Indiana pounds Maryland 47-28

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — The elusive sixth win is within reach.

Indiana is now one win away from securing a bowl bid after drubbing Maryland 47-28 on Saturday at Byrd Stadium.

The Hoosiers rallied from a 21-3 deficit with 27 consecutive points, while the IU defense responded to its worst start to the season with a solid performance over he final three quarters.

Indiana (5-6) can clinch a postseason berth next week in the Old Oaken Bucket game at Purdue.

After Jordan Howard left the game with an injury on IU’s first series of the day, Nate Sudfeld picked up the Hoosiers and led the rally to end a six-game losing streak. Sudfeld threw for 385 yards, completing 23 of his 35 passes for four touchdowns, while sneaking into the end zone for another. Sophomore Simmie Cobbs was the primary beneficiary, setting career highs with nine catches for 192 yards. Mitchell Paige caught five passes, including two for scores. Receiver Andre Booker and tight end Michael Cooper also had touchdown receptions.

For the second consecutive week, Griffin Oakes kicked four field goals, connecting from 21, 19, 48 and 36 yards.

Indiana, which was allowing a national-worst 341 passing yards per game, gave up only 175 yards through the air to the Terps (2-9), who started backup quarterback Caleