Kevin Wilson talks Indiana on Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference #iufb

The following is a partial transcript of IU coach Kevin Wilson’s appearance on Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference:

In which areas do you believe Nate Sudfeld has improved most as a quarterback since he came to Indiana?

A year ago, his injury forced him into not playing and to lead and lead only. We like, at that position, to always have some leadership skills. He’s a much stronger leader and he’s improved dramatically there. It’s not necessarily verbal, but his ability to hold his teammates to a high standard and his ability to work at a high standard. I just think he’s gotten better where he can process defenses and get the ball where he needs to. Playing a great team like Michigan State, you have to process fast because they do some great stuff with some great players coming at you. So, he’s improved as a leader and he’s improved with his ability to process and make decisions.

Do you think he’s making a case that he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league with how he’s playing right now?

Well, to me, you do that week after week and surrounding parts and players have a lot to do with that. We’re playing this week a great player in Connor Cook. A proven winner, who’s won a phenomenal amount of games but he also has such a great supporting cast and has an ability to manage it. It’s our cast, our line, our run game and our receivers that sometimes make the quarterback look better than they are. I think all quarterbacks are a product of their surrounding players. Our surrounding players have to keep supporting Nate.

Have you found the best way to overcome a loss? Is it to be tougher on your guys, or really positive, or a mix?

I think it’s a mix because I think every situation, every team, every game, every year is different. There are sometimes when you’ve been very, very frustrated and maybe very hard. There are other times where I think you’re very, very encouraging. Not that you worry about losing your team, or whatever, but (you consider) what’s the body of work, what’s the body language and where are you at? Our team conintues to have great energy and preparation. We came up short a few times, but there’s a lot of fight and a good vibe within our team. We came out of the last game trying to move forward positively. We didn’t manage the last 15-20 minutes and it was all phases, from turnovers and a couple kicking errors to the defense not making stops. The bulk of that game and the bulk of the season, we’ve played a lot of good football. We’ve tried to move positively and turn the page. There’s a lot of football to play. We have a great opponent to prepare for this week and that’s what we turned our attention to immediately after the game.

It seems like you’ve made progress defensively this season. How disappointing was it to give up all those points at the end of the game?

A couple times, whether it be this season or previous seasons, I thought the week before, offensively, we got stale. It kind of took the air out with a couple kicking errors and a three-and-out, but our defense got stale. We have to continue to find internal energy and passion and enthusiasm. We need to continue to have a standard that we accept, and the way we played over the last 20 minutes wasn’t acceptable by a lot of parties. At the same time, it wasn’t a negative or finger pointing, but I thought we’ve made some strides. It was disappointing as coaches and players getting our guys lined up, getting our structure clean and getting our guys on their toes and playing downhill and making tackles. We gave up eight consecutive third downs once we had that lead and we need to get a couple stops to win that football game. Offense and kicking were a part of that. We all contributed to the downfall. We were all a part of upswing and we’re all gonna try real hard to get back on the upswing at Michigan State this week.

When Tommy Mister transferred in August, coach McCullough said he came to you pretty quickly and asked to move Mike Majette from slot to running back. Was that an easy sell for you?

Mike had played multiple positions in high school. Wildcat quarterback to tailback. Shoot, we actually thought he was a very good defensive back recruit. He’s a very skilled kid. He missed a lot of that preseason time, so it’s taken some time to get him up to speed. I think it’s taken some time as coaches to have confidence in him, but it was nice to see him step up the other day. We’re going to build that and keep him moving forward. He’ll position himself to help us short term, but also have a nice career for us, I believe.

Did you see anything out of Jordan Howard in practice today? Were you able to see him make more cuts or play more at full speed?

It was the same practice we had. If you want a copy of the practice tape, I’ll send it to coach Dantonio, too.

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  1. Coach McCullough shows once again he is a great coach and if you missed the article on him you missed a good read. Here is the must read article

    IU will have a good stable of RBs next season whether Howard comes back or not but I hope he is back as I think he has something to prove against B!G competition. With great speed at RB and several to choose from I hope Coach Wilson decides to have a couple at slot and use them as RBs along with WR. It would help our offense to have misdirection options with every run.

    Talking about this week I hope we see the team come out and really challenge the Spartans and win the game. Their defense hasn’t been as nearly as good as in the past, due to injuries maybe, and we can score points against them. If Howard doesn’t play the bye week should give him time to heal up.

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