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The No. 1 takeaway from IU football’s stunning loss to Rutgers — the Hoosiers can’t get out of their own way, Mike writes.

Saturday’s epic collapse was an all too familiar scene for Hoosier football fans, Andy wrote.

A pair of IU seniors advanced to the regional tennis finals in doubles, volleyball lost and field hockey won, we reported.

Cynicism thrives again thanks to IU football’s latest collapse, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Ten more things from IU’s loss to Rutgers and looking ahead to Michigan State, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

Indiana checks in at No. 12 in the Big Ten football power rankings, Tom Dienhart of BTN.com writes.

Hoosier fans expect better things from IU basketball this season, John Mutka of the Chicago Tribune writes.

IU women’s basketball player Lyndsay Leikem will play one more year for the Hoosiers before heading to the FBI, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

For any IU football fan still looking on the bright side, “Not Cynical” by The Proclaimers.

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  1. Andy made a great point at the very end of his article when he wrote, “it’s hard to imagine many Indiana fans taking leaps of faith that those games will go the Hoosiers’ way. Faith is exhausted, right now. The Hoosiers will have to prove it. Sight seen, not unseen.”

    Anybody paying attention witnessed this team’s inability to close the show and secure a lead toward the end of the Wake Forest game. But fortunately for IU, Wake Forest was a younger and less talented team compared to Rutgers, and they could not finish the comeback. Saturday’s embarrassment was a more profound version of the same problem that almost cost IU the win at Wake Forest, and it wiped out what remained of the limited number of Hoosier football fans’ confidence that this team is a winner. And many of those fans expressed that at half time when they booed Wilson and his team off the field. At halftime! I have no idea what happened between Wilson, his staff and his players in the days after the narrow escape at Wake Forest, but the finish to that game should have been a cautionary tale. It should have been a valuable lesson. The fact that IU almost lost that game after having a significant lead late in the game should have been pounded home in a way that none of IU’s players would ever forget. The fourth quarter of that game should have produced a rather harsh “teaching moment” for Wilson to emphasize that the game must be played for the full 60 minutes, and that this team is not talented enough to relax with a big lead. Either that did not happen, or Wilson’s young team failed to heed the warning. Too bad, because Saturday’s Homecoming loss was very expensive, perhaps in ways that are beyond the comprehension of the young men on this team.

    But maybe, just maybe, this loss was so painful to IU’s young players that they will use it as a source of motivation to do something very few Hoosier fans now believe they can not do; defeat a superior team. They’ll have to if they want to salvage this season.

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