A closer look at Kevin Wilson’s 2016 recruiting priorities #iufb

The bye week doesn’t provide much of a break for Indiana’s coaching staff.

As is typically the case, IU coach Kevin Wilson and his assistants are spending the week checking on top targets in upcoming recruiting cycles, while looking to add to Indiana’s current 10-man class for 2016.

The Hoosiers have 11 scholarships opening due to departing seniors, and next year’s class is expected to include between five-to-10 more players before February’s National Signing Day, depending on further attrition. With at least half of the class already intact through verbal commitments, Wilson said his staff is now focused on adding size to the mix.

“I think we need big guys in this class,” Wilson said.

Offensively, center Jake Reed and left tackle Jason Spriggs are set to graduate, and redshirt junior right guard Dan Feeney could go pro. Redshirt juniors DeAndre Herron and Wes Rogers are also considered seniors in the classroom, along with right tackle Dimitric Camiel and guard/center Jacob Bailey.

Tight ends Michael Cooper and Anthony Corsaro are graduating, with Jordan Fuchs, Danny Friend and Austin Dorris left for next season.

On the defensive side, the Hoosiers are guaranteed to lose Nick Mangieri, Zack Shaw and Adarius Rayner, and they’ll need to add depth behind Darius Latham and Ralph Green.

“I think there needs to be some size in this class,” Wilson said. “Last year we took 13 skill guys and you really don’t have a senior defensive back or receiver. You really don’t have one at running back, you don’t have one at linebacker. So I think the core of it is big bodies. Then we have to see where we are at quarterback and how that goes.”

After Nate Sudfeld’s upcoming graduation, the quarterback position will be the most crucical area Wilson and his staff must address.

And Sudfeld’s immediate successor may not be currently in the program. Wilson said his staff could consider and pursue a potential junior college quarterback or graduate transfer at the position if the Hoosiers can identify someone who fits.

“But who is that, you know what I mean?” Wilson said. “Just because he’s older — he’s got to be good enough. … We’re looking at some (junior college) options. It’s hard to look at midyear graduate deals because who are those guys? You really can’t communicate with those guys. We’ll see. We’re not going to panic.”

According to Matt Weaver of Peegs.com, Indiana has expressed interest in a handful of junior college quarterbacks who would be available in December. Among them is Trinity Valley Community College’s Jerod Evans, who has thrown for 3,164 yards, nearly 400 yards per game and 38 touchdowns to three interceptions this season. Another target is Cisco Community College quarterback Richard Lagow, who has passed for 2,121 yards and 17 touchdowns this season. Other possible targets include Coffeyville Community College’s Riley Ferguson and Arizona Western’s Trent Hosick.

Wilson, of course, still seems high on the in-house options, too.

“We just did our developmental work and one of the comments was, ‘Austin King was impressive today,'” Wilson said. “As a young guy, he’s been a little up and down with the urgency. It’s like, ‘You don’t play right guard, you play quarterback. There’s a way you walk out here every day.’ So you have Danny and Zander. Donovan Hale, who we’re playing at receiver, he’s a guy in the mix. We’ll be reasonably skilled.”


  1. Wilson’s done a fine job recruiting but Mike Leach could win 9 or 10 games with our roster now. Its time to move on if we can’t go 3-5 in big ten this year because its not gonna get any easier with Michigan back and Nate being gone is gonna cripple our offense. No excuses its year 5 we are 6-30 in big ten play, not good enough. We need to find our “joe tiller” and hire someone who has had winning head coaching experience. Anyone who uses the word battleship about football is a complete moron, glass needs to go if this is the best we can do.

  2. donald T I don’t think Leach could have won 9 or 10 games with his two best offensive starters injured. Let’s see what happens in the next four games.

  3. All the critics of our coach don’t look at what has happened during his tenure. Good QBs that leave instead of working harder to compete, Nate being injured last year and think Big Ten losses were coach’s fault. They don’t look at the losses this year due to losing two major starters or how close the team plays to the top teams. Or the two poor defensive coordinators that didn’t recruit or coach very well that have been replaced now. They don’t see how high our offense is ranked or how young our defense is. They miss that beating Missouri and playing Big Ten powers to the end or through 3 quarters shows we are just missing a few good players.

