Diamont ready to play if needed #iufb

Zander Diamont has made it clear since the spring. If Indiana needs him, he’ll be ready.

The Hoosiers did need him on Saturday after an ankle injury forced starting quarterback Nate Sudfeld to the sideline midway through the third quarter. That opened time for Diamont, who nearly helped IU to the game-tying score during the final seconds.

“I’m always preparing as if I’m going to see the field, especially coming out of experiences from last season,” Diamont said. “I know not to take any week for granted. I can’t take days off.”

Diamont started the final six games in 2014 following a season-ending shoulder injury to Sudfeld. Diamont grew into the position, and by the final weeks of the year, he had developed from an overwhelmed freshman to a competent backup.

The sophomore led Indiana with 98 total rushing yards on Saturday, picking up a large chunk on a 79-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. That run stands as the longest rush by a quarterback in IU history.

“I’ve been doing that in practice and in training camp,” Diamont said. “I knew I could do it. I broke for (53) on them last year. We ran it with them last year, and we had a lead in the third quarter. We didn’t come out here trying to have a close game. We came out here to win. We thought we were going to win. We really did.”

Diamont completed six of his 14 passes for 76 yards and credited his experience last season for allowing him to be prepared at a moment’s notice in 2015.

“Even though I’m a sophomore, I came out of last year and started to feel like a veteran,” Diamont said. “I felt like I have the respect of the team. I know that. Just the minutes on the field really paid off. There’s no way to describe the difference it made. If I didn’t have those reps last year, I would’ve have been prepared for a game like today. Apart from not being completely warmed up, I felt great.”


  1. Zander did a great job and would have completed more passes, along with Nate, if our receivers would have caught the passes they should have caught. Those catches would have lead to a win. Zander keep up the good work and even if Nate is healthy I hope you get some reps in every game as it would be tough on the other team to prepare for IU.

  2. I also wanted to add that although the receivers dropped some passes they played hard like the rest of the team. Zander gave us a spark when we really needed one and as I said hope he gets in other games as a change up because his skill set that makes it hard on teams to adjust to during the game.

    This team played so hard as did the Buckeyes but they need to get better and play as hard the rest of the year. I hope IU can stay injury free the rest of the season as we don’t need the extra burden they bring. I hope Latham school troubles are over and he makes the trip and plays against PSU.

    With our improvement, Illinois improvement, Northwestern back to where they had been in the past, Iowa back to their old ways, and Michigan back to their previous ways the B1G is getting stronger top to bottom. Hard to believe Nebraska has just 2 wins and lost to Illinois but that is life in the B1G. There are many different storylines in B1G so hold on through the end of Conference play.

  3. Hope Sudfeld is ready. Our wideouts had trouble getting separation and had dropped passes at times. Love the attitude of Diamont and great drive plus the gadget plays and long run, but Sudfeld is our best option!

  4. A lot of the separation issues our WRs had were related to the OSU corners physicality (holding), particularly Apple. That guy held so often, he couldn’t help but hold Ricky Jones on the last play of the game. It’s clear as day in the tape. This team battles and does not fold like teams in the past. The crowd, the atmosphere and the on-field performance bodes well for recruiting as well as the remainder of the season. The student’s made a HUGE difference in the electricity I felt in the stadium, hopefully it continues. This program deserves this level of support. Go Hoosiers!!!

  5. Corners grab, hold, fight at any level…our wideouts need to fight harder. I watched a couple drops yesterday that are inexcusable. Right now…we have two dependable receivers. Yesterday was amazing, glad I was able to watch it with my family from the stands. I’m still excited today. Hope the kids can get healthy quickly.

  6. I agree with all of the above comments. Our receivers and our DBs, if they were paying attention, should have gotten a lesson on how physical they need to play. IU wide receivers dropped several key passes, but this experience will make them better.

  7. J Pat correct about WR’s fighting harder against the physical coverage they received yesterday and what they’re going to receive in the next 8 games(7+bowl). That is the game of big time college FB and they must overcome. But the dropped and flubbed passes is all on them and has nothing to do with coverage.

    I am still not agreeing with plays running DR left or right around the softer D middle. You’re not going to out speed Bosa, Washington, Lee and Lewis with sweeps around tackle and end. even with our good OL. We might as well shot BB’s off a concrete wall.

    In reference to the student attendance. Make it so cheap and rewarding(promotional giveaway)every home game they can’t afford not to be in the stadium.
    Example; if 3000 more students are enticed to the game at $5 each($15k revenue)pays for giving away 150 $100 gift cards. Maybe $300 each to the best 50 students dressed in IU themed costumes. Hell anything to add to the atmosphere in advancing a bowl season.

  8. Good comments everyone and this team deserves them. PSU is a winnable game as they just beat Army by 4 points and IU has played PSU tough in the past but we are now playing much harder than before.

    HC good ideas about getting attendance up and improving the atmosphere in the stadium. I wish they could reduce the cost for many of us as I am limited to one game a year and I pay for my daughter and SIL to go to the game; it is too expensive for them to pay there own way and too expensive for me to pay for more than one game. I will be at the Michigan game on the handicap level sitting in a recliner type lawn chair [it is really a zero gravity chair]. I would love to go to the games more often but my disability keeps that from happening and like I said the cost is too much. I hope Fred Glass keeps the prices down for the students as they bring the noise for the games and the more there the louder the place will be.

