IU’s offense better than Oregon’s? One Spartan thinks so #iufb

Even through a loss, Indiana’s offense received high praise.

Michigan State linebacker Jon Reschke said the Hoosiers’ offense was better than the one he saw against Oregon earlier this season. The Spartans beat the Ducks, 31-28, on Sept. 12 in a game that saw Oregon’s offense outgain Michigan State 432-389, run 82 plays and pick up 26 first downs. On Saturday at Spartan Stadium, IU finished with 389 yards and posted 20 first downs in a 52-26 loss.

“These guys were better than Oregon, in my opinion,” Reschke said in a video posted on MLive.com. “They were faster. They had simple plays, but they did it at such a high speed and high intensity. They did a good job.”

Oregon’s offense is ranked No. 11 in the nation with 516.3 yards per game. The Ducks have 32 touchdowns and average 6.5 yards per play. For comparison, IU’s offense is ranked No. 26 in the Football Bowl Subdivision with 467.6 yards per game. The Hoosiers have scored 31 touchdowns and average 6.0 yards per play.

Reschke also complimented Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld, who completed 23 of his 37 passes for 308 yards and three touchdowns against Michigan State. For Sudfeld, it was the fourth 300-yard passing game of the season and the eighth of his career. The senior also has seven three-score games in his career and three this season.

“Sudfeld’s a real great quarterback,” Reschke said. “We did a good job containing him because I think he throws for 400-plus yards in most of his games, right? So we did a pretty good job.”

You can watch Reschke’s full interview with MLive.com by clicking on this link.


  1. I would say IU compares with other top offenses in the country when every starter is on the field although an upgrade at receiver is needed [they may be on the team and just need seasoning to get there]. I hope the infusion of quality young DBs and young LBs are an indication of the defense starting to improve to the level of balancing the team between offense and defense. We have said for several years that if the defense improves to be a solid defense then IU will become a good team. I see the parts in place but it won’t be immediate. If the DBs gain from their experience this year so they are much better next year then we may see the defense be much improved. I still think we need to upgrade the athletes we have on the DL as it is much better this year but doesn’t match our opponents DL most weeks.

  2. IU fb offense is simply not quite as good as fans think especially against higher competition. Injuries play into that. It is better than defense but is definitely not near an excellent offense. Maybe about average (middle of pack) in big ten.

  3. t, in the Big Ten IU’s offense ranks third in scoring only .3 points a game behind MSU. They are first in total offense, passing offense, 8th in rushing offense [5 teams including IU are all in the 180 yds/game] and finally 4th in passing efficiency. Nationally IU is 19th in passing offense, 36th in rushing, and 14th in yardage one spot ahead of Ohio State to lead the conference. Howard is 22nd in rushing despite missing 2.5 games while Nate is 20th despite missing 1.25 games.

    I would say IU offense is as good as most fans think and like all teams do worse against the best defenses. Overall though IU is one of the best in the Big Ten and one of the top 15 -20 offenses in the country. I would like to see how they would rank right now if Jordan and Nate hadn’t been injured.

    With the improved play of the defensive front and losing only 2 players [I hope] next year; along with the experience our young LBs and DBs are gaining I would expect the defense to be much improved next year. I was hoping to see that this year but with so many freshmen in the secondary it wasn’t realistic to think the defense would be better. With transfers on the OL, WR, and DB with any JC players brought in next year I think we will see a real upgrade overall in the team.

  4. Stop posting crap like this, Mike. All that matters is winning and IU certainly isn’t capable of doing that, so reading what some dingus MSU football player thinks about our offense being better than Oregon is irrelevant and agitating to read. Enough of this crap.

  5. I understand what you say about stats for offense. The problem much of them are against inferior competition and when game is already decided or at least in corolla by opponent. I know you could say the very good teams play inferior pre conference competition as well. The difference is the better to best or very good offensive teams are able to usually elevate their level of play to level of competition when required. IU offense usually does not do that because they are not that good offensively… though better than defense when the going gets tough IU fb is very average at big ten level.

  6. Mike has to post something to read or Podunker will throw a fit. Yes all this chatter about IU having the 14th best offense in the country and being better than Oregon is just nonsense even if it is true. I have good looking feet but that doesn’t make me a handsome man.

  7. I have good looking feet too and it does allow me to be a good dancer.

    Having the offense being ranked high nationally absolutely means something positive. It means the whole coaching staff is doing their job and doing it well. And I say the whole staff as the D coaches also do their part recruiting offensive talent to IU and not just D talent and vice versa. So when the D does reach the performance level of the offense this outfit will not be just competitive but really hurt some established programs either at home or away. The young D is starting to get it and the 4 sacks and 13 TFL’s against MSU is tremendous. But what they lack is consistency. They would get a TFL or sack and put the Spartans in 3rd and long and then allow them to get a 1st down or as happened 4 times last Saturday let the MSU score on 3rd and long. Lack of consistency allowed MSU to run 90 offensive plays and give them success 13 of 20 times on 3rd down. You can’t get off the field and give your very good offensive unit opportunities to score and stay in the game without getting consistent stops on 3rd down. This bye will help the whole team to get rejuvenated physically and inside the helmet area. The bye will help the D the most. If they can get to bowl game preparation we can expect to see it start to come together for the D and IU FB.