    Our football team just several more quality players to compete and win in the Big Ten. Other coaches that deal with losing programs and face the battles Coach Wilson has faced don’t do any better. Give coach time to overcome these problems and IU will be very competitive.

    This staff does a good job recruiting players and they will get this team turned around in 5 years.

  4. I wonder about some of the IU fan base. Put this in perspective. IU historically has the worst program in D1. No other school comes close to their number of losses. IU has swapped coaches time after time with the same result. No coach is going to be able to fix this program in a few years without cutting some corners and you know what that means. It will take at least 5-10 years to get the program reasonably competitive. The bigger problem IU will face is if a coach ever does achieve significant success, how will they be able to keep him. If Wilson were to have won 8 or more games this year at IU of all places, he would have become one of the hottest coaching properties in the country. In all reality this IU team was a 6 win possibility, if they were lucky. Anything more than that would be overachievers. Getting the team bowl eligible in the next year or two is the primary goal. You don’t turn around a program this historically bad overnight, it will take a lot of time and patience.

  5. Thinkaboutit post is spot on. Our program has suffered from underinvestment for decades and it is going to take a very long time to turn it around. As I’ve said before, we’ve come a long way in overall competitiveness but we do not yet have the depth to compete with consistency at this level though we are getting there! It is certainly disappointing not have a bowl this season but we’ll get our five wins and go on from there.

  6. Didn’t Mike Leach get fired from Texas Tech for locking Craig James’ son in ‘a small dark space’ because a concussion kept him out of practice? I’m not willing to root for a guy who can win 9 or 10 games, if the culture and integrity started by coach Hep and continued by CKW will be tossed aside. We wanted a competitive program, and we’re very close to being consistently competitive. We want to win games, yet many won’t stay past halftime. I believe CKW and his staff have made significant progress. The wins (and bowl games) will come. CKW needs his contract extended in order for program continuity and progress to move ahead. Cut the check AD Glass. Go Hoosiers!!!

  7. I’ve been watching IU football for a long time. This is the most competitive team I’ve seen since the Mallory era. If we fire Wilson now its sets us back another 5 years. I know one thing, I’d rather stick with CKW than begin the search for a new coach. This is not an appealing place to coach football and unless you land a Jim Harbaugh forget about it.
    Glass has got to find a way to keep fans in their seats. Hasn’t there been talk of selling beer at the stadium and ending the passouts? The crowd in the 4th quarter of Rutgers game was just pitiful. Especially for a team that was trying to go 5-2 and returning its starting QB. If Hoosiers can’t get up for that, I’m not sure what more they want.

  8. I agree. CKW is doing his job and making significant improvement. The program as a whole, however, still suffers from underinvestment. Clearly, not as bad as prior to Glass coming on board; but IU still does not have the overall game day experience for students and fans as what you see at other major conference schools. IU has historically cheaped out when it comes to investing in our football program. One suggestion would be to hire a top tier marketing firm to implement programs designed to get more butts in seats. This has not been done. Rather, we have tried some haphazard and somewhat random measures like discounts (always a bad idea), chrome helmets, Knot hole park etc. A good marketing firm will devise an overall comprehensive strategy that looks at all aspects of the program.

  9. iufan23, Would not argue your points 1 inch. But there is a pretty damn good marketing group working their asses off over at Kelley as we type and they probably would not have to do near the due diligence an outside entity would be forced to do to know what was lacking for home games. I am sure their effort measured in value would equal or exceed the results a hired contractor would produce. But no doubt put somebody in charge of it, yesterday.

  10. The problem with too few fans will be solved by only one thing- a winning team. Have all the drawings, give-a-ways and free t-shirts you want, fans want to see winning football. We packed the stadium for OSU when we thought IU had a chance to win. Now with 4 straight B1G loses, there’s going to be a lot of empty seats for Iowa and Michigan.

    I’m a guy who thinks the glass is still half full and KW can turn it around. But when you look at a NFL caliber qb and rb along with the best offensive and defensive lines of the KW era and we still can’t win league games, you have to worry.

