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MODERATOR: Good afternoon, and welcome to the IU sports chat.

JEREMY PRICE: It is a welcome feeling to be back in Bloomington today, although I dreamed all night I was still stuck in Chicago traffic. Anyway, on to the questions.

MIKE MILLER: Hey, folks. What’s happening?

ANDY GRAHAM: There is enough chill in the air this weekend to remind us that basketball season looms. But there is also October baseball at Wrigley Field with some guy named Schwarber playing a role. ESPN’s Buster Olney put it this way in a tweet today: “Deep thought: ‘Schwarber’ needs to used as a verb. ‘He Schwarbered that pitch.’ ‘I Schwarbered that exam.’ ‘I Schwarbered that steak.’ ”

And it is always chat season.

QUESTION: I reserve the right to run into the HT and scream if the Cubs win the World Series. Sorry about that Andy.

1. Speaking of that, could Schwarber be IU’s 1st true ‘superstar’ in any sport IU has produced since Isiah Thomas?

2. Do you think so many injuries occured in the Ohio St game due to the massive size difference of OSU’s defenders? In boxing they won’t allow you to fight someone outside of your own weight class yet in Football they will let lesser teams with 150 pound running backs get run over by 400 pound lineman. Do you think there should be a weight restriction for lineman as I feel this is whats causing so many injuries and its worse when you have the biggest and fastest at a few schools hitting smaller meeker guys at lesser schools.

I wont even mention the roads.

Darren, Martinsville


You’ll have to fight the Cub fans inside the HT running out screaming in that case.

1. Anyway, Schwarber certainly has the potential, call it that “IT” quality. Still, we’ve seen various Hoosiers show flashes over the years and have solid careers, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So just four-plus months into his major league career, we’ll wait and see where Schwarber goes from here, but superstar is certainly a possibility.

2. Ohio State’s a bit bigger and faster but not that much more than other teams. I think the size and speed of football in general is responsible for what seems like an uptick in injuries, not to mention the increased medical attention, particularly to concussions.

MIKE MILLER: Hey Darren,

If the Cubs pull it off, I’ll be here to high-five you. The Orioles are out and I can’t support either the Jays or Royals, so I’m all aboard the Cubs’ bandwagon this month.

We discussed Schwarber’s stature in the IU baseball realm a few weeks ago, and while I still think it’s too soon to call him IU baseball’s greatest product to date, he’s certainly on that course. As far as superstar status, it’s possible. He’s Paul Bunyan with a baseball bat, after all. I would also include Victor Oladipo in this discussion.

No, I don’t think that had anything to do with it. Honestly, IU’s close to comparable with OSU at the line of scrimmage and Sudfeld’s inital injury actually came late in the Wake Forest game.


I fully support your self-reserved right. Such a scream would have been such a long time coming. Congrats to your club for a well-earned series win.

1. I guess I’ll just again retweet ESPN’s Buster Olney’s tweet from this morning: “Deep thought: ‘Schwarber’ needs to used as a verb. ‘He Schwarbered that pitch.’ ‘I Schwarbered that exam.’ ‘I Schwarbered that steak.’ ” When you have major national media guys tweeting stuff like that, yeah, I’d say “superstar” status is at least within the realm of possibility.

2. Not really. I thought Indiana was able to match the Buckeyes’ physicality, overall, reasonably well. And the size differential isn’t all that great at the line of scrimmage between those two teams. That doesn’t mean OSU’s big guys aren’t relatively speedy. That doesn’t mean a guy such as Joey Bosa isn’t elite, because he is, and he’s actually the guy who took down both Sudfeld and Howard on the same play. Jason Spriggs and IU’s other offensive linemen had done a good job on Bosa most of the day but, on that play in the third quarter, Bosa got by Spriggs and nailed Sudfeld, with both falling to roll up the ankle of Howard, who was pass-blocking on the other side of the pocket. Sudfeld, as you’ll recall, was actually initially injured in the Wake Forest game and aggravated the injury in the first half against OSU, but that one play by Bosa is really what sealed the deal for both Sudfeld and Howard. It’s football. Those things happen. It certainly isn’t quite like 1972, when John Pont took a 4-1 Hoosier team into Columbus only to see quarterback Ted McNulty and about half the team go down with season-ending injuries (IU finished 5-6). This current Indiana team came through its OSU game far better off than that.

QUESTION: How much of Karaoke Jeremy should we expect to see this upcoming basketball season?

Greg Barnett, Bloomington


I’m thinking it will not be a Scoop Talk fixture, but perhaps I’m underestimating the will of the people.


Hopefully the bare minimum. The guy — literally — sang nothing but 80’s tunes during the entire drive to and from Chicago this week. When it comes to Karaoke Jeremy, I’m good.


Precious little, one would think.

QUESTION: Injuries already in both basketball and football? I hope if IU doesn’t get to where they want that this isn’t used as an excuse when evaluating coaching performances.

S McEwing, Indianapolis


I think sometimes injuries have to be considered in the big picture, but I think football and basketball can be two different things. Last year, football injuries were clearly crippling, primarily Sudfeld. But this year, while Sudfeld again hurts, you’d like to think a team is better prepared in the eventuality of the same thing happening. That seemed the case against Ohio State but not so much at Penn State.

Basketball is a case where the injuries are amplified by the off the court issues that have left little depth in the first place, so to what extent the discipline and circumstances leading to that the administration places on the coach will determine how injuries might be weighed. But in basketball, the season is still weeks away, so we’ll see how much injuries turn out to be a factor.


