Injury updates, depth chart and teleconference notes #iufb

Although both were limited, Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard dressed for Indiana’s practice on Tuesday.

IU coach Kevin Wilson gave only a brief update on his starting quarterback and running back during Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference, and it remains increasingly likely that the upcoming availability of Sudfeld and Howard will not be revealed until prior to Saturday’s noon kickoff at Penn State.

Sudfeld aggravated an ankle injury during the first half of Saturday’s loss to No. 1 Ohio State, while Howard also sustained an ankle injury early against the Buckeyes.

When Indiana released its updated depth chart on Tuesday afternoon, both Sudfeld and Howard were listed as starters. It should be noted, however, that IU’s weekly depth chart is not a direct reflection of who might play and where they’ll be.

“We’ll see how this week progresses,” Wilson said. “No one’s worse for wear. They’re getting treatment. We had a good practice today and looking forward to moving forward. They’ve played enough that we don’t need to over-practice them. At the same time, they need to get work. They were dressed today and di what they were able to do.”

A couple other Wilson notes from the teleconference:

— Cornerback Devonte Williams, who’s missed the last two games with a knee injury, was working with the team again during Sunday night’s session, and again during Tuesday’s padded practice.

“He had an aggravated knee,” Wilson said. “Nothing major, but it was kind of tweaked out for a bit.”

— Asked about former Hoosier defensive end Bobby Richardson, Wilson said he’s been excited to see Richardson find early success with the New Orleans Saints.

Richardson made his first career start Sunday in a win over Dallas, finishing with six tackles and two solo stops. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Richardson was on the field for 38 of the team’s 61 defensive snaps.

“We didn’t redshirt him, but I wish we would’ve because we could’ve sure used him last Saturday and this Saturday,” Wilson said. “Very, very talented young man. Very intelligent, great work ethic and was a team captain for us. He’s got a lot of quick twitch and is a naturally gifted D-lineman. He’s not as big as some of those great, large defensive linemen in the NFL. He’s probably not fast enough to be a true outside pass rusher, but he’s a very athletic, high-motor, great character kid who’s gonna give you everything he’s got every day.

“I saw him practice during the preseason and went to visit the Saints. They were high on him — not high on him making the team, they thought he was gonna be productive. I’m very encouraged with the start he’s had and I think we’ve got more guys like him coming. This program’s coming the right way, we’re trending the right way and we’re very proud of coach (Sean) Payton and the Saints getting that win the other night and Bobby being a big part of it.”

— Darius Latham was removed from this week’s depth chart for Penn State, with Ralph Green III and Robert McCray comprising the two-deep at defensive tackle. Also of note, Shawn Heffern, who was formerly listed at defensive tackle, is now slotted as Nick Mangieri’s backup at defensive end. Patrick Dougherty is now listed as the No. 3 nose tackle behind starter Adarius Rayner and backup Nate Hoff. Tight end Danny Friend, who recently underwent surgery on a torn quad, was also removed from the two-deep.

The rest of the two-deep follows:

LT: Jason Spriggs, Brandon Knight
LG: Wes Martin, Delroy Baker
C: Jake Reed, Wes Rogers
RG: Dan Feeney, Jacob Bailey
RT: Dimitric Camiel, Tim Gardner or DeAndre Herron
WR: Ricky Jones, Nick Westbrook
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Leon Thornton
SLOT: Mitchel Paige, Damon Graham
QB: Nate Sudfeld, Zander Diamont
RB: Jordan Howard, Devine Redding
TE: Michael Cooper, Anthony Corsaro, Jordan Fuchs

DT: Ralph Green III, Robert McCray
NT: Adarius Rayner, Nate Hoff, Patrick Dougherty
DE: Nick Mangieri, Shawn Heffern, Jacob Robinson
BANDIT: Zack Shaw, Greg Gooch, Nile Sykes
SLB: Clyde Newton, Dawson Fletcher or Zeke Walker
MLB: T.J. Simmons, Dameon Willis
WLB: Marcus Oliver, Tegray Scales
LCB: Rashard Fant, Devonte Williams, Ben Bach
FS: Chase Dutra, Kiante Walton, Mario Swann
SS: Jonathan Crawford, Tony Fields, Jameel Cook
RCB: Andre Brown, Noel Padmore

K: Griffin Oakes, Aaron Del Grosso
P: Erich Toth, Joseph Gedeon
LS: Josh Pericht, Nolan Guedel, Dan Godsil
H: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
KR: Devonte Williams, Damon Graham, Ricky Brookins
PR: Mitchell Paige, Rashard Fant


  1. USA Today has a ranking of all 128 Div I teams: OSU 5, MSU 12, MI 24, IA 25, West KY 43, IU 45, PN St 48, Rutgers 86, MD 89, FL International 103, Purdue 112. Hard to see how West KY gets ranked ahead of IU when Indiana beat them and has lost only to OSU. Purdue will not play like a 112 team against IU when we play in Lafayette! PN St is the PIVOTAL game! Win on Saturday and an 8 win season is a real possibility! Wouldn’t that be great?

  2. BeatPurdue, brief elaboration on your comment that PU won’t be a pushover for us: I shudder thinking about those among us who talk about ‘only needing to beat PU and Rutgers’ to get to a bowl game. In that scenario, we would go into The East Berlin of the Big Ten at 5-6 facing a 2-9 or 1-10 PU team with nothing to gain outside ruining our season. Not something to look forward to – let’s get beyond that modest goal asap.

  3. This is the Most important game of the year. Not last week. We will find out if this is another non bowl year or if we can win in B1G Saturday.

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