  8. It was not very long ago when IU was fielding football teams that had virtually no athletes at the B1G level. I recall games where we were so outmatched that opposing team’s reserves literally sauntered into the end zone for touchdowns. I recall our guys being so fatigued that they were huffing and puffing with their hands on their hips at the line of scrimmage. I recall a head coach of an opposing team complimenting us at the conclusion of a blowout saying that we did a great job but are “a few players short.” What I do NOT recall is ANY opposing player ever saying that we were better than Oregon! I cannot recall any season during which opponents expressed concern that IU could very well beat them.

    No, we are not winning. That is concerning. But to say that we have not made very significant progress and are not now far more competitive is to ignore reality. Yes, we need to finish games and yes, we need to improve in every aspect of the game and no, we are not yet any kind of force in the conference, but I do think we are getting there. It was supposed to happen this year and unfortunately, probably won’t, but it will happen.

  9. If the IU D coaches are doing their part they need to pick up the pace. According to http://www.ncaa/stats/football Indiana is ranked 119th in defense out of 127 teams listed. Being ranked that low and giving up 508 yards a game is a glaring deficiency. Good luck to them, they are sure going to need it.

  10. Reschke’s gracious comments, coming after his team doubled IU’s point production, came across as somewhat patronizing to me. But that interpretation could be because I hate to lose. Those types of comments will mean a lot more when spoken after IU beats MSU!

  11. Ooopppsss! That last post should have been written, “came across to me as somewhat patronizing.”

  12. IU football has not been a football power or challenge the top Big Ten teams since the late 1980s. It is discouraging to see so many fans not recognize the improvement in the team anticipating quality wins in the coming games and years. The offense is a top Big Ten offense just watch other offenses play PSU, WU, UM, OSU defenses and see how they compare to what IU’s offense did to those defenses.

    Our offense is good enough to challenge for a Big Ten title but the defense was held back when Coach Wilson was given bad advice about hiring Doug Mallory as DC. Our defense got worse every year he was DC so Coach Knorr has had to take a defense far worse than D Mallory started with. Do I wish that had not happened, yes but at least the change was made. Given time Coach Knorr has a track record of developing a top 35 defense at Wake Forest. People have questioned why we play so many Freshmen DBs without understanding that was one of the strikes against coach Mallory which led to using walk ons at DBs because he didn’t get DB recruits consistently.

    There are enough good things on this team to expect better seasons in the near future [as near as this season yet].

    Coach Wilson has shown with the offense that IU can excel and we will have to give the defense under Coach Knorr time to excel. Once both sides of the ball become more even IU will be a Big Ten power. If all we see are wins and losses we will set the program back years once again. If we see a defensive front that gave MSU and other teams fits, DBs that are starting to provide tight coverage while still making mistakes to leaving receivers wide open; then we can be patient and let the program develop under this coaching staff.

    I am frustrated that it hasn’t happened sooner but I also know IU’s history and the improvement in the Big Ten make the job of turning this program around a longer term project.

  13. I agree that the defense has gotten better with Knorr. But you have to face the facts VV our HC couldn’t win a high school football game 0-10. Hes 6-30 in the big ten. Maybe you and your moral victories are ok with 1.25 or 1.5 wins a years in the big ten but im not. The Rutgers game should of been the end of the Wilson era, unacceptable on so many levels.

  14. You want to fire CKW, so fire him. Here’s what will happen…not might happen…will happen. We’ll get a head coach from somewhere (who knows), any number of our talented kids will transfer because they won’t want to play for a coach that did not recruit them and to whom they feel no loyalty. That will set the rebuilding process back at least 3 years, maybe more. The remaining players will need to adjust to new process etc. There will be more losses as the new regime rebuilds. Fans will become frustrated. They will call for NEWCOACH”s firing and so the whole sad story begins anew.

    Or, since we are making progress, why not see how far CKW can take the program. Maybe, just maybe he’s on to something and we’ll ultimately start winning. If at the end of his tenure, we’ve peaked out without substantial additional progress, then we can look at our alternatives, I will tell you plainly that acquiring a coach for this team and the one two years from now will be one hell of a lot easier than trying to attract a coach with the team CKW inherited.

  15. People claiming they only care about victories and everyone that is willing to be patient is ok with moral victories are wrong. We want victories but some of us see, as AD Glass does, that IU football is a battleship that was going the wrong way hiring and firing coaches every three years while success escaped IU [other than Hep but his death was another how many bad things can happen to IU football]. It takes a while to turn a battleship around and so does the IU football program. Moral victories have nothing to do with seeing progress being made and willing to be patient so IU can have a successful program without a setback that starting over will bring.

