1. I assume those boos raining down from the IU “crowd” were directed at Wilson. And he deserves those boos. In spite of a great half by Sudfeld, IU is losing at half time. Does Wilson not understand that he has a young and undersized defense? Does he not understand the concept of reducing the pressure placed on that young defense. Wilson’s clock management during that second-to-last offensive possession (backed up to their three yard line) was terrible! After the initial first down, Wilson could have run that clock down to less than 40 seconds before punting the ball. But no, he’s in love with that super-fast tempo, which burns minimal clock. When the passes fail to get a first down, IU has to punt the ball away with about 2:20 left in the half. Rutgers get the ball just over mid-field and scores the go-ahead touchdown before half.

    Wilson goes for it on fourth down on three occasions in the first half. He fails twice. One of those was well inside his own territory. Luckily the defense holds Rutgers on the next series. But Wilson keeps putting that young defense under pressure, and in spite of a good performance in the first half, they’re beginning to crack. Wilson seems to have a love affair with his offensive philosophy. Let’s hope it does not cost his team this game.

  2. Great third quarter! Maybe the best quarter of football played during Wilson’s tenure at IU. Hope they keep the peddle to the metal. Can’t assume the defense will stop Rutgers. Too many deep TD passes given up today.

  3. Everything Po said was right on…there is a miracle worker in the locker room at half to help with adjustments!

  4. This game sums up Wilson. Fun to watch offensively but the defense is just offensive to watch sometimes. The ultimate roller coaster ride. I hope they find a way to win but they left too much time. Oh well, at least Sudfeld is back

  5. You have to question play calling, Redding is the only back on the roster that can’t run up the gut. Conservative vanilla play calling, wow!

  6. And we are a better football team than we were 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago? Please tell me how, please. This is a bottom line business of winning! I will enjoy the posts to come, this is ridiculous!

  7. This was so awesome. Hope it’s enough to lift the wool from Glass’s eyes to get rid of WIlson. Huge mistake bringing an OC to a program that already had an offense. Unbelievable!!!!

  8. Ok. I’m done with Indiana football.

    Last game I’m watching for a while. I can’t stand this crap anymore.

  9. Wilson is a moron. He just proved it. Glass is a moron. Crean has a tanning problem and is a moron. IU Athletics is the three blind mice. This is just utter ineptitude on every level. IU should just implode Memorial Stadium. It has to be on a Indian burial site.

  10. This has to be the nail in Wilsons coffin. Can we stop the complete nonsense that “IU has turned a corner” by making it close several weeks ago against Ohio State? This is his 5th year. I do not believe the defense is any better than they were 5 years ago. It’s laughable. If you can’t beat Rutgers after being up 52-27 then you can’t coach. End of story.

  11. Absolutely disgusting.
    Bowl game?
    Getting better?
    Building fan support?

    Congratulations Rutgers. You are welcome.

    Hoping Jon Lester and the Cubs can do better!

  12. I’ve been a huge WILSON apologist but we need a better coach. You just can’t lose games like this. It’s unacceptable. Hopefully we can beat Purdue. We wont win any more games other than maybe that one.

  13. Next year will be fun lol. I don’t get mad anymore, I expect to get beaten…truly sad…I put my family through this crap!

  14. Glass should be calling the coaching Recruiters (head hunters) on Monday. But my guess is that he will reach for his calculator first, then huddle with McRobbie and the Trustees and that they will collectively determine that paying the cost of two year’s of Wilson’s severance package is more than IU can afford to spend. Regardless, barring a miracle, this was the beginning of the end of Wilson’s time at IU and his career as a head coach in a power-conference college football program.

    This loss was devastating. As evidenced by the fans booing him as he left the field at half time, Wilson has lost what little remained of IU’s football fan base. They may rise to the occasion for Purdue, but one does not have to be a clairvoyant to see that IU’s season is now over. Whether Wilson is back next year or not is irrelevant.

  15. Now I remember what happened to my Win With Wilson tee shirt. I used it to wipe my hands after I replaced the wax ring on my toilet!

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