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Indiana bounced back with a win, albeit a sloppy one, over St. John’s in Maui, Mike writes.

Mistakes and misspellings in the box scores made for a frustrated Bob Knight and turned out to be the ticket for an annual trip to Maui as statkeepers for a Bloomington trio, Mike writes.

The IU football team is hungry for more than a big Thanksgiving meal this week, Andy writes.

Nate Sudfeld is a finalist for the Wuerrfel Trophy, while Jason Spriggs failed to make the final cut for the Outland Trophy, we reported.

A career-high 29 points from Tyra Buss helped pace IU women’s basketball to a road win at IPFW, we reported.

St. John’s showed signs of progress in the loss to Indiana, the New York Daily News reported.

Five takeaways from Indiana’s win on Tuesday, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

In case you missed it, a compilation of some of Bill Walton’s ramblings on the IU broadcast against St. John’s, via Alex McCarthy at Inside Indiana.

There’s belief, there’s perspective and there’s what passes for Indiana basketball, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Five factors in Indiana overcoming a slow start to win at Maryland last Saturday, Billy at puntjohnpunt.com writes.

IU’s Jason Spriggs says not beating Purdue and going to a bowl would make his Hoosier career feel like a failure, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The IU women’s basketball team escaped with a victory at IPFW despite too many turnovers and too many offensive rebounds allowed, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

In keeping with our Hawaiian theme, here’s Don Ho with “Tiny Bubbles.”


  1. Here’s an idea for our middling, mediocre athletics program at Iniana (at least in the “Big Two” sports): throw a shock-and-awe offer at Les Miles, if he is let go. Why not???? He’s going to have a lot of immediate interest. He’ll definitely land at another BCS school in a big conference, but he’ll probably have to take a step down before he jumps back up to the likes of an elite program. Laugh as you may, but he may see Iniana as a pretty nice place for him to bounce back and add the “resurrector of a dormant program” title to his resume. Iniana is a financially well to do school in a major conference. Modern facilities. Great town, passionate fanbase. The program clearly has the offensive talent to compete in the Big 10, but lacks the coaching to win close games and gain signature victories, as the regimes of Lynch and Wilson have shown us at different times. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a school with so many “almosts” without a breakthrough.

    Make the figure right, and he will listen. It would be a huge spash and bring immediate relevance and success to the program.

  2. Are you saying Les Miles will help our brand? A new Hoosier brand…? A new Miles brand to replace our Bob Knight of football?
    Isn’t there something like five Big 10 teams now in the top-10 national rankings? This year’s “almost” just doesn’t seem like years past. Our Hoosiers fought tooth and nail with all those BIG teams that our all vying for one of the top 4 playoff spots. Iowa, OSU, MSU….? Aren’t they all under consideration for the elite group of four? Greatness is knocking at the Hoosier door. I think we’d be crazy to let Wilson slip out of our hands right now.

    Something in my gut tells me this is where we say “stop” to heads rolling. Wilson is only in year two with his new defensive coordinator, as well. And what the hell…I like a guy every bar in town wants to turn away. Something tells me his busting up the order of some very stale and entrenched establishments that wanted those old drowning of sorrows wells to themselves.

  3. Playoff Rankings;

    #4 Iowa
    #5 Michigan State
    #8 Ohio State
    #10 Michigan

    #16 Northwestern

    This is not Bill Lynch’s Big 10. This is not Bill Lynch’s “almost.” This is not the fading Pac12 the Hoosiers have battled..

  4. I don’t buy it. The Big 10 is always good. If anything, the close games prove that we can stay with anyone, and should be winning a few of those matchups on occasion. And what about Rutgers? A program itself in disarray that the Hoosiers blew a huge second half lead to in a game that felt worse than Lynch’s 80-pointer vs Montee Ball and the Badgers.

    Seriously, I hope we never again go 4-0 against cupcakes to start the season. Anyone with 1/4 of a brain knew that 4-6 was just around the corner.

    I know you like Wilson. And I do agree that in terms of personality and style, he is highly preferable to smarmy Coach Cream. But I think you should be taking a cue from your basketball feelings on this one. Wilson, like Crean, will never have a defense. With the Wilson hire, Fred Glass brought out the fancy GPS device (that sports firm he paid to find a coach) when in reality all he needed was to follow a good, old fashioned road map and get a defensive mind.

  5. Husky weren’t you one of the biggest Wilson supporters? Why throw him under the bus now. 4-0 is 4-0 no matter how you look at it. We came from behind several times during those games. Why are you so sure that Wilson will never have a defense? It’s your opinion but it’s based in what reality? Beat Purdue and set a date with Wazzu in Foster Farms bowl, Wanna bet we beat Leach? That would be a great benchmark for where the program is right now. Then we can discuss. But let it happen first.

