Hoosiers continue waiting for Sudfeld, Howard to heal #iufb

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard each dressed for Saturday’s game, but neither player saw the field in a 29-7 loss to Penn State.

Sudfeld went through Indiana’s full pregame warmup routine and was cleared to play, but IU coach Kevin Wilson didn’t feel confident that his star quarterback was mobile enough to be effective. Sudfeld has been held out since aggravating an ankle injury during the third quarter of last week’s game against Ohio State.

“I didn’t know how many plays he could extend and I didn’t know if he could protect himself,” Wilson said. “It was kind of how it was last week to end the game. He could’ve played last week. He was cleared, but personally, I didn’t feel he was good. He was ‘available’ but I thought he was limited enough that we didn’t want to put him in harm’s way today.”

Howard was another story.

The junior running back was mostly a smoke screen considering that he didn’t appear with the team until the end of pregame warmups. Even at that point, Howard was not taped and did not participate in any drills or stretches.

Howard hurt his ankle during the first half of the Ohio State game.

“They practiced yesterday a little bit more and Jordan didn’t do as much,” Wilson said. “His position — running is probably a little more (reliant on the lower body).”


  1. IU’s success is the result of the team winning the game as they aren’t good enough to rely on one part to pull out the win. In seasons past they could count on the offense scoring a certain amount of points so defensively they need to come up with a few stops. This team when healthy needs both parts to the team to be successful. When Nate gets back teams have to defend the deeper part of the field and once Howard returns IU can pound the ball to wrack up 1st downs.

    Until IU is healthy again it will be a struggle to be in each game. Lets face it, each win was a struggle so it isn’t like they were a dominate offense carrying the defense. It was a good offense with a defense that made plays that won the games

  2. I find it ridiculous that we don’t know the extent of the injuries to Sud and Howard. They release info on some kids but not all. My family has stuck with this football team through a lot over the years. We know in our hearts if our starting qb and rb are bad off…the season is most likely lost. Just my opinion but I think Wilson and staff owe fans an explanation. Sud was medically cleared and wanted to play but was not allowed. Sud dressed and went through pre game but Howard dressed and didn’t go through pre game. Was Howard medically cleared? Enough of the BS already!

  3. J Pat, I think what you saw and didn’t see during warm ups was more about the next game than the PSU game. Cleared or not I suspect Wilson never intended for them to play on tender wheels. He is a bit of a gambler with a play call or 2 but with his 2 best O players he is not. With IU riding the edge so closely to have a successful season he will advance all the gamesmanship he can create for an advantage. And that strategy I kind of agree with.

  4. JPat, relax all coaches do the same thing coach Wilson does, know body release any information on a playerunless they are ready to play….Penn State James Franklin did the same thing with their starting running back…..i also agree with what Kevin Wilson did, the coach is not taking a chance with his most valvable players…the IU football team still has a chance to go to a bowl game this year and that is what the team and fans want this year.

  5. I agree with HC on this point. But given how tough Rutgers played MSU last night, I don’t think any amount of Wilson’s gamesmanship is going to have any impact on the outcome of Saturday’s game. We need Sudfeld and Howard healthy for Saturday.

  6. Podunker, you are right we need Sudfeld and Howard back for Rutgers. It is clear we don’t have game breakers on offense without those two and they create more game breakers when they are in. As a result of them playing Cobbins and Jones are game breakers, even Paige can break loose now and then.

    Our defense is getting better but we need to put points on the board to win. They played well enough against PSU to win if they avoided the 2 quarter meltdown by the whole team. However the defense needs to have Nate and Jordan back on the field so they know the offense can score. Looking at Michigan’s performance against NU I think we will see a better defense than we did against PSU.

  7. Clarion, good thoughts…hope you’re right! 79, I know the motives and strategies coaches use in not giving info out on injuries. This was a game we should have and could have won on the road. This game could have been ground breaking and we absolutely are better than PSU. My friend said it best…you need every win you can get in the conference schedule.

  8. And I gotta come out and say it…why is our 3rd string qb a kid who never started in high school? Why is our 2nd string qb so one dimensional? Why does our rb production fall off so badly after 1st string? This is on the coaching staff and damn frustrating!

