Catching up with 2017 Indiana commit Aljami Durham #iubb

Below is a partial transcript of a Herald-Times interview with 2017 Indiana basketball commit Aljami Durham, a guard from Georgia.

Herald-Times: What were the deciding factors that helped you settle on Indiana?
Aljami Durham: Basically, Tom Crean and the coaching staff making me feel comfortable and making it feel like home .The educational (opportunities), their style of play and coach Tom Crean being different than most of the coaches I talked to. He sounds like he wants to get me better and I believe that. With him, I can pursue my dreams at Indiana and go far.

H-T: What were some of the specifics he laid out for you and your development under him? What’s his plan for you?
AD: He can develop me into the great player I think I can be because he’s put plenty of kids through his program and developed them great, like Victor Oladipo and Dwyane Wade and all of those guys. He has a great record, and his history and his background is great. It’s proven to be unlike any other.

H-T: When did you know Indiana was at the top of your list?
AD: When I first went on campus for the first visit. That was what I compared everything to and nothing was like it.

H-T: You had at least another year to decide. What made you commit so early?
AD: Nothing compares to Indiana. What am I waiting for that’s better than Indiana? Nothing is better than Indiana. Indiana is at the top of the food chain. There’s nothing better than that.

H-T: What were some of the takeaways from that visit? What were you comparing?
AD: I compared coaching styles, how their coaching styles fit me, the personality of the coach, the style of play. I looked up their history and what they’ve done in basketball and in educational purposes, and none of them topped Tom Crean’s or Indiana’s history.

H-T: What were some of the areas Tom Crean thought you might be able to improve over the next few years? Did he tell you to concentrate on any specific areas?
AD: Yes, he told me a lot of them. He talked about my strength, as in my physical ability, working on both hands, putting me in unusual or unfamiliar situations and making them feel right. So, just putting me in different situations that I haven’t been in and making me more comfortable with it.

H-T: When I talked with your father earlier, it sounded like you guys were really impressed with what you saw at Hoosier Hysteria. What were some of your takeaways after being back in Bloomington this weekend?
AD: The atmosphere is unlike any other. The fans will come out in rain, sleet or snow and they just love the program and love supporting Indiana basketball. That made me feel like everyone is there for you. They’ll come out no matter what to support, so I really like that. They’ll sell out whenver and for whoever. The atmosphere is really, really great.

H-T: Is there anyone you’re excited about possibly playing with when you arrive on campus?
AD: I know (Curtis Jones) can really shoot it. Coach Tom Crean said that when I come in, he wants me to make plays and make everybody better around me. That’ll make me better, so I’m looking forward to coming in and doing that.