Glass not ready to talk Wilson extension — yet #iufb

WEST LAFAYETTE — Fred Glass isn’t ready to discuss a possible contract extension for Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson.

At least not publicly, anyway.

But that discussion may be coming.

“We just beat Purdue for the third time in a row for the first time in about 70 years, so we’re going to soak that up and enjoy that, and then we’ll talk about what comes next later,” Glass said after IU’s 54-36 win at Purdue.

If an extension is indeed on the way, it would make sense to get it done soon. Wilson, who has two years remaining on his original seven-year deal, will hit the road for recruiting purposes Sunday, and the ability to show continued investment from his superiors will go a long way toward making his pitch.

And after Indiana clinched bowl eligibility for the first time since 2007, Wilson has a good case to make for securing not only his future at IU, but the futures of his assistants, too.

“I saw those College Football Playoff rankings come out, saw that we played four of the top 10 teams toe-to-toe and thought, ‘That’s pretty damned good,'” Glass said. “And these two road wins (are) kind of gravy on that.”

There was one topic Glass was willing to address at length — IU’s bowl future.

The Hoosiers won’t know where they’re headed or which team they’ll face until after conference championships are decided next Saturday. Between now and next Sunday afternoon, Glass says he and his staff will campaign and make their preferences known. Glass joked that his wife likes visiting New York City — a nod to IU’s possible inclusion in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.

Either way, Glass, Wilson and the IU football program are simply happy to plan for a 13th game.

“I think a bowl game is like some other things I can mention, maybe like cold beer, there’s not any bad ones,” Glass said. “So we’ll be happy where ever we end up. And, as Kevin said, I think we’d enjoy the opportunity to play a quality opponent, an opponent with a national profile. We’ve been playing them all year and we’d like to take that show on the road a little bit.”


  1. Mr. Glass, lobby for a nearby bowl game, please. Several people on the blog sites are in love with the idea of going to the west coast, but not all of us who have been supporting Hoosier Football all these years are retired faculty with large pensions, or in other ways independently wealthy. We have been supporting this program a long time, and would like a chance to see our team play in a bowl. As you lobby for bowl bids, please concentrate on those that present the best opportunity for all Hoosier fans (considering even those with modest incomes) to attend. I bet it will boost attendance, and make us an even more attractive prospect for future bids. Thank you.

  2. I agree a Bowl game closer to Bloomington would be nice as long as it isn’t Detroit in the dead of the Winter. Keeping travel expenses down would help a lot of fans that would like to go to IU’s first Bowl game since 2007.

    The topic of the article is on point, Wilson needs an extension along with pay increases for critical assistant coaches [IE OL, RB, OC] and HC should be paid comparable to coaches in the middle level of the Big Ten. I don’t know how much of an impact an extension would have on recruit commitments but I do know opposing programs will use a lack of extension against IU.

  3. Being an alum I am so so so happy to finally see the football program advance forward. A bowl game is awesome. Go Hoosiers.

  4. The location of the game should be about the team and the players. Ask any of the kids that worked their butts off, who are carrying the battle scars of a full season of black and blue Big Ten ball, where they would like to play their game. SF Bay area, NYC, or Detroit?

  5. Check Peegs website he has a listing of Big Ten tie ins with various bowls. I wouldn’t want the Detroit, that’s the old Motor City Bowl that usually hosted second tier conference non winners. Also not much atmosphere for the fans to enjoy. The Henry Ford is in winter mode, only indoor exhibits. The music city bowl in Nashville was listed in Peegs.

  6. Nashville would be a good location for the fans as the weather would be warmer and close enough for fans to drive down there.

    I hope the coaches can really comb the woods for players looking for a challenge to be on a good team that they could bring up to championship level. IU had national exposure and showing it was close to being a championship team if they had better players.

  7. Glass is still suffering from jet lag and the Maui fiasco.Talked with some athletic personnel at the Creighton game an extension for Wilson was being considered. maybe glass is afraid of coach contract extensionsg

  8. Why the delay, Mr. Glass? What have you been doing the last month or so? And what’s there to think about or ponder aside from how long an extension and how much more money you’re going to offer Wilson and his key staff? Please, Mr. Glass, don’t play the “Pondering, thoroughly analytical, fiscally conservative manager” in this matter. Don’t screw this up. Don’t fail to compliment Wilson’s recruiting efforts by delaying this decision. Don’t risk losing several key assistants like you have in the past because you chose to react to competitive offers instead of being proactive in securing their employment.” Get it done, now. It’s not difficult, and if it is, you have a major problem with your process. In this matter, be a leader, not just a manager.

    As for a bowl game, who cares what city or area your wife likes to go? You should lobby to go to a place where the players want to go, and where IU has a good chance to win the game.

  9. Podunker, well said about an extension and pay increases as we need to hold the offensive staff together. IU led the Big Ten in Total Offense #1, Offensive points #1, Passing Offense #1, Pass efficiency #1, and Rush Offense #5. Coach Wilson was given bad advice about his first DC but has now corrected that problem so the defense will improve as Coach Knorr gets his players in the program over the next couple of years. Podunker I am with you that the extension needs to get done sooner rather than later.

