Rutgers comes from behind for 55-52 win over Indiana #iufb

It had the chance to be a feelgood afternoon in Bloomington, with a homecoming crowd at Memorial Stadium, a healthy Nate Sudfeld leading a rejuvenated offense and a 25-point second-half lead.

And Indiana threw it all away.

Kyle Federico connected on a 26-yard field goal as time expired to lift Rutgers to a 55-52 win on Saturday, sending IU to its most disastrous loss of the Kevin Wilson era.

Nate Sudfeld threw for 464 yards and helped Mitchell Paige, Simmie Cobbs and Ricky Jones each surpass the 100-yard receiving mark and it was still not enough to get Indiana (4-3) a win shy of bowl eligibility.

The Hoosiers scored 28 third-quarter points, and used a 66-yard run by Devine Redding to take a 52-27 lead with 5:25 left in the third period. From there, Rutgers scored 25 consecutive points to tie the game at 52-52 with 6:29 remaining in regulation. Unbelievably, Rutgers actually left points on the field during its scoring run, failing to convert a pair of two-point conversions and seeing an extra point attempt blocked by Darius Latham for the second time on the day.

Scarlet Knights quarterback Chris Laviano helped Rutgers kill the final 4:47 of the game with a 13-play, 59-yard drive that ended on Federico’s field goal. Rutgers scored 28 unanswered points and converted 12 of its 20 third down attempts, including three on its final drive.

The two teams combined for 1,223 yards, with IU averaging 8.2 yards per play, but the fourth quarter doomed the Hoosiers and put a potential breakthrough season in peril. Rutgers outgained IU 200-25 over the final 15 minutes, took advantage of two Sudfeld interceptions and held the ball for 11:31.

The Hoosiers travel to No. 7 Michigan State next week for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff.

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  1. WTH……it goes to shows that Kevin Wilson was correct…the young kids/man believe that the game was over and where celebrating too much and costly errors begin to happen….costing IU the victory….no way a team should come back from 25 points and beat you at home on homecoming weekend….this defensive needs help in so many ways, excuse me, this team needs help in so many ways…..the Offensive and Defensive line where out played all day long….an it is a shame Rutgers beat IU without their best player in the game.

  2. There have been some seriously embarrassing losses for IU football over they years. But this one maybe the worst. At home up 25 in the 3rd. One win from bowl eligibility seemingly right around the corner, totally dominating play. And, suddenly, a absolute melt-down choke. Don’t see how Wilson survives it – as much as I want to like him – unless, of course, we still manage to get to a bowl.

  3. D, does this IU team deserve to make it to a bowl? Does The Hoosier Nation deserve a bowl game? Best this team is going to do is go 6 – 6, but even if it does, I doubt any bowl committee will be impressed with IU’s fan base. Half the people in Memorial Stadium left at half time! And that was during a close Homecoming game! Glass has got himself a huge mess. I can’t wait to hear/read his next interview and all the self-justifying pc bullish!t he spews.

  4. am i the idiot here, for believing in IU football……it just seem like they are always letting me down and finding new ways to rip my heart apart…will we ever have a winning season again

  5. Toledo’s coach seems to be doing a good job! And I wonder if any of South Carolina’s assistants would be candidates after they get fired in two months? Oh, that’s right, no more experiments with Assistant Coaches. My bad.

  6. I have to say with Indiana up by 20 points or so,.Indiana get the ball, 2 running plays
    3rd down gets nothing , 4th ball over punters head. End of ballgame. IN my opinion they should have went on the jugular.. Indiana need to pay for good coaches or drop football altogether.. Didn’t think I would ever say that. Embarrassing..

  7. IU Football is the most consistent at letting their fans down, and showcasing the very antithesis of student athlete, as week after week, and even play after play, you watch these “athletes” exhibit the same behavior that leads to loosing.

    Garbage in, garbage out. It’s a vicious cycle. You need to win to attract good athletes. And our “athletes”, don’t know how to win.

    I’m sick of hearing about Coaches. These kids need to take control of the program and be accountable for carrying out their assignments and understanding the game situation. Sickening.

  8. Podunker, i agree with everything you said in post #5…….this team does not deserve a bowl bid/game….the best this team does is 6-6 or 5-7…does anyone know what Kevin Wilson BIG 10 record is??? a defensive meltdown of this degree is a serious embarrassment to IU football and any defensive football team.

