Howard leaves early with knee injury #iufb

Jordan Howard’s day lasted only three carries and five plays.

The Indiana running back was forced to leave the game after aggravating a knee injury during the Hoosiers’ first offensive series Saturday afternoon. Howard tried to work through the pain while riding a stationary bike on the IU sideline, but was walked to the visiting locker room at Byrd Stadium for treatment.

Howard eventually returned to the sideline, but did not re-enter the game.

“He’s got a slight knee deal,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “He practiced and tried to get him through it. It glitched him up. Quite honestly, there’s a chance he could’ve played, but in reality the running game was kind of null.”

In Howard’s absence, sophomore Devine Redding finished with a career-high 130 yards on 24 carries, averaging 5.4 yards per touch. It was the first career 100-yard game for Redding.

“It was just like normal,” Redding said. “As coach always says, the next guy has to step up. Our defense was pretty tough, and we knew we were going to pound the ball on offense. It was just about being the next guy up.”


  1. I certainly hope Howard is healthy for the Purdue game. It’s not that I think they can’t beat Purdue without him but it certainly changes IU’s offense when we can count on the running game. Howard has shown with this OL that IU can run the ball on any defensive front. This ability runs time off the clock and makes it easier to pass against a defense geared up to stop the run. IU has had too many games without Howard and I don’t want Purdue to be one of those games.

  2. The Purdue game worries me as a IU football fan!! Purdue has the ability to pull off the upset!! i hope the IU football team is ready for a tough game…Purdue is capable of passing the ball (Yancey) and running the ball (Jones) an they want nothing better than to spoil IU bowl bid and provide their coach with a victory…i hope that there is a good (IU) fan turnout at the IU-Purdue game….After watching the BIG football season this year, i consider the following programs basically on the same level Minnesota (just promoted asst coach to head coach), Illinois and Maryland (in the process of hiring new coach), Purdue, Rutgers and Indiana (coaches still fighting for their jobs)…it will be interesting to see what or how these football programs change (hiring, firing, resignation) in the next few months…GO HOOSIER!

  3. IU79 Purdue’s ability to score points [IE Nebraska game as I see their defense comparable to IU’s] so IU will need to control the ball during this game. Our offense will be able to score on Purdue but I don’t want to count on winning a shoot out. That is why I see having a healthy Howard back in the game.

  4. IU’79 How you see the football programs in the Big Ten is a bit different than mine although you may be looking at something different than I am. I look at the teams based on talent level and where they measure up to all the teams in the Big Ten. Of the programs you listed I would have Penn State, Minnesota, IU, and Illinois at a level just below Northwestern and Wisconsin with Rutgers just a notch below. Purdue and Maryland are another notch below those teams.

    Right now I would put Iowa, Ohio State, MSU, and Michigan with Wisconsin and Northwestern slightly below them. Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota, IU, and Illinois are at the second level. Right now the teams at the bottom of the barrel are Rutgers, Maryland, and Purdue. Penn State is on the move up with their great recruiting classes and I think Maryland can make the quickest turn around with a new coach because of their recruiting base. Nebraska, Minnesota, IU, Illinois, and Rutgers improvement will depend on their ability to improve the quality of athletes they bring in.
    Right now IU has the most difficult job of bringing in better athletes out of this second tier of teams. I hope a victory over Purdue and a win in a Bowl game will really boost IU’s recruiting for 2016 as I think better athletes will consider coming to IU. IU has the advantage they have a young team but there are some concerns about replacing graduating/leaving athletes for next year. We need to bring in a top JC QB in case Austin King isn’t ready to take over next year. I personally think Zander could do the job if they would change the offense to include the zone read but I can’t see him as a pure dropback passer. Getting Howard back next year would be a real boost and with how many games he missed this year I see him coming back. The coaching staff has proven they will put a good OL on the field with players to replace Spriggs and Reid. Life could get tough though if Camiel and Feeny decide they are ready to try the NFL too. On defense the DBs need to show next year marked improvement due to their experience this year. The LBs need to continue to improve and become one of the better units in the Big Ten. The DL will have to replace Mangieri and Rainer off the DL. Rainer will be the easier one to replace based on backups stepping in to take his place. IU needs an upgrade over Mangieri because he played as hard and well as he could and only having a better athlete will improve over what he has done. I would like to see IU bring in a JC DE that can really get after the passer. One last position to replace is the punter; from watching in pregame I see the backup having a stronger leg than Toth. What Toth provide was consistency, although is muffed handling of the snap v Rutgers contributed to the loss, as he wasn’t a major threat to teams. You never know if a kicker will develop the habits to work hard enough and smart enough to develop into a more consistent punter but IU has several punters on the team to compete for the job.

    Next year, until we know who they bring in, the strengths look like Receiver as all will be back and Patrick will be eligible along with several talented receivers that were injured this year. RB should be a strength especially if Howard comes back but mainly because we should have another stellar OL. The Defense should move up into the 70s or even top 60 defenses in the country due to the experience they gained this year. Our LBers will have a couple of years experience which should make them one of the stronger units in the Big Ten. The secondary has shown improvements in man coverage and it the coaches can teach them how to play the deep pass better, they should be a solid group. I don’t see them becoming an outstanding group although Fant could become one of the top Corners in the Big Ten. He needs to add some size to physically match up better but he has the speed to handle Big Ten receivers. The question will be can the defensive front get better. I believe coach McDaniels can keep improving play of the front and I hope they get several better athletes to compete for the jobs up front. I am excited about what the future of IU football will be and not one of the ones that see it declining after this year.

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