1. I can’t really put my finger on it, but the vibe about this team just feels off. I realize it is an impression that comes from 3k miles away and I could be completely off base. But it sounds like the foundation for excuses is being poured. The quotes from some of the players have been a little cryptic and, I dunno if I agree with Jeremy, that Holt’s departure is going to be used positively. Seems like there is a lot of trust that has been lost. The players don’t seem to have “it” yet.

    We’ll see.

    1. DD,
      You may be right. I just think the possibility exists for the players to use it in a positive manner, but they could very well go the other way. We just haven’t seen or heard from this team enough to really tell at this point.

  2. Yeah, it sure is going to play out to be an interesting year. For this team to gel, I think Yogi has to step up and be the glue. His leadership over the years has been a little lacking. This should be his team this year. He’s gotta own it. If they do use it in a positive way, I think he has to be the guy that leads the charge.

  3. I agree with Double Down about the vibe of this year’s team. But then again, maybe these players finally appreciate that “talk is cheap.” Maybe the veterans on this team are insisting their teammates keep their mouths shut and their heads focused on the preparation necessary to realize their potential. Maybe, after seeing three of their friends and teammates get kicked off the team for repeatedly making stupid mistakes, these young men have learned not to take anything for granted and realize that this is their last chance, as a unit, to do something special. At least I hope that’s why we’re noticing a different vibe.

  4. I have a special file for completely unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity of public figures.

    It’s round.

  5. Hoping that the addition of Elston to the staff eases some of the tension between the proleteriat and bourgeoisie… I don’t think there is any way for a team to succeed, no matter how talented, if they aren’t on the same page as the coach.

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