IUWBB: Alexis Johnson commits to Hoosiers

For the second time in a week, Teri Moren picked up a commit out of the state of Texas.

On Saturday, Alexis Johnson, a 2017 forward out of Kinkaid High School in Houston, gave a verbal to the Hoosiers. Johnson averaged 13.5 points and 5.4 rebounds per game as a sophomore.

Earlier in the week, 2016 forward Bre Wickware, from Gueyer High School in Corinith, Texas, committed to Indiana. She is a 6-foot-1 post who played on the same AAU team as another 2016 IU commit out of Texas, guard Ria Gulley.

According to Johnson’s recruiting file on ESPN.com, the 6-footer is an “athletic faceup-4 with emerging offensive game.” Also, she is apparently “agile in (the) uptempo game,” which fits the fast-paced style Moren has said she wants to incorporate in the years to come.

Along with Gulley, Johnson and Wickware, the Hoosiers brought in 6-foot-4 post Danielle Williams from Fort Worth, Texas, as part of the 2015 class.


  1. As I mentioned in my last post, coach Moren continues to recruit more size and athleticism that we have been so sorely lacking. Strong recruiting will help turn this program around allowing us to compete in this brutal conference. T, according to the article, she is a junior this year. Girl’s high school basketball is very strong in Texas, you can’t go wrong recruiting in that state. Coach Moren and her staff are doing a great job going after what we lack to become the team we need to be in the future! The recruits that we have coming in over the next 3 years are exactly what we need. Just received my season tickets in the mail Friday. Can’t wait for the season to start. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Looks like Moren has the recruts rolling in and in the right direction with defense and athleticism. Looking forward to the season and seeing how much the new recruits will help and change the rotation and wins. Im especially looking forward to see Royster and Towner in action.

  3. Steve W., I like you am really looking forward to seeing Royster play. I know that you and I have both stated in the past that we think she is the “real deal”. When it was stated last year that she was coming, I saw apparently the same u-tube of her that you did and I was very impressed with her size and athletic ability, she is just what the doctor ordered. I think having her in the line up along side CaHill will certainly benefit both of them greatly! While I was not really impressed by Danielle William’s video, hopefully, she may be able to spell Anderson for a few minutes a game. Really believe she is a project? My wife and I went to a volleyball game a couple of weeks ago and Williams and Royster were there. They certainly are tall, no doubt about that. Go Hoosiers!

    1. MikeC,
      Regarding Williams, her value this season is in having five fouls, which IU will hope she uses judiciously. Moren herself has said Williams has work to do in terms of conditioning, and I didn’t see much in the Hoosier Hysteria drills offensively. Have to hope whatever sidelined Jenn Anderson at Hysteria isn’t lasting — no boot or cast or anything.

  4. I’m with Mike C.
    Can not wait for the season to start.
    My “upset special” for this year is Tyshee Towner.
    Suspect she will bring a lot to the team immediately.

    And, I love all of the six foot plus recruits Teri is finding.

  5. Terri Moren will be a very successful women’s BB coach @ IU. She just has that toughness and focus about her regarding IU women’s BB goals as how she sees things and wants them to be. I feel she really likes being at IU and wants things to work out in and around her childhood stomping grounds.

  6. Jeremy– Im sure you meant Jessica Walter not being at hysteria and not Jenn as she was there. Certainly missed Jess not being at HH. I believe she was originally supposed to be in the 3pt contest. I hope she is not out for long whatever the problem is. BTW it was obvious to see that Buss has gotten stronger and appears to be hitting the 3 much better which can only be a plus for the team. Go Hoosiers!

  7. Im sure I saw the same video of Williams that everyone else did and at times it appeared she did not even run back down the court, conditioning is much needed with her among other things. Giving Jenn a breather might be her best option for a while. Hopefully she can block a few shots. She will have to step it up in Morens defensive transition style of play.

  8. We are getting some athletic girls from Texas. Coach Lloyd is a good recruiter that all the girls respect. We should have a better record this year as our big 10 schedule is much easier. Our non conference is tougher but instead of winning games by 60 we’ll win by 20. As far as chemistry there are no chemistry problems until the season starts. As far as everyone buying in, that starts with the coaching staff buying into the players. Coach Moren is on the hot seat so she had an epiphany. We’re carving pumpkins and singing Kumbaya. Where was this love last year. Our biggest problem will be depth. We have 10 players. if any get hurt or sick we could have problems. Jess Walter already suffered a concussion before Hoosier hysteria.
    Last, coach Miller made the schedule soft in non conference on purpose to help build confidence, a winning record, and fill some seats. He had every intention of making it tougher as we got better. By the way, Foresman and Boles were Miller recruits as were Stratman, Maura M., Jenna Allen, and K. Hulls. We have one Indiana girl on the roster. Jenn Anderson.