    For the critics of Coach Wilson, PSU won one more game than IU with the recruiting base they have and the tradition that university has in football. Imagine what our coaching staff could do with the top five recruiting classes PSU is bringing in. I hope our coaches get the opportunity to have 4&5 star players consider and choose IU in the next couple of years so they can coach the best players. IU now has the facilities to match top programs; I hope they have the same support systems in place for the players the top programs have too.

  10. Agree completely with Podunker. Since nearly a dozen ADs failed to give or support the IU football program into a state of respectability, doing so now is critical since it will help pave a road for future efforts. Key to this opportunity is an extension of Coach Kevin Wilson’s contract along with those of his assistants he chooses. This process should include the salary increases and terms of a serious B1C program along with the program improvements important to the coaching staff and players. That is the minimum departing point to insure Hoosier fans see and sense the palpable conditions to insure future success.

    As a Hoosier fan and proud IU alumni, the above represents the desire to continue to see Hoosier football as a source of University pride and respect. The merits are virtually all coming from Coach Kevin Wilson’s organizational skills, his eye for caching talent and vision…we need to insure his and his staff’s permanence in Bloomington.

  11. McRobbie is lobbying for the Foster’s Lager Bowl in Melbourne. “Hoosiers also come from a “land down under,” said McRobbie in an interview after the Purdue game. The IU president was spotted by Jeremy Price while hugging Glass of the Foster’s glass being guzzled by Tom Crean..

    “Don’t go there,” said a chuckling and slightly tipsy Tom Crean leaning with his glass of Foster’s. “IU football will not be the shrimp thrown on the barbie…That’ would be me in Maui or my brother-in-law when facing the Pats. The only thing coming from my ‘land down under’ is chocolate blunder thunder in crunch time..It moves, it just moves.”

  12. “To extend or not to extend: that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in sporting circles to insist upon the honor of one’s pledge, or play armloads of specie against the vagaries of happenstance.”

  13. “Let KW be offensive coordinator”

    KW can pick his job as OC at pretty much any football program in the country and you think he’d stay at IU and work for Mark Richt (or anyone else).

    Yeah, that’ll happen.

  14. Mark Richt hasn’t defeated a ranked team is his last 15 games. What is so special about Mark Richt, a coach that was fired per reports from his Georgia coaching position. #14 how would you like to work real hard for 5 years at your own job, and have your company hire someone that was fired at another company and give them your position and you could be their assistant ?

  15. Wilson earned an extension. Give him 3 more plus a raise. Use the money you would have spend on a new HC to upgrade the recruiting. Hire Mike Locksley from Maryland. He’s making $600k give him $1MM. Make him assistant HC and head of recruiting. He is maybe the best recruiter in the country. He proved that at Illinois and has continued that at Maryland. You want a better defense, you need some 4-5 star D ends and shut down corners. Locksley would deliver and IU could be a national contender in 3-4 years for the price of of Darrell Hazell Come on IU, spend to improve the program- go bold for once.

  16. Mark Richt

    Overall 145-51
    Bowl Games 9-5
    SEC Championships 2

    His team has gone to a bowl game every year he has coached at Georgia. During his tenure at Georgia the SEC has produced 8 National Champions. I just think he would be worth a phone call.

  17. Since Kevin Wilson showed his brilliance, persistence and vision so clearly- along with a history that not only improved the team but also showed steady and consistent improvement of the program each year under his (and staff’s) vision and direction;…how about we calm down, admit we know little about running a football program and leave it for the evident and educated vision of Kevin Wilson (while we happily and quietly enjoy the fruits of HIS intelligence, expertise and labor.

    Come on Hoosiers, let’s just get out of our own way as we have done so many times (Bob Knight…). Go Hoosiers!

  18. Murfman, you’re either nuts or celebrated by swallowing a ton of ‘substance’….can’t believe after all these years it takes 24 hours for some to turn and start their ‘next search’. Regret to say this is the heart of the ‘losers’ reputation on our IU shirts. Murfman and those who follow his nonsense…please stop telling people you are IU fans….it hurts the brand.

    Kevin Wilson, his staff and philosophy is exactly what Indiana needed…extension AND LOYALTY is exactly what the Hoosiers need to sustain. Glass, your job to insure this HAPPENS!

  19. Hoosier’86, I like your idea about Locksley but I don’t know if Coach Wilson would disrupt his staff to bring him on but it would be a very good hire if Locksley could be talked into it.

    Boy this has been a bloody Sunday in college coaching ranks. Not only have HC been cut loose but even assistants have felt the cut as Purdue released both Coordinators. I don’t think I have seen so many coaches fired in a weekend like this one. The HC rumored to be fired saved his job as Les Miles is still at LSU.

  20. Some places are easier to win at then others. Georgia is one of those places.

    More to the point is the fact that CKW could earn more money tomorrow by taking the OC job at his pick of the best programs in the country. Why on Earth would he stick around Bloomington to be OC for some guy that just got fired from his last job?

