Teri Moren transcript from Big Ten media day #iuwbb

Here’s a full transcript of Indiana women’s basketball coach Teri Moren’s remarks at the podium during this morning’s Big Ten media day in Chicago.

COACH MOREN: Well, good morning. This is an exciting time for us in Bloomington, and I’m excited to be here today with a couple of our student-athletes. We’re really looking forward to the season. We have some new pieces, new faces. I think our chemistry has been tremendous. We’re about eight practices in. We’ve seen some different people from different times lead our team throughout practice.

And we’re just excited about what’s ahead of us. We’re just really focused on our day-to-day progress. This is a group that really enjoys being around one another. They have been a lot of fun to coach up until this point. And, like I said, we’re just looking forward to getting better each day in hopes of succeeding later.

Q. Obviously, you’ve had a lot of adversity. And now in your second year. A couple of things. Define what is that chemistry that you’re looking for. And also define your style of play, because this is supposedly moving into more of what you’re looking for in terms of developing your style of team.

COACH MOREN: Right. Well, there’s no question that we feel a lot different today than we did a year ago with some of our new faces that we have.

Certainly our chemistry, we just have spent intentional time together, and that’s one of the things that we didn’t have when we took the job August 10th of last year. We didn’t have the summer access to get to know our players.
And the relationship part of it is extremely important. So we’ve spent time together off the floor, as well as on the floor, just getting to know our players, getting to know what each of us value and what’s important to us. And we just, like I said, enjoyed getting to know more about each other.

Style of play is going to change just a little bit. Obviously, we’re going to have — Tyra Buss is going to be at the point for us, and she’s a dynamic point guard. She played that in high school. She’s played off the ball last year, so we’re moving her to the point position. I know that’s something that she’s looking forward to. She’s going to have the ball in her hands even more so.
And we are trying right now to play at a higher tempo, faster pace. We’re working with the 24-second shot clock right now in all of our practices, really trying to go downhill and attack as much as we can.

Defensively, the philosophy is still in place. We want to pressure the ball, and we want to be as disruptive in the half court as we can be. We don’t have the depth right now to probably pick up and press the way that we would like. That will be moving forward.

But, you know, we’ll always lean on the fact that we are a defensive team, defense and rebounding. And we continue to emphasize that daily in our practices.

Q. Coach, you spoke of intentional time with the team. Can you explain or expound on exactly what those team-building activities were during that time?

COACH MOREN: Sure. Well, a lot of it, you know, we were entertaining recruits. And so a lot of that had to do that they were coming over to my house, just spending time away from Cook Hall, and, you know, doing different team activities. A lot of that was fun in nature, you know, just to get them to just be themselves.

And then we’ve looked from the outside to bring people in and spend some time with our players in terms of chemistry building. We’ve really tried to focus in on getting to know our players and their families.

And, you know, we just do — seems like every week we do something different that’s not basketball-related so our players have an opportunity to learn more about each other. And our kids have really, really responded well to that, and they like that.

Q. Are there some rule changes this year, Coach?


Q. I just wondered what your take was on the four quarters and advancing the ball, you know —

COACH MOREN: Sure. You know, the four quarters, I think that, you know, it’s supposed to help the flow of our game. Obviously we’re going to — we will lose a couple timeouts during that, but I think there will be some additional rest time that our players will enjoy having.

I think the biggest rule change certainly will be in the last minute of the game when we can advance the ball, whether or not you choose to do that. I think that that will present some exciting finishes for our fan base. We’re trying to do a lot like the WNBA right now.

And so from a coach’s standpoint, though, that’s something that we’re going to have to spend time on in practice, because you’re going to have to have a sideline package of — you know, there’s going to be certain — different times on the shot clock.

And so for us, we’re going to have to spend some extra time that we probably hadn’t done in the past on all those scenarios that might happen. Obviously, your kids are going to have to be very disciplined in how we use our timeouts. Now if they’re going to get trapped in the corner, using a timeout may not be beneficial to us because we’re going to lose that.

And so we got to go back and really practice that in the course of a lot of our practices right now, because some of the rule change could affect us if we’re not on our toes and we don’t understand, you know, how those could impact us throughout the course of the game.


