Wilson says Sudfeld, Howard will travel to Penn State #iufb

Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard will be onboard Indiana’s charter flight to Penn State on Friday. Their status for Saturday, however, remains unclear.

On his weekly radio show Wednesday, IU coach Kevin Wilson said Sudfeld and Howard have dressed for this week’s practices, but did not elaborate on whether either player will be available this weekend at Beaver Stadium.

“Everything’s a game-time decision,” Wilson said. “They’re gonna be on the plane, they’re suiting up for practice now, we’re getting them right and we’re gonna throw 11 dudes out there who are gonna play hard. I promise you that.”

Both Sudfeld and Howard missed most of the second half of last Saturday’s loss to No. 1 Ohio State due to ankle injuries. Sudfeld hurt his ankle in IU’s previous game at Wake Forest, and aggravated the injury against the Buckeyes.

On his radio show, Wilson said that IU’s training staff cleared Sudfeld to return against Ohio State. Wilson said he decided against playing Sudfeld because he didn’t think his starting quarterback could move well enough to be an effective passer. Having backup Zander Diamont help the Hoosiers to a pair of touchdown drives reinforced his decision, Wilson said.

“I (thought) we had a better chance with Zander,” Wilson said. “Not that there’s a quarterback controversy. Nate’s our guy. I just thought he was a little limited in practice last week and looked a little gimpy. He looked gimpy in the game and I didn’t think it was good for him (and) I didn’t think it was good for us. He was cleared last week (and) we’ll see what happens Saturday. He’s no worse for wear. We’ll decide if we need to play him.”

While Sudfeld has been hobbled for almost two weeks, Howard injured his ankle in the first half against Ohio State. Devine Redding took the bulk of the remaining carries, and Wilson said if Howard is limited once again on Saturday the Hoosiers will look to walk-ons Alex Rodriguez and Andrew Wilson, along with true freshman Mike Majette.

“Jordan’s a little limited, so we’re not overdoing him,” Wilson said. “We’ve been working in Mike Majette, and we’ve got Andrew Wilson and Alex Rodriguez in the mix. On the scout team, we’ve thrown Camion Patrick and Marqui Hawkins on there and those guys could be tailbacks, too.”


  1. the question is not whether Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard will play, the question is how long each will be able to play…I am confident that both players will attempt to give it a go, but both players must be honest with the coach and medical staff about their condition…..like most of you i expect a huge let down by the team after facing number one Ohio State this pass weekend…I am hoping that this let down does not led to a lost (defeat)…..I think this game will come down to which Offensive line preforms the best, regardless of who is at QB for IU…..if IU offensive line cannot stop the defensive line of Penn State this will be a long game…will the IU defensive be able to stop Penn State offensive (you never know when that passing game will come alive)…i see this as the coming out game for Zander Diamont and the zone read offensive…….GOOD LUCK HOOSIER!!

  2. iu79, I’m hoping that this more mature team and its upperclass leadership will be less likely to experience a “huge let-down” at PSU. I’m hoping that last week’s performance inspired the younger players and showed them how good they can be if they stay focused and play hard for an entire game. I hope that IU’s players now appreciate the effort and preparation it takes to play Big Ten football and that their desire to produce a winning season will prevent a “huge let-down.” My concern is not about their mental/emotional condition, but about their physical condition. Playing hard through an entire game against a team as big, powerful, physical and deep as OSU results in a lot of bumps, bruises and minor injuries. In short, it takes a huge physical toll on younger/smaller players and may prevent them from being at their physical best for weeks afterward. I think we’ll see how physically and mentally resilient IU is on Saturday.

  3. Let’s hope the defense travels and continues to get better. Got to quit giving up big plays in the B1G if this team wants to play in December.

  4. I am not expecting a let down but a fired up team playing as hard as they did last week. Our OL knows they have to play better so they will be the ones leading the charge this week. The players that get on the field will be ready to play as the coaches have had them ready to play games since the first game when they didn’t know what that team was going to do with all the new transfers they added. It would be great to see the receivers catch every pass this week and break loose on a few of them. I hope the turnovers stay in favor of IU which is the fear with backup players in the game.

    Time to go 5-1 Hoosiers.

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