Bruce Brown picks Miami over Indiana #iubb

Indiana missed on one of its priority targets in the 2016 class on Wednesday, when four-star guard Bruce Brown chose Miami over the Hoosiers.

Wednesday is the final day of the early signing period, and IU has cleared National Letters of Intent from all three current members — four-star forward De’Ron Davis, four-star combo guard Curtis Jones and guard Grant Gelon — of its 2016 recruiting class. IU has only one available scholarship remaining for next season, but at least one more is expected to open after the season.


  1. People in Miami don’t care about Miami athletics unless it’s the Dolphins or the Heat and only if they are winning.

  2. It’s ridiculous that the IU program spends so much money on recruiting, yet this is the best we can do? It’s kinda similiar to my feelings on how so-called great coaching can’t coach & demand playing defense. Really disappointed in the coaching staff from day one….

  3. I read that Bruce Brown attended the prep school (Vermont Academy) that Emmit Holt was set to attend before signing with IU. I wonder if the Holt situation had an effect on Brown’s decision.

  4. Boo! Guess he just didn’t get the “it’s Indiana” message. I live in South FL, and no one cares about Miami college basketball, yes Dolphins, yes Heat, there is pro hockey but very weak attention, a little for Hurricane football, but zero for their basketball. So much for Mr Brown. Next…

  5. I’ve heard the Marshall’s Service uses the U of Miami basketball team as a relocation site for the Witness Protection Program.8

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