    And here’s the problem. If you look at the points allowed by quarter, IU has given up more points in the 4th quarter than Michigan or Iowa has given up all year. Bad right? But IU has also given up more points in the 2nd quarter than Michigan or Iowa has given up all year- down right ugly.


    1 2 3 4 Total
    46 111 27 114 298

    Iowa total points allowed: 107
    Michigan total points allowed: 65

    KW can talk about learning to handle success or being a good teammate or trusting the coaches, but the problem is obvious. We put our defense on the field too often and for too long. They start the game well but get worn down in the second quarter. They come out strong again in the 3rd but get worn down again in the 4th. We need to take a page from the B1G front runners and find ways to keep the offense on the field longer for more time consuming sustained drives. That means less uptempo passing and more traditional running plays. I’d look at putting Sudfeld under center and have a 2 back offense. Can you image Jordan Howard as a lead blocker? It would help us improve our time of possession and shorten the overall length of the games. These are the two things we need to do to help keep our D from wearing out and giving us a chance to win.

  11. Hoosier 86

    We were doing to a pretty good job controlling clock and slowing tempo at times before Howard got injured. Before Howard was injured, we were running the ball almost 65% of the time.

  12. Getting fans in the stadium and keeping them has been a HUGE issue for some time. When Mallory’s teams were bowling with regularity our stadium was consistently 90% or more full. Of course, that was 25 years ago. Now there are significantly more games available on TV every week…including EVERY game IU plays. That wasn’t the case when Coach Mal was in charge. The other issue is games used to last about three hours. Now if a game is over in less than four it is a fast game. As much as I love being able to watch the games I can’t attend, TV has definitely extended the length of the game. Simply put, for me to attend a game and come home that same day, it is a 14 hour day from Elkhart. That is only if I don’t want to arrive early or stay late to tailgate. This is something that must be addressed.

  13. If IU wins six, give Wilson a contract extension. If IU fails to win six games this season, evaluate options to replace him. If IU has no viable options, keep Wilson for year six. If he does not produce a winning season in his sixth season, pay him his severance for the one year remaining on his contract and give another man a chance.

    I will agree with people who proclaim that IU is more competitive now than they have been in decades if IU can win six games this season. But if not, the facts don’t support that claim. A lot of us forget that Lynch achieved a 5 – 7 record in his last season at IU and was fired immediately after that season ended. And aside from taking IU to a Bowl game the year Hep died, he was one dropped touchdown pass away from beating a nationally ranked Iowa team and taking IU to two bowl games in four seasons.

    The profit-generating college sports like Football and Basketball are bottom-line businesses. If Wilson can’t produce a winning season this year or next, especially after the investment IU has made to significantly upgrade the football facilities and increase coaching compensation, IU would be foolish to extend Wilson’s employment beyond six seasons. Let’s hope Wilson and staff find a way to win two more games this season and puts this debate to rest for many years to come.

  14. Eric, you raise a good point. And hurry-up offenses make the games even longer. Some of these games now routinely generate 170 plays between the two teams! But the problem is not unique to IU, and yet many schools with mediocre football programs don’t have trouble achieving high attendance at their home games. Aside from IU’s poor record over the decades, I also question the fan experience inside Memorial Stadium. I recently attended an Arizona home game. This year’s AZ team is not very good, but the stadium was full and the crowd was very excited. Before the game even started, I understood why. Their pre-game entertainment included fireworks and was generally outstanding in its entertainment value. IU fans have had their enthusiasm and excitement for IU Football beaten and humiliated out of them for many, many years. Hep’s death was a serious blow to IU’s fan base even though “his” last team made it to a bowl game. Winning and a better fan experience inside Memorial Stadium will increase attendance at IU’s home football games, in spite of how long it takes for the games to be concluded. Everybody loves a winner.

  15. If you read these comments they break down into two views: 1) Coach Wilson has done a good job of assembling much better recruits, and now assistant coaches; 2) I U must do something new to show an all out commitment to win now, under the rules. The solution is obvious but too far out of the box to ever be seriously considered: give Wilson and the top assistants a modest pay increase and 3 more years; have Wilson agree to return to becoming the Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach; hire a now “retired” big name X-Head Coach (college or NFL) to be the CEO/Recruiting Closer for 4 and 5 star talent/Winning Personality leader of the program! It will cost maybe $5 million more than we spend today, but we will not go backwards and have to wait another 5 years! Indiana will show the college football world that we mean to WIN NOW! Try it AD Glass!

