Arkansas receiver Josh Johnson is Indiana’s 1st 2017 commit

Arkansas receiver Josh Johnson tweeted Monday night that he has committed to Indiana, giving the Hoosiers their first player in the 2017 class.

Johnson, a three-star prospect, also has reported offers from Kansas, Louisiana Tech, Memphis and Oklahoma State. According to the 247 Sports Composite, Johnson is the No. 4 ranked receiver in the state of Arkansas and one of the top 100 wideouts in his class.

The 5-foot-10, 170-pound player also shows interest from Arkansas and Vanderbilt, according to 247 Sports.


  1. Good size for a slot, could possibly grow into a perimeter WR. Top 4 WR in his state. With offers from Memphis & OK St. This young man sees a program on the rise as well as an opportunity for himself. He’s an early commit, I hope his mind doesn’t change before signing day next January. Keep pounding the pavement CKW and staff I BELIEVE. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. Until we get a coach who can win we are hopeless Keith. This was our season to break though and it has been a huge failure. The fact that Wilson has a job shows Glass cares 0% about football, fine the stands will be more empty next season.

  3. Other than the fact that this year was our highest average attendance in quite some time and that the sky is not, in fact, falling, you’re spot on, Ben.

    We’ve pretty much never had a coach who “can win.” Even Mallory had a losing record. It’s funny how all these coaches become morons when they get here. Obviously the fans know what it takes!

    If Glass didn’t care about football they wouldn’t be about to pour millions more dollars into the stadium.

  4. Jimmy 6-32 hes averaging over a million dollars a big ten win. We have had the worst big ten record in his 5 years by far. Thats acceptable? Lynch went 6-26 with worst players, facilities and the big ten was a lot better (no Rutgers,Maryland). Our attendance is up because we have played teams that travel well, everyone knows that. Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa. Its obvious in the fourth quarter when the visiting team has more fans here, you obviously don’t watch the games. Spare us all the propaganda Mallory went 39–65–1 in the big ten, not really 6-32 is it? 7 out of his 13 seasons under today’s ncaa bowl requirements would of been bowl eligible. Id take that in a heart beat, because kw sure as hell isn’t gonna go bowling 7 out of 13 seasons here. Its year 5 we are losing because he is clueless on defense. DEAD LAST in every defensive stat for a reason. Please show me some stats to prove you’re point not fact less propaganda.

  5. “the big ten was a lot better…”

    No, no it wasn’t. The Big Ten is the best it has been in years. Ohio State crushed the opposition in the playoffs last year and might do it again this year. Michigan State made a good case for being the second best team in the land at year’s end and they may do the same this year. Iowa is tough. Lots of good teams. For that matter, IU beat the SEC West champion. From top to bottom this is the best the league has been in some time.

  6. So Ohio state sucked with Tressel? Lol check you’re facts before you run your mouth. 6 BCS games in a row before he was canned for cheating! You fail to mention that Rutgers and Maryland have combined 1 win and that is against us. They aren’t even competitive with the rest of the league. How about Purdue? Historically bad bottom of the big ten, that’s why all 3 of their head coaches could be fired. We added two programs in football that are a lot more beatable than the Michigans of the world. In fact we will be favored to beat both of them this year a rarity for iu football, if you are even an IU football fan you haven’t been for long! Absurd post chet.

  7. How is it okay that IU is the only team in the big ten to not go to a bowl game the 5 years KW has been our coach? 6-32 in 5 years isn’t acceptable for anyone who has a brain.

  8. “IU is the only team in the big ten to not go to a bowl game the 5 years KW has been our coach…”

    Thanks for proving my point.

  9. Please explain how that proves your point? We were almost a td favorite vs an awful 3-7 Rutgers team. They have been outscored 177-47 the last 4 games. They put 55 on us, which is incredible since their second highest total vs div 1 is 34.
    The reason why we haven’t made a bowl is because we have by every important defensive statistic the worst defense by far! Rudock had 8 td 7 ints before IU. How many did he have Saturday? 6! We need someone to come in and improve the defense or the program will be 1-8 next year. If we can’t win 7 games with Nate and Howard and our strong O LINE it isn’t gonna happen! Wilson needs to win the last 3 games or go. Yes the bowl game too. Its completely inexcusable to anyone who has played defense to watch how open they get on 3rd and longs all day long.

  10. I’ll take KW and this young recruit anytime. Wilson and staff are fielding teams that do not give up and are erasing the memory of doldrums I’ve watched way too many times in every decade over the last 60+ years of IU FB.

    Also hang on there is more good recruiting news on the horizon.

  11. It is funny how a recruit can change things for me…also if certain kids stay. I think Howard stays because he was never in good shape physically after the injury. That is why he gets winded and hobbles sometimes. Also, scouts need to see somewhat of a burst, that get away speed he has not shown.

    If Wilson can snag a qb and Howard stays…along with the WR group growing and the defense growing…I can’t believe I am saying this but let’s do one more year with these coaches. Knorr has taken a beating on here but his defensive scheme is great…he just does not have the athletes in the secondary. I also think it would benefit IU if someone else play called. That seems to be consistent through the stands and blogs…it’s so wacky the way units go out and nothing changes. You play to the strength of the group of athletes you have out there. Ex. why the hell run Redding in crucial situations or between the tackles?

    I think we win out this year, I hope anyway! Someone please tell that coaching staff about simple clock management at the end of games, wow!

  12. “…their second highest total vs div 1 is 34…”

    Ben, Rutgers only plays Division 1 teams, just like every other FBS team in the country. You really don’t know much about the game. But I think we all get a smile out of your rants.

    J Pat, most coaches suck at clock management. Spend a Saturday watching games and see how often you are impressed with it. Even the NFL guys not named Belichick aren’t that great. If Tom Coughlin hadn’t done a terrible job at clock management the Giants would have beaten the Pats on Sunday.

  13. I was firmly in the “fire CKW” camp because of everything everybody else mentions: a historically bad defense since he’s been aboard; six B1G wins in four-plus years; the Rutgers debacle from this year; the Bowling Green debacle from last year; the Minnesota debacle from two years ago; I could go on, but won’t. Except for this: As good as Nate Sudfeld has been, I still think Tre Roberson was the better choice at QB and had he been given the gig full-time, might not have transferred (but that’s just my opinion) … But now, I say keep CKW for at least another year, and here’s why; there are a lot of big-time openings out there — more than usual. Miami (Fla.); Southern Cal, South Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Central Florida all will be looking for new guys, and more jobs could come open after the season. And while IU might or might not be able to get someone one of those places would select, there will be a trickle-down effect and the pool of potential decent hires will be very slim. And if you can’t get anyone better than CKW, what’s the point of a change? So now, I say give him another year and if we’re just as bad in 2016 as this year (which is likely), then cut bait.

  14. Chet, I agree. Clock management is just a big open book in my view. I’ve seen what I thought was very skillful decisions by a coach about T/M and a quarter and a half later same coach can’t find the right decision about time consumption or time conservation. Many times when I think there was no T/M issue other people just rail and when the opposite takes place many times little said. But I do understand KW’s tendencies a bunch of the time. 1 example is the last game against Meatchicken. IU had 15 more offensive plays(our D did play a part in that)than that team up north and needed them all to keep the (rhythm, momentum, flow, frame of mind)whatever you want to call it but mainly to keep the D unsure, tiring, 2nd guessing and on their heels. It is so hard to prepare for by any team that does not employ that offensive habit.

  15. I felt that same way until about 2-3-4 years ago and VT’s fortunes started to wane and now I’m not so sure his ship has not sailed. Although I think he deserves a rightful shot.

  16. I understand what you guys are saying but have you ever watched a game with really good clock management down the stretch. It is a beautiful thing, just beautiful. I agree many coaches are not good at it and when an assistant speaks up, the head coach doesn’t want to hear that. I am not saying that is IU’s problem but is a problem in the ncaa and nfl. A time will come when teams figure out that one coach has that as a duty and it is in their job title. It is that crucial! We have left way too much time on the clock at the end of games this year and in the past. Even if you have to change your style, you must do that. Also, the qb runs it down until the last second every darn time. We lost to Rutgers because of this and maybe Mich!