    Bringing up Coach Wilson’s one year as a high school HC is BS. I became a high school head coach after being a defensive coordinator for a 4A school that won a state championship. My first year [at a 4A school] we lost every game and scored 7 points. The second year we won three games and played teams played 5A teams tough. As a result I got a job at a neighboring school that was a good 4A football school. In five years we took them to their first State Title game and later won the only Football State Title the school has won. During that 5 year period we won 4 Sectional Titles, 3 Regional Titles, 2 Semi-State Titles, and a State Title. My point is there are many reasons a coach may not win a game in his first year. If you read the yahoo article about that year Coach was praised by his coaches and former players.

  16. Let me state that i like KW, hes been a good recruiter and has a good offensive mind obviously. But this is year 5 and it doesn’t get any easier than Rutgers at home up 25 with less than 17 minutes and there only god damn offensive weapon to not get back on the field. The last good coach hc we had was coach HEP. He is also the last coach we had that has had actual success as a hc coach. so your okay with 6-30 in 5 years? 7 points total in a year for high school? yep i see why you are on the titanic that is kw iu football tenure. What are we gonna do when sudfeld is gone? What about 9 big ten game seasons? no more d 2 schools will also take another win kw gets a year. we are completely screwed until we get someone who knows how to win ie coach HEP type who doesn’t accept losing like the tiny pro loser fan base that is left.

  17. Keep KW and the money saved by not hiring another project should be spent to send him to school on how to lead men and motivate men to WIN. Listen to our kids talk in their interviews and count how many times they have said the word WIN in the last 5 years. It always something like we want to achieve our goes or we have high expectations. Blah blah blah. Listen to kids from other B1G schools interviews. I challenge you to and you will hear the difference. Kids will WIN if led. Listen to he Penn State kids and the MSU and Ohio State kids. The only kid I have heard say we want to WIN and has the piss and vinager in him
    To do so is Zander DIamont. Now that kid wants to win.

  18. So, you think a kid achieves the position of a scholarship athlete at a NCAA Division 1, Power Five Conference football program but, at the same time, they don’t have the will to ‘win’.

    You’re frickin’ hilarious.

    Blame whatever you want for the Hoosiers lack of success but there isn’t a kid in that locker room that wasn’t one of the best athletes their respective high schools ever produced. There probably weren’t many that didn’t play for a very successful team. Most of them were All Whatever in their area or state.

    They’re trying to win just as much as the guys on the other side of the ball. ‘Wanting to win’ is a cliche’. Everybody out there wants to win.

  19. I have said 3 times give KW and staff 5 year extension now. However, the offense for IU fb is still not that good.

  20. t, you keep saying the same thing about the offense despite the numbers on how it ranks in the Big Ten. Are they perfect no but no offense is. Have they been hurt when Nate and Jordan have been out, yes they were.

    This team now battles top Big Ten teams for most of the game. It is clear they need more good players and the coaching staff has been building the roster. The losing isn’t due to poor coaching, although the coach has even admitted making mistakes, but due to not having a good roster when taking over. Add in the disaster of our first DC and it takes even longer to develop a good roster.

    Everyone that wants a coaching change should look at Nebraska with the tradition and see what can happen with a change. Even a program as strong as Miami [the “U”] is hammered and struggling for almost a decade due to coaching hires that don’t work out.

    Yes Richmond I do know how hard it is to win at a losing program and why it takes time to change the atmosphere. I don’t accept losing but do recognize the problems that need to be overcome. This school has gone through changing coaches every three years without developing a program. Yes coach Hep had IU trending the right way but his loss was devastating. Coach Wilson has the team trending to be a good team in the Big Ten but there is no magic formula for a quick change in a losing program when you take over a roster that is depleted and players that didn’t know how to work hard. My players from Wayne HS came back home and told our players practice at Wayne HS was tougher than at Ball State. I was friends with Coach Lynch but he took a much different approach that works at other levels and Coach Wilson has worked hard to change that environment. Have your own opinion about if coach should stay or go but stop demeaning people for having a different opinion than you especially when we can give good reason for our opinion while you only have lack of winning as a reason.

    The constant refrain that we are okay with losing is way off the mark. Too many in our society have become spoiled wanting things to happen now. Posters that haven’t been coaches have no idea what to see as improvement except winning. You have to improve in areas before you can win regularly and understanding this is not accepting losing.

  21. Are we watching some of the same games? IU is never in charge of game, even offensively. Yes, they battle at times, but to often defensive opponent shifts gears to next level and IU offense lacks ability to respond. I recognize the historically defensive issues, however I think people tend to believe offense is better than what it is because defense is so inept when you compare the two. Statistics only go so far regarding IU FB offense. Statistics never lie may or may not be true, however you sometimes can get them to say what you want to hear and IU fb offense in reality is not as could as one would be led to believe. I have seen in years past where IU jumped out to a 10 point lead on up to a 21 point lead against good competition (example: 21 lead NC State/Rivers vs. IU Lynch era) only to lose game. Sudfeld and Jordan hurt; I agree with all that plus, players leaving for NFL, transfer of QBs and recruits not coming (which happens in programs/for IU perception and attitude about being in IU FB program). I understand. However, this is not what could have, should have, would have. This is IU football reality. I think KW and staff are very strong/good coaches. The reason that things look inept or silly sometimes is not play calling or KW does not know what he is doing. KW does know what he is doing; it is the players lack of ability among players to execute the plays thus producing wins. If KW and staff have the energy left in the tank; KW and staff will produce a winning football program @ IU. 5 year extension needed now.

