1. the IU offensive line is pushing MSU defensive line 4-5 yards down field, lets run the ball….where is Redding?? the defensive did it job in the third quarter again and our offensive let us down.

  2. i agree, the offensive has not show up in the second half!!! an what happen to all the defensive blitz?? Knorrs needs some help……the blitz was killing MSU and he stopped

  3. i agree with you 100% Ron!!!! This team is falling apart at the end of the game….the bye week cannot come soon enough……a the reporter said it best:: Connor Cook asked his coaching staff are we going to run the ball at all in this game and MSU took control of the game with Cook running the ball himself……meanwhile the IU team was still fumbling/flipping around like a fish out of water……for a coach that believes he has the best offensive line in the BIG 10, i cannot believe he failed to put the ball into the running backs hands….the offensive play calls in this game (second half) where very weird.

  4. Until Indiana Football places an emphasis on vastly improving our Defense, the results will always be the same every year. You cannot expect your Offense to compensate for a Defense that gives up the yardage and points we do.

    Fans are well beyond incremental improvements that need to be pointed out and being just right there isn’t going to sell your product. This is a business, and you have to put a product on the field that fans want to see. And with all of the failures of this program for such a long time, the fans are standing at the corner of W and L streets. W is the only improvement we are interested in period.

  5. Everyone always seems to think IU fb is really good offensively. I agree they are better overall than defense. However, offense is not that good either; definitely not as good as people tend to believe or credit them for.

  6. Is Wilson still learning on the job? Is he still experimenting to see what works? The offense seems to have multiple personalities.

  7. The most basic short yardage formation is the qb under center. KW, the offensive genius, does not have this essential play in his playbook. In the last 3 years this one oversight has cost IU potential or actual wins at least 7 times. It contributed to the loss with Rutgers and MSU. Why do 4th quarters fall apart? Inability to convert first downs, players lose hope and quit on defense. That’s how a team loses big leads late in the game to inferior teams and how one possession games look like blowouts in the morning boxscore. It is simply a void regarding competent leadership. Wilson is a loser. It’s that simple.

  8. I doubt that players lost hope and gave up. I think it is more a matter of the defense spent too much time on the field without adequate rest and they ‘lost’ their legs. Even though we have more and better depth we still don’t have the depth of much our conference opposition. The hurry up offense down’t just wear out the opposing defense. Three (or even six) and out when you only have 20 seconds between plays is simply not enough of a recovery period.

  9. There is a LOT you can criticize IU for, but offense is not one of them. We are the #14 ranked offense in the entire country.

    Yeah, we need to put a QB under center. That’ll get us ranked #14 to #3. Which will translate to exactly zero wins because we still can’t stop the other team when they have the ball from scoring.


    Yesterday, what doomed us were stupid things along with some weaknesses we already knew about. Kicking extra points/FGs, special teams and pass defense. But going into this year we knew we had a young and inexperienced secondary (I had no idea how young, until Clarion pointed out that there is a starter that just turned 18…Wow.). The run defense looked really good, though.

    We can turn to talking about the stupid things. Some of it has to do with youth, but there also seems to be something about CKWs tenure that is becoming common: critical moments in the game where someone does something idiotic.

    Also, someone tell Griffin Oaks to stop hanging out with Rich Ankiel. Talk about the yips.

  10. MSU hasn’t really badly beat up on anyone yet.

    They’re 8-0, but margin of victory was: 13 (Directional Michigan School), 3, 14, 20 (Directional Michigan School in Other Direction), 3, 7, 4, 16 (IU).

    They seem content to play the role of the tortoise in the B1G this year.

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