  17. Maybe so. He is the last DC to hang a loss on Ohio State. Defensive scheme was never the Hokies issue. They lost a ton of great defenders to injury the past couple years and still did pretty well on that side of the ball.

    They’d be crazy to let him leave Blacksburg no matter what the job.

  18. 5’10”, 170. Wow. Another Wilson big-timer. I miss the days when we had a coaching staff that could recruit actual B1G receivers. What I’d give for an Andrew Means or a Tandon Doss or a Kofi Hughes, let alone a huge target like Hardy or Belcher (although his drop vs. Iowa that cost IU a bowl makes him feel like a Wilson recruit). Wilson has recruited ONE above average receiver in 5 years at IU, Cody Lattimer (sorry Shane Wynn). Why don’t any good wideouts want to play for an offensive genius?

  19. Dunbar, Cody Lattimer and Shane Wynn were not recruited by Wilson. They were recruited by the staff under Lynch.

    As we’ve all learned over the last few years, getting a verbal is a long way from getting ink on a L.O.I. in February of 2017. There’s only a 50/50 chance that Wilson will be IU’s coach on signing day, 2017, so I’m not going to hold my breath until then. This recruiting “news” is virtually meaningless. But I’m glad the kid likes IU’s campus.

    The best teams in the Big Ten are better than ever thanks to the coaches hired at OSU and UM, but I understand why someone could conclude that the addition of Maryland and Rutgers has diluted the quality of football played in the conference.

  20. Lynch and staff never recruited Wynn. Johns and Wilson offered him a handful of days before the LOI date of 2011. I remember as they were damned happy with his signature as he had never committed verbally. It was a big get because he played for Ted Ginn Sr.

  21. If Virginia Tech were planning to hire Foster as top man, I believe it would’ve been done by now. My money’s on Rich Rod for that gig. … Also, Virginia will very likely be in the market for a new coach, further diminishing the pool of potential candidates for a CKW replacement should Fred Glass give him his walking papers.

  22. Bubba, you might be right, but it’s going to take a huge contract to get Rich Rod out of Tucson! He’s settling in down there, has newly upgraded, world class facilities, and with USC’s coaching tumult, has made significant progress recruiting in California. If he leaves AZ after they allowed him to rehabilitate his career, he better plan to retire at VT, because he’ll have burned his bridge with three Universities in three different Power conferences. My guess is that AZ will give Rich Rod a big new contract after this season that will make it very expensive and difficult to lure him away. That’s what AZ did for their basketball coach after only a couple years on the job.

  23. If the second OT against Michigan proved anything it was that size matters. Michigan was throwing to a 6’3″ receiver in Chesson and a 6’6″ Tight End in Butt. We were throwing to a 5’7″ receiver in Paige with 5’10” jones as our other option. This kid looks like a decent recruit, but again, he’s 5’10” and runs a 4.5 fourty. Nice recruit, not a game changer. I’m wondering whatever happened to four star Dominique Booth and the basketball player, Jordan Fuchs? Couldn’t we put in a goal line package for them? I remember what a goal line weapon James Hardy was back when IU still had winning seasons.

  24. I don’t understand they ban Donald Ts comments on here because he is critical of IU football. Why do the HT comments block someones free speech on here? Hey Chet Ben is completely right if you did a fact check, 34 is the second highest points total of the year for Rutgers vs D 1. I guess its ok to completely lie on here about facts but you cant post factual realistic posts. I know im never buying a HT communist paper.

    (Oh, maybe it’s because Donald T and Don t and the most recent Ben posts, among others, are all from the same person trying to stir the pot, making arguments personal and sounding strangely like L—y. —JP)

  25. Podunker, I might have been wrong on Lattimer but I’m 100% sure KW was responsible for Wynn. He was a late add. And if I’m wrong about Lattimer, wow even more to my point. Why can’t this staff recruit WRs? Besides the defensive backfield it’s far and away IU’s worst position group. No size except for Cobbs and he has the worst hands I’ve ever seen.