  16. PB-

    We did run more in the first 4 games with Howard but aside from Wake Forest, we still didn’t dominate in time of possession. And that means our D is on the field too long. With a back like Howard and a QB like Sudfeld, we should be able to come up with a offense that can both shorten the game by keeping the clock moving and go for some sustained drives to keep our defense off the field. Those defensive numbers are pretty damning. The defense has shown it can’t hold up to extended playing time. So if IU is going to make a bowl, its up to the offense to control the ball and shorten the length of the games. But that is going to be hard to do playing uptempo out of spread formations with a single back and a QB operating out of the shotgun.

  17. People that are critical of Coach Wilson don’t understand all the hurdles he has had to go over to move this football team. He is not only motivating and teaching the players but also many of the coaches on the sideline that are going wild while there is more playing to go instead of a short cheering and get back to work. He has a hard job when he has to teach players and assistant coaches.

    First year, a poor roster [coaching players he didn’t recruit] and players leaving because they didn’t want work hard because before they didn’t have to work hard. The second year having only one recruit class he recruited and winning 4 more games. 3rd year second recruiting class winning 5 games. 4th year 3rd recruiting class with #2 and #3 QBs [both were selfish instead of working hard to win the starting job] leaving because they weren’t starting. Beat Missouri and Nate get hurt against Iowa along with the new #2 QB getting hurt. IU is left with a freshman QB that finished Spring as the 5th QB. We had very young receivers along with Shane Wynn as several went to the NFL a year early. The young guys weren’t catching passes very well at that time but the team came together to as hard as they could. Against Ohio State [the National Winners that year] and led them until the 4th quarter or close to that. This year many freshman DBs because the first D Coordinators didn’t recruit DBs or couldn’t get them to come so with the new DC they focused on getting them. Those DBs were playing high school games last year and the game is longer now so they haven’t been in the weight training or cardio training more than a couple of months while playing games. Add in Nate and Jordan missing games due to injury and the offense is hurt as any young team missing a NFL QB and NCAA leading RB who will be in the NFL after next year. Ask any coach to deal with all this and they wouldn’t be doing any better. PSU was a game both missed and it took a team we
    could beat but the younger guys couldn’t. Add in that now the team is in one of the toughest conference in the country while the West is much weaker other than a few teams. We beat WKU when they were ranked #32 which is not a weak team like many say they were.

    This year the team has shown they can play with any team taking OSU to the last play what unfortunately had a bad snap. MSU playing them tough until the last 4 or 5 minutes. What will it take, more players to fill the roster and unfortunately several aren’t eligible this year but will be next year. This team is not too far from being up in the upper class of this East conference of the B1G. How they have played tough against these teams with a freshman and two sophomores in the secondary. Coaches push players to player very hard and as LB Simmons [a LB I haven’t been very high on until the MSU game] showed the other players how to play even harder than they have. Coached made a point of him and how IU needed more players playing at that level. Coach Wilson has worked very hard along with every other person on the team. They have shown us they are much better this year but the young kids are tiring out.

    Yes I hope with Jordan back at full health we will get back to running more and shortening the game so the defense doesn’t play so much. It is up to the defense players to stop teams sooner so they get off the field and the offense players to extend offensive series and score more often instead of coming up short.

    Any coach facing what coach Wilson did along with learning how to be a Head Coach would have had trouble winning conference games. We now see how close the team is to being to challenge and win even the best teams. Building a program at a losing football program like IU isn’t easy or a short time to turn it around. Things in the Big Ten are much different than when Coach Mallory was here. He did a great job for a while but they weren’t in East B1G conference and the teams are much better from top to bottom in the East.

    There is no reason to get rid of Coach until the end of his contract and the should give him a extended contract based on this team showing what they are almost good enough to do against the best teams. Yes I wish he would slow down the offense while he has such a young defense. Give them a better chance to be energized to play in the second and fourth quarters the way they do in the first and third quarters. With better recruits coming in this team will beat some of those top teams and be considered as one of the better teams in the B1G.