  21. TsaoTsug,

    I just see things differently than you. I’m entitled to my opinion. To resort to name calling is low and it shows your colors.

  22. Chet,

    It could be argued that it is easy to win in the SEC.

    I realize that KW wouldn’t stick around and be OC under another coach, I was just trying be nice.

  23. It seems like the turnover in college football coaching staffs has become an epidemic. And there will be more to come. Not just head coaches, but as we witnessed today up at Purdue, assistant coaches are getting canned too. As the old saying goes, “There is opportunity in chaos!” Glass needs to move fast to empower Wilson. The sense of urgency is for two important reasons: 1) hold on to your top assistants and maintain stability for IU Football, and 2) take advantage of these coaching changes in order to poach better talent and make this the best IU Football recruiting class in decades. The sharpest AD’s have already made their moves to secure the talent they coveted. They understand that the sooner a new head coach has assembled his assistants, the sooner they can go about recruiting the next class. Please Mr. Glass, do not squander this opportunity or hobble your head coach by being too prudent, cautious or frugal regarding Wilson’s future. Lock him down and turn him loose on the recruiting trail. Take advantage of the bowl game IU has earned. Several Big Ten Schools are going through coaching changes right now! Purdue, Minnesota, Maryland, and Rutgers are experiencing major coaching changes and therefore are relatively weak and vulnerable, IU is in a unique position to take advantage of the doubt and uncertainty that comes with coaching turnover. A half dozen top recruits poached from opposing schools can make a huge difference to the future of IU football. This is a rare opportunity, Mr. Glass. Don’t screw it up.

  24. I love the perceived and somewhat immeasurable progress of IU Football, but will Wilson be such a hot commodity that better offers will come flying if Glass doesn’t immediately offer an extension? From the outside looking in, it just doesn’t seem like a lower tier bowl opportunity suddenly makes Wilson a guy with tons of offers better than the situation currently at hand.

    Comfort can also build complacency. And please, Fred Glass, never make the same mistake you did with Tom Crean. The mega dollars swallowed to give such a hideously poor X’s and O’s coach such undeserved security, has already left me in full doubt of your judgment and moral compass.

    I believe Wilson to be a decent man..But any decent man can live by only fat on the land if too much is offered too soon. A modest extension would be a nice reward. I wouldn’t lock in to anything more than two years. We’ve been hungry for decades to bring winning football to Bloomington…Let’s also not ignore the fact that we have not seen a basketball Final Four in almost 15 years.. We haven’t won a D-1 banner for almost 30 years. We are at a place where ridiculous contracts are not justified. We need to be able to react to changes that may arise without losing our shirts.

    Dollars and opportunity were already squandered on the foolishness “guaranteed” at Assembly. During that foolishness, many fine college basketball coaches had zero opportunity to be courted by Indiana while we were choking in NCAA tournaments nearly as much as the gagging on Crean’s impossible buyout clauses.

    The only bluff that should be called at this juncture in IU Sports is one on Glass’s own head. The proper fix and the proper cleaning up our unbalanced balance sheets begins with buying out the incompetence at Assembly before gambling away dollars in guarantees at Memorial. The model should not be to stretch Wilson’s salary and guarantees to approach a miniscule 50% of his counterpart in head coaching over at Assembly. The model should be removing the obvious overpaid incompetence we so painfully witnessed in Maui…

    Let’s stop with all this desperation talk…Let’s stop with the fatalistic garbage. Death has already arrived..The candy stripes and the reputation of our university has already been seriously made into a joke via our collective ignorance that was clapped, cheered, accepted with indifference, and rewarded at McCracken. Much of that joke was/is played out in front of national cameras. Our credibility will not be saved by honoring a thread of hope in a humble teacher at Memorial while embracing such a gargantuan farce of highfalutin charades at McCracken.

    The only real serious shopping should have been for a new AD when he abused his powers, made Crean the King of all IU, and chose to make the rest appear as irrelevant stupid paupers begging for the leftovers. .We watched nets being cut down after a loss. There’s a ton of spending..There’s a lot of fireworks..But there is nothing in dignity left in the cream and crimson when such marketing gimmicks are used to justify real imbalances that ignore what ALL honest and learned IU fans have endured and witnessed for a level of play not befitting to be rewarded with such shallow and overblown praise.

    The worst thing that could ever be done to Coach Wilson(whether that be for his tenure at IU or any future endeavors beyond) would be to reward him with anything approaching the gilding of gold on a opportunist turd in our storied basketball program. Let’s be frank, Fred Glass has already shown this to be his major specialty.

  25. Harvard, I think Coach Wilson should get a two or three year extension renewable based on goals that are achieved. As far as pay is concerned it is ridiculous Purdue’s coach is paid $2.1 million guaranteed money while Coach Wilson is paid $1.3 million guaranteed money. Coach’s pay was/is 13th of 14 in the league or at least until Illinios made their inexplicable move with Cubit getting a two year contract at $900K [Beckman got the usual pay of $1.7 million]. I agree not to break the bank with Coach Wilson by paying him comparable with Meyer, Ferentz, or Franklin until he gets IU football up to their level of play [based on this year it may not be too long in coming].
    It is especially important to get key assistant coaches major pay raises before they leave for greener pastures.