  9. J Pat, do not be naive…you know why a 3rd string QB is on the team…look at the last name and think about where his father has a job at??? Our second string QB is exactly the kind of QB coach Wilson wants…lookt at his first recruit at QB Tre Roberson…..Coach Wilson wants a mobile QB, so he can run the Read Option offensive….Coach Wilson feels he can teach any QB how to and where to pass and who to throw the football to….Most teams have a drop off in production when a 1st string RB or QB goes down (even in pro football)…i cannot think of any 2nd string player that will stay in a situation whereby he has to wait on the starter to get hurt to see action/ playing time….just not going to happen at the college level…..all (most) of these players are trying (thinking) to get to the next level (pro)…..look at the situation with Tommy Misters, he should be on this team at RB, but did not want to wait his time or felt it was his time, regardless he transferred from IU to get more playing time…

  10. I guess we’re ‘saving’ our best player for those important games we must win at the end of the season instead of winning the games we SHOULD be winning early; like PSU. If the QB can play and is cleared and you have a team that is beatable; you should do all you can to win that game. These winnable games are few and far between and you simply cannot squander one without doing everything possible to get that W. The games against Maryland and Rutgers will be tougher than PSU and we really needed that 5th win.

  11. 79 not naive by any means. I was at IU during the Cameron era and was stuck in his coaching of football class. I know why his son is on the team. I disagree w your account of Diamont, he can’t even see over the line and cannot throw the ball well enough to play D1.

    Chi way, exactly…totally agree!

  12. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing none of you ever had kids competing at this level. Sure, they would have run out on the field, for better or worse. I’m certain they told the coach they were good to go. They might have even been able to stand up the whole game.

    At some point, as a parent of kids who have been there, I would hope cooler heads would prevail.

    If they could have played at even 70%, without risking their health CKW, would probably have had them on the field. He wasn’t going to risk the rest of their lives to keep the fans happy. Good for him. The rest of you can go watch gladiator movies.

  13. Chet, I competed at that high level in college. I understand, believe me. I stand by what I wrote. It is damn hard work, crazy at times but a free ride. I understand all too well!

  14. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the whole phenomenon of Zander Diamont. Not only is he undersized and throws a worse ball than Tim Tebow, he’s a complete spaz. Joe “cool” Montana he is not. The offense is limited, but it is also in complete chaos when he’s under center.

    If Sudfeld can’t go, I’d much rather see Cam’s progeny out there.

  15. What all of us are seeing is a program that is struggling to compete at this level and is trying desparately to manage the expectations of fans, athlete’s health and development, coaches and administration, all at the same time and with insufficient resources. There is nothing insidious going on. We have some guys who are injured. The first priority is to get them healthy and to be responsible in not risking further injury. That means that in the interim, we are forced to field athletes who are not fully prepared yet. Other more mature programs use garbage time to get underclass men reps at this level so that they are better prepared to come into these situations. IU has no garbage time so we can’t do that, at least not yet. Once we acquire more depth, this issue will get better.

  16. I’ve not said much about ZD but he does not fit well in Nate Sudfeld’s Offense and for good reason. The entire Spring, off season and Fall camp were to build the offense around NS and Howard. Even if it had been he plays to loose with the football to be much of a contributor, for now. I have very little confidence in him until he protects the ball better and advances his passing ability. I saw enough of Danny Cameron to determine in my mind he should be #2 for the rest of the year. Moving on to the RB’s, Redding is not a good running game option without a passing game offering diversion for the D to worry about. For that reason I like #23 Alex Rodriguez at the backup RB. He can get a yard or 2 on his own. I am also suspecting there will be some movement in the depth chart for WR. Westbrook and Thornton got called out 2 weeks ago to show more in practice. I am sure they are not the only 1’s to see Damon Graham has less capable hands than Ewe Blab. I hope he doesn’t shave with a multi blade safety razor.

    I am also more confident the decision to hold NS and JH out of action will pay off bigger for the rest of the season than the high expectations and low achievement would have for 1 game. Chet explained it well enough.

    As far as a Wilson QB being being a copy of Tre Robinson, welllllll, we all saw how that proved wrong. 1st off a Wilson QB has to have a strong accurate arm and equally paramount with reading a D and with some mobility. If he has wheels that is a bonus. But just having an ability to run as Diamont does and a less than average arm at this stage of his career won’t get it. That is why Wilson always strives for an upbeat running game or he would not have needed Coleman or Howard. Just how I see it.

  17. No Sudfeld no Bowl. And IU better hope for a 5th year grad guy from a non power 5 to show up and play qb next year.

  18. Clarion, I hope it pays off too. We need every game we can get! Agree with you about Diamont.

    23, fair points. At this time, 5 years in to this…why don’t we have more depth? Every time a member of the coaching staff is interviewed, it is about how well they are recruiting and how they are deeper today than ever. We were deeper at rb last year.