  18. vesuvious13,

    Great post, vesuvious13! Good summary of what Wilson has had to face. This is not the time to fire him but extend his contract so he can acquire more depth and even better athletes. Wilson is very close to making us respectable consistently. I know many Hoosier fans don’t agree.. But if fired, are they ready to face another five years of rebuilding? I don’t think so.

  19. Vesuvius13 your post#18 sums it all up…..GREAT POST…..i too believe that Coach Wilson desires a contract extensions….we have come to far to turn back now!!! I remember back to when Coach Wilson took over this football program and all the kids/players that abandon the program and how the media rated IU football program in the bottom five of NCAA year end and year out….what Coach Wilson has done with building the foundation of this program and getting better players, along with trying to change the culture of the IU football program has been amazing so far…give him the contract extension, continue the program on the right course (good players, good coaches and good fans)…..GO HOOSIERS

  20. The 5 years prior to Wilson: 19-30 with 6 big ten wins
    The 5 years with Wilson: 18-38 with 6 big ten wins

    Wilson’s got much better facilities and the program now allows “special talent” players– i.e. kids that wouldn’t ordinarily qualify admission to IU. So better talent to choose from and better facilities equals fewer wins, much lower winning % and the same # of B1G wins. Somehow that equals a great coach or a coach that has earned another 5 years? As Bill Parcels used to say, “You are who your record says you are.”

    You look at all the coaches that turned big ten programs around- Tiller at Purdue, Kill at Minnesota, Alvarez at Wisconsin, Ferenz at Iowa– they all turned around programs in 5 years or less.

    Willing to wait until the end of the season to pass judgement. We all still want him to succeed and want to see a bowl game. But if he has 5 wins or less with this level of talent, you really can’t hope for much more in future seasons. He’s already lagging behind in recruiting. No in state talent, Fewest number of recruits in the B1G, it doesn’t look good unless they get to a bowl this year.

  21. IU should have 5 wins now! Losing to Rutgers, at home, on Homecoming, when up 25 with about 18 minutes left is inexcusable! It is all about coaching! I stand by my post #16 above. Who would be this “CEO” head coach: 1) Coroso is too old now but 10 years he would have been perfect; 2) We have no great golf courses so Steve Spurrier won’t work; 3) Tressler late of OSU, Cowher of the Steelers, Ditka of the Bears and Saints, each would be a good pick. We need a “celebrity” who wants the challenge of leading Indiana into national football prominence, who does not want to work 80 hour weeks again, who trusts Wilson and his staff, who would love to be in Bloomington and make $4 million/year! Not a bad gig!

  22. Hoosier ’86; good post. Given the facts that you present, it’s hard to argue with your conclusion. I too still support Wilson and hope he succeeds (wins six) this season, but if he does not, it just does not make sense to extend his contract. And next year, with a young, inexperienced QB and several veteran lineman that will have graduated, I don’t see how Wilson is going to produce a better season. But as I’ve argued for some time, recruiting is the canary in the coal mine. It’s the first sign of trouble for a program in decline. Your point about Wilson lagging behind relative to other Big Ten Schools and no significant in-state talent is right on the mark. I just don’t see the evidence that justifies extending his contract.

  23. BeatPurdue, the Rutgers loss falls squarely on Sudfeld. Those 2 picks he threw are what was inexcusable.
    The fan base deserves a little blame for that, too. I was there and I saw a young defense pleading for some semblance of a 12th man. All they got was empty seats.

  24. do you think the Nebraska fan base want Bo Pelini back now??? granted it has only been one year but it has been a very rough year….he was suppose to be the coach that put Nebraska over the top, well he is finding out that playing in the BIG 10 is a lot rougher than playing in the PAC 10/12….yes, five years is long enough to turn around most programs, but fans we have to amid turning around the IU football program is a major task, everybody knows that IU football was ranked in the bottom 5-10 in all NCAA categories just a few years ago…we now have a very respectable offensive team and i guarantee that next year (if all players stay) the defensive team will be a lot better (just by experience alone)….everybody had to know that with this young secondary, that it was going to be rough year defensively……but provide those players which should return to the IU football program next year, i feel this team will make major strides…i have confidence in Coach Wilson finding a QB to run this team….i feel confident that Coach Wilson is the right coach for the IU football program… maybe his arrogance and stubbornness is exactly what this program needs to bring this or take this program into the future….Coach Wilson is not the media friendly coach, but his players seem to enjoy (play hard, never quit) playing for him…..how many times did the players stop playing for previous coaches (games over at half-time)…Coach Wilson has recruited players that have played hard on the field and basically (very few incidents) stayed out of trouble off the field….i still say GO COACH WILSON AND GO HOOSIERS!!!