Injuries can always play a part of fairly and fully evaluating coaching performances. Coaches and players and fans don’t like to use injuries as excuses, generally proclaiming them “part of the game,” but injuries are absolutely legitimate factors at times. You think losing the top two quarterbacks for the season in one mid-season game should not play a part in evaluating how the 2014 IU football season panned out? You think everybody on the Colts (not just Bill Polian) should have been fired that year Peyton Manning went down? Some injuries are more devastating than others, and evaluations should pay heed to that. If the hoops Hoosiers had lost Cody Zeller for an extended period a couple of years back, that would have affected perceptions. Thomas Bryant is a key piece this year. Each situation should be evaluated as circumstances warrant. Sure, coaches are ultimately responsible for the bottom line over time, but reasonable people will evaluate the totality of circumstances if injuries intervene.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, thanks for your continued excellent coverage. It is much appreciated.

1. Tom Izzo’s comments about Tom Crean being more understanding of his situation at IU and being “more at peace with himself than he’s been in five years” was interesting. Do you believe that (I doubt you could see it in your limited time with him but maybe you can) or is that just Tom Izzo “coach speak”? Also, is Thomas Bryant’s foot soreness strictly IU being cautious with an important big guy or is there reason to be concerned that his foot will be a consistent problem?

2. I’ll be at Memorial Stadium for the huge, huge game (not only for this season but for the Kevin Wilson-era) against Rutgers. What’s your gut feeling…do Sudfeld and/or Howard play?

Andy, I come not to gloat. I have tremendous respect for the Cardinals and I know they’ll be a consistent force in the Central for years to come (especially if they get healthy). It was an awesome series to watch and I’m hoping for 8 more victories to set off the ultimate celebration in Chicago. Have a good week guys and perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow in Bloomington. Thanks again and God bless.

TJ, Indianapolis

1. Actually, I sort of agree with Izzo about Crean. It’s maybe a little difficult to put a finger on, but once the season was over and all the coaching rumors were put to rest, it seemed like Crean was more relaxed and comfortable. Now how that carries over into the pressures of the season, we shall see. Maybe it’s just a case of realizing that the pressure and criticism of the fan base can’t get any worse, maybe it’s just rediscovering the joy of being a basketball coach, whatever, but I think that peace could go a long way on and off the court this year.

As for Bryant, I definitely think IU is being cautious and preventative. But there is always reason to be concerned when it comes to big men and foot injuries. It’s definitely a big wait-and-see.

2. I’ll leave the details to the football dudes, but I’m expecting to see Sudfeld out there.


I saw the ESPN story about Izzo’s comments, and honestly, I completely agree with him. It’s hard to explain — and it’s not just something that was on display yesterday. This kind of goes back to the spring and summer and, of course, the last few weeks. Again, it’s difficult to pinpoint, but I almost think that after everything he’s been through — the Devin Davis stuff, the off-the-court incidents, the frustrations on the court, the rumors — he can see that he’s still standing, and he has an opportunity to do something very special this season. From our recent interactions, he just seems comfortable, confident — and to parrot Izzo — at peace with who and where he is. I think for everybody involved, that’s a very, very good thing.

As far as Bryant, it seems to be largely precautionary. You hope something like this doesn’t become a lingering thing, but IU has had the luxury of keeping him relatively stress-free the last couple weeks. The development time he’s missed the last two weeks is a bit concerning, but you’d much rather have him work through it later and have him perhaps a bit more fresh and healthy in January and February, too.

I kind of unplugged from football while we were in Chicago the last couple days, but my guess is that Sudfeld plays. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t. The ankle deal for a running back like Howard is a bit more complicated, I think. Can’t say so for sure, but I like Sudfeld’s odds more than Howard’s. We’ll see.

ANDY GRAHAM: Greetings, TJ:

1. I’ll let the basketball boys, fresh from the Chicago meetings, address that one other than to note the photo just viewed on the web yesterday of Tom Izzo in Tom Crean’s wedding party. He probably has some insight into the man.

2. My gut feeling is Sudfeld is a yes and Howard is a doubtful. But my gut is far from certain.

It’s truly hard to imagine what Chicago and environs will be like if the Cubs actually win it all. The mind reels. I tweeted this after game four, but will reiterate this here: Congrats to my many Cub-fan friends. Well-deserved. The best team won. And it eases the pain for this Cardinal fan to see Kyle Schwarber playing so prominent a role. The Redbirds over-achieved all season, given their injuries, and have nothing about which to hang their heads. And St. Louis fans can also be encouraged that their rookies, not just the Cubs’, shined down the stretch. I feel genuinely gratified for those Cubs fans of long-standing (and therefore of long-suffering) status. Hope they enjoy the heck out of it. And the Cubs-Cards rivalry almost certainly will take on an enhanced status over the next decade or so. The Cardinals are a proud team that will come back with a vengeance. The Pirates, should they resolve any rotation issues (presuming it’ll be difficult to resign Gerrit Cole once he hits free-agency), could well be right there with them (and will still have the best young outfield in baseball). And I fully expect the Reds to rebound after a relatively quick rebuild. The NL Central could remain the best division in baseball for the foreseeable future. Gonna be fun.

Thanks, TJ.

MODERATOR: That is all the time we have. Thanks for all of the questions. See you next week. Stay on top of IU sports news with the Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

JEREMY PRICE: Thanks for the chat, everyone.

MIKE MILLER: Thanks for checking in, everybody. Another busy weekend on tap, this one of the homecoming variety. We’ll have you covered with all your football news on the Scoop. Also, it’s a big basketball recruiting weekend with Bruce Brown coming to town for a visit. Just received a text from his coach at Vermont Academy who calls Brown “Russell Westbrook 2.0.” He’s a big recruit and a big target on IU’s 2016 board. We’ll see how it goes. See you next week, everybody.

ANDY GRAHAM: Thanks to everybody who participated and/or took a peek.
And why worry about Karaoke Jeremy when you can have Swing Choir Schwarber: