IU basketball team taking a weekend trip to Maryland #iubb

While Indiana’s football team is in State College for its second Big Ten game of the season, Tom Crean’s Hoosiers will be only a few hours south enjoying football of a different kind.

The IU basketball team flew to Maryland for a weekend trip to see John Harbaugh’s Ravens, according to a story on Baltimore’s official website. The Hoosiers spent time before Friday’s practice in Annapolis, Md. walking the grounds of the Naval Academy. On Saturday, they’ll visit Harbaugh and the Ravens at the team’s Owings Mills, Md. facility before taking in Baltimore’s home game against Cleveland on Sunday.

Harbaugh is Crean’s brother-in-law.

“The Hoosiers will be here led by coach Tom Crean — the best coach in college basketball bar none — and we’re excited to have them around,” Harbaugh told Baltimore media, according to the Ravens website.

The Harbaugh brothers have been visible with IU basketball in the past. While he was coaching the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh — who’s now at Michigan — served as an honorary team manager during a game in February 2012, helping set up chairs on the court during team timeouts.

John has also been a supporter of Crean and the Hoosiers. He visited IU’s 2013 NCAA Tournament workout at Verizon Center a day before IU’s loss to Syracuse, and he was also seen outside the visiting locker room after Indiana’s game at Maryland in February.


  1. Does I U men’s basketball have that large of a travel and entertainment budget? While the baseball and other non revenue sports teams use buses to travel ( for example to Penn State). What’s wrong with staying on campus and having some practice sessions? As a Varsity Club Member and being asked for more money each year to provide for room, board and student scholarship and this pleasure trip for the men’s basketball team, when the coach talks of limited practice time with his players . I wonder, if I should start restricting my donation to the non revenue sports, where the real students play the games

  2. “Best coach in college basketball – bar none” except against the Syracuse zone. All of them are full of it.

  3. I doubt the guy is even still alive but, when I was a student, the Hoosiers flew to away game courtesy of Ralph Rogers of Rogers Building Supply (trivia-he was one of the founders of Pizza Hut while living in Kansas, I think it was) in the company jet. I don’t know how the NCAA views such things these days but it was booster dollars, not the university.

    Somehow that doesn’t make it seem better, does it?

    Anyway, travel may not affect your booster donation.

  4. I am sick of all the negative talk about Tom Crean. We have a great team this year and a great coach. How about showing some support and try to stay positive! It is going to be an awesome year of Hoosier basketball. I can’t wait!!!!!

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