    Podunker, it does give IU a chance at pulling in some 4 and 5 star talent from schools that are making a change with coaches. It would be something to see what our coaches could do with 4 and 5 star athletes especially on defense.

  26. While I do not think Wilson is Bill Lynch, I’m afraid to see the same type of mentality building on these boards that led to Lynch impetuously being re-signed after he made a bowl game (and got blown out). The mentality is that of a battered woman who wants to marry the first man who doesn’t immediately use force with her, despite not knowing much about his other faults. We are so awful as a football program in recent years- worse, perhaps, than almost any other BCS school if we look at our conference record – that we are quick to anoint as a savior someone who has taken 5 years just to produce a .500 record with 2 conference wins.

    Shouldn’t we at least take a moment to breathe and poke our nose around? Let Wilson feel the silent pressure of expectations? Send him a subliminal message that although he saved the day this time, he’s going to need to show more – much more – next year?

    Turn arounds happen all over the place, and I’m sick of pointing out examples, but we have to keep doing it. Washington State- a possible IU opponent – is one of dozens of case studies that beg the question, why can’t IU improve at a quicker pace? WSU was 9-40 under Paul Wulf, a Lynch-like coach. WSU took a gamble on Leach, a guy with possible character issues but a clear winner as a head coach in a major conference. Leach had WSU going bowling in year 2. In year 4 of Leach’s tenure, the current year, although WSU got creamed by the upstart Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup on Friday, WSU nevertheless has won 8 games and knocked of Oregon on the road, a team that played in the title game last year.

    We have our sights set so low here at IU, and are so convinced that we are so darned different from everyone else. It’s sad. As proof of this, I fully expect Harvard to go on his fact-finding mission now to come up with some “but we’re different” narrative to explain how no program in the history of the sport has ever faced a challenge like IU, and how 6-6 every 10 years is the only type of change we can ever see. Or Clarion to feed us some statistics about how Washington State once had Mark Rypien and Drew Bledsoe, and therefore has more of a history to sell to recruits. Quite pathetic.

    When it comes down to it, there’s no special curse on IU football. And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be winning 8 games every few years and winning more than 2 conference games. Our failures have been about our own stubborn inferiority complex, which bleeds into our less-than-confident, low-aiming personnel decisions.

  27. Since he didn’t get the HC job at Virginia Tech it would be pretty cool if we could lure Bud Foster in as defensive coordinator. He is currently bringing in $900k with retention bonuses. We’d probably have to sweeten that but that’s what really good assistants get paid.

  28. IU Football has always been sold as an ancillary thought. No voltage needed. No voltage given. This concept was not created by Harvard. Our statewide obsession with basketball at every level of the sport in this unique hoops Shangri-la made it so. Oscar Robertson, Crispus Attucks, the true “March Madness” of a single high school champion, Larry Bird, “Hoosiers,” Bobby Plump, the 8-year recruitment of Damon Bailey…Decades upon decades of our primary attention given to our incomparable passion for the the round ball, the backboard, and the round cylinder. ,
    Still, today, Indiana blows the nation away in hoops talent on a per capita basis. No other state can compare to the amount of integral hoops talent that will make some coach in some faraway land the fortunate beneficiary of our lifeblood, our lore, to the game.
    The entering of one of the most ingenious college basketball coaches to ever teach at the college level molding effortlessly into the Bloomigton/Hoosier arms of such passion only served to make football a perpetual afterthought…The success that would come with such a coach in such a breeding ground of hoops hysteria only served to push football deeper into the corner of the classroom.

    And Fred Glass attempts to restore such natural passions by merely throwing guarantees of obscene money at a man that is not qualified in the classroom that befits our knowledge and passion.

    Egypt ruled for over 3000 years…The Indiana pyramids spread as far as the Pacific with the Hoosier pharaoh that ruled UCLA hoops into a dynasty …Corn from Martinsville was soon to be the crop that gave Walton his rambling corny love for more than just talent shows and dunks…

    Hoosier football will one day be the Roman Empire. The first signs of Egypt’s beautiful uniqueness butchered and robbed its art and gold has begun with Crean. He is the dark cloud that erases the mystery and the beauty of what was once our basketball empire. The fools now rule and the football becomes the arena of our anger to feed such regrets to gladiators. Basketball is bleeding and it’s not from passion. And when the anger is over,, Indiana will appear as blasé the rest of sports. The corporations and the Romans will rule. The mystique will be gone.
    One day far into the future, Appledroids will access their memory chambers in the “hoops” files and recognize an Assembly Hall that stored only corn.

  29. We were different, Seahawk Tom..But that difference and one-of-a-kind strand of uniqueness in our Hoosier DNA is now gone. The candy stripes are the fat clown that performs at intermission in our Southern Indiana version of our football ‘Big House.’ Market share always feeds on uniqueness….and the market has more to devour.

  30. Duke, North Carolina, and Temple, to name a few, all play both football and basketball very well nowadays, despite being identified as unquestioned hoops schools. There is no reason that football needs to take away from basketball, nor vice versa. It’s a false dichotomy to think otherwise.

    I agree that Indiana’s difference – or at least IU’s – is long gone. When I see fans try to talk of IU as still belonging in the same breath as other powerhouses like Duke, UNC, UK, or Louisville, or cite the 5 banners as continued membership amongst the elite, it rings with the patheticness of a Madonna trying to do a sexy R&B video at age 60. Many schools have been in our position recently: Notre Dame, Michigan or Alabama football, UK basketball pre-Calipari. The difference between them and us? Boldness in personnel choices. The refusal to settle.

  31. Po I do not know what your thinking but Wilson is already empowered by AD Glass. And all coaches left yesterday on the recruiting trail.

    Sign Wilson to a 3 year minimum to 5 year max with an opening compensation starting at about $1.8 with carrots to attain $2.5 along the way. And of course more dough for assistants.

    Locksley is a good recruiter but a marginal coach + he is an OC so why would he take a job of anything less. He also is well traveled and hasn’t stayed long anywhere he’s received mail.

    Forget about stealing commits from Minny as their best recruiter is now the HC, also Maryland as long as Locksley is there. Illinois, Mizzou possibly Nebraska, and maybe S.C. along with Ga. are good targets to flip some talent.

    Bud Foster is staying at VT. He reaffirmed his loyalty by welcoming Fuentes has HC and offering subordinate allegiance as DC. But he would’ve been a great addition to IU.

  32. I have a feeling Richt will be at the top of South Carolina’s list. Coached in the same conference and they won’t have to worry about the SEC learning curve bringing in an outside source. Also, Richt would love to stick it to GA every year they play. Richt will get offers from some of the higher profile schools and IU won’t win that bidding war.

  33. HC, obviously you do have some idea of what I’m “thinking,” since you just reiterated some of it in #34. But to put my previous comments another way, Glass needs to take this opportunity to “affirm” Wilson as IU’s football coach. That would make him more effective as he and his staff hit the recruiting trail. Knowing the coach recruiting you just got a raise and contract extension, relative to schools who just fired their head coach or a bunch of assistants, would go a long way to convincing a talented young man to reconsider IU over those other schools. I’m sure there are talented players who previously “committed” to schools like Purdue, Minnesota, Maryland or Rutgers that IU still covets. Glass needs to take positive action and send a message that will bolster/fortify Wilson and staff’s ability to sign those players. Just maintaining the status quo with regard to Wilson and his staff would signal that Wilson is a lame duck coach. It would squander a somewhat rare opportunity to create good news about IU Football.

    There are mistakes of commission and omission. Not taking action to extend Wilson’s contract and secure his assistants, while a significant portion of the Big Ten Conference football coaching staffs are vulnerable and in disarray would be a huge mistake of omission by Glass. Failing to act quickly and decisively is to allow this opportunity to evaporate. It would be a failure to recognize and act upon unique circumstances that represent a big opportunity to improve IU Football’s talent level. Specifically, it would be a failure to present IU Football’s coaching staff as stable and upward trending in an environment that is chaotic at this moment. It would squander the opportunity to enable Wilson to poach players that might otherwise not even consider IU. Ironically, it was opportunistic recruiting during another time of coaching turmoil that allowed IU to sign Nate Sudfeld! When Arizona fired Stoops to bring in Rich Rod, Sudfeld opened up his recruitment and “discovered” the opportunity at IU. There are a lot more Sudfeld-like opportunities out there right now for IU to capture.

    If Wilson deserves to keep his job after this season, then he deserves a contract extension, raise and the budget that allows him to secure/fortify key members of his staff. The difference in compensation that would be required should be irrelevant. If Mr. Glass does not believe Wilson deserves a raise and contract extension after this season, then Glass should fire Wilson right now and hire a coach he thinks can do the job better. But to do nothing would be an example of gross neglect and waste a rare opportunity to affirm Wilson and create positive news about IU Football (for a change). It would, in my humble opinion, be a huge mistake. Furthermore, if Glass does nothing, or delays too long, allowing the opportunity to fade away, it would demonstrate that Glass is unfit to lead IU’s Athletic Department. It would reveal him to be nothing more than an administrator and clerk. Real leaders have the vision and perspective to recognize opportunities and then seize them. Real leaders are not passive and they don’t risk squandering rare opportunities, or allow themselves to fall into “paralysis by analysis.” I’m hoping Glass is a real leader and not just another risk averse administrator content with continuing to “manage” IU’s mediocrity in football.

  34. Any new contract given to Wilson between PUke and Christmas(or the Bowl game)will have the same effect for recruiting, as the signing day is in February. It needs to be gotten right for the situation at hand and the future of the IU FB program not set a speed record to satisfy some blogger.