  19. Two KW recruiting classes ranked above middle of big ten. The others ranked near bottom. Add to that qb’s + Mister not seeing it as any kind of honor or having appreciation to stay in IU fb program plus 3 or 4 4 star recruits leaving program out of the 7or 8 recruited in a 5 year period negates some of the positives regarding recruiting. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I am a Wilson fan though and I agree setting Sudfeld and Howard, getting them healthy is best strategy. Hopefully, the season is not over before they get healthy or they don’t just continue to get hurt. This whole situation gives a snapshot of where IU fb program is regarding weekly big ten level of play.

  20. Exactly, as far as the B1G top half sets IU is definitely still in rebuilding. I’m not surprised. But depth is way better than Wilson’s 1st year. Remember that QB competition, Kiel, EWB? I don’t remember them because the achieved. Hell I’d have to look up the names of the RB’s along with the names of everyone who played on the D. Nothing memories but the record and a couple of WR’s. So he started with nearly zero to nothing in those positions. That shrinks 4 years of recruiting pretty fast as you have to play those young guys coming in as they are better than what was there a year and 2 years before. Making the 1st 2 seasons irrelevant to me. And that trend will continue for 3-5-7 more years. Or until the staff hits their recruiting plateau. Throw in TR’s zip code change + all t chronicled and you have just about arrived where we are at today. This battleship is still drafting the tiller of a 180 degree turn..

  21. Yes, we are still rebuilding and will be for several more seasons. But, when I think back to 5 years ago when we had very few BCS caliber players on the roster, there is no question that we’ve come a long way. I recall our defensive strategy was just to hang back in prevent and try to keep everything in front of the secondary. There was no concept of a pass rush let alone anyone to execute one. Our guys were getting mauled by opposites that were far bigger and faster. Our strength and conditioning was so poor that by the middle of second quarter, our guys were huffing and puffing with their hands on their hips. I recall in particular one game against Wisconsin when they literally jogged into the end zone for two successive scores because our guys were just too exhausted to even try contesting. Compare that with the present. Are we still making critical errors…absolutely. Can we improve blocking and tackling…you bet. But, our talent, depth and conditioning are far better and we are now at least competing.

  22. Keil, then Coffman, then Roberson, then Stevens to name a few + No appreciation for the QB opportunities any could’ve had @ IU regarding both IU and themselves.

  23. I love the positivity but I’m bummed we are not deeper at qb and rb…our season is most likely lost if those two are gone and it just shouldn’t be like that five years in.

  24. IU Football has made some progress under Wilson. One look at the O-line and that is obvious. And I don’t mean to parse anyone’s words, but it is yet to be determined if IU football has “come a long way.” One can make the argument that there is not yet any evidence that suggests that IU Football is better off today than it was before Wilson. We can say that we’re recruiting better athletes, but “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” If Wilson finishes with the same record this year as Lynch did five years ago, how does anyone make a credible argument that IU football has come a long way in the last five years. College football is a bottom line business. And as Bill Parcells said, “you are what your record says you are.” I remain optimistic on many levels, but I can also understand how some can conclude that after five years, IU football has not made any tangible progress under Wilson. If IU finishes 5 – 7 this year, with one Big Ten win, Wilson will have produced the same results Lynch did during his last year as IU’s head coach.

    Ironically, Wilson, who was known for recruiting and coaching Sam Bradford and other quality QBs at Oklahoma, has not done a good job signing and/or keeping QBs that would provide quality depth at that position. Tre Roberson was recruited by Lynch, NOT Wilson, and he transferred to Illinois State. Cam Coffman transferred to Wyoming! Sudfeld, originally recruited and signed by Seth Littrell and Mike Stoops to play for Arizona, followed Littrell to IU when AZ fired Mike Stoops and his entire coaching staff. Wilson didn’t know who Sudfeld was before Littrell served him up on a silver platter. Since then, Wilson has signed Diamont, Cameron and Austin King. Nate Boudreau was a walk-on. I don’t believe either Diamont or Cameron received any scholarship offers from any other D-1 football programs. Both young men may develop into quality Big Ten quarterbacks, but neither were highly coveted coming out of High School. Good gracious, Diamont arrived in Bloomington weighing 162 pounds!