  9. Nathan, I think you are being a little overly dramatic by stating that Moren is on the “hot seat” this year after one season at the helm. I would assume you mean this because last year there were about 2 to 3 people who constantly criticized her on this website, I would think that 3 people constantly criticizing her does not put her on the “hot seat”? By the tone of your post, sounds like you are one of those detractors? Anyone who knows anything about college basketball knows that when a new coach comes into a program late in the year, you will have chemistry issues because that coach brings in their own assistants and a new system which can be very unsettling to the returning players. Transfers are inevitable, it happens all the time. And as I have stated in the past year when a couple of people on this website were all over Moren because of the transfers, over 500 kids transfer EVERY year in college basketball, this is a fact of life. Last year, even Baylor which is a top 5 program every year had 3 girls transfer. It happens in even the best programs in the country. And yes, we all know that the girls that have left the program were all Miller recruits, why you are bringing them up when the conversation is about this year’s team is beyond me, they are gone? BTW, you forgot to mention Agler and Brooks? One other thing, since you brought up Miller, if he would have kept all of his ducks in a row and concentrated on basketball instead of other things, he would still be here and we would be cruising along with a roster full of 5′ 9″ players or so it seems. One other thing about Miller, while he pushed offensive play, his approach to defense left a lot to be desired! I personally think we are headed in the right direction with coach Moren and am very happy with the type of players that she and her staff are recruiting, girls with size and athleticism which is sorely needed in today’s college atmosphere. Keep up the good work coach!!

  10. Nathan don’t interject some truth into mike cs’ Disney world . He likes to ignore facts .

  11. Casual, perhaps you could state the facts as you see them so we would all be clear on this? Please clue me in to help me understand. What facts am I ignoring?

  12. Sorry to upset you Mike but everything I said was the truth. I’ve noticed if people don’t agree with you you turn nasty. Feel free not to comment on my post. Coach Lloyd is a good recruiter. Our schedule in conference will be easier. Non-conference harder. My point is all the Indiana basketball players Miller recruited were replaced by athletes from Texas. By the way, I didn’t mention Agler and Brooks because they’re not from Indiana. I guess you missed my point. As I stated, depth maybe our biggest problem as we have 10 girls and one is already out with a concussion although I. U. is calling it something else. Also the 5 foot 2 point guard who left before the season even started with a moren recruit.

  13. Mike I learned last year not to waste my time giving you facts. By the way Liz S. is 6 foot 3 and Maura M. is over 6 foot. Also tired of morens constant BS about the teams chemistry this year is so much better than last year and that this year everyone has bought in. Just her way of taking shots at the players who left. She can be positive about this year without referencing last year. Leave the girls who left alone.

  14. Nathan, I certain was nor upset by what you wrote in post # 11, And I was certainly not in my opinion being “nasty” in my post. If you interpreted it that way, I am sorry. I obviously did miss your point about all of the Indiana girls being replaced by Texas girls. My only reaction to that is they had to be replaced by somebody? As I stated before, when a new coach comes in transfers are common. The stat that I stated of over 500 transfers last year was way lower than I thought. I heard on ESPN”s Sports Reporters this morning that there were in fact over 1,100 transfers last year coming into this year, WOW! So, making an issue of that is somewhat incidental I would think? I certainly agree with some of the things you stated in your post, yes, coach Lloyd is an excellent recruiter, this is obvious and yes, we are down to 10 players. One of the things I was taking real issue with from your post was you stating that Moren is on the “hot seat” after one year? Just wondering where you get that? Three or four people criticizing her on this website certainly would not constitute her job being in jeopardy? I seriously doubt that the AD pays any attention to this website?
    Casual, your reference about Moren stating the team’s chemistry being better this year than last being a shot at last year’s players seems a little trite on your part. It seems as though you are simply trying to look into the coaches’ statements and interpreting them so you have even more reason to criticize her? If I am not mistaken, I read an article on the Hoosier athletic website last week where Tyra Buss said the same thing that Moren said about this year’s chemistry being much better than last year. So are we to assume that Buss is taking shots at all of the players that left this off season? Oh, and Buss was a Miller recruit, Hmmmm? While both of you gentlemen are continuing to take shots at coach Moren before we even play a game, I guess we will have to wait and see how this turns out and then we can all grab our torches and pitchforks and head over to Assembly Hall and demand a new coach. Yes, Nathan, I agree that the schedule may help our record in the long run quite a bit but, in reality, I believe that kids that were recruited by coach Moren like Kym Roster and Tyshee Towner are going to be the reason this team will be much improved. Their athleticism will make a huge difference!

  15. In my opinion not only will Royster and Towner make the team better it will make other players better just because of the attention drawn to those players. Another obvious item of interest that will make the team have even more options is the improvment Buss showed in HH. She has gotten stronger which allowed for the increased 3pt shooting ability compared to last season in the HH in which buss was lucky just to hit the rim. Im hoping to see the all around team improvement which will benefit their chances in the big ten. BTW any big ten wins will be an improvement over what they have shown in recent years and there are no bad BTW’S. Looking forward to a much improved team and a good season and if other recruits show something thats a plus,, go IU women.

  16. Mike c I don’t need any more reasons to criticize coach Moren. I have plenty. You are really out of the loop if you don’t realize buss says whatever coach moren wants or needs her to say. If Lex or Jenn or Jess or Lindsay or even Amanda say that I would believe it. Once again in English the chemistry problems last year were between coaching staff and players. I have no desire for a new coach just stop making comments about how great our chemistry is and everyone is buying in this year. Also who says I am a gentleman? You are right we will have to wait and see if all these athletes are the great basketball players you and T seem to think they are. the six foot forward who’s probably 5 foot 11 and scores eight points a game maybe a good pick up but how do you know . Remember Mike c I have access to lots of inside information while you have none. Just trying to help you out. If I am trite what are you, naive? This is my last post till the season starts. Have the last word.

  17. I think many fans didnt appreciate the way coach Moren treated some of the players last year, not just one or two. Most fans just don’t post. I Know Why the Hulls girl left in the middle of the season and I know why Lindsay L. Is leaving after this year. Transfers are the norm in college basketball but something about the way some of these girls are leaving is curious. A lot of fans see it. Also our athletic director has his hands full with a men’s program. He doesn’t want to deal with the woman’s program.

  18. Well after reading all these post, i see we have a bunch of know it all’s. Mike C and T coach Moren does take shots at the players who left her. Can we really blame the players that left. No we sure can not because they went from having a real coach to a wanna be coach. We can only imagine how the season this year will go. I will give you the inside Hoosier Scoop. Buss will be an annoying ball hog and run the team in the ground. Buss is a horrible team player and more players will leave because Moren will baby her. The only reason she won the 3 point contest is because the champ did not return. Moren still has not recuited any true beast to crash the boards. So let hope buss can make the first shot because we are not getting the rebound. Well be might get a few when we play those teams that we play for confidence. Then with really only 10 players lets hope no one get sick or injured. We can not say they are a cohesive team yet. The season has not really started. Right now they are still out picking flowers and singing nursery rhymes together. By what I see of the staff, team, and some of the parents I would transfer in a heartbeat. Moren is not a coach that will last. Soon Moren and Crean will be coaching that team the Harlem globetrotters play. They both are a joke. Let’s get a coach that has had some me real success.

  19. TravisT, well here we go again. Lets get one thing straight about the previous coach, while he had a great record at his previous school and he had a pretty good record his second year with the Hoosiers (21-13) over all, he was 5-11 in the conference that year. He was 13-0 in an incredibly weak non-conference schedule. But, lets get one thing straight, his off court activities left quite a bit to be desired? Although it was said he left due to health and family reasons, most know that it was entirely another reason that goes beyond administrative guide lines. While he was a decent recruiter and an entertaining in game coach, his behavior off court led to his demise. What really gets me is that several people criticize our current coach due to two things; her coaching philosophy and her apparently ( running off players) who were on the roster when she arrived? While it is a known fact that it is not unusual that schools that have new coaches come in always have numerous players transfer due to lack of playing time or not agreeing with the coach’s philosophy. While it is understandable that players may not be comfortable with the coach that is hired, again lets remember that last year, 1,100 players transferred as reported on Sunday morning’s Sports Reporters on ESPN. While some of you want to whine and cry about our transfers, it is a fact of college basketball in todays game, we need to move on and embrace what we have. TravisT, your perspective on Buss’s impact on the team is interesting to say the least? What indication do you have that this is the future of this team with her at the helm? If you are referring to her high school career, that is short sited, she was the only player on her team that could shoot with any success at all, hence her high school stats. It is quite obvious that the talent on her current team is very good around her, why you would blast this girl the way you did is beyond me? I am a bit amazed at your blasting the coach and team before the season has even begun? Coach Moren and her staff have been working incredibly hard recruiting the types of players they feel will be able to compete in the conference, kudos for that. It is a common fact that more size and athleticism are needed to compete in our conference! The coaches are addressing that. TravisT, if there is a “true rebounding beast” out there, chances are they are being recruited by major powers like; UConn, Tennessee, Kentucky, Duke and others. Getting a “beast player” to come to IU at this time is more than likely not going to happen? When a high school player of that kind of ability is being recruited by those types of schools, they are not coming to IU. I really believe that Cahill could be our beast as it were, just give her the chance. Your comparison of Moren to Crean is really odd, how long has Crean been here, let’s give Moren that many years and let the cards fall where they may? The results may surprise you?

  20. Crazy negativity back and forth just continued from last season. After a dozen games maybe there will be something to talk about that may make sense or mean something. I am glad IU women finally got a real quality coach.

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