1. How in the world can an IU team ever “kinda think they’ve got it” and let up? How is the coach so oblivious to what us locals have seen for decades and not be encouraging his team to try to score 75 if they need to? How does he not know they have to win the game? When we had 52-27 and RU was driving to make it 52-33 late in the 3rd, I sat htere in row 26 thinking “52 does not feel like it’s enough!!” I was scared about being up by 19 late in the 3rd!

    We have had a horrible tackling team for as long as I can remember. We want to play aggressively on D and all “fly to the ball” like a group of 4 year olds playing soccer. They overpursue and leave huge lanes open for runners. They are all too content to allow opposing receivers just have a free catch even when the ball is lobbed deep down the field and our defender is RIGHT THERE with a shot to knock it down. Ohio State would have beaten us by 30, too, if they ever tried to pass. You can’t use youth as an excuse for the terrible looking efforts on defense. The coaches have to know that the results are not improving.

    Sorry for the ramble..

  2. God awful, pitiful, almighty holy disgrace.

    these words don’t even come close to doing this loss justice.

    this “program” is cursed. If you didn’t realize that before now, you’d better believe it.

    As a 26 year old man, I’ve definitely experienced disappointment in life. Both professionally and personally. But, god almighty, I’ve never experience this kind of prolonged, god forsaken cursed nonsense like following Indiana Football. I mean it’s just ridiculous at this point. Over the past few years I’ve struggled with my belief in a God. I wasn’t sure that there was actually a God.

    However, after following IU football for 8+ years now, I’m confident that there is a God and that he hates Indiana football. This loss has me absolutely sick and disgusted to the pit of my core. How in the name of God almighty does this team suck so bad? I mean at this point it’s almost comical. 55-33? Surely IU can/will pull this out

    “Oh? Well how do you like this” – God

    I’m proud of my IU degree and will never waiver on that. But damn it, I’m strongly thinking about shifting my college football fanhood over the Notre Dame. I mean for God sakes after a loss like this, what the hell choice do I have?

  3. There is a higher & more profound meaning to this horrible IU loss & to the Michigan – MSU game. It isn’t over till it’s over. Rutgers & MSU were winners in more ways then one. They kept the faith that there was a chance. They proved, don’t give up.

  4. I have had time to reflect. I think they need to bring in a hard-ass coach that has turned around a horrible program. UK did this 15 years ago with Rich Brooks who had done the turn-around thing at Oregon. The question is who and who is willing to come here to quite possibly the worst game day experience in college football. The fans just come to tailgate and our student body is pathetic with absolutely no passion for anything. It makes me sad to be an alum. Wilson is trying his ass off and he is almost doing it by himself. Therefore, until we can name a guaranteed successor, I will still stick with coach Wilson and let him keep slowly improving the program. He is improving at a snails pace but he is improving.

  5. There is no sense to be made of this disastrous loss other than it is IU football tradition; unfortunately.

  6. “Disastrous” is right. I’ll be surprised if this team wins another game this year.

    This team has no business getting cocky given their track record. Epic fail.

  7. The only ones that can truly make sense of what happened in this game are the people who watch the films IE coaches and players. As a coach I learned what I thought happened on a play often was different when I broke down the film. This was a disheartening loss and it will be hard for the team to come back against MSU. There are games left to play and the team will make it clear if a coaching change is needed or if this is just another lesson the team and coaches needed to learn.

  8. I don’t believe in curses. I believe in competent leadership. I believe the way to fix a broken organization is by changing the culture of that organization, which requires a change in leadership. Changing an organization’s culture is difficult to do. Wilson may be the leader IU football needs. He may not. But if the powers-that-be decide he is not, I suggest they choose to do things differently when going about the task of hiring his replacement. Hiring Wilson was a low-risk, low-cost experiment. He had no experience as a head coach. He had no experience leading a losing college football program’s transformation. Don’t site his experience as an assistant at Northwestern. He was not responsible for that program. He was not the chief architect. The buck did not stop with him when he was at Northwestern. He was not the leader, he was just one of several competent managers. Being the leader of a large organization is very difficult. That’s why most of them get paid the really big bucks and are entrusted with great power. Being a leader requires a different skill set compared to managers. Good managers don’t necessarily make good leaders. We’ll find out if Wilson is an effective leader in the next six weeks, or if he was just a competent manager when IU hired him. I’m hoping IU’s experiment turns out to be successful.

  9. Podunker, your points are well taken except that I don’t really think we need six weeks to determine if CKW is a leader. Its been five years and I think we know what we have: a principled, hard working guy who knows an awful lot about offenses in college football. What we don’t have are the very attributes you point out in your post. As I have said in previous posts, I like Coach Wilson. I believe he has made measurable progress with the program but it has become increasingly clear that he is not a head coach at the B1G level. So, the next six weeks aren’t likely to change perceptions. I also thought your comments about Wilson being a law risk decision are appropriate. I never thought about it in that way because I felt that his selection was a significant upgrade from his predecessors at IU. To a degree, I still feel that way. However,
    we need someone with the whole package, not just a subset. Of course, as you well know, that is going to be one tough hire.

  10. Podunker and IUFan you bring up good points so I thought I would give how I think this situation should be handled.

    AD Glass to know he needs to re-evaluate Coach Wilson’s ability. I like a lot of what coach has done but I would definitely ask him pointed questions and based on his answers decide on whether to keep him or fire him at the end of this season.

    1. since your teams continue to do better defensively 1st and 3rd quarters but much worse in 2nd and 4th quarters, what do you see is the problem and how will you change it. [It is time to take a hard look at the hurry up offense and see if it is contributing to the problem]

    2. The team has not done as well offensively since coach Jones has taken over as OC; how much of that is his play calling or do you make most of the calls in critical situations. [I don’t know who calls the plays but I get the impression that coach Wilson lets his coaches coach so if that is true and the offense is less dynamic with coach Johns what will change for next year]

    3. Who do you anticipate at QB next year since Zander is the only one with starting experience. [I hope IU will run the zone read with Zander as he has shown the ability to perform against top competition. He has improved as a passer this year and his running ability will make it better for the OL and RB. I just don’t see a sophomore QB leading IU to challenge B1G teams next year.]

    I see a lot of good young players and I expect the team to be better next year if we have a capable QB. We bring back a lot of experience and our your players should be better as I know they are more athletic.

    The coming games will tell whether it is time to go or not, if the team competes with the upcoming opponents and wins two or more games to finish the season then I could see enough improvement to bring coach Wilson back. I hope the players and coaches play like their futures are on the line.

  11. v13, I like the idea of making Wilson answer pointed questions. And I’m sure a trained attorney like Glass can do that very effectively.

    I disagree with your assessment of next year’s team. Assuming the coaching staff remains in tact (doubtful), IU is going to lose Sudfeld and several key offensive linemen. They’ll probably lose Howard, for the same reasons we lost our star running back after last season (why risk injury if you think you can get drafted). And while the defense will probably be better, I don’t think it will improve enough to make up the difference in what IU loses from the offense. That’s what I meant when I wrote, some time ago, that a new coach has a finite window of opportunity to show significant progress in transforming a program. Jerry Kill did it in three seasons. As a result, Jerry Kill is locked in at Minn for a while unless he does something really stupid.

    Wilson was generally an unknown quantity when he was hired by IU. He’d spent nine years at Oklahoma as an OC. He may have arrived in Bloomington as a great recruiter, but no one around the Midwest knew him. He was not going to attract enough highly talented players necessary to turn IU around quickly based on his reputation or track record as a head coach. Glass and IU’s B.O.T. bet that he’d be good enough to do that within five years. It’s looking more and more as if that was a bad bet. But who knows, maybe IU will rise up in response to Saturday’s embarrassment. Good leaders can motivate their people to great achievement.

  12. Also, as much as I like Zander’s heart, fire and grit, I don’t think he has the physical tools to be a starting QB in the Big Ten. He has improved his passing, but that’s not saying much. And he’s just not big enough to survive the pounding an IU QB will get during a Big Ten season. He needs to gain 20 more pounds before he’ll weigh 200.

  13. I guess my only question about Saturday is this. Coach Wilson said he saw smiles and attitudes on the sideline he didn’t like. He wouldn’t call them out. Assuming they were players That had been on the field, why were they still playing? Would rather blow the lead with players that were humble and focused.

  14. v13- What kind of answers could KW possibly give to the AD that would allow him to take meaningful action? Glass is lawyer (with a resume including Super Bowl civic committees and negotiating stadium deals, which is just dandy for an athletic director) but he probably knows less about football than you do.

    If Wilson answers with stuff like “Use more stunts in odd numbered quarters,” or “I’m going to call more/less of the plays,” or “Zander’s the starter but we’ll see how it looks in spring ball,” then what does Glass say to that? “Nah, try something else?” “OK, let’s go with that?” “Kevin, I want you to move Jones to right guard, Smith to tackle and run more counter plays?” My point is that whatever KW answers, what the heck is Glass supposed to ACTUALLY DO about it?