  1. Its great to hear that the chemistry is so much better this year than last when some observers contended that there were problems on the team between players and coaches? I have now read two articles on this website and in the Indiana Daily Student that the chemistry on this year’s team is so much better than last year. I really believe that this team will be much better than last year’s simply because of the addition of Kym Royster, a 6′ 2″ very athletic forward which is something we have sorely lacked in the past. Her size and athleticism will greatly improve a team that needs size and athletes. Royster along with Amanda Cahill will be a tough duo up front! Really can’t wait for the first game, Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Coach M is sadly so incredibly in over her head. So is she changing offensive philosophies or just exactly what is she doing? Certainly doesn’t appear that she has the first clue. So glad the “chemistry” is better this season. Why in the name of goodness didn’t Mr. Glass do the intelligent thing and name Brandi Poole the interim coach after Coach Miller messed up and was told to leave in late July? When such an exciting player like the Brooks girl (all freshman team and last season’s leading scorer) departs, you know something is crazy wrong. Why so few Indiana kids on the roster? Why isn’t Indiana an attractive place for Indiana High School players? Rumors abound on some quality Hoosier High Schoolers that are being bullied by IU as the staff apparently is going back on their word. Really bush league behavior if this is true. No wonder the school has won exactly one conference championship since 1983…. With all of the resources this school has, there is absolutely no excuse for their pathetic and embarrassing program year after year after year after year after…..

  3. JimmyC, It is a fact that even if Brandi Poole would have been offered the head coaching job by Glass, she would not have taken it because of her very close relationship and respect for Miller. Normally, a coach changes “offensive philosophies” because of a changing roster. I am really wondering why you would think that our coach is “in in over her head” based on one year when her roster was very deficient of height and athleticism. Last year’s record was indicative of the lack of those two things I just mentioned. There were only two teams in the conference that were our size or smaller and the same amount of teams that were less athletic that us. Our conference is as strong as any in the country other than the SEC. Coach Moren has brought in a bit more athleticism and height this year to hopefully make us more competitive? And by the way, it would be interesting to know who these high school kids are that are being “bullied” by our staff? That is a very interesting statement. One other thing, you ask why IU is not a more attractive place for Indiana high school players? Most of the really good players want to go to a school that is really successful and has great tradition, at this time that is something we are trying to become. After all, just look at the football team and their struggles. The best high school players in Indiana look at schools like Notre Dame and Purdue with their success and tradition and you can understand IU fighting an uphill battle in recruiting. Those are two universities that have national championships and great traditions under their belts, who wouldn’t want to go there instead of a struggling school like IU? Hopefully, IU and coach Moren can get this turned around. BTW, criticize coach Moren all you want but a top 100 player in the nation named Darby Foresman (6′ 3″ center from Heritage Christian) is coming to IU next year and Bree Boles (6′ 3″ center) from Frankton (2018) has verbally committed to IU and there is another girl who is 6′ 4″ who has verbally committed from Ohio I think whose name I can’t remember? So anyway, I think your criticism of our coach not recruiting Indiana is a bit short sited. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. JimmyC,

    I’ll make this crazy simple for you to understand.

    Coach is going to find the right fit of players and style to win a championship.

    Coach and her staff are incredible honest and straight forward. Its very difficult for me to comprehend they are bulling anyone to play for IU. (thats crazy talk)

    Every University goals are to sign players from there home state but, that wont happen every
    year, that’s just how college sports rolls. As season’s go on and winning starts to be the culture more kids
    from Indiana and, other states will want to be part of Hoosier nation. (chill a bit) rebuilding takes time.
    You guys have the right builder for the job..

    I can write so much more but, for me I have no doubt Coach will win you guys a Championship.
    Getting better each year and JimmyC, keep a sharp eye on (2017-2018) and on.

    The players Coach and her staff are bringing to IU are tough nosed, crazy aggressive ,athlete’s that
    run the floor (1 through 5) will play sound defense and will be big time scorers, plus Coach will have the
    size to match up with different looks. The best is she will bring quality student athletes.

  5. It does appear from the amount of players that transferred that there was some inner turmoil between players and coaching staff although maybe some of it came from some lack of playing time which may have come partly from coaches forcing players to leave. Still this year I hope its true all are in and chemistry is better. I believe along with Mike C. that Royster is the real deal. Anyone who watches the vid footage on youtube how she continually would beat all her teammates down the court and thus be open for fast breaks. She will make good running mate for cahil , buss , and towner who I also think will be a great addition to this team defensively if nothing else. It will only help this team by the increased strength of schedule built by Moren and staff compared to the “fools Gold” 21 wins Miller gave them. Then what happened in playoff automatic loss. This years team looks much better toward Morens desires of being better defensively which should transend to offense, looking forward to it.

  6. MikeC you’re so incredibly wrong. Brandi Poole tried extremely hard to stay. And also.. Those great Indiana recruits you mentioned.. They committed to Curt Miller. 🙂

  7. Justathought, the only ” great Indiana recruit” I mentioned that was recruited by Miller was Forsman. All the other’s that I have mentioned in my last 3 posts which is 4 other recruits have been recruited by Moren and her staff. BTW, all of the people I have heard from said Poole was very upset by Miller’s supposed dismissal and would never replace him due to their close relationship. It would be interesting to know where you get your information? Not that it really matters, since Moren nod her staff are doing a great job of recruiting.

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