  22. I think you must wait until after the season for an extension, to judge this years success. We blew the Rutgers game and another 4th quarter collapse at MSU. Quite frankly, we should have beaten PSU.

    We would not even be having this discussion if we had solid back ups at rb and qb…that is when we started struggling.

    Lastly, again we have one of the worst defenses in d1 football!

    So let’s wait on that extension…win 6 or 7 and go from there!

  23. The general fan of IU FB does not understand nor do they care about how to judge intricate progress within the program. They go to games and look at the scoreboard to see if we have more points than the opponent at the end of the game. They look at W v L and make decisions on how the program is progressing based on those basic components. What it takes to turn a program around is difficult when it comes to IU FB. And people are making a lot of money to get that job done, no matter how difficult it is.
    I am in business and I am called upon to save large programs that are in trouble. I have to develop a plan to improve, put an end date on when we will be finished, and document milestones to measure my progress so anyone can see how the program is progressing towards the goals along the way. If Glass wants the fan base to be patient and see progress, they have to see something more tangible than it is a big ship to turn around, being right there, getting recruits that are better athletes, hanging with other teams that are highly ranked for 3 quarters, etc. In my world, if you don’t define what is expected by when, people are going to just look at scoreboards and W v L because that is all they have to measure.

  24. v 13, couldn’t agree more.

    CaliHoosier, that sounds great but what would you suggest as a tangible milestones, other than wins and losses, to document progress? I’m not by any means dismissive of your comment. I largely agree. I’m just curious to know what you think would fly with the fan base as an indicator of success that you could quantify.

  25. CaliHoosier you are right about people not understanding progress other than wins and losses. Chet if I were AD, I would point out the difference in how the team competes against the best teams compared to how past IU teams competed. Admit that yes we don’t have enough athletes yet, but taking top teams into the 4th quarter shows we have better athletes than before and just need a few more athletes to get to the point the team can finish games in a winning manner.

    I would compare IU football scores against top teams in the past, does anyone remember what it use to be like to play Nebraska and get beat by 60 points also UM, MSU, OSU, Illinois, Wisconsin, PU, etc. That isn’t happening any more despite still losing to the top teams we have greatly closed the gap. I think it would be a good idea for AD Glass to have a press conference about the team and compare how IU fared against top competition then and now.

    JPat, I too think IU could have beaten PSU IF Nate and Jordan were healthy for the game but without them we didn’t have much of a chance. Everyone wants to say we should have quality replacements at QB and RB but forget we did have at QB until two decided to transfer to get more playing time. At RB we now have a quality backup with Majette but he is a Freshman. Redding shows signs of being a good RB but he isn’t there yet. Rodriguez showed signs of being a quality backup RB but got injured earlier in the OSU game.

    The point many of us make that advocate more time for this coaching staff is they are building up the roster; due to several factors our depth is with the freshmen and sophomores. In another couple of years we will see juniors as the quality backups. The announcers and the commentators on Big Ten Network talk about why MSU is so good; they redshirt so many players, something IU can’t do right now.

    On a side note, Minnesota is faced with a coaching change now as Coach Krill has had to resign due to health issues. Even before this change Minnesota [Illinois is another example] shows how hard it is to bring about change and keep it going. They have had several coaches that have won but then the program declines and they release that coach [Coach Mason is one that comes to mind]. I wish coach Krill the best as I know it is a big loss to Minnesota. I know what it is like to give up coaching due to severe health problems and it isn’t easy because you still have the love of the game and the drive to coach but your body doesn’t let you continue.

  26. V13 and Chet. Showing stats as V13 suggests is the starting point. Point spread over x number of seasons (cont and non-conference. Rankings of opponents through those seasons, perhaps even factors such as injuries. But you then need to share where each of these need to be in coming years (gradual improvement) leading to milestone goals. Point spread avg x by 20xx, defensive yardage avg x by 20xx, differential in total yards at x by 20xx, etc.

    Could also take it to ultimate program achievements (achieve bowl bid status by 20xx, top 5 within East Division by 20xx, top 4 by 20xx, etc).

    point being you cannot state statistics that you feel shows program improvement without showing what you are trying to achieve and how you know you are getting there.

  27. CaliHoosier, good points to add so fans can see the improving team instead of just wins and losses.

    For those complaining about the D coach fired the two old co-D coordinators for not doing a good job or recruiting good players. Coach brought in two good D coaches and our young players are much better than the previous ones brought in. It will take another two years to get enough good defensive players in to have a good defense.