  9. IU79, the answer to your question is 6-28. I know what you’re thinking: how has IU won 6 B1G games under Wilson?

  10. IU79, this loss is going to damage recruiting too. Opposing coaches are going to start calling IU’s recruits and creating doubt about Wilson’s longevity at IU. And that doubt is legitimate, no matter what Glass says in the media. Losing recruits, especially those who verbally committed, is the “canary in the coal mine” for a college sports program. For anyone who has been tuned in to IU Football for a few decades, we’ve seen this cycle before. It may be expensive, but assuming Wilson fails to win six games this season, IU needs to bite the bullet and cut him loose. There’s no other choice. You’re not going to extend his contract after another losing season (if that is the case). And a lame duck coach is going to be severely hobbled in recruiting the kind of players IU will need to improve the program.

    We’re now seeing the other side of Glass’s decision to give Wilson a seven year contract. I believe it is going to turn out to be an expensive mistake. But having said that, if IU beat maryland and Purdue, and he gets them to 6 – 6, Wilson will deserve more time as IU’s head coach.

  11. 2 for 10 on 3rd down conversions today. That is 5 for 26 the last two games. Defense is your weakest part and you need to keep them off the field as much as possible. Convert some 3rd downs and you keep your defense off the field. That will help. Play calling got very conservative in the 4th quarter. Again it feels like we are playing not to lose once we have a lead.

  12. Podunker,

    I don’t know if this team “deserves” a bowl. If they somehow miraculously manufacture two more wins, I suppose they do, technically speaking. But I fully do not expect that to happen.

  13. As some of you know all too well I have been an outspoken critic of KW for quite a while. He’s had ample time to put together a coaching staff and a team that could be consistently competitive. Today’s debacle is so sickenly typical of what we have seen that it is mind-boggling how anyone can defend such embarrassing football. These players are fully capable of getting it done, and it seems clear that KW and his assistants must be held accountable.

  14. Chaz,

    I agree the players are fully capable. That’ the most frustrating thing about Wilson, I think he has improved the talent and depth of the program overall. Of course it’s still miniscule compared to the powerhouse programs, but there has been some progress by IU standards. Yet the result is same. The team is not as bad as it has played the last two weeks in my opinion. It’s not so bad as to eke out victories over the likes of our preseason opponents, yet this all we can accomplish.

  15. Iuhoosier1992, you are all over it, yes our defense is a problem but, with a 25 point lead we got so conservative on offense it was ridiculous! Can’t believe we are trying to run clock that early in the 4th quarter? We needed to keep applying offensive pressure which had accumulated 52 points at that time. 52 points by late in the 3rd quarter and not another point the rest of the way?? Since Wilson is a big part of the offensive play calling, this falls on him. I have been a big Wilson backer since he arrived but, this game has changed my mind. Great recruiter but, this play calling definately contributed to this humiliating loss!

  16. I don’t know what to think. Every year I hope IU comes up with a winning team. Every year I have to listen to the dam jokes. I dont know what to say other then I AM DONE.

  17. Lets face the facts 6-29 in the big ten with Wilson behind the helm. KW also has an impressive 0-10 mark coaching high school. My question is are any of you low energy HT sports reporters gonna even ask Glass how he can justify how much we are paying and how much we are losing? My guess is probably not…

  18. I live in South Carolina. I get to make about one game a year. I chose this one. The student section was pitiful. Once again a mass exit at halftime with the Hoosiers in a tight contest. The team had ZERO home field advantage. Absolutely pitiful show of support from the IU fan base. The game wasn’t over until the final play yet half of the “fans” had already exited. No wonder kids don’t want to come here to play football. When fans have to be told 39 times to stand up and cheer for their team they aren’t really fans at all. Just spectators.

  19. this has to be the most embarrassing thing ever in college football. I hate to say it but it’s time to find a new coach. The reason I hate to even say it is I do sincerely appreciate what CKW has done for iu football. Change in attitude, change in practice habits, change in recruiting, improvement in asst coach pay, and more. But having a lack of defensive footall understanding is beyond understanding. One area of weakness is that IU asst coaches spend too much time acting like cheerleaders instead of being serious and keeping players focussed on closing this game out. 2nd qtr was poor in that IU gave up a lead. 3rd qtr was a thing of absolute beauty. Seriously. Majette was fantastic. Sudfeld great. Defense played with a purpose. Then to throw it all away with the 4th qtr. Meltdown actually started with 5 minutes remaining in 3rd qtr. If you fire CKW who do you get to replace him? I mean, fans leave to start partying outside stadium. How do you persuade a new coach to take this job? Who would you get to take the iu football job? I am so depressed after yesterday. Go Hoosiers!

