick, or the offense punts. You win, 48-38. It’s usually a foregone conclusion that in shootouts, IU will make the first mistake.

  25. I strongly agree with post #26. Wilson is now in his 5th year as Head Coach. His decision to go for it on 4th and 3-4 and not to take the FG and 3 solid points was wrong! It almost cost IU the W, and the season for that matter. A 6-6 (at the worst) record this season is not just the goal, it is an absolute necessity of the Wilso era is to continue! Nate will be gone next year and no star QB is on the team to replace him. I agree with #24 that there is much to like about this Indiana team. Expand the use of our good TE’s, stop trying to use Nate as an option read QB, move the CB’s up (IU always gives a 10 yd cushion on one side of the field, and our tackling is still not strong enough that even with that cushion the pass will not go for big yards), IU must get some pressure on the opposing QB. Post # 21 is right. The WKU offense and QB are good! Better than AL, PN St, MI and many other teams. They are the clear favorites in Conf USA, just as Bowling Green and N IL are in the MAC, both better than Wake. WKU beat Vandy on the road just as IU hopes to beat Wake on the road, and Vandy usually beats Wake! This season has been crazy so far, life on the knife edge. One loss and the trash can is right there. But IU is 3-0 and it still could be a great season!

  26. I was screaming “kick the field goal” though. Honestly I think CKW is still learning how to win, too. No reason to go for it there.

  27. 6 wins and a bowl game. That’s what we need. WKU was huge! Every non conference game is like the super bowl. I don’t care how we do it, we need to go 4-0. On to the Deacons! I look for our D to come up big. Again!

  28. It’s a mindset Wilson is sending to his team..He believes that.Kicking field goals against this level of competition is a form of envisioned defeatism. Placing victories above a level of gumption and attitude that has never been inside the heart and soul of IU Football. ? Wilson has no reason to go there.

    And I honestly think he’s determined to sail across an ocean deep in decades of losses with that ship searching to find a ‘New World’, or he’s going to go down with it.

  29. But that’s been Wilson’s m.o. since he arrived in Bloomington. Hey, it’s one thing to go for it on fourth down during your first tow years when you know your team has no chance of producing a winning season, but it’s simply irresponsible to jeopardize victories, winning seasons and a trip to a bowl game by continuing to make those stupid decisions. His players and staff deserve better. IU fans deserve better. Does Wilson not understand that when IU’s opponents stop IU on fourth downs, it gives them a huge boost of confidence. Does Wilson not understand the emotional impact on his players and the other team when his team fails to convert on fourth and short? All the momentum IU established during that drive is instantly transferred to the opposition. And what is Wilson’s overall record when he decides to go for it on fourth down? What’s his conversion ratio? What are the odds of making it against the odds of making a field goal? Some people describe him as “a riverboat gambler.” He’s looking more like a degenerate gambler, taking huge risks against ridiculous odds. As most people understand, those types of gamblers usually losing everything.

  30. I would simply say he’s not a defeatist born to be passive in the quest for gentle seas. Being tactical in the first weeks the widest ocean might ensure a victory here and there, but it will burn belief. I don’t expect his philosophy to change.

  31. what does 6-wins get you….a minor bowl invitation…which the NCAA might not give us….6-wins does not guarantee better recruits or players…..i like the riverboat gambler….don’t get me wrong sometimes it is nice to take the points (do not leave points on the field) but he had the opportunity to bury Western Kentucky (put the game away) an for whatever reason he choose to try and do that…This is Kevin Wilson career/job, all us arm chair coaches – monday morning second guessers need to stop second guessing every decision he makes and let the man do his job……our second guessing is not helping the confidence or culture of this football team and future recruits…….i optimistic that a 7 or 8 win season puts IU in a better bowl and helps recruiting tremendously.

  32. WKU – ranked by several several sites to be a top 30 team in the country? Wowwwwww. Someone must be doing an outstanding job there. Don’t have to do the research today, but who is coaching that team?

  33. Xavier, WKU has a pretty respectable football history. Jack Harbaugh, the patriarch of the Harbaugh coaching family, was the coach there for quite a few years.

  34. PO, Wizop, Beat Pee-yew, Jaun- KW is playing the right odds to go for it on 3d down. Every team should be doing that; our guy is ahead of the curve. See:


    Makes no sense to give up 25% of a team’s possessions as a matter of policy, especially when those possessions belong to a good offense such as IUFB’s. Coaches are stuck in the “gotta get ten yds. in three downs” ’cause fans (and athletic directors) remember the painful failed 4th down attempts way more than the successful ones. But the data don’t have memory or emotions.

  35. This is why I believe the decision to go for it on fourth down was a poor decision. #1) in that situation you have to make the other team score touchdowns to win the game in regulation. The offense saved the game by not allowing WKU to get back on the field. #2) the play called on fourth down was terrible. Everyone know that the sideline is a cornerback/linebackers best friend. It serves as a second defender. Trying to throw the ball and have the the receiver make an over the shoulder catch while trying to stay in bounds, terrible.call.

  36. Chet and Clarion, I Agree with both of you completely. The reason Western Kentucky has a respectable football program is because they have a history of hiring very good coaches.