  28. Also add graduation rates, gpa, and perhaps measured over 10 years, 5 years, and last year. And how we did against milestones. You are not only reporting progress but managing yearly expectations. Could also give each area weighted values for more of a point system goal and achievements. Just off the top of my head. And obviously incentives tied to percentage of achieving these objectives.

  29. J Pat’s comments in #27 are most appropriate for this topic. I believe that if IU produces six wins this season, IU should give Wilson a short contract extension and modest raise. The extension should be long enough to prevent opposing coaches from using the “lame duck” label in recruiting battles, but nothing that is so long it would be financially crippling to IU if Wilson’s results backslide in the next two years. If IU does not win six games this year, then I believe Glass must discreetly evaluate his options. Is there a better coach available? Would he coach at IU? How much would he demand in compensation? Is it reasonable to expect him to improve recruiting? If Glass and his consultants can’t be confident that an upgrade can be hired, then Wilson should be retained for a sixth season. And after his sixth season, Glass should repeat the same evaluation process. And while I hope it never comes to this, assuming Wilson does not win six this season, and that next year is no better, can anyone justify IU keeping a coach that has produced six consecutive losing seasons? I don’t think so.

    One last point. A lot of people talk about what IU will lose/suffer if they replace the head coach. They claim recruiting will be set back, momentum will be lost, players will transfer, etc. But really, what does IU Football have to lose? A losing program is a losing program! There’s not that much difference between a team that wins four games and a team that wins two games. Both had losing seasons. One must weigh and balance the risks associated with firing a head coach against the “opportunity costs” of not taking the opportunity to upgrade the head coach. Obviously, they’re not all the same. Some are much better than others, even when coaching at IU! I want Glass to be ethical and fair, but I also want him to be opportunistic and aggressive. His job is to do what’s in the best interest of IU Athletics.

  30. IU should hold pat. It is projected there will be 30 + HCing positions available at the end of this season. I believe 9 presently. Near all will be higher ranked, more attractive jobs than IU. It will be a damn poor time to participate in a competition like that for IU to come out positive. I do believe without being able to state any focused complaint it may be an opportune time for Wilson to look at possibly seeing who is available in all these coaching changes to upgrade 2 or 3 assistants. Going to be a lot of former HC’s and assistants w/o a job soon who are at the least very competent and to the most great position coaches. IU should take advantage and take their pick. It is a big time FB way of doing things. That would be a positive move for IU’s future on Wilson’s part along with the AD giving him a 3 year extension.

  31. 5 year extension, now. Glass needs to sell idea of slogging along the a shift to long term commitment to IU FB program and all in for next 5 years and invite recruits to be a part of it. Pyriadym shift with or without you. IU fb program is all in for success with current staff, facilities etc. Success=6 or 7 + wins consistently per year on average.

  32. T, it’s not fair to me or my family that I haul to every game and travel with…to give him an extension now…after all the losing we have seen in five years…it’s a crazy statement to make. If they win 6/7 games and go to a bowl and are competitive or win…I’m in favor of what you say. Win 6 games and go to a bowl and get drummed…2-3 year extension at most. If they win 5 games, he needs to take a hike.

  33. Po, bring back Bill Mallory, Buck Suhr and Andy Kincanon et al…we were beating Baylor and South Carolina in bowls…still can’t believe IU let Mallory go…got greedy!

  34. #38. Valid points. Even after Mallory had success in late eighties he struggled to win a game after that. He never had the top team in big ten and ended up with losing record as the winingness coach for IU fb. Yes he beat OSU + Mich in their kinda down year. Got creamed by MSU because they were good that year. Of course he was fired which I agreed with. Accept for a handful of fb seasons IU has been bottom or near bottom of big ten. Nebraska is not one of fb big ten leaders, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Penn State are all finding it a challenge in big ten. My personal opinion is gamble with an off wall concept/somewhat crazy+who (Temple coach). However, I know it is a great deal for KW and staff but let everything grow. Hopefully by watering and nurturing the current regime IU fb will grow into some degree of success. Plus I do like how KW talks about trying to grow program.

  35. T, I hear ya and respect your take…you could be right. I look at what Bill Mallory did his first 5 years at Indiana and that’s what I expected out of Wilson. Actually, 6-7 wins is all I asked for.
    Mallory year 1: 0-11, year 2: 4-7, year 3: 6-6, year 4: 8-4, year 5: 8-3

    That is how it should be done, we haven’t seen that. Mallory had the kids believing they could win, loved it. He had two bad seasons and was canned, sad. My grandpa and dad dropped season tickets at that point.

  36. I believe we hold on to CKW to the end of his contract, evaluate the body of work at that point and make the appropriate decision. I do agree that we need some staff upgrades. While I think overall we are coaching more effectively than in the past, I’m still a little concerned that our strength and conditioning is not strong enough and our guys seem to run out of gas sooner than our competition. This may be due to pace and timing, don’t know. Also, we absolutely need to keep a more watchful eye on the guys…they’re young, they’re away from home and some are products of poverty or dysfunctional home lives. Recognizing that all schools struggle with this to a degree, I’m a little disappointed that one of our guys was dealing drugs out of an apartment right off campus for apparently some time and we had no clue. That just can’t happen.

