Diamont downed in IU’s loss to Penn State #iufb

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Zander Diamont walked out of the Beaver Stadium visiting locker room with his right arm in a sling after Indiana’s 29-7 loss to Penn State on Saturday.

But a potential shoulder injury may not be the only health issue for the Indiana quarterback.

Diamont banged his head on the turf on back-to-back hard hits in the third quarter, leaving the field and receiving a concussion test on the IU sideline. Members of Indiana’s medical staff eventually escorted him to the locker room, where Diamont remained for the rest of the game.

Diamont scored IU’s only touchdown of the day on a 12-yard keeper, while completing nine of his 17 passes for 90 yards.

IU coach Kevin Wilson said he wouldn’t know the full extent of Diamont’s health until the team returns to Bloomington, but acknowledged that the sophomore was dealing with both a shoulder injury and possible concussion.

“We’ll get back and get it looked at,” Wilson said. “I don’t know the extent of anything with his shoulder. If the head was what it was — they said he was out. We’ll get back and get him looked at and moved on.”

Redshirt freshman Danny Cameron replaced Diamont over the final quarter and a half, completing six of his 16 passes for 65 yards. Cameron, the son of former IU coach Cam Cameron, also threw one interception on a catchable ball that went through the hands of tight end Anthony Corsaro.

“(He was) solid,” Wilson said. “Really good. Like I’ve said, we’re better (at quarterback).”


  1. why not put it here… college football rules make the game almost unwatchable. I love the passion, the fanfare, the unpredictability of what a new face might do… but the rules are stupid.

    “targeting” – totally at the whim of an unseen referee… ejects important players from games for hits that seem just a normal part of the game, effecting the rest of the game for no reason…

    clock stoppages – stops on a first down for a little bit, only stops for a little bit on a penalty, sometimes it stops when the ball goes out of bounds… Often a team, if smartly coached, can use these stupid stoppages, or lack thereof, to their benefit, even though they are the ones who are committing penalties… it’s ridiculous.

    thank god my team is usually better than everyone else’s and this BULLSP!T doesn’t normally effect the W-L record.

  2. Help me out here, guys. Something does not compute. During Saturday’s game, Diamont was listed as 6’1″ and 180 pounds. But the commentators mentioned several times that he has gained 30 pounds since last season. Does that mean he played last year while weighing 150 pounds? He was skinny last season, but I don’t think he was that skinny! Somebody’s math is off. Either he has not gained 30 pounds in the last year, or he weighs more than 180 points now. Anybody have the facts?

  3. Good luck with that, PO. Guys weigh (and are as tall/short) whatever the Sports Information Department wants them to be.

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