  35. Indiana is a state with “elite” basketball talent, Seahawk. It was very possible to be an elite hoops program again with a leader and teacher. Opportunity was lost and the new hires controlling the major players in IU Athletics are “elitists” rather than elite teachers and inventive minds appropriately matched to our always current and vibrant potential enveloping those dusty banners. The true dust is on the stale mind of Izzo’s castaway.
    We could be an elite basketball program faster than a Crean team commits twenty turnovers. …but we have become soft and indifferent. The NCAA can’t save you from simply very bad coaches that hire their own AD’s. There will be no frivolous investigation into Crean’s shutdown of his twitter account. And there will be no investigation of the pissing on our own banners, not because of the irrelevance that builds with time, but our obvious low standards, the silly follies of the Hoosier Globetrotters, replacing what was once excellence marching in contrast to the carnival of those wonderful candy stripes.

    To repeat from a post a week or so ago: The candy stripes were never given to IU Football…They are running in terror from the shocking abuses of standards at McCracken. Football, yes, IU football, where dumb was always married to a dumber day, is a more credible place to exist and play. Wilson lives within the backdrop of all those gifts in comparative inadequacy bestowed by the McCracken joke.

  36. HC, you’re absolutely correct when you say that Wilson’s new contract “needs to be gotten right.” And that’s why, in a previous post, I asked, “what has Glass been doing for the last three weeks?” If Glass was not doing some basic contingency planning about Wilson’s future, he’s guilty of negligence. He should have been prepared for the outcome of the Purdue game, one way or the other, weeks ago.

    Why do you think schools like Virginia Tech, Iowa State, Illinois, Minnesota and USC made immediate moves to announce the hiring of their new head football coach? Because those ADs realize that the sooner you secure the program’s new head coach, the better off the program and its recruiting is going to be. The sooner Glass affirms Wilson and announces his extended tenure as IU’s head coach, the easier it will be for Wilson to sell the program’s stability and upward trajectory and use those themes to poach more talented players. And if you have five or six highly coveted players that previously announced their commitment to Purdue, Minnesota, Rutgers, or Maryland, not to mention Georgia, Iowa State, Memphis, Toledo, etc., then you’ve elevated the next recruiting class above last place in the Big Ten and really created some “buzz” and momentum for the program!

    If Glass believes that this year’s six-win season, and qualifying for a bowl game does not justify extending Wilson’s contract, then IU has a huge, systemic problem. If Glass thinks it is O.K. to maintain the status quo, or if he’s taking a “wait and see how next year goes” approach, then Glass is not qualified to lead IU’s Athletic Department. As I said before, if Wilson has done a good enough job to justify being kept on as IU’s head coach for another year, he’s good enough to get a contract extension. If he’s not, then he should be cut loose without further delay. In my opinion, inaction is not an option and delay is a sign of gross negligence. My fear and suspicion is that Glass is evaluating his options from an accountant’s perspective, with dollars and cents being the only significant criteria. If that’s the case, he suffers from severe myopia.

  37. Po you’re crying wolf. Don’t get hung up on AD Glass not knowing his job since he does not consult with you, as he explicitly does.

  38. I’m sure Glass “knows his job.” I’ve met the man. On a personal level, I think he is a very nice, smart, decent and honorable man. And I have no doubt that he loves IU. But as for leadership, he has yet to demonstrate that he possesses that attribute in abundance. I think Glass is first and foremost a politician, and that he sees himself as a steward. And I think, given all his experience as an attorney, his first instinct is to avoid risk, for himself and for IU. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see any evidence in the way he executes his responsibilities that he is a dynamic leader. I think he spends a lot of energy determining the way the wind is blowing, covering his backside and justifying his previous decisions. No doubt he really, really wants to keep his current job until he is ready to retire. But I believe great leaders, in order to be most effective, have to perform their jobs as if they’re willing to lose them.

  39. I don’t know any of the players personally.

    That being said, my understanding at the time was that Fred Glass was taking a pretty significant hit to the wallet by taking the AD position. Worse case scenario for FG would be going back to a much more lucrative job. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

    I would think that, if that were the case, he would be an extremely ‘results oriented’ kind of guy.

  40. It’s my understanding that Glass bought stock options in Crean Incorporated shortly after taking the job…He’ll soon flip those “Caddyshack Class B’ options and dust any earnings ever made in Indy. And free tickets to a Crean-coached IQ game for life…What offer could ever be better?

  41. Hey Harv. Did you see my post on the other thread about Indiana HS players on top 25 teams? I was sure you’d respond.

  42. I hope we get news soon about Coach Wilson signing an extension with a big raise as it will help recruiting [I sent him an email about it before the Michigan game as I know him from when I was coaching in Indy]. I am sure he will do the right thing for Coach Wilson and assistants as coach will include them in when he gets a raise as they deserve a raise too.