  25. Ok, so you like Wilson because he’s a tough guy and you think he’s increased the talent pool. You also think IU is a tough place to turn around. Got it. But what is your criteria for determing when he’s not getting the job done? Joe Tiller came in and was 9-3 his first year and had Purdue in the Rose Bowl by year 4. Alveraz and Ferentz where 1-11 their first years but had 10+ win seasons by year 4. Jerry Kill started 3-9 but had back to back 8-5 years by year 3 and 4. KW started 1-11 and has yet to have a winning season.

    It is easy to see with our defense giving up 100+ points in both the 2 and 4 quarters, that our defense gets worn down. But KW has a quick strike offense that doesn’t use up time on the clock and stretches out the overall length of games. So his strategy puts his defense on the field longer and more often than other teams. So why exactly do you think that same strategy will work better in the future?

    Yes the defense backfield should get better with a transfer and a JUCO kid coming in next year, but the offense will probably be much worse with losses of Sudfeld, Spriggs, and probably Feeney. So is it ok to have 3 or 4 wins again next year?

    Our defensive backfield is bad because KW missed on some higher level CB recruits. Our QB situatiion isn’t that good for next year because KW missed on some higher level QB recruits. We currently have either the worst or second worst recruiting classes in the B1G. If he can’t get the talent, what are you basing the future improvement on besides wishfull thinking?

    Now if he can pull out 2 more wins, maybe he can sell recruits that IU is on an upswing. Otherwise, I just don’t see where the improvements are going to come from.

  26. Dynamic coaches win games. Jerry Kill was a dynamic coach. KW as of today is not. I would rather have average kids who are winners in live than any four star recruits. Recruit winners. Win games and fans will flood the stadium. Wisconsin was a nobody in college football until a guy named Barry showed up. Once again a dynamic coach. Someday IU will find a Barry A and you will see ra bowl team almost overnight. This whole big battleship needs turned around reads well but with the right skipper the battle ship would be playing bowls games 3 years ago.

  27. “Recruit winners…”

    Wow. Why didn’t we think of that before?

    What does that even mean? Show me a recruit that wasn’t a winner when they were recruited. While you’re at it, show me a program that recruits losers.

  28. As far as I’m concerned most coaches worth their salt pay no attention to the * system with exception of getting a list of all 5*, 4*, etc. so as not to miss any in any region of the country. They simply evaluate talent from those categories. Which is why I like the recruiting style KW and staff exercise. I nearly spit out my porridge when I read about IU’s missed ingredient “recruit winners”.

  29. It is good to come hear and see such a good discussion about facts. I hope the team wins enough games this year to put our concerns to rest. It would also help the recruiting but I would think playing teams so tough for most of the game it would show recruits what they can do coming to IU.

  30. Hoosier 86, most of those coaches (Alveraz, Ferentz (Iowa was close to releasing this year), Kill (resign this year) and Tiller) all had head coaching experience and they all had a staff (assistant coaches) in place….Coach Wilson (Offensive Cord) had to assembly a coaching staff and most assistants at that time wanted nothing to do with IU football the grave yard (lowest paid assistant in BIG 10) of assistant coaches…as far as the offensive leaving the defensive hanging…i am no expert could be and may be true, but don’t other football program (TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, Oregon, etc) run the same type of offensive…as far as recruiting, Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and Wisconsin…we are competing for the same kids/players today…it was only a few years ago we where competing with the Ball State, Indiana State and Illinois State for players…yes, maybe our recruiting is last again this year at the present time, but Kevin Wilson has a way of pulling off a few year end surprise that raise the level of talent….an the only way we will ever be able to stay competitive is to Recruit and be able to REDSHIRTS some freshman to build up the depth chart…give Wilson a chance…if he does not go to a bowl this year, i feel this conversation is irrelevant….AD Glass is waiting to see how this year turns out and how the team/players performs before deciding on a contract extension….with so many coaching position open, the competition to hire the right coach for your program will be intense.

