Crean looking to manage minutes in exhibition opener #iubb

Managing minutes is among Tom Crean’s primary goals for tonight’s exhibition opener against the University of Ottawa.

That means carefully weighing the workloads of his three scholarship freshmen and sophomore guard James Blackmon Jr., who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in July. Junior forward Collin Hartman could also be part of those plans, though his availability tonight may not be determined until closer to tip off.

“We’re certainly going to manage the freshmen’s minutes because it’s a long season and they’ve all dealt with different things throughout the preseason, so we’ll try to work them in the best we can,” Crean said. “We want to play through fatigue, and we want to get to a point of fatigue, but at the same time, we don’t want to put them into positions that they’re not ready for yet. That really goes for the whole team. We’ll get a real feel based on how it’s going tonight.”

Blackmon, especially, is still working on playing through fatigue in practice. His recovery from the surgery seems to have progressed as expected, but Blackmon needs to continue to build stamina and make up for the developmental time lost during the summer. Occasionally, Crean says, Blackmon has to deal with soreness in his left knee.

Hartman continues to recover from a rib injury suffered early in IU’s preseason practice, when he took a knee to the midsection while drawing a charge from a leaping Troy Williams. Hartman wants to play tonight, Crean says, but the IU coach said a decision wouldn’t be made until sometime later today.

“We’re dealing with the aches and the pains and the recoveries – things of that nature right now,” Crean said. “.. When (Hartman) comes back he’ll obviously be in limited minutes, but we’ll also have some other guys that we’ll probably try to really manage their minutes.”


  1. If they play defense with intensity for 40 minutes, pressure the ball further up the court, which only makes sense, with a 3 guard line up and TW at the 4, and do not play that junk defense of going from man to man and switching to a zone during the same possession, which led to total breakdowns on to many defensive possessions last year , we can have a final four contender with the offense that we have.

  2. Just hoping for no game time announcements about a player being hurt, suspended, or ineligible to play. We seem to get these notices just prior to the first game.

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