  37. I remember when Mallory was fired. IU did reassign him, rightfully so. His recruiting was also suffering toward the end even after having success demonstrating the recruiting competition. I did really like his work at his peak at IU. It was a somewhat to short of exciting time for IU fb a great compliment fo bb at the time. KW has admitted shortcomings regarding wins. I feel he is aware. I think recruiting needs a 2nd wind. Even though reality has to be accepted (especially qb transfers, loss of 4 star players, etc) I do not think KW has been that far away. I think he is best option to see if he can get a 2nd wind upswing on recruiting and have a break through season of 7 plus wins. Program stability gives IU best chance at this point lead by KW. Having stated my thoughts I do realize the reality so far KW tenure coincides with IU fb history regarding wins and losses.

  38. I U has a nice qb in its stable from Georgia but he is a year or two away. They need another good QB and hope both plus ZD stays for their full college careers.

  39. The biggest problem I have with KW isn’t his record or 4th quarter meltdowns or lack of B1G success. The biggest problem is his overall team strategy. KW runs an uptempo offense centered around the pass. There are 2 problems with it. First it shortens the time our offense holds the ball. We either score quickly or punt quickly. Second, his style lengthens the overall time of the game. With KW, we are always at the bottom of the league in time of possession. In addition, our games are longer because of all the passes that stop the clock. So we put our defense on the field longer and more often than any other team. Then for some reason, people are surprised when the D tires out and gets beat in the fourth quarter. This offense might work at a Ohio State or Penn State with numbers of quality defensive personnel to sub into the game. But we lack the defensive #’s and talent level to make it work. If we cannot control the clock with Tevin Coleman first and then Jordan Howard at RB, something is wrong with the style of play. We need to find ways to keep our offense on the field and to keep the clock running. Otherwise, we will continue losing games despite putting up a lot of points.

  40. Good points. But offense has let downs because they are not good enough to execute whatever KW tries so it looks like he is going fast all the time. They do pass and get intercepted or incomplete. However, I see them trying to run the ball at a slower pace and have trouble executing that which makes for 3 and outs especially as game wears on and especially again when your star running backs+qbs are injured or not playing at all. KW and staff would look like a lot better coaches with MIch or OSU or Bama talent etc.

  41. I do not always see the points on the board as many seem to think when game is in doubt especially against best competition. Sometimes but not always because often offense is not good enough to pull through. Then defense who has hung on beaks down.

  42. It is a quick hit offense. Question of the day…when having the lead late in the game…why not run some clock? Does not one coach have the nerve to say…coach, milk the clock, we are up?

  43. When you check the facts you’ll find IU has rushed for many more plays this season than they have attempted passes. Also, late in the game setting on a lead it is more advantageous for Wilson and staff to keep the foot on the offensive throttle seeing how to catch up on a short clock the opponent is most likely going to be passing the skin against our weakest link in the D. No the strategy to score more is correct.

  44. v13- FYI, the ex-Minn coach is Jerry Kill (not Krill, which I believe is some plankton-like creature). But you’re right about Minn. firing Mason, he had the program at a very competitive level and then blew a big lead in a bowl game and Minn. acted rashly to can him. Kill was a good hire- very successful HC at a lower level of play who made the transition.

    Firing Mallory was the right thing to do. The exact instances are but a hazy recollection decades later, but I do recall that it was pretty clear that Bill Mallory had lost “the touch.” Sustained winning in a hyper-competitive arena is simply very, very, hard to do. Napoleon B. had a great (unparalleled, really) run, but he, too, lost “the touch.”

    Who knows about Hep? He sure seemed to have “the touch.” 3-5 conf. record in his second/last year and we’ve elevated him to near-mythical status. But that’s OK, I was tickled to death with that season (was there for the Iowa win) and IUFB needs all the heroes it can get. I had never believed that IUFB was cursed, but when Hep was diagnosed with cancer I began to wonder.

    But I still say (as do some others) that if N’western can become a respected program, so can IUFB. There’s the usual blather that Fitzgerald will be offered/take the USC gig, but he’s too smart for that sucker play. He parlayed a juicy offer from Meatchicken into a new and improved contract, and maybe he’ll do that again, but he’s staying to coach where he played,

  45. Davis, I agree with everything you say, especially the Northwestern part but to say it was time to get rid of Mallory after 6 bowls and 2 losing seasons…when Wilson has had 4 and we apologize…makes zero sense!

  46. I must give props to everyone, nice to have dialogue without anyone attacking…finally…it reminds me of old times years ago!