    Regarding Crean: why call him smarmy. Why now. You have defended the man so bitterly for so many years stand by him until the end. That would show character. There’s no coach that has access to the entropy of the game as much as he does. Sure things usually backfire but he cooked up some pretty amazing wins over the years. Amazing to everybody including himself. Weren’t you explaining to 4guards that an airplane can’t get to 30,000 immediately after take off. You supported the contract extensions. Let us see them through now that we have such a big buyout to deal with.

    It’s not good to always fire and hire. Let some growth happen. Wilson will win the next two games.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

  6. The problem with Les Miles is the same problem Knight had. The game is passing him by. He is a Bo Schembechler. All he wants to do is run the ball and occasionally throw it. The reason Alabama rolled over LSU this year is that everyone and their brother knew all LSU was going to do was run it between the tackles. The guy will not go away from his game plan whether it is working or not. He isn’t good at coaching from behind and usually doesn’t have teams built to come from behind. He rarely recruits a QB that can throw the ball. He did get a commitment from a #1 overall QB one year and the kid only took a handful of snaps at QB and ended up playing WR the rest of his college career. He can’t develop QBs. Name the last great LSU QB. Sure LSU has more players in the NFL, but you would think that would have translated into more than 2 SEC titles and 1 National Championship. That is what frustrates the LSU fans, all that talent and really only a couple of SEC titles and probably should have had more than 1 national title. I know IU would love to have that problem annually, going to a bowl game every year and competing for conference titles, but the game is passing Les by and if he stays at LSU they are only going to be bad again due to his lack of flexibility adjusting to today’s high powered passing game.

  7. I don’t follow Les Miles’ football schemes but I know that a significant portion of LSU fans have been calling for his head for years.

    He does have some impressive lines on his resume but I’d be concerned about hiring a coach that, despite have won at a high level, the fans of his current team are thrilled to be rid of. There’s usually a reason for that.

    Or, LSU fans are crazy.

  8. On the Les Miles comments, I think all of you have a very short memory. I am very familiar with the LSU program from a very close proximity. I can tell you if you cannot seriously challenge for a national championship at LSU on a annual basis, you are not that great a coach. There is a reason why they call him Lucky Les down here. His problem is his luck is running out. The massive wealth of resources, both money and talent available to the LSU program dwarfs all but the most elite programs. I am talking only two or three programs that can match what is available to them. The program is the poster child for underachievement on a regular basis.

    As for the short memories, IU tried an under performing former coach from LSU a few years ago. How well did that one work out for you? I told everyone I knew up there it was a mistake and unfortunately I was proven absolutely correct.

  9. Happy Rico Chet- Funny to see you suddenly playing the role of Mr. Middle Ground. You’re right, I have been a Wilson defender and a Crean defender in the past. Everyone who comes in with a good pedigree deserves a chance to prove they can win, and shouldn’t be shot down immediately, as you wanted to do with Crean.

    However, it’s been what, 10 and 5 years respectively? I think that’s enough time to tell what wer’re getting. Is it “good character” to stick with something even when it is clearly not working? That sounds like something Donald Rumsfeld would do.

    Crean got the program back to (or slightly above) where we were in the last years of Knight/first year of Sampson, i.e., good teams that lose in the first round every year. That’s where we’ll likely be till the end of his tenure. I commend him for creating a talent flow back into Bloomington. Now we need someone with a true basketball mind who knows what to do with it.

  10. Cody got them “back” for two years. Etherington(now at Butler) brought the Hoosiers back with his tireless commitment to get his “everything hinges” buddy in candy stripes. How was Austin rewarded? Appropriately. He’ll now have the chance to be on a “coached” Butler team that will go deeper in March with less talent.,
    Crean, unlike Knight, Davis, or Sampson, never coached anything “back.” Don’t you remember what he said to Dustin at a Northwestern postgame press conference? “It moves, it just moves.”

    Oh,…and Remy Abell will go deeper on Xavier. Some of these young men are very fortunate Crean just keeps loading up on talented kids that come in with little b-ball IQ and leave with even less. Those that he pushes off when in the midst of the “talent flow,” actually get a couple years of unselfish basketball and a taste of true March Madness.

  11. …and Luke Fischer will go deeper on Marquette. Marquette is my sleeper team this year…Final Four team.

    “Marquette was never a basketball destination before Tom Crean,” said Al McGuire from his grave.

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