    So if IU finishes the 2015 season at 5 – 7 or worse, it will be hard to say that IU football has made any significant progress during Wilson’s tenure as head coach. And as for giving him another year to complete the program’s turn-around, it may be the right decision, but which of his young Quarterbacks is going to lead next year’s team to a winning record? Clearly, if Wilson can’t produce a winning season in six years, he’s not going to get the chance to do it in his seventh. He needs to beat Rutgers, Maryland and Purdue so that that discussion becomes moot.

  25. Good points. Do stars equal what they equaled ten years ago regarding recruiting. Have they been watered down? Is today’s 3 star the same as a 2 star recruit ten years ago?

  26. Podunker, i agree with some of the things you are saying in post #24, but as far as recruiting, i truly believe that coach Wilson has improved the kind of athletic/player playing at IU…yes, i will say we have come a long way…Why? because we have athletics that can compete and these athletics are no longer are extremely smaller and slower than other big 10 schools players…Yes, Kevin Wilson got caught short handed on QB’s, i feel that his plan got alter/changed when both Cam Coffman and Tre Roberson transferred in the same year, by then it was to late to secure a quality QB, thereby he did the only thing he could offer a scholarship to Zander Diamont..i really think he is finding it very hard to get a quality QB to come to IU in the first place…every QB recruit in the state of Indiana has turned him down, so his only alternative is to go to another state (Calif, Ohio, Ga or Fla) and pickup a two or three star QB and hope he turns out pretty good…..I feel that if coach Wilson gets 6 wins and to a bowl game this year, that the quality of recruits will improve…for some reason i am not as worried about the QB positions as i am about other position on this team running back and defensive line….Zander Diamont is not as bad as fan think and once he learns how to protect the ball and stop being so overly excited when playing he will be a fairly decent QB.

  27. Chicago Way wrote “If the QB can play and is cleared and you have a team that is beatable; you should do all you can to win that game.” Of course, but it stands to reason that Sud was not “cleared to play.” Having him dress and hang around on the sideline (maybe to keep the opposition in doubt until the last minute as to how to prep its defense) is not “ready to play.” KW does some things that none of us understand (although we might if we were privy to the same info), but does anyone really think he kept a healthy No. 1 QB out of the PSU game?

    PO- agreed with a lot of your copmments on the recruiting, and yeah, who the heck does look ready to replace Sud next year? Agreed also that by won/loss standards the KW record is pretty much indistinguishable from that of Lynch, but somehow KW at least gives a glimmer of hope that never, ever emanated from Lynch. Everyone should keep in mind that IUFB is an understandably undesirable destination (most losses ever for a D1 program and largely apathetic fan base that includes few donors willing to write the huge checks that fund head and assistant coaches’ salaries) for just about any accomplished coach. Of course we have the kibitzers’ right to think/demand that IUFB should be further along the turnaround arc than it is, but that doesn’t change the fact that if IUFB cans KW, the pickings to replace him are darn slim.

  28. Sud was in fact cleared last Saturday to play by all medical and training staff…he actually wanted to play!

  29. J Pat: Not to put words in your mouth, but do you really think KW held out a healthy No. 1 QB? I’m not sure of what “cleared to play” actually means. Does it mean “100% ready to go” or “Not at 100%, but if he plays he is at no greater chance of injury than if he were at 100%” or what?” Hard to believe that KW sat Sud to just for the heck of it, or to give Zander some reps, or whatever.

    Indeed, Chet. Beckman got canned at Illinois chiefly for (as I understand from the newspapers) pressuring players to play w/injuries. Gone are the days when guys could be expected to hobble onto the field (a la Dick Butkus) for the glory of old IU (or whatever alma mater).

  30. IU79, you wrote, “i truly believe that coach Wilson has improved the kind of athletic/player playing at IU…yes, i will say we have come a long way…” For the last three years, I thought the same thing every time I read that a High School recruit selected IU over other D-1 Power Conference Scholarship offers. That was a rare occurrence when Lynch was coaching. And no doubt we have a much better O-line under Wilson. But lately, I’m wondering if it is a distinction without a difference? I mean, assuming Wilson is signing better athletes, and I don’t know that it is, SO WHAT? If Wilson has improved the quality of athlete playing football at IU relative to Lynch, but his teams don’t win any more games than Lynch’s teams did, what difference does it make? As I said, it is a bottom line business. The coach either produces winning seasons or he does not. If he does not, it is not a worthy concession to say, “yes, but he’s losing with better athletes!” Who cares? A losing season is a losing season. A 5 – 7 record looks the same today as it did five years ago. Unless IU wins at least two more games this season, the only thing that will be different between Wilson and Lynch is that IU is paying Wilson a lot more money than it used to pay Lynch.