  47. IIRC and I think I do Mallory’s recruiting was the reason his last 2 seasons were losers. He had like 9 open scholarships on his last team. It had much to do with his demise. But again I like many others I lay much blame at the feet of the AD and administration. Remember what the facilities were like back then? Using that 20-20 rear view mirror I often wonder if Cam would have been brought in to be OC and for recruiting for 2-3 years under BM before becoming HC what IU’s fortunes would be today. He was the lead recruiting man at Meatchicken.

  48. Clarion, I remember taking the coaching of football class Cam’s second year and a coach by the last name of Hammerschmidt…think he was from out west…he taught my section. This guy was so impressed by the Mellencamp indoor football facility. Other than that, facilities were so bad. I visited citadel, Appalachian st, wofford, Presbyterian, furman and their facilities were better minus the Mellencamp field. I agree, it was years the high administration didn’t spend a dime here on facilities!

  49. I know when I was in sales, no one cared if I was making improvements in my abilities, they wanted to know if I was making sales and reaching my quota.(Wins and Losses) And, if I didn’t make my quota the first year, they gave me one more. If not the second year, then you got fired. Wins and losses matter. It’s sad that that a Big Ten record of 6-30 is considered improving.

  50. First of all, yes, J Pat, it’s wonderful to have issue-based back and forth, not the infantile attacks of yore.

    I think, however, that comparing KW’s record (decades later) to Mallory’s record is not apt to the issue of how Mallory was performing when he was terminated. Mallory’s last two conf. seasons were 0-8 and 1-7, (including two losses to Kentucky and a 14-51 drubbing by Pee-yew in Bloomington). Maybe another way of looking at it is that IU, now having had a taste of success, was not content to let Mallory ride out his career on the fumes of past glory. So IU let him go to hire a hot-shot quarterback coach to try and keep the program form sinking back to the bottom and turn it back to winning. Cameron turned out to be not so hot, but at least went 4-4 conf. in his last year (the best conf. record post-Mallory), so maybe he was fired too soon. Of course, as you and many have stated, it’s no secret that IU athletics short-changed football for years, so even with this (in my theory) new attitude of not tolerating a loved but losing Mallory, it’s not surprising that the post-Mallory era has been largely the same old same old.

    I have to side with HC about keeping the foot on the offensive gas pedal. The job of the offense is to score. Period. If IU scores again in just a minute, IU is that much further ahead with that much less time on the clock. The question facing Wilson right now is not “score or kill clock?” Rather, “Why did the IUO completely crap out and do neither in the last twenty minutes of the Rutgers game?”

  51. ‘The posters comparing IU coach now to coaches in the past aren’t factoring in the problems that have happened. Imagine Mallory’s team missing Anthony Thompson for several games or their starting QB for more than half a season after QB #2 and #3 left after recruiting happened. Also look at how much better the Big Ten is right now or if IU was locked into the best side of the conference. There are many reasons that many don’t consider. Morffman being in business is far different than having your seasons measured by what 17-22 year olds do. They aren’t the same and as a former HS coach I can tell you that it is an iffy profession to get into.

  52. You guys make good points. I’m a former football coach as well so I tend to look at things differently than most. I grew up in the south where football was/is king. My thing right now is we are working on 22 seasons of losing. At this point I am looking at wins and losses, period! I have said that for 5 years and admit it.

  53. ” I visited citadel, Appalachian st, wofford, Presbyterian, furman and their facilities were better”

    I have to assume that is meant as a joke, right? I lived in SoCon/Big South territory for 30 years (one of my sons was All Southern Conference). I’ve been in all those stadiums and the rest in the SoCon and Big South. There are only 3 schools in the Southern Conference with stadiums that hold over 15,000 fans…and not by much. Of course, the SoCon is a power conference compared to the Big South. The Big South stadiums are quite a bit smaller than that. Nearly half of Big South schools don’t even field a football team. They don’t fill those seats very often, either. They are glorified high school fields. The lockers rooms are on par with the stadiums.

    What on Earth are you talking about?

  54. Chet, I took visits to those schools and Indiana Univ along with many others. Yes, in the early 90’s…facilities at those schools were better….absolutely!

  55. I am not talking about stadium seating…strictly facilitates as a whole. I will also add that the support was better back then at the smaller schools I mentioned….even ECU…the town stops and shuts down on game day. No, it wasn’t meant as a joke…my father would agree as he visited with me. I did not have a handler…that was a joke!

  56. Chet, to take it a step further so you don’t think I’m blowing smoke. I took an official to IU in 91 with Buck Suhr as my lead recruiter. I had been in the locker rooms at U of South Carolina days before seeing Sterling Sharpe’s locker glassed in and retired. I remember coming out of IU’s locker room thinking that my high school locker room was better. My high school weight room had more benches and squat racks than IU. I was at the largest high school in the state at the time and we put 8-12,000 in every Friday night. The stadium at IU underneath and on top was crumbling, literally falling apart. The astro turf on the field was like concrete, stained and wrinkled. The coaches office area had smelly dungeons and there was nothing up to date. It was truly bad back then. Yes, dad and I both thought the small schools I mentioned had newer and up to date facilities than IU. Today we have rock solid facilities and cannot seem to turn the corner so it is frustrating for sure.

