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QUESTION: Good afternoon, and welcome to the IU sports chat. Thank you for joining us today. Are you ready guys?

JEREMY PRICE: Ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s chat.

MIKE MILLER: Afternoon? Where are you, moderator?

ANDY GRAHAM: Chat is where it’s at.

QUESTION: Good morning gents, I’ll be brief, and apologies if by the time you address this one, you’ve already answered similar questions: tell us what you know about injuries – Howard, Sudfeld, Bryant, Hartman. Thanks.

kurk81, Battle Ground


I’ll leave Howard and Sudfeld to the football dudes, but so far as basketball is concerned, we’ll find out a good deal more at Hoosier Hysteria. If Collin Hartman has a full body cast or even a flak jacket, that will tell us something. What we’ve been told is that it’s rib injury that will sideline him for a while, so I don’t expect he’ll be participating in any drills or scrimmage at Hysteria, but curious to see at least how his player introduction goes and just general movement.
As for Bryant, again, not sure how much he’ll participate in Hysteria, which could give us a small measure of where he’s at. In his case, I get the impression the medical attention is more precautionary to make sure something small doesn’t turn into something big with his sore arch.

Sudfeld seems to be fine. He’s practiced this week and reported no issues with his ankle on Sunday or Monday. Howard is more iffy. Wilson said he’s “done more” in practice this week, but I have no idea if that means he’s been a full-go with the first team, or if he’s simply done more drill work or exercises. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably around 50-50 that he plays tomorrow. Even with those odds, I get the feeling that he’s still a week or two away. That’s just my gut. We’ll see.

As far as basketball, I’m not at all worried about Bryant. I don’t know how much of a workload they’ll give him for Hoosier Hysteria, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him scrimmage. Sitting him for the first few weeks of practice struck me largely as a precautionary move and not something that sidelines him for a long period of time. Hartman is expected to be out a bit longer, so I wouldn’t count on seeing him actively participating in any events this weekend. We’ll see how long it takes his ribs to heal. Hopefully we get an update on his possible availability for the Nov. 3 exhibition opener — which, as a completely unrelated aside, should be a really, really fun game to watch.

ANDY GRAHAM: kurk81:
Sudfeld seems good to go, or at least good enough to go, and Howard reportedly is getting closer, though the Hoosiers might well decide it behooves them to hold him out one more week with a bye week looming. He’d presumably be able to come back full go for Iowa on Nov. 7. I’ll let the basketball guys handle their part of the inquiry but, with Hoosier Hysteria looming, overt answers should surface soon in that regard.

QUESTION: Is the freshman long snapper in danger of losing his job after last week?

Bill, Bloomington

No more so than the coach.

I don’t get that impression. I fully expect Godsil will have the opportunity to bounce back this week at Michigan State. With a freshman, I think that’s what you have to do. Of course, if there are any additional issues, I’d expect Wilson to consider a change. Nolan Guedel and Josh Pericht both battled for the job in the spring before IU added Godsil for fall camp. Just goes to show how lucky IU was to have Matt Dooley the last four years.

Don’t know. I do know there are other candidates and that the competition for the spot was both close and spirited, but I might conjecture that one miscue won’t necessarily effect a change. It’s a difficult and thankless job, in that it takes real skill and you’re only ever really noticed when something goes awry. Matt Dooley, the long-snapper who graduated last spring, was superb, with zero bad snaps his entire career at IU.

QUESTION: When is the construction happening on the new U-Gym and North Endzone. Those were both announced last year but I don’t see any progress has been made since?

Mike, Seymour

While Fred Glass has confirmed that the new U-Gym and enclosure of the South end zone were to be part of the next IU capital campaign, as far as a I know that campaign has not been officially announced and no timetable officially given.

As I recall, the original thought was to have the South end zone done for either the 2016 or 2017 football season with completion on the heels of the Assembly Hall renovations.
My guess is Assembly Hall is demanding full attention at the moment, to be followed by those other construction projects.

The U-Gym and South End Zone projects are still in the works. Both will be introduced as part of IU’s next capital campaign, which should be revealed soon. I asked Fred Glass about this over the summer and he said at the time that he’d like to have an announcement ready after the semester begins. I’ll follow up, but I imagine we’ll hear something relatively soon. Assembly Hall renovations are the focus right now, and — if I had to guess — plans for a new U-Gym will be next.

I assume you mean South Endzone? Have not seen or heard an official timeline for that, but perhaps Mike or Jeremy have. Neither it nor the U-gym project is currently listed on the current IU Capital Projects list though, of course, the Assembly Hall project it, with a scheduled completion date of October, 2016.

QUESTION: 1. May seem obvious but just wanted to double check that both season and student tickets are sold out as usual for basketball season save for the 3 games while students are on break? Also assume construction won’t affect seating capacity?

2. I guess its goodnight to my Cubs and IU Football with one having a bright future and one’s future very cloudy. I just hope basketball has the season we expect. If I were to ask you today ” _______ has to happen for IU to be succesful this season” what would your answer be?


1. Haven’t checked on tickets, but I assume so. Other than some media displacement, the construction shouldn’t impact seating at this point.

2. The Cubs now have to deal with the weight of expectations moving forward, something IU football hasn’t done so well with to this point.
As for basketball, I’d say “Staying healthy” has to happen for IU to be successful this season. The Hoosiers have very little margin for error at pretty much every position, so having a full allotment of options is crucial. My runner-up fill in the blank would be “Not stinking on defense.”

MIKE MILLER: Don’t have a season ticket number available at the moment, but I don’t think seating capacity will be impacted. Every seat in the building will receiver new upholstery and some of the railings that obstruct views of the court will be replaced, but I’m unclear on whether either of those changes will be made in time for this season or next.
Health — especially a healthy Thomas Bryant. I just can’t see this season being very successful if IU loses Bryant for any lengthy stretch of time. I don’t believe the foot issue that kept him out of practice early this month will be a long-term problem, and I’ll maintain that if IU needed to play Maryland tomorrow, Bryant would be available to go. Keeping him healthy all season will be the key. You also wonder what happens when he inevitably hits the freshman wall. But, yeah, it’s no secret that Bryant is a vital part to the direction of this year’s team. He’s going to help in so many ways, defense included. I think we see an improvement in IU’s team defense. For one, James Blackmon and Robert Johnson are a year older. And Bryant, of course, brings a much-needed presence to the back line.

1. One would presume, but haven’t checked. Pretty sure the student-ticket demand routinely requires a lottery system these days, with demand exceeding supply. And you’re right, the games on break almost always have a lot of tickets available. I think this season that would involve Kennesaw State (Dec. 22), Wisconsin (Jan. 5) and Ohio State (Jan. 10), though most students might well be back for OSU, because spring semester starts Jan. 11.

2. Defense.

QUESTION: That is all the time we have. Thanks for all of the questions. See you next week. Stay on top of IU sports news with the Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

MIKE MILLER: Thanks for joining us, everybody. Chris Howell and I are headed to East Lansing this afternoon, so Jeremy will have everything covered from Hoosier Hysteria. Stay tuned to the Scoop. We’ll see you next week.

ANDY GRAHAM: Could be a Hysterical Saturday. Thanks to everybody who chatted and/or checked in.

JEREMY PRICE: Plenty of stuff happening this weekend with football at Michigan State, Hoosier Hysteria and IU soccer hosting Michigan. Stay with us on the Scoop. Thanks for chatting.