    As for other coaches wanting to coach football at IU, I contend that if you offered a compensation package worth $3 million plus per year, with five years guaranteed, Glass would have a lot of quality candidates with head coaching experience wanting the job. Other than our tradition of losing, and I realize that is a significant issue, there is nothing else that prevents IU from establishing a competitive football program! There is nothing wrong with IU’s campus, academics, climate, football facilities, or the town of Bloomington. And really, there is nothing wrong with the Hoosier fan base if they are properly inspired. And besides, relative to a lot of other programs with winning traditions, an experienced, confident and optimistic coach could see the obvious upside to taking the IU job. Expectations and pressure to win immediately are, in relative terms, very low. There is really nowhere for the IU Football program to go but up!

    If IU ever chooses to “invest” in an above-average coaching compensation budget, it will attract a coach that can turn IU football into a winning program. It simply has never chosen to do that. Personally, I hope that IU wins two more games this season and that “investment” comes in the form of a new contract for Kevin Wilson.

  31. PO- Yeah, better athletes but Lynchesque results is really disheartening at year 5 of the KW regime. I guess that there are better athletes on campus is why I wrote earlier that “somehow” KW gives a glimmer of hope that never emanated from Lynch (24–11/18–9 (5-0 this year) at De Pauw since he took over there in 2013, so I apparently he’s found his niche).

    Glad that you recognize that IUFB’s sorry history does indeed make head coaching prospects look askance at taking over the program. I do agree with you that a $3 million contract would overcome a lot of doubt about taking the job, but pray tell, whence that $3 million? I don’t doubt that Glass would spend it if he had it. But we might as well offer $10 million as long as we’re talking imaginary money. You wrote “If IU ever chooses to “invest” in an above-average coaching compensation[.]” “Chooses?” This implies that Glass or his masters has/have the dough but is/are to cheap to spend it.

    Booster bucks account for well over half of all D1 athletic budgets. There is no chicken/egg conundrum here about which comes first, the winning or the checks. No winning = no checks. As you wrote, “[T]here is nothing wrong with the Hoosier fan base if they are properly inspired.” U. of lllinois will be hiring a new coach soon, so it will be interesting to see the amount of that contract.

  32. davis, your post #32 takes us back to a years-old “chicken-or-egg” debate held on The Scoop. IU has the money to increase football coaching compensation. Everyone, including Glass continues to say that IU has the money. Glass has said, on those occasions when one of Wilson’s assistants bolts for another job, that IU was willing to match the other team’s offer. And then there are the numerous stories about how the Big Ten Network has increased IU’s revenue, how the new contract with Adidas has increased revenue, etc, etc. But in order to make up the difference between Wilson’s current compensation package and the $3 million per year package I suggested above, IU would simply need to increase attendance at home games by ten thousand people per game. The revenue generated by that increased attendance would more than make for the difference between Wilson’s current compensation and $3 million. Hence the “chicken or the egg” debate. Does IU “invest what it takes to hire an experienced, proven head coach in hopes of winning sooner and increasing attendance, or does it minimize coaching compensation and hope the football team wins and thereby increase home-game attendance? Because that’s what IU (and Glass) did when they hired Wilson. They went with the low cost/low financial risk option and HOPED it would work out. So far, it has not. But there is still time left in this season for Wilson to turn the corner.

    And let’s not forget. If Wilson wins seven games this season, IU will have to increase his compensation package with an extended contract or risk losing him to another school that needs a coach who has proven he can turn a losing program around. That’s the great irony. One way or the other, in the next two years, IU is going to be spending a lot more money on football coaching compensation. Get your checkbook out.

  33. Po, well said…enjoyed your last posts. I wish I knew the status of the rb and qb so I could plan our day accordingly, tailgate and all. It has always been my opinion that after Wilson has success, if he can bolt, he will. This is just my opinion. There are NO bars in Bloomington that allow him in anymore, not even Ellettsville lol. Sorry, feeling frisky tonight! With that said, I hope he succeeds here…he works at it and defends our program!

  34. Really?

    Is that true?

    “There are NO bars in Bloomington that allow him in anymore, not even Ellettsville lol.”

    Support that.

    Unless you have some way to verify that we are going to have to question the validity of your statement until you do.

  35. OK, here’s how this kind of thing works. This is the ONLY way this works.

    You say, “I am claiming these things about another man’s character and here is how I support my claims.”

    That’s it. There’s no other way to do it.

  36. For anyone who questions Wilson’s character, I refer you to USC’s former head football coach. For anyone who thinks Wilson has a drinking problem because of rumors that circulated over four years ago, at least we can be thankful that there have not been any reports of him showing up to practice while intoxicated, or giving an f-bomb-laced speech in front of thousands of his employer’s most prominent donors and then being forced off the podium by his boss. And we can appreciate that there have been no reports of any IU head coach having sex with the wife of one of his assistants in a restaurant bathroom, paying her to have an abortion, and then having to testify in court that he was being blackmailed because of the extramarital affair. And of course, it appears Wilson has avoided the temptation of having an extramarital affair with a female staffer half his age and wrecking his motorcycle (what is it with coaches who spent time in Louisville?) Compared to some other college head coaches, Wilson is a boy scout! No, he may not be perfect, but then again, neither am I. All things considered, I have no problem with the character he has displayed since arriving in Bloomington.

    As for him bolting at the first chance he gets, I’d refer people to the fact that he has children. Most likely, he would compare options based on the needs of his children, and that he would not be inclined to automatically leave IU at the first opportunity. Bloomington is a great place to live, especially when you’re making a 7-digit per year income.

  37. And let’s not forget about Rutger’s football coach, Kyle Flood. He narrowly avoided being fired and is coming off a multi-game suspension and $50,000 fine for trying to get a professor, after being warned that his actions violated University rules, to retroactively change a grade for one of his players! And I believe a half dozen of Floods’ players have been kicked off the team this season as a result of being suspected of involvement in an armed robbery. Then coach Flood comes out and tells people that he’s still all about “accountability” and integrity. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like Flood in another head coach with a “character” problem.

  38. Chet, I’m at peace. Where is Tsao to go ape shat about rumors, lol. Po, good and fair points. We will see how it all plays out!

  39. Wilson as head coach at USC? Now that’s funny! Wilson’s tortured and abbreviated use of English in media-dominated la-la-land would drive USC alumni and fans bat-sh!t crazy. I’d pay good money to watch those news conferences!

    I would not be surprised if USC waved a lot of cash in the face of one or two current PAC-12 coaches that believe they have to be at a traditional powerhouse program in order to compete for a National Championship. Either that, or they’ll target an SEC head coach or go back to the NFL.

  40. PO- skipping the last dozen posts or so, your post #33 is logical in its conclusion that IU, five years ago, was trying to sign a winner on the cheap and trusting to luck that it would work out- IF the money was there as you say that “Everyone, including Glass continues to say.” I guess we’d all like to know the actual money situation, I sure don’t claim that knowledge. Yeah, IUFB has said “we were willing to match what [insert name of departing assistant coach] was being offered” but as someone here pointed out (maybe you?), by that time no job-leaver changes his mind after announcing his departure just ’cause the old boss matches the new boss. Talk is cheap. In 2010 when KW was hired, the Big Ten TV network money was just coming on line and the $1.7 million offered Wilson was pretty much in line with what new hires Beckman and Kill got at U of Ill and Minn.

    You point out correctly that there is new Adidas $$$ and increased Big Ten Network $$$, but whatever those sums might be, that money was not available when KW was hired. Also, whatever additional Big Ten TV money IUFB is now getting, all the other conf. schools are also getting. One must also presume that other programs have secured Adidas-type money, unless one imagines IU to be unique in its ability to land such deals. Thus the money available to replace/retain Wilson is basically the same vis a vis other programs now as it was in 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised were U of Ill offering $2.5-$3 million right now and PU will probably be offering the same at the end of this year, so you are right about one thing- get out the ol’ checkbook, but that $3 million is not likely to give IUFB any serious competitive edge.

    You wrote “IU would simply need to increase attendance at home games by ten thousand people per game [to afford $3 million salary for Wilson].” “Simply?” Chicken meets egg in a dark alley. I suppose that the IU Board of Trustees could take out second mortgages on Ballantine Hall and the Musical Arts Center and sink that money into a coaching hire that would fill the seats and thus pay off the “investment,” but is that what reasonably prudent fiduciaries would do?

    To state all of the above more succinctly, ND, Alabama, USC, etc. pay like they do because they have donors like they do. To expect IU to pay like they do is unrealistic until IUFB wins like they do.

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