    Glass’ interview with Wilson should consist of one question.: “How long do you think you’re going to be here given what happened last Saturday?” KW is probably smart enough to figure that one out.

  15. Davis, the point isn’t that AD Glass will know what answers are the best but that it will show him if Coach Wilson has a plan for changing some of the problems other than get better players. If he doesn’t have thoughtful answers that show he is looking in the mirror and throughout his program to improve things next year then I would hope Glass has enough sense to make the change [only if however this team bails out on Coach Wilson. If they play with fire and upset a team or two with the two wins they should get then I can see keeping Coach Wilson].

    Again the point about asking Coach Wilson the questions is to see what approach he is planning on taking.

  16. Podunker, about Zander do your remember Johnny Football as he wasn’t much bigger than Zander is right now. All I know is when IU offense was dead in the water against OSU he brought the team down scoring once and short a bad snap ready to beat the Buckeyes. He gained 20 pounds this year and I expect he will be about 195 next year which is the size our last running QB was Antwaan Randle El. I just like Zanders confidence and moxie which is something this program could use. The only other real possibility is Austin King unless people really think a walk on can be the guy to lead IU football to winning seasons.

    No one knows for sure who would be the best answer but I hope if Wilson is back they will consider the zone option read with Zander instead of just making him a dropback QB which doesn’t match his talent.

  17. I love the optimism but the probability of winning 2 more games this season is very low. By the time we get Maryland which isn’t a particularly good team, we are likely to be pretty banged up and demoralized from what will likely be successive beat downs. That is why the Rutgers game was so important. I think we can take PU so ending on a high note will be good. We begin anew next year.

  18. Dynamic leaders win football games. KW is an offensive coordinator that has a bit more talent than most OC. With the right leader calling the shots he is a dynamic OC. He has yet to prove he is a dynamic leader of a football team. I hope he is but we all know 5 years and some really questionable play calling it doesn’t look good. Can you imagine having him as an OC with a dynamic leader as head coach guiding him and pulling back the reigns on some of his calls on offense what he is capable of. Oh wait we seen that already at OK. Haha. Anyway I believe he will is good for college football and will be a success if he decides to continue coaching and teaching. Is he a head coach the can win in the big ten?From what we have seen. The answer is no. Proof us all wrong Coaach Wilson and lead these young men in a dynamic way.

  19. v13, there is no basis for comparing Zander Diamont and Johnny Manziel other than size. And with regard to size, Manziel played behind one of the best offensive lines in college football history at Texas A&M. Four O-linemen Manziel played with at TA&M were high NFL draft picks (Luke Joeckel in 2013, Jake Mathews in 2014, and Cedric Ogbuehi in 2015 were all first-round draft picks) in three consecutive NFL drafts. In addition, Manziel had a much better team in front of him than Zander will ever have at IU. Finally, Manziel’s great arm is very accurate while throwing on the run. Zander is yet to prove that he can throw well while on the run. I love Zander’s fire, grit and speed, but he’s no Johnny Football.

  20. v13- in response to post #15, yeah, KW will have answers that amount to a plan. Your idea implies that Glass will judge KW on “the plan.” Of course KW has “a plan” (I presume that KW is not going to shrug his shoulders and answer, “Beats me, boss.”). PO- every attorney knows that you never ask a witness a question unless it’s known what the answer will be. Glass cross-examining Wilson on his football would be like me asking Beethoven why he put an A flat instead of a G sharp right there between those doohickeys on that page..

  21. davis, your analogy misses the mark for this situation. The purpose of questioning Wilson is for Glass to give himself additional data necessary to determine what needs to be done in order for IU to achieve its goals for the football program. If Wilson can’t explain why those goals have not been met, and can’t explain how things are going to be different going forward, if his answers simply don’t make sense, Glass will have given himself a lot more information on which to base his decision. Good managers work with their subordinates to establish reasonable, attainable goals. Those employees’ performance is evaluated based on their achievement relative to those goals. Did you achieve your goals? Why or why not? If not, why not? And if not, what are you going to do better/differently in the future to assure that you achieve those goals? How can I help you achieve your goals going forward? If the employee that failed to achieve his/her objectives can’t answer those questions in a way that makes sense, it’s time to help that employee find a different job. As a graduate of IU’s Business School, I assure you Glass fully understands this fundamental management practice. Glass does not have to be a subject-matter expert, he just has to have common sense and ask the right questions.

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