Wilson declines to discuss Darius Latham’s suspension #iufb

Kevin Wilson declined to comment Monday on defensive tackle Darius Latham’s indefinite suspension, referring reporters to a statement released by Indiana last week.

Latham, who posted a career-high three tackles for a loss and one sack in his last game Sept. 26 at Wake Forest, was suspended from the team last Tuesday pending the resolution of a proceeding with IU’s Office of Student Ethics. Latham, dressed in street clothes, was seen on the field with the Hoosiers during warmups on Saturday.

Wilson refused to provide an update on a timeline for Latham’s return or the nature of the suspension.

“I thought they got an e-mail,” Wilson said sarcastically to his sports information director during Monday’s press conference. “Did you guys get it? Were you guys copied? I thought it said no further comment? Sorry.”


  1. It is a frustrating situation for coaches as you want to be open and honest about your team but privacy laws don’t allow you to give any info. As the law is written even parents can’t get info on their student unless the student has written permission to do so on file. It would be nice to know how long his suspension is and when to expect him back.

  2. Yeah, our enquiring minds do want to know, but the privacy protections are there for a good reason. These “restorative justice” proceedings so lately popular on college campuses can often degenerate into kangaroo courts.

  3. I really like the way Wilson handled the reporters in this case. Good for him. Can’t blame the reporters for trying to get Wilson to break the policy and spill some information, but he shut them down pretty quickly, and without becoming getting tense.

  4. I don’t claim to know any details and also agree that CKW is handling this correctly. That said and this is purely speculative on my part, my guess is that we have seen the last of Darius. It would not surprise me to see an announcement of his transfer very soon. Hopefully, this is not the case and that he returns to “the fold,” but I really doubt it. He’s a talented athlete and I wish him well in any case.

  5. iufan23, I sure hope you are wrong about Latham. We don’t know the issue so it is hard to tell what it is. I sure hope he is smart enough not to do anything that is so bad to be booted from school. You have to wonder as the games go by but I am hoping he will be back.

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