  20. Maybe time for a football moratorium? Just go ahead and admit IU is not, has not, and never will be a successful football program. So why try.

  21. The future for IU football is clear: 1) win 6 games and go to a bowl game (20-80 chance); or 2) fire Wilson and staff before Thanksgiving, hire the Toledo Coach the next day and pray for a miracle ( 80-20 chance except why would he come to IU-“It IS Indiana”!)!

  22. I continue to see people write, “Hire the Toledo coach.” I think going from a top MAC program to IU probably is a bit of a step down! LOL!

  23. Deep breath… excuses but lets get real. KW is a good get for IU and he has for the most part put together a good staff. Defensively we still stink but have shown improvement at times. I am sure Nate would like to have the one interception back the other was a great play by the Rutger DB. Muffed punt stunk all around. For those calling for a new coach…you will be waiting 3-5 years for IU to win again if they do.

    Fan support…pretty dismal but I get it. I don’t excuse our fans for not coming back to start the 2nd half and then when our team needed fan support the most they were dead on their hands in the stands those that were left. Much better crowd and fan support for OSU game…we needed our fans yesterday and they were not there supporting our team as strong as the should have. Finally, when the we got them down 25 we should have put our foot on their throat.

  24. I said it last year and I will say it again. Until KW recognizes that he has to have a defensive coordinator with a SIGNIFICANT RESUME Indiana football is going nowhere. Anyone who thinks the current coordinator falls into that category is in denial. KW has the offense dialed in but this is like turning on the heat in the middle of the winter and then leaving all your windows open.

  25. I agree with you bk. Perhaps Wilson needs to put a foot up his asst coaches butts and make them accountable how the team plays in part. The WHOLE is only as strong or as good as weakest part. He should call them into his office and ask them WHY they cant teach defense? Who isn’t learning; why aren’t they learning.seems with ALL the defensive weaknesses from the past and now; its time for Wilson to hold some feet to the fire

  26. after a night of sleep and watching Kevin Wilson post conference….i am still behind Coach Wilson!!! yes, this was an embarrassing and depressing lost….did not like how the middle of the offensive line played, Rutgers defensive tackle man handed the middle of the offensive line..IU defensive was just plan ugly – enough said…either the IU players got tired or they starred celebrating to earlier in this game….either way, we must consider it a much needed learning experience….this team is getting killed in the second and fourth quarters of games, are they losing energy (getting tired) or has the opposing team figuring out the IU game plan…at the present time i am still backing coach Kevin Wilson, i have no need to abandon his philosophy for building this team…as far as fan support, as long as this team is losing or any team is losing, fan support will be weak…to help gather fan support you must promote (media, word of mouth, etc.) the team…the fans turned out for the game but they left at halftime for some reasons…this will be a hard problem to solve….we as fan need to take away some positive things from this horrible defeat 9some of the yong man on this team played their hearts out).

  27. I ike Coach Wilson. I believe he is a principled man who has dedicated himself tirelessly to building his program and he has made significant strides. I don’t know if there is a ten commandments of college football coaching but if there is one, I have to believe one of those commandments is: “thou shall not blow a 25 point lead against Rutgers at Homecoming.” That commandment was broken and I’m not convinced any coach should keep their job having done so.

    So, I hate like heck to say it but we need a change even though any such change effectively sets the program back a minimum of 3 years. But, what kind of message is sent by retaining a coach whose bottom line results are so disasterrous? I just dont think Glass has a choice here. Its unfortunate but there it is.

    As for this season, a win over PU would give us 5 wins and that’s about it. I cannot see us winning any other game this year. So, no bowl.

    Who can we get to coach this program? I don’t know. Its a tough sell. As for Coasch Wilson, I have every expectation and hope that he will go on from IU and do excellent work at another school. He’s a good man and perhaps one day will be a good head coach.I hope so and wish him and his family the very best.

    Lets dig in and beat Purdue, keep everyone healthy and move on.

  28. RAM, I was kidding about hiring Lane Kiffin. So many people want ‘a big name coach’ and Kiffin is certainly that. So is Kim Kardashian. He’s crashed and burned from coast to coast.

    Somebody will end up offering him their head coaching job, though. I hope it’s not IU.

