Saturday’s sellout expected to be among largest crowds in IU history #iufb

Saturday’s game against No. 1 Ohio State has sold out, as expected. Now, Indiana is projecting it to be one of the four largest crowds in Memorial Stadium history.

IU announced the sellout Friday afternoon, marking the first time since the 2010 Michigan game that the stadium will be filled to its 52,929 capacity. It will be only the second sellout since IU finished expanding and enclosing the North End Zone in 2009.

“On behalf of our football program and especially our players, I want to thank our student body and Hoosier Nation for their overwhelming response,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “This sellout crowd reflects that people are excited about this team and ready to give our players a terrific environment for them to compete against the defending national champions.”

Here are the top five most attended games in Memorial Stadium history:
— Nov. 12, 1969 vs. Purdue, 56,223
— Nov. 17, 1979 vs. Purdue, 53,202
— Oct. 20, 1973 vs. Ohio State, 53,183
— Oct. 2, 2010 vs. Michigan, 52,929
— Nov. 19, 1977 vs. Purdue, 52,914


  1. Brian: Additional temporary bleachers were put up for the other 3 games. Old capacity of Memorial Stadium was 52,324 before the N End Zone was built (when there were bleachers in both end zones).

  2. Gotcha. Well they should put up some more temporary bleachers then. 🙂 Sell seats in the weight room behind the glass and standing room only aisle seats. Must…..surpass…….record…..

  3. It will be a big crowd and I hope IU fans fire up the team to play tough against the Buckeyes and have a close game that IU could win. The front 7 has to play tough stop the run and pressure the QB while containing him so the DBs can pick off a few passes. The offense has to grind it out to control the game and keep OSU offense off the field. The whole team has to pull together to win this game.

  4. It will be a sellout because Ohio State will buy it out–not IU fans. Ask anyone in the ticket office.

  5. Yes Brian, I was also wondering about that. Glad to hear it’s a sellout. Hope everyone who bought a ticket goes into the stadium. Does anyone know how many tickets were allotted to OSU?

    As for the final score, if IU scores at least 28 points, and does not allow OSU’s defense to score on stupid turnovers, I will be satisfied. I don’t expect IU’d defense to stop OSU very often, but I hope our guys demonstrate that we have an offense that is very hard to stop, even for the nation’s #1 team.

  6. Game time is closing in, just another 6 hours. I hope the defense can step up and make OSU earn every point they get and our offense controls the clock while finishing off drives with a TD to give us a chance to win. If it doesn’t happen this year in another couple years we will be good enough to challenge OSU and beat them.

  7. No kidding, Lee. Speaking of attendance, #16 / 5-0 N’western drew 30,004 (from a metropolitan area of eight million people, give or take a few hundred thousand) to see the ‘Cats stomp Minnesota 27-0 today. That’s even less than showed up for the Ball State game last week. Some things even winning can’t change, but I think that if IU were doing as well we’d be drawing better than that v. garden variety conf. foes.

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