IU an “unwitting participant” in Louisville scandal

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said his department was an “unwitting participant” in tipping off the University of Louisville about an upcoming book alleging the Cardinals’ involvement in a salacious scandal.

The book, set to be released by Indianapolis Business Journal Book Publishing LLC, details how a Louisville men’s basketball staffer allegedly paid an escort service to have sex with recruits over a four-year period. In addressing the allegations Friday afternoon, U of L athletic director Tom Jurich said he learned of the book through an Indiana University associate athletic director who contacted Louisville seeking to help a prominent IU booster identify a Cardinals player in a photo.

That booster was later revealed to be Michael “Mickey” Maurer, the benefactor of IU’s Maurer School of Law and co-owner of IBJ Book Publishing. The IU administrator who initiated contact was later revealed to be deputy athletic director Scott Dolson.

Glass said Dolson didn’t know Maurer was planning an unfavorable story when he contacted Louisville, and emails released by Indiana on Friday evening support that side of the story.

On Aug. 28, Maurer contacted Dolson asking for a connection to Dolson’s counterpart at Louisville. Dolson forwarded Maurer’s email to Louisville executive senior associate athletic director Kevin Miller, saying Maurer — “one of our all-time great IU benefactors” — needed assistance. In the email chain provided by IU, Miller responded on Aug. 29, saying he forwarded the message to U of L sports information director Kenny Klein.

Maurer responded to Dolson, Miller and Klein on Aug. 31, revealing “this is for a book that will not be favorable to the UofL image,” he wrote. “I will understand if you don’t choose to assist but would be grateful if you do.”

According to the email chain, Dolson emailed Miller minutes later apologizing for initially reaching out. “(N)ot sure what this is but it blindsided me,” Dolson wrote to Miller.

Later on the night of Aug. 31, Klein emailed Maurer, Dolson and Miller saying, “That’s distrubing to hear about something unfavorable, but I suppose we could take a look at the photo, particularly if it is something that would be published in a book.”

Dolson responded: “SORRY Kenny … (Mickey) is one of the University’s largest donors as he actually named the law school … did not know he was headed in that direction.”

Glass told The Herald-Times on Friday evening that he did not know anything about the Louisville allegations until receiving an IBJ breaking news alert earlier Friday. After hearing Jurich’s comments at the press conference, Glass said Dolson approached him about his connection.

“Scott Dolson put two and two together and realized that an email that had been sent from Mickey Maurer to Scott asking for an introduction to Scott’s counterpart at Louisville, so that Mickey could identify someone in a photo was about this,” Glass said. “There was never any indication that it was about anything nefarious or anything until after Scott had already made the introduction and Mickey indicated this was going to reflect badly on Louisville. At that point, Scott said he didn’t know what this was about and apologized to his counterpart there. The whole thing seemed pretty innocuous and I didn’t know about it and Scott really didn’t know it had anything to do with anything like this.”

The book “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” includes stories from Louisville stripper and escort Katina Powell. According to the IBJ, Powell says former Louisville director of basketball operations Andre McGree hired her to provide strippers and prostitutes to basketball recruits during campus visits.

The IBJ says Powell claims to have provided entertainment for 22 parties from 2010 to 2014. McGee spent two seaons as a graduate assistant before receiving a promotion to directer of basketball operations in 2012. McGee left in 2014 to take an assistant position at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. On Friday, UMKC announced McGee had been placed on leave.

Maurer told the IBJ Friday night that, “any allegation that I was motivated by my love of IU is ludicrous.”

Indiana released a further statement Friday, saying: “At no time did Indiana University have contact with the NCAA on this issue, contact a member of the media or act in malic in any way towards Louisville, and any suggestion contrary to these facts is false.”


  1. I wish it was pUKe too, but their day will come. In the meantime I wouldn’t mind seeing Louisville basketball crash and burn too.

  2. J Pat / BigE
    Worry about your own program, I went to UK, wife went to IU, and my daughter is going to IU, so I like to watch both teams, and get really tired of the UK bashing. I read both programs sites, and enjoy the insite, but the constant bashing is really pathetic, enjoy your program. If my memory serves me right, IU is the program who has been the one thats been on probation and the one with players caught using drugs and alcohol, not UK, and there is never any mention of IU on their sites. Try to keep it classy!

  3. Just a reminder, only one program has ever received the NCAA ‘death penalty’ in basketball. It’s also the only program that has been placed on probation during every decade of the NCAA’s existence.

  4. Chet, and that would be???? I know Kentucky has been ob NCAA probation; and so has Indiana (4-years, all sports, I believe). In fact, some sports such as soccer and track and field were unable to participate in the NCAA championships because of the ban…if I recall correctly. So…purity and virgin- like behavior has not, historically speaking, existed in the Bloomington/Louisville/Lexington triangle.

  5. Chet good reply and I’d also add there has always been enough hanky-panky in the past to make me believe whatever happens down there now is not made public by the program and the community would cover it up if it was.

  6. Hoosier Clarion
    Your ignorance is showing, not only did A.Rupp run a clean program, he was the first to have black players on a team in the SEC, and was given treats by the southern teams if they showed up in their arena. Sorry the facts don’t meet your ignorant post.

  7. My ignorance? Your ignorance is paramount by bringing up the race baiting crap. Hell I was grown, on my own and married before Old Man Rupp got his 1st black recruit. And comparing yourself with the SEC on the integration matter is a low, low standard. Clean program, you couldn’t hold that lie in a bushel basket without a bottom. On his resume he has a whole season ending with a zero. Yup Old Man Rupp was as slimy as you could get in his era.

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