    Next year’s offense will have a big boost from a very talented receiving corps and hopefully IU will get a couple of 4 and 5 star recruits for it. Defenses thought it was tough this year wait until 2016 especially if we get a top JC QB or transfer QB to come in. Our D will be better next year but I hope we get a few bigs that are rated 4 star or better; Gooch that put a big hit on the QB is just a soph that plays the Bandit position. Coach commented that we have some outstanding players coming that fans aren’t familiar with and some of them, along with Gooch, were injured this year.

    It sure is nice talking about IU football this time of year with another game to play yet. Soon we will know what Bowl they play in and who the opponent will be. It will give us a team to research and find out what they are like along with how they compare to IU.

  43. v13, I love your optimism.

    Chet, I think you’re wrong about Glass being “an extremely results oriented kind of guy.” And that’s my point! There is no evidence to support that label. I think he’s the exact opposite of results oriented. He’s process oriented, and his process is governed by an aversion to risk. If Glass is so “results oriented, when do we begin seeing the results? The results (i.e., a high level of winning) simply have not been there since he took over as IU’s AD. And that’s my point. Glass is a good man. He’s a smart, honorable and ethical man. He’s an effective administrator. But I’m not seeing any evidence that he’s a dynamic leader, and I think IU Athletics needs a dynamic leader.

    HC, coming from you, I take your comments in #47 as a great compliment. Thank you, I’m honored.

  44. Seahawk Tom, you may not read this but I try to wait until I calm down and answer threads like your thread. The situation today is much different than in Lynch’s day. Coach Wilson has improved the team each year [even when they lost Sudfeld for the season and only won one more game [although they had OSU on the ropes until late in the 3rd quarter] which is why we are saying Coach deserves an extension and pay raise. He is recruiting better players and have them working much harder than before he got here. We want him to stay and get even better players in to IU. You need to think more before posting what you did this last time and think about the facts.

  45. vesuvius13-

    I do believe any poster assumes they have absolutely zero impact on the direction an administrator/director at IU wants to take our sports programs. All postulations should be open to discussion and seen as “ideas” rather than ultimatums. If any contributor to Scoop has the sort of power within IU that can sway decisions, I would be (a) very concerned for the legitimacy of our institution, and (b) wondering why anyone with such influence would waste time on a blog with quite the small population of contributors.

    To say someone needs to “think more” is rather ironic. It somewhat assumes your method of evaluating and interpreting the facts at hand is a superior pathway to success for IU Football. None of us are paid to make that decision. None of us endure the repercussions of such decisions. Now, if you can tell me that you are part of that inner circle of evaluative processes, then maybe your “more” is more. But then we’re back to the problems of ‘a’ and ‘b’ stated in my previous paragraph. If you are truly privy, then I would ask if you are on some specific payroll to beat such drums?

    All ideas and suggestions are the heart of any “fun” and “openness” giving lifeblood to these forums(whether they be “in-game” tactical observations or far-reaching “philosophical” changes a program’s direction). Wilson may be the next best thing since sliced bread. He may also have a ceiling that will one day warrant change. Either way, I’m pretty sure no one on this site will determine such futures no matter how calm or drastic the viewpoints in any our eyes/minds/facts we believe to be at hand..

  46. And let’s be frank,..Wilson still doesn’t have a signed contract extension. Fred Glass appears to be keeping his options open. A vote of confidence in Wilson starts with Fred Glass.

    Why was that confidence not fulfilled with the same exuberance we’ve seen on the other side our two major sports programs? Why must we wait until a bowl game is played. Maybe Glass is working out the details now, but if he is sold on a future with Wilson, it would have been really nice timing to give him that vote of confidence after the Purdue slashing(rather than playing it so close to the vest).

    Thus, any suggestions of changes(e.g. “fun” suggestions) sort of work within the context that absence of confidence perceived.

  47. Chet “the Jet”- Sorry in the delay.. i did see your post. Thanks for taking the time to do that research.
    I just sorta glanced at your provided article/link. Haven’t read it yet…Wanted to address some of that street garbage thrown at Seahawk Tom.

    Many months ago I provided a similar story from a different source. I believe the piece that I provided went into the :”per capita” analysis and supported my conclusion that Indiana is a consistent and steady supply line to some of the best college hoops talent nationwide.

    Just a short example…I remember catching an SMU game last season…Can’t remember who they were playing, but they had this fabulous little gritty guard that really intrigued me..He was a floor general with fabulous passing skills and court vision..I decided to go to SMU’s hoops website and dig further….

    Prep at Warsaw HS: Finished runner-up for 2011 Indiana Mr. Basketball… Ended his prep career with 1,891 career points, the second-most in school history behind Missouri State’s Kevin Ault (2,028)…During his senior season, averaged 27.2 points, 4.7 assists and 3.5 rebounds per game…A three-star recruit by…As a junior, led the Tigers to a 23-3 record and a berth in the state championship game…Averaged nearly 21 points, five assists, four rebounds and three steals per game…Three-time Warsaw Times-Union Player of the Year…First team all-state selection in 2011 and named second team in 2010…A two-time all-conference selection…Participated in the 2011 Indiana vs. Kentucky All-Star Classic…Coached by Doug Ogle.