  31. Kent Sterling openly discusses the possibility of Wilson being fired after the season, sighting IU’s two collapses against Big Ten competition this season. If anyone thinks this kind of information is not affecting Wilson’s ability to upgrade recruiting, they’re very naive. The fact that Wilson’s potential firing is being openly discussed in the sports media is just the latest blow against IU football’s efforts to transform the program. Wilson can “stop the bleeding” only by winning two of his four remaining games this season, or upsetting either Iowa or Michigan, or accomplishing both. The collapse against Rutgers was very costly for Wilson and IU Football.

  32. Yes, it is disappointing that CKW potential firing is being discussed as if a forgone conclusion…not helpful at all. I agree that this can be put to rest with 1-2 wins but that’s going to be tough. There is very little chance of beating Iowa particularly with their defense as strong as it is. Beating Michigan is far fetched at best. That leaves Maryland who was manhandled at Iowa and PU. I can see us beating Maryland…their defense is improving but they have issues moving the ball. PU, unfortunately for us, is very much improved. I can see both games coming down to last possession. Hate to think about it, but we could easily wind up with a 4 win season with 0 B1G wins. With key players graduating and being replaced by a lot of inexperience, 2016 season could be long and hard as well. So, barring some lucky breaks, we are still going to struggle in conference competition for a few more years. Changing coaches, however, is unlikely to change that prognosis. Changing staffs will likely just set us back. The only solution is to stay the course…keep upgrading talent/depth, keep coaching up, try to keep the staff in place for continuity. its a double edge sword…if we win, it will be easier to attract a coach but more difficult to fire the existing staff. If we continue to lose, unlikely we’ll be able to attract a winning coach. The more likely scenario would be an experiment with a top assistant which is exactly what we have now, so what’s the point?

  33. It is too early to judge Coach’s recruiting as they pull in very good players after the “big” teams make their choices. A lot of very good players get their hearts broken waiting for the call but then readjust their thinking and playing in the B1G is exciting. The team very well could bring in a great JR college QB that they are looking at as IU is proving their QBs have a great chance to land in the NFL. Most of our recruits come from the South and East except for the QBs so not having any recruits from Indiana is more a show of not wanting to be the man to change IU’s future. This coaching group will get the players they need and I still say we have the QB we need already. The point about missing some OL is not a big point with the number they play every game.

    Because of the talking heads I think AD Glass should give coach an extended contract with a buyout that isn’t too much. That would stop the talk and give this coaching group a good chance to get the players they want. Just remember IU has lagged behind every year but ends up with good players. I think one of the keys for next year is if Jordan comes back and I hope he does. He will make the OL better than it is.

  34. Reading and believing Sterling’s or any other published opinions is akin to eating dead skunk; the hungry beware. Not more than 5 days ago I read another published article evaluating the possibility of coaching changes at several schools listed, Wilson being fired was listed at 20%. I did not take a taste of that writers BS either.

    Poor ole Po, 3rd year in a row prognosticating IU’s recruiting is going down the drain, again. Never even considered smelling that plate of BS also.

  35. Wilson is fine. Kent Sterling openly discussed the possibility of Crean being fired as well. IU FB is where it always was, maybe a bit better as far as future prospects. Meanwhile IU BB constantly regressing since 2013 when national press labeled us the “biggest underachiever in the history of college basketball” having been ranked #1 at the start of the season and for most of the season only to show the our coach has no idea how to break a zone that couple of days later Michigan completely dismantled. Wilson is safe. Hope this is Crean’s last year at IU, however.

  36. HC, your comment in #36 is a lie. You know it, and so does anyone who has been paying attention. You’re either losing it, making things up, or you’re mutating into a troll. Regardless, posting a lie exposes and diminishes you.