  57. J Pat, My respects to you x 2. I would easily agree with you if the IU passing D had 2 less bad plays a game. Yup I think IU is that close to turning into a success. For all of us.
    You are for sure right about those FB facilities in the 80’s and 90’s that Mallory had to invite much needed recruits to. What a tough ass job that must have been. Back in those days I was around IU a lot and in those facilities several x’s. I also in that time frame was invited while in Oklahoma to OSU’s campus by a friend and physically drooled at what they had and they were no where near a top image program but you could tell FB was a priority. But their BB facility was not shabby either even though it was smaller compared to IU but that was before a couple renovations grew it and enhanced it. And all that was accomplished by a bunch of Cowboys in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Some of the best people I’ve ever met were Okies, I think a lot of them, they’re doers.

  58. J Pat,
    I never thought you were blowing smoke. At the same time you’re comparing some stadiums that accommodate 4000 – 6000 fans with Memorial Stadium. Technically, ETSU actually has an ‘indoor football facility’ if you want to call a crumbling airplane hanger with some cheap carpet on the floor an’ ‘indoor football facility’.

    I just think you’re comparing tiny apples to commercial orange groves.

    By ECU I assume you mean East Carolina. They are in a bigger league than the SoCon and Big South schools you mentioned. Shutting down Greenville, NC, still doesn’t take much. Most of the schools in the SoCon and Big South can’t begin to fill the seats in tiny stadiums. At least not for the 30 years I lived there. App State has good, albeit tiny, facilities but they moved up to FBS ball.

  59. Chet, before I had the neck injury, App State was my favorite believe it or not. I fell in love with the Boone NC area. You are correct with stadium size for sure, very different. We do have our hardcore 30,000 for the last 20 years that show up to B town no matter what…I respect that bunch! TGIF!

  60. Boone is lovely. If you get on the Blue Ridge Parkway and drive about 80 miles southwest to Asheville you’ll be about 4 miles from my old house (which I just sold to my oldest kid). More days than not I’d go for a motorcycle ride on the BRP.

  61. Bill Mallory has told the story about arriving in Bloomington from Northern Illinois and being shocked at how bad and inadequate IU’s Football facilities were at the time. He also tells of the frustrations he had in fighting to get IU’s administration to invest in their improvement. They were clearly the worst football facilities in the Big Ten at the time and not even up to the the standards that Mallory enjoyed at the MAC school he transferred in from. His and his staff’s offices at IU were much smaller than his office at Northern IL had been. Equipment routinely used by most other schools simply did not exist at IU. The practice facilities were sub-par compared to Northern IL facilities, etc., etc. Before Glass, IU administrations dating back decades had treated IU Football as an afterthought. They did not care about football and they got what they paid for.

  62. I’m enjoying the above posts immensely; too bad this string will drop off the page soon and be unrecoverable. I’ve tried using the archive thing, etc. to retrieve vanished posts but it never works. Mr. Miller, anything you can do about this?

    Anywho, it will be interesting to see (after Thanksgiving, I presume) for how much $$$ the new head coaches at U of Ill. and Minn. will sign.

    PO- just for the heck of it I looked at Memorial Stadium attendance for conf. games in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s (Mallory’s best years) and conf. games were consistently drawing in the low-mid 40k range, which is certainly better than now. Attendance would spike for the OSU and Meatchicken type games, but some non-conf. games and even some conf. games drew only what is being drawn now. You are correct (as a mathematical exercise) that an extra 10k attendance at every game would pay for a bigger HC salary, but to mortgage the farm and pay a coach to (with hope) replicate the Mallory years and bet that IUFB will consistently draw 44k instead of 34k week in and week out would not be a financially prudent decision by the IU trustees. I say “Sure, if the money is there spend it to get a great coach.” But spending $$$ IUFB doesn’t have in the hopes that our new-found winning coach will pay his own way by putting more fannies in the stands is not sound.

  63. davis, that is the question, isn’t it! To continue using the same minimal financial risk/minimal cost strategy and hope IU finds a winner, or take a financial risk with a more expensive and more proven head coach and try to expedite the hoped-for turnaround process! But I believe IU can afford more than they have been paying the football coaching staff. Glass has said, on several recent occasions, how IU is increasing revenues as a result of the Big Ten Network and the new shoe contract, etc. And Glass has made comments claiming that IU could have matched the salaries offered assistant coaches who left IU for better paying jobs at UNC, Texas A&M, etc. And before a University Administration decides to make a bigger investment/take a bigger financial risk on a new coaching staff, they work to secure financial support from wealthy alumni so that they mitigate their risk. Who’s going to write IU a 7-digit check to help IU hire a long term Offensive or Defensive Coordinator that few Hoosiers have ever heard of? With a little guile and imagination, raising the money necessary to hire a more proven coach and his staff can be done. It just take a leader with some vision and determination. Glass may be a great “Manager,” but I’m not sure he is a great leader.

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