  29. I have backed Kevin Wilson every step of the way. I think he came in at a very low time for IU football. No talent on the team a low talent recuited. He turned that around we are better. I just think that KW is a great OC. As a head coach though he lacks. It is his job to set his asst. stright during the game. His is the finally call. He is in charge. So where was he when we blew a 25 point lead in ONE QUARTER. Is it time for someone else YES. Our 4 wins are against teams that we should beat by 3 or 4. We should not get a bowl bid unless we beat some worth while teams. Lets beef up pre big ten play. So we can really tell who we are. What did we learn from those first four games. NOTHING

  30. Chet, that’s because Kiffin is a better coordinator than a head coach. So is Will Muschamp and so is Kevin Wilson. No crime in that. Any athletic director worth their salt Should realize that after a few seasons. P.S I.know you were kidding.

  31. My internet was out all weekend so I am now just entering the conversation. The big mistake I saw was not pushing for more points after scoring 52. I don’t mean they didn’t plan on more but they changed the offensive approach. No one brings up the change in offense since coach Johns has taken over as OC. I don’t know what the breakdown is on play calling between Johns and Wilson, I have the impression Wilson lets his coaches coach. If this is the case Wilson needs to take over the play calling, if this isn’t the case then it may be time for a change this coming year as Wilson should have learned by now to score and keep scoring.

    A lot of complaints about defense but the fact that 2nd and 4th quarters are the problem shows fatigue is a factor. That indicates that the offense needs to spend more time on the field 1st and 3rd quarters. That brings up a problem though as you would need to evaluate if IU is good enough on offense to execute with a rested D across from them.

    There are good examples that letting a coach build a program and learn as he goes has paid off for teams. Before IU goes any farther in this direction then Glass needs to determine what Coach Wilson plans on doing to change things so IU can take the next step. For example, with the only experience QB coming back will IU run the zone read so Zander can use all his abilities to help IU win. I don’t think we have a QB on the team ready to step in as a Sophomore and win big. Glass needs to find out what Coach plans to change to help the defense out as they are dying on the field from all the plays that are running in IU games now.

    There are games to play and how IU plays them will determine what kind of team this is. Rutgers game was embarrassing – fans and team.

  32. How can anyone make a comment about the fans? How can Indiana put a pathetic product on the field for decades and then expect the fans to show up when it APPEARS we have a chance of winning. The amazing thing is how may fans show up. If this was any other entertainment product this show would have long been cancelled. Why pay attention to this when it is a complete exercise in frustration.

  33. vesuvius13, Yes, that is what I said in post # 17, we quit trying to score on offense! It was ridiculous! If we would have continued to trying to score instead of running clock we may have scored 70 points? We were trying not to lose instead of trying to win, there is a difference. Whoever calls the plays is responsible for this incredulous collapse!

  34. I think Vesuvius13 in post 41 is spot on. At this point, we need someone with a strategic vision for this program. We need to focus on next year and at this point, I agree that the QB position is perhaps the most vulnerable. While I admire Zander’s guts and swagger, he is not a B1G QB and not certain he can get there. Danny C may in time be effective…not certain he can develop fast enough. We’re going to lose some people to graduation, attrition and transfers; particularly if there is a change in staff which as I said above is pretty much a given. So, hate like anything to say it, but guess what…we’re rebuilding AGAIN. The good news is that unlike prior rebuilds, the cupboard is definitely not depleted…we have some talent if we can hold on to them. And, we can thank CKW for that!! CKW’s strength is recruiting and in my view, he did a great job there.

  35. Chuck is right on about how it is wrong to blame fans! Is some guy from row 32, seat k supposed to jump down on the field and make that tackle? I will never give up on IUFB, but after this debacle even I feel stupid writing that.

    v13 (#41) and iufan23 (#44). Big picture? The “strategic vision” thing? No duh! Isn’t that what head coaches do? Glass needs to do more than sit down and “talk” with KW about it. I like KW but the IUAD should be on the alert for any reasonable prospects for a new coach. The season’s not over but unless IUFB can pull out some wins, I don’t see hiring a new coach as setting back the program2-3 years; keeping KW despite another losing season means the same thing.

  36. It’s all about coaching. Kids will play if coached. You can talk until your blue in the face about 4 star this and that players. Coaches are what get teams to play hard by making good game decisions. There is plenty of talent on this indiana team to have won 7 games. We as Hoosier faithful can only hope that some day we get another coach Hep or some other up and coming dynamic leader that kids will respect and play for. It’s all about coaches period.

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