  26. Cobbs is a very good receiver not the worst hands. He is young and has dropped a few passes but has also made some big catches. As far as recruiting Big Ten receivers Cobbs will be one but we have one on the scout team because he couldn’t get the class this summer to be eligible. IU’s receivers will be one of the top groups in the Big Ten next year. By the way Cobbs has improved greatly from his freshman year. Look at the freshmen and you see big receivers that will be competing for jobs next season.

    Hoosier86, Booth is out for the year due to injury. I hope he comes back and performs like a Big Ten receiver to help make our receiver group even better next year.

    It takes a combination of size of receivers to have a really good receiving corps because big receivers have an advantage but smaller receivers are quicker and harder to cover. I would take both sized receivers to take advantage of their talents.

  27. Cobbs had the longest reception of the day for IU against Meatchicken, 44 yd.

    This staff has done good job recruiting WR’s, big and small.

    We have 3 potential starters or at the very least 1st in rotational WR’s not playing because of injury or eligibility, Booth, Patrick and Harris. Harris and Patrick for sure would have started.

    Also, 3 CB’s who each have started this season were hurt for the Meatchicken game, Williams, Brown and Cook making us thin in the depth department at DB. That left true Frosh Tyler Green to play the bulk of the game at RCB and yes he got burned twice.

  28. IU football is finally down to two issues that I believe will get resolved in time. The first is depth, particularly on defense. This will get better as we continue to improve recruiting. The second is defensive coaching which we need to upgrade. Now, contrast this status with 5 years ago when we had but a few B1G caliber players on the roster, coaching, conditioning , game management etc were arguably the very worst in the conference. The rare wins that we got were primarily the result of opponents sleep walking or making bad mistakes.

    I think if we can field a credible QB next season, you all will see some significant wins.

    As I’ve said before, I watched Maryland a few times and while they are not a strong team, they are probably a little better than us at this time. I think the game will be close but I don’t anticipate a win. I think they have a bit more fire power than our defense can handle right now. I believe we can and should beat Purdue who appears to be about a season behind us in their rebuilding process.

  29. So after 5 years with Wilson we aren’t better than a 2-8 team that has no B1G wins and no longer has their head coach because they fired him? Really? That’s progress? Well, ok. By the way, Maryland, the team without a head coach, is ranked 36 nationally in recruiting. IU? 82

  30. I know its disappointing as hell. Who would have thought that WKU would be our signature win this season? Retrospectively, there really wasn’t much of a reason to expect otherwise. There is a vast talent difference between our non-conference opponents and the B1G. Our defense, while somewhat improved and having their moments, still remains below B!G performance standards and as everyone knows, defense wins games. I think Maryland will be close because I think we can score on them but their offense will probably torch our secondary. All that said, Rashard Fant has come a long way this season and if his teammates can develop comparably, we’ll have a credible defense in the years to come, just not this year.

  31. Yes changed my scree-name to The Donald because my comments were not being posted for no reason. It was obvious I was the same person because they are all variations of Donald T name. I guess you have to be pro IU football when all hope is lost. It’s nice to know our local paper thinks free speech is uncalled for. Fine I won’t buy another paper in my life with you commies. Indy star, espn none of them ban comments critical of IU football only here.

    1. You aren’t banned for being critical of IU football. Be critical all you want. The ban is for using multiple screen names to foster an argument, for calling other posters names like clueless Chet and for acting just like L—y.

  32. I’m no expert on communism. But I have seen Red Dawn I and II (original and remake). In the movie, the communists attack and take over the town including the local newspaper. Kids from the local football team form a ragtag band of freedom fighters and fight them off. Their names? Wolverines! Just a coincidence? I doubt it. Somehow the communists have infiltrated the Bloomington Herald and are now responsible for IU not being able to beat Michigan last Saturday. Its just a theory at this point. I’ll follow up when I have hard proof. Wow, were’s Shaggy, Scooby and The Mystery Machine when you need them?

  33. Our local high school football team is undefeated and the #1 ranked team in the state in their class. Their mascot? The Wolverines.

    Coincidence? You be the judge.

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