    Nic Moore: hometown-Warsaw, Indiana.

  48. Chet-

    I couldn’t locate my original post, but I did find the old link….It’s a bit dated(2013), but here is an excerpt and the link:

    Indiana, living up to its reputation, may have the strongest high school basketball tradition in the country. With 41 All-Americans in 36 years, Indiana has produced more talent than Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, all significantly larger states, and trails only Illinois, New York, and California. Adjusting for population size, the Hoosier State blows the field away. Maryland is also a hotbed of talent, as are a handful of Southern states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee), and neighboring Illinois.

    “Adjusted by population”….Thus, as I stated, on a per capita basis, Indiana blows the rest away. There is no reason on earth that we should not have a premier basketball team. It may be argued that we are no longer an “elite” basketball school at IU. But I will not buy that we are not an “elite” state when it comes to a basketball talent discussion.

  49. Harvard, no insider info except by knowing AD Glass and getting to know him back when I was coaching. But I do read newspapers and Glass did say he was going to talk to Coach Wilson about an extension when they could get back together once he got back from the week of recruiting. I know Fred to be an honorable man and when he said that was going to happen I believe him. As far as Seahawk Tom is concerned I was just telling him to compare apples to apples not apples to oranges. Coach Wilson and his staff have done a great job coaching these players and bringing in good players to coach to be better than they were rated.

    I hope recruiting week goes well and they visit some of the top players to show them what they can accomplish at IU. I hope some of them end up coming to IU and elevating this team even higher in the coming years. I don’t see a limit on Coach Wilson as long as the administration gives him the resources he needs to bring in better players. Hell if mostly 2 and 3 star players can come so close to beating the top teams then even better players can elevate IU into the top tier but we will have to wait and see who ends up coming to IU.

  50. Were you coaching in Bloomington? Just wondering how you would get to know Fred Glass while coaching h.s. football. Did his son play on your football team?

    Anyway, people are rarely possible to figure out. Everyone has different qualities and measure for what “honorable” would constituent … You can spin right over to another thread on Scoop and read posts that promote Tom Crean as an honorable and great father for taking a flight back from Maui without the team(feeling it more important to fly with his family). Other posters believe it to be somewhat dishonorable in terms of obligations to address your team after poor performances and take ownership of the losses. For all my criticisms of Crean, I have no problem with the fact that he wanted to fly back with his family. There are assistant coaches and plenty of highly paid servants on that bench that should be able to chaperone the team and hit on some teaching moments from the losses.

    Sorry for that diversion back to hoops, but I think it leaves room for compare and contrast between how both of IU major programs function within our discussions of honor, accountability, expectations, messages, etc….

    You have favorable experiences around Glass and that builds on your personal constructs of what you believe to be his “honor.” But it’s so wide-spanning….Honor to institution…honor to family….honor to truth…honor to your fan base(don’t they ultimately pay the bills?)…honor to your profession…honor to the future …honor to the simple kindness granted a stranger….honor to the idea of equal treatment and equal application of accountability(this is where I have big problems with Fred) ….honor to the concept of integrity….honor to the heritage of teaching a sport above and beyond simply marketing it as a product..

    I think you add a lot of great contributions on here, Vis. You seem to be a very honorable guy. I think you speak from the heart. But like all interactions on here and the tales told of our connections to IU(whether connections with those high in the ranks of the institution or just our wonderful remembered experiences spent in Bloomington that escape too quickly), there is no meeting of the eyes. All of his move about this place in complete anonymity. We are cloaked from the real examinations of truth and honor that only live in the face-to-face. I respect your stance on defending the honor of Fred Glass. But it’s really not about honor, it’s about perception.

    You sell the idea of the “eye test” quite a bit with your evaluations of IU Football…You sell the idea that it’s not just about wins and losses, but the pure and strong perceptions you hold as a team being “taught” and performing far more admirably against a level of Big 10 competition we have so long, seemingly, not belonged…. And here is where the hoops thing, unfortunately, comes in again… Some of us believe the “eye test” for competitive basketball befitting our proud “teaching” heritage in the game is being disgraced. Yet, we see our other major sport high profile coach(a coach highly praised by Mr. Glass) at IU running said disjointed teams into a twilight zone of embarrassment after embarrassment , receiving lengthy contract extensions with mega millions attached while rewarded for something grossly shy of the minimal standard of “honoring” the most basic bonds of truth for what the candy stripes are supposed to represent. I ask myself…”Why, Mr. Glass, do you measure so closely this football coach and reserve/prolong your decisions on Kevin Wilson’s promising future, but throw with flippant regard the mountains of guarantees, personal endorsements, fashionable slogans, and exceedingly goofy long contract extensions at a basketball coach that has failed more eye tests than the basketball optic nerve could ever process or endure? And that’s where the perception thing gnaws at the flesh of “honor” and begins to fall on its own sword. And whatever you “personally” know simply doesn’t matter in such perceptions of inequality.

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