  9. I’m all for papering the house, but it’s not so easy. As I pointed out on another post #16 NU drew only 30,004 (from a metropolitan area of eight million people) to see the ‘Cats disembowel the Gophers 27-0 yesterday, and that was less than the turnout for the previous week’s game against Ball St. Some “traditions” die hard.

    I was surprised not to see the season debut of the chrome helmets against OSU! I happen to like ’em, but maybe IUFB is maturing beyond gimmicks.

    Any bets that OSU drops out of the No. 1 spot this week? OSU struggled against No. Ill. and face it, as much as we here are revved up about IUFB, to most observers around the country this was for OSU another narrow escape against a “decidedly inferior” team. Of course, MSU did not exactly cover itself with glory v. Pee-yew, so things might not be looking up for the Spartans, either.

  10. They weren’t world beaters last year until the post season when they beat the living crap out of the supposed best teams in the country.

    Voters might remember that.

  11. Indeed, Chet. Which goes to the point about “getting up” for every game. So much of coaching is psychological (to be clear that I’m no expert, I’ve never coached more than my son’s park. dist. grade school team). Meyer (and others similarly situated) has to convince his guys that they are not the big men on campus that everyone is telling them that they are, week in and week out. Wilson, in a way, has the same task now.

  12. Let’s say both Sudfeld and Howard are healthy enough to continue to start and play a lot of minutes. I think with Zander’s skill set and offensive production, they need to consider working him into the offense, so that all 3 are on the field at the same time.

  13. I doubt Nate/Zander will ever be on the field at the same time.

    There’s just not that much you can really do with 2 QBs on the field, as one is basically out there as a decoy taking up space, and would be less effective at getting open/making catches and blocking than a WR.

    Look at OSU with Braxton Miller, trying to get him involved has basically derailed their offense in every game besides VT.

    Now, I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing Diamont coming in as a change of pace QB from time to time now that his potential RS has been burned.

  14. Picture in the Indy Star on line clearly shows the blatant holding by OSU’s DB on the last play of the game. Yes, IU’s young receivers should learn a lot from OSU’s style of play and defensive tactics on Saturday. They need to play much more physical, and at least catch all the easy passes.

    As for Zander and Sudfeld being on the field at the same time, I doubt we’ll ever see that. Not worth the risk of our backup getting hurt.

    Really surprised that Northwestern shut out Minn. Not surprised that the Cornhuskers are “struggling” under their new head coach. It will take a while.

    OSU is stilll ranked #1, but they should not be. TCU and Baylor would beat them by 20 to 30 points if they played the game next week. But OSU will continue to improve through the season. IU delivered a wake-up call on Saturday, and at least Meyer and some of his players were gracious in saying how good IU played.

  15. Qbs one at a time, but Zander will see some playing time as year moves forward. Yes, Elliott showed sincereity (easier when you have stellar day + win) good sportsmanship in complimenting IU defense. He acknowledged OSU being bottled up except for a few plays + he noted turnovers IU caused. He did not say anything like OSU had a bad day, off day, or they did not play well. He just emphasized improvement.

  16. Perspective: One game does not make a season and that was emphasized by IU before game. We will see how rest of season plays out. Wins = 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.

  17. Baylor was supposed to mop the floor with Michigan State last year, too. Big 12 games occur in a bubble. They are certainly fun to watch. It’s really hard to know how good those teams are by the in conference results. They don’t always look so good in bowl games against legit teams.

  18. Chet, Texas players would probably disagree with you this morning. At this point in the season, I believe both TCU and Baylor would shred OSU. Eight weeks from now, probably not. But right now, I think OSU would take a severe beating. They’re #1 because they’re the defending national champs and are still (barely) undefeated.

    Ron, which poll was that? When I viewed Jeff Sagarin’s computer ranking several weeks ago, IU was around 80th or so. Today IU is ranked 64th, down from 61st last week. It surprises me that we went down 3 spots after such a great game against OSU. But then I realized OSU is only ranked #11 by Sagarin’s computer. The other “human” polls are influenced by politics. If I had to pick, I’d say Baylor is #1 right now. Those boys play a chip on their shoulders.

  19. Check out Princeton’s offense. They use 3 quarterbacks. Pretty innovative.

    I just see Zander’s running ability as a unused offensive asset. The kid wants to play.

  20. I say Sudfeld and Howard need to demonstrate they can make all cuts at full speed next week or they sit. Team has proven they can compete with them on the sidelines. They are too important to not have later in the season.

  21. Sudfeld is going to play on Sundays if he can stay healthy. There is no reason for him not to take every single snap if he’s ok.

    Also, putting in Zandar with an already gimpy Sudfeld increases the risk that both of them gets injured and we’re stuck like we were last year throwing some green kid into the fire against the likes of Michigan and Michigan State, etc.

    Nope, will never happen nor should it.

  22. It isn’t like Sudfeld is out for the season, but he may need another week to heal or he may be out for the season which would really hurt the team. Diamont showed me something last year and last Saturday. The Redshirt is gone now and he gives us a good chance of beating PSU while resting Sudfeld and keeping him healthy for the remainder of the season.

  23. #24 I disagree! Both Sudfield and Howard are established, proven, great players. You start each, because they will never be healthier than on the first play of the game. You see if they can contribute positive performances. If either can’t, IU should immediately go to the back-ups, who have now shown that they can play!

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