  37. HC, what’s working? Going for it on 4th and 4 did not work. Have no doubt that I’m glad IU is 3 – 0. And I have no doubt Wilson knows a lot more about football than any person writing comments on the Scoop. That’s why some of his decisions are so mystifying. But so far in Wilson’s fifth season, his team is barely squeaking by against teams from much weaker conferences and he still has not fielded a competitive defense in 4-plus seasons. Yes, his offense is working, and always has, in spite of his dumb gambles. But as we’ve seen over the last four years, you can score lots of points and run up all sorts of yards, but if you can’t play defense, you still end up with a losing season. I’m frustrated because I expected a higher level of performance out of Wilson’s program in his fifth season as IU’s head coach.

  38. Remember how many of Lynch’s teams would be in games in the first half and proceed to get steamrolled in the second half? Maybe some of that also occurred in Wilson’s first couple years….But could our great 3rd quarters be a sign that there may be something positive at work here? Maybe the level of athlete is higher? Maybe they are fresher in the halftime locker room…? And maybe, just maybe, defensive adjustments work in the 2nd half because the quality of a stronger recruit/athlete now beginning to develop into Wilson’s higher caliber roster isn’t so spent as to not take those coaching/locker room adjustments and transfer it into positive results…?

    Maybe it’s just me…Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s mid-major teams were going against.. But I’m seeing a 2nd half Hoosier team with way more fight and optimism on the sidelines….Are we actually starting to impose our will on the competition after halftime bands have played? I don’t know if monstrous 3rd quarters our in the future against the big boys of the BIG, but it sure isn’t worth being a Debbie Downer at this juncture of the season…We’re 3-0 and we don’t appear to be out of gas and out of ideas in the final quarters….It’s reason enough to hope.

  39. I don’t know if [more] monstrous 3rd quarters [are] in the future against the big boys of the BIG....

  40. And where’s Tsao! Hope all is well…Go Cubs!

    I wonder if Tsao still has confidence in Kevin Wilson….? Personally, I believe it’s the best overall spark and attitude I’ve seen from Hoosier football teams in years.. There’s some real life on the sidelines…and there’s some real leadership coming from the QB position.. It’s not always in terms of huge stats and flawless play…Sudfeld just looks like a winner. He leads via his body language and demeanor(he’s the antithesis of a guy like Jay Cutler).

  41. 4th down stop on the 1, blocked field goal, 3 tipped passes, punt returned for TD, 2 INT’s., 355 passing yds., 284 rushing yds., 86 offensive plays, over 33 min. of possession displays it is all working and going for it on 4th makes a lot of sense.
    The very Q’s you asked above you’ve answered yourself on here previously. Talking out both sides of your mouth must be a foil to just not quite accepting what is reality.

  42. J Pat,
    Pressuring the QB is high on my list too. Although WKU’s OL was built to protect the 6th year(24-25 yr. old)QB who can read a blitz almost as fast and well as PM. If it is indeed #1 covering the TE has to be #1A. I am not nearly as enamored with our LB’s playing in a scheme as a position group as most on here are. If IU’s Bandit(Shaw)has to bump and cover the opponents TE every pass play so be it. He is big enough, fast enough to be effective. Let the blitzing come from other positions beside the Bandit. The TE being so successful in the middle of an experienced group is not acceptable. It is easier to understand the young secondary being burned on occasion while OJT. There has been some much for the D staff to prioritize since early August I am betting neutralizing the opposing TE is being emphasized and schemed just about now.

  43. @Podunker

    I’m really not trying to be mean, but do you watch a lot of football? Some of the things you are ranting about are just silly.

    Western was receiving votes in the polls. They have had one of the best offenses in the country the last few years, and have a sixth year QB who threw for 48 TDs last year and will be drafted. Everyone gives up a lot of yards to them. I believe we were only favored by 1.5.

    Also, you always take a knee when you can. No one cares if we win by 3 or 10 at that point. Don’t really get why you’re spazzing out over that.

    Our D still has issues, but that was a nice test and we shut them down in the second half. Also, the O put up over 630 yards, so you’re really reaching with the “success in spite of Wilson” stuff. That’s just dumb.

    The gambling on 4th down? Ok, U get that complaint.

  44. Oh and the out-coached comment, where did that come from? A lot of people were picking WKU to win. And bowl committees not picking us because we won a game where we were favored by 1.5 by 3? Perhaps you could clarify?

  45. Talking out of both sides of my mouth. Hmmm. Not sure how to take that. I mean, it could be a put down, but it could also be a compliment. Let me think about this for a second. Well, I do have to consider the source, so I’m thinking it’s probably a put down. However, I think the ability to talk out of both sides of one’s mouth is a skill or ability most people don’t have. Kind of like a gift from God. You know, similar to receiving the gift of speaking in tongues. So sense I’m a sensitive kind of guy that get’s my feelings hurt real easy, I think I’m going to play it safe, give a guy the benefit of the doubt, count my blessings, drink from the glass half full, and say “Heck Yeh, that is a compliment. So thank you very much for helping me to realize a gift that i so often take for granted and maybe in the near future I’ll be able to utilize this wonderful blessing that I have. It’s been very long day of work today (left the house at 5;30 am and got home an hour ago) so peace out and blessings to all. Xavier

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