Sudfeld, Howard limited by ankle injuries #iufb

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said quarterback Nate Sudfeld and running back Jordan Howard were each limited by ankle injuries during the Hoosiers’ 34-27 loss to No. 1 Ohio State.

The availabilities of both players for next Saturday’s game at Penn State will not be known until the practice week, and may not be revealed until kickoff in State College.

“They’re both good enough players that they don’t have to practice every play,” Wilson said. “I do think timing is always a part of Nate’s deal, so we’ll see. He wanted to go back in the last couple drives. I just didn’t feel he was as mobile, and thought — we were in a one-possession game, we could work it.”

Sudfeld’s injury dates back to last week’s win at Wake Forest, and the senior aggravated it against Ohio State. By the time he gave way to Zander Diamont midway through the third quarter, Sudfeld had completed 10 of his 21 passes for 134 yards.

“He could have played,” Sudfeld said. “He wanted to come back in.”

Howard retreated to the locker room after limping off the field in the first half. He carried the ball on IU’s first play after halftime, but left the field immediately afterward and did not return.

Howard finished with 34 yards on 14 carries, and saw his streak of eight consecutive 100-yard rushing games come to an end. Devine Redding played the rest of the way, netting 45 yards on 30 carries.

“Jordan tried to go,” Wilson said.


  1. I hope the trainers have both players ready to go against PSU and I hope Lathams suspension is over by then and he has learned his lesson.

  2. I assume neither will play Saturday against PSU. If those two mature veterans could not finish against OSU with all the adrenaline pumping on Saturday, then those ankles must be fairly bad. I have no idea, but doubt they will recover in time to be anywhere near ready on Saturday. Maybe Sudfeld’s ankle does not need to be 100% to pass effectively, but if he can’t move, he’s more likely to take hits and get hurt. Howard’s as tough as they come, but his ankles are supporting 230 to 240 pounds. I trust Wilson and staff will make the right decision.

  3. I agree with Podunker. I don’t know the extent of the injuries. If they are ankle sprains, my guess is they’ll recover in 1-2 weeks. Its high ankle sprains that worry me because it typically takes 2-3 months to recover (depending on severity) which would mean that they are done for this season. The manner in which the trainers appeared to be taping Nate suggests high ankle sprain…not good. Did not see Howard being attended to so no guesses there. The most important consideration is that these guys are allowed to heal,

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