  37. IU79 I agree that KW is a good recruiter. But if you look at who he’s getting this year, it’s basically MAC level kids. He’s getting some lower level 3’s and some 2’s. Those kids may get coached up into good players but it usually takes a few years. As far as giving him more time, I just can’t think of any successful coaches that took more than 5 years to build a program into a winner- can you? And again, when you compare his 5 years with the previous 5 years, he’s won fewer games, a lower percentage of games and the same number of B1G games. People say we are more competitive but losing to MSU by 26 when Purdue lost to them by 3 and Rutgers had a chance to beat them doesn’t exactly fall in the more competitive camp. Neither is having the league’s worst defense yet again. I’m not saying he cannot pull it out. But if he doesn’t win 6, I don’t think he’ll be able to hold either the fan base or the top recruits. As far as coaches willing to take the job, Western MIchigan, Temple, Houston and Memphis all have young, winning coaches that are paid less than Wilson’s contract. I think our facilities and existing talent would appeal to any of them.

  38. Losing and lying, preposterous. “If anyone thinks this kind of information is not affecting Wilson’s ability to upgrade recruiting, they’re very naive”.

  39. HC, is that all you got? You must be losing your memory as well as your perspective. That comment you quoted was written very recently. Your post #36 suggests that I have been critical of, or predicting a decline in recruiting for three years. That’s a lie. Until recently, my posts have consistently expressed enthusiasm for Wilson’s improved recruiting, and my comments in The Scoop have been most complimentary of that aspect of Wilson’s job performance. I have not criticized any of the offers Wilson has made to the kids that have verbally committed to IU for this upcoming class. I’m simply saying that if IU fails to win six games this season, and speculation about Wilson’s job security increases, its most likely going to affect his ability to sign enough quality players necessary to improve the team’s performance. It’s not a new phenomenon.

  40. Po you are so full of crap you could not hold it all in a washtub without a bottom. This is the 3rd year you’ve bitched, ridiculed, whined and prognosticated recruiting was going to slide off into a deep, deep abyss, either from Wilson’s won/loss record or game management or lack of fans or hurry up O vs the D or now an article written by another journalistic hack who has to meet a print deadline. Kinda wish H4H was available as he knows how to go and find those old posts you now solemnly swear you never made. But I so encourage to keep it up, hell Wilson someday will be 66-67 and may have a recruiting let up. Memory loss is on display of which you are coldly correct and it is apparent it has been going on for at least 3 years.

  41. PO and HC- please knock off the ad hominem attacks. Both of you have good points (and bad but interesting ones) when you are not getting personal, so could you both lay off, if only as a favor to me (and probably a few others)?

    Posts about short turnaround times by other HCs are hard to dismiss out of hand with the old “IUFB is a listing battleship that will take eons to right” reply. The right coach can make an immediate impact, look at Michigan this year. Harbaugh’s got the players Hoke left him, but UM looks like a much different team. KW should and does get some slack given the sorry history of IUFB, but I think most of us thought IUFB would be better than this 5 years into the KW era. But I still can’t see canning him yet.

  42. People don’t forget that Wilson gets better recruits during the winter and some of the recruits from other teams flip to IU. The level of recruits will be higher this winter and they are hitting the JC schools for a top QB with experience so the younger QBs have another year to improve. We also have a couple of defensive players on the team that will be eligible next year to go with the group we now have coming back next year. 4 star player with the young DBs look how they play against the top Big Ten teams. Our coaches really coach up the players so they can play with the 5 star players. Recruits like the family atmosphere at IU and want to come here it is just a shame more of the top Indiana players don’t want to come to the two state schools as they could help create a great team.

  43. Let’s hope they win at least 2 more games. It just get’s harder and harder to sell we are rebuilding if we have 9 straight losing seasons. We just lost a linebacker recruit to Iowa, KJ Sails. Sails claimed that Iowa’s 8-0 record was the deciding factor. His quote was, “I’m a competitive person and I like winning.” We also lost out to Iowa on another linebacker, Michael Ojemudia.

    Hope Wilson can win on the JUCO QB, Richard Lagow. He looks like a Sudfeld clone and would have 3 years of eligibility. http://www.scout.com/junior-college-football/story/1519786-still-available-qb-richard-lagow

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