1. For you folks that have been wetting your pants over the “electric” Zander Diamont, this is what you get. Our playbook has been reduced to pocket tract Tom Crean hands out at Campus Crusade rallies.

    Great to see our defense keeping us in this one.

  2. Without either Sudfeld, this team is doomed. 3 and outs all day long. Defense looked good early, but they’re just exhausted.

  3. Ohio State game = Fools Gold. Where is offensive line? Defense starting to wear down in first half. Lack of second string running back. It is not all Z. D. I U not good enough to recover from HAND TO FACE by D. Latham. I really thought I U would be a little better. I was wrong. Each year a couple injuries doom the Hoosiers. Then, if they are fairly injury free they lack the talent including loss of qbs and safety as they peak at 4 and 5 wins a season.

  4. Who would have thought that a Kevin Wilson offense would be struggling to move the ball? Who would have thought that IU’s defense would be keeping IU in this game, in spite of terrible tackling? Just bad luck that IU’s starting QB and top running back were injured and could not help IU take advantage of a weak PSU team this year. This game was there for the taking. IU did not have a let down, they are playing with great heart, courage and determination. But the defense is still not good enough to compensate for an ineffective offense due to the loss of top offensive players like Sudfeld and Howard.

  5. This is pretty much a large part of IU fb tradition/history. Same scenario over an over again. Effort to get excited fades as October comes and goes.

  6. It all starts with Diamont. The love affair with the spaz that can break a run every blue moon needs to end. Our playbook is a pamphlet. He has no ability to throw a pass beyond 6 yards. Our offense is nothing without Sudfeld’s ability to throw the ball. You know, the whole point of the position.

    Diamont might have heart, but I don’t buy him as a QB. Too bad Sudfeld has turned out to be such a Faberge Egg.

  7. You have to love Zander’s running ability and his courage. But his passing skills are not nearly good enough yet. And it’s one thing to come off the bench, loaded with adrenaline and playing in front of your home crowd, and rally your team for a half. It’s another thing to have to think about running the offense for an entire week and then playing in front of a huge hostile crowd. And IU’s offense became very predictable after the first few possessions of this game.

  8. Tradition…..the IU defensive is getting tired already, please they should be in better condition than that, just poor play by the front seven against a weak offensive line….The defensive live played better without Darius Latham and Christian Hackenberg is exposing the hell out of the IU secondary…the IU defense is making Christian look like a superstar…..also, i have had enough talk about this offensive line, they are getting man handle for the second with in a row…..i really like to think that Zander Diamont was very exciting at the beginning of the game, i am very hopeful he will settled down in the second half, if not long season.

  9. I love it!!! Kevin Wilson is not afraid to go for it, see what you have in the reserve (depth chart)…..we might go down, but at least you find out what you have depth wise and what your team is made of.

  10. IU79, that’s the downside of Wilson’s ultrafast offense! If it’s not working to generate first downs and points, the defense has very short rest in between series. I measured it once a couple years ago. IU went 3 and out and ran a total of 32 seconds off the clock. Total rest time for the undersized IU defense was less than two minutes that day. IU got crushed. On top of the lack of rest time, IU’s defense is physically smaller, weaker and younger than other Big Ten teams, so they get beat up faster. Wilson’s super-fast offense is magical when it’s clicking, but when it’s not, it exposes IU’s smaller/younger defense to fatigue, which often leads to injury. It’s frustrating that Wilson has doggedly held to his super-fast offensive philosophy when he knows his defense is younger and smaller than the other team. For such a smart man, his inflexibility regarding the pace of his offense remains a mystery to me.

  11. “Without either Sudfeld”

    How many do we have?

    Cameron was better than I expected. Our receivers make all the quarterbacks look ineffective.

    The defense did okay, IMHO. The offense needs to keep them off the field better than that. On the upside, now we know what our 4th string tailback looks like.

  12. Podunker, agree with everything you say……Kevin Wilson is stubborn or inflexible in his belief about football and his coaching philosophy….good traits in a coach if your coaching philosophy works….IMHO the defensive did okay today,…it is the offensive and the offensive line (suppose to be the teams strength) that is having trouble…what looked like a possible 7 to 8 win season has suddenly become a 5 to 6 win season in a hurry (maybe a bowl birth)…i was somewhat impressed with QB Danny Cameron, he looked more comfortable in the pocket that Zander Diamont….IU has Rutgers next week then start a brutal stretch of games of Michigan State, Iowa and Michigan……if we cannot score on Penn State defensive, we have no chance against thos three defensive….So we have four wins at this point, with the possible of winning at Rutgers, Maryland and Purdue……anything is possible.

  13. Yep, depth is the issue once again. Same old story. IU’s starters are quality players, but their backups are either too young, too small, or simply not up to Big Ten standards. Watching today’s game, I felt a sense of deja vu. IU’s second string QB goes down with an injury and their third string QB, who has never played a down in college, is suddenly thrust into a Big Ten game. I hope this turns out better than it did last year, because Wilson is running out of quarterbacks and he’s running out of time.

  14. Actually, IU starters are not that good either when compared to big ten standards. IU is in a situation where if everything does not go close to perfect against big ten caliber teams they win maybe a game or two in big ten level competition. For IU it hardly ever goes close to perfect. IU does not have any margin for error or injury and that is why they are always last or near last in big ten. IU had one above middle of pack recruiting class in big ten. The rest have been near bottom. Coaches including KW try to sale talent they recruit trying to buy time, create enthusiasm, and hope for the best.

  15. PO and IU79: What ultrafast offense? IU was running down the play clock on almost every down. Checking to the sidelines and changing plays a couple of times is pretty much SOP these days in college ball, but it’s not a hurry-up offense.

    Yeah, the same IU story about no depth, and the Oline did not come to play today.

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