1. That’s the best half of football IU has played in many, many years! That was a GREAT half of football. And what’s encouraging is that IU can correct a lot of mistakes and play even better in the second half. I dare say that if four passes had not been dropped, IU’s lead would be even bigger. And the defense, while out-manned, is playing fantastic. Great hustle, great passion and toughness. OSU has 14 yards rushing in the first half! 14 yards. That’s amazing. IU held OSU scoreless in the first quarter for the first time all year, if not longer. Regardless of the outcome, we Hoosier fans can be very proud of this football team’s effort today.

  2. The game is sold out, but there are still a lot of empty seats in memorial Stadium. What’s it going to take Hoosier fans?

  3. Osu mistakes correctable 2nd half as well. However, yes great IU defense game so far. Offense is going to have to step up play.

  4. can the IU offensive run away from Joey Bosa some try the left side of the line….an do we have to punt the ball to Marshall?? did we not learn anything last year by putting to Marshall??

  5. IU played a GREAT game. They played their hearts out, never gave up, and overcame adversity in the form of their two top offensive skill players being hurt. Outstanding effort! I am happier with this loss than I was with any of the previous four wins. And congratulations to Knorr for getting that defense prepared. Aside from two huge runs, they played great. No such thing as a moral victory, but I think this effort did great service to the future of Wilson’s program. Anyone watching this nationally televised game had to be impressed with Indiana Football, and the ABC announcers gave Wilson and this team great compliments throughout the broadcast. And you just have to love Zander Diamont. What a scrapper. What a cool-headed young man who plays without fear. Wow! Very proud of our Hoosiers today.

  6. Wake Forrest only lost by 8 to FSU today.

    Well played game Hoosiers. Given that our three best players were out, this was even more astonishing. Incredible effort. They look like a real Big Ten team. I feel pretty good about my 8 wins prediction now.

    Po, you’re comments are looking sillier and sillier. Glad you’re happy with our loss today, though. Hop on the bandwagon. The rest of us have been here for a while.

  7. Wow! That was amazing. The Hoosiers just stood toe to toe with the best team in the country and didn’t give an inch. Nate goes down, next man up. The top rusher in the nation goes down, next man up.

    Previous IU teams would have folded under such adversity. Not this bunch.

  8. Hope Sudfeld and Howard aren’t seriously injured and heal up quickly. Feel really bad for Sudfeld, especially with his entire family getting to watch him play in person for the first time. Great courage demonstrated by Howard trying to play with an obviously injured ankle. But we witnessed how Zander has matured and improved. The kid is fearless! A couple of his best passes were dropped.

    Anyone else notice the holding and the shove by #13 of OSU in the end zone on that last play of the game? He had his left arm wrapped around the IU receiver’s waste before the ball arrived. Too bad the refs either didn’t see it in the scrum or simply chose not to call an obvious penalty.

  9. Double Down, you can’t be that obtuse, so maybe its your reading comprehension. I’m not happy that IU lost, but I am pleased that they played much, much better against the #1 ranked team in the country on a national TV broadcast. If you can’t recognize and appreciate the difference between last week’s performance and today’s performance, and that this game was a far superior performance against a vastly superior opponent, you’re the one who’s silly. If IU plays anywhere near the way they played today for the remainder of the season, they’ll win at least eight games, Wilson will get a new contract, and recruiting will surge. Today, they looked like the team a lot of us expected to see week one. And I’ve been on IU’s Football bandwagon since 1966, and I will never get off it.

  10. as i said before, the IU football team gives you a very exciting game……i know there is no such thing as moral victories, but this team played their hearts out today on national TV znd they have played their hearts out this whole seasons to date…..CONGRATULATIONS to the whole IU team and coaching staff….what a great day at Indiana University…..i think every player on defensive desires a special THANKS!! i know that the defensive gave up a lot of yardage, but they held on when they could (CONGRATULATIONS DEFENSIVE FOR A GREAT GAME)…who knows how the rest of the season will go, but the IU football team has gave the IU fan a reason to be excited and a reason to believe in Coach Kevin Wilson and the program he is building….on to Penn State and good luck there…hopefully the team will be healthy and at full strength.

  11. This team never quits, no matter if it is on its way to 4 tragic wins or during this great loss.

  12. Really guys? Come on. Quit bickering like old women. We just watched IU play without their three best players and the game came down to the last play.

    Talk about the team and the game for goodness sake. Those guys outplayed OSU with less talent and lots of injuries. Tough doesn’t even begin to describe how those guys played. Tell you what. OSU doesn’t want to have anything more to do with them. The Hoosiers weren’t close because the breaks fell their way. They almost won despite the fact that the breaks fell to OSU. They got the QB who won the national championship benched.

    The Hoosier were frickin’ awesome today.

  13. Po, I recall you being the emotionally hysterical silly goose around these parts complaining about our wins. You called Kevin Wilson unfit for the coaching job and even outright said that Glass was to blame for not putting enough money together to hire a real coach to turn the program around.

    I don’t doubt your passion for Indiana football, just your brains for understanding what you see. Many of us saw a good football team turning the corner far before the ohio state game. You were the one saying otherwise.

    So, you can take your ridiculous reading comprehension comment and put it in the search bar for words out of your overly emotional mouth.

    The last time someone couldn’t give up in a fight they were obviously overmatched in, Apollo Creed died.

  14. I guess you are that obtuse, DD. I’ll try to explain it so that you can comprehend. In spite of the four previous wins, IU’s performance in those four games was disconcerting. IU won those games, against weaker teams, in spite of sloppy and incomplete performances. As I’ve stated many times since the first game, I was glad they won, but disappointed by their performance. Today, even though IU lost to superior opposition, the team played great. Their effort was outstanding and their performance, especially on defense, was vastly improved. If you can’t see the difference, you have not been paying attention. I don’t believe IU’s overall performance in the first four games was very good, even though IU won those games. I think IU’s overall performance today was excellent, even though we lost. I was especially impressed with the defense’s performance and it’s obvious improvement. And I loved how the team displayed mental toughness in the way it responded to injuries to two key offensive players. So stop the childish “gotcha” word games and join me in celebrating an performance that signals that Wilson’s program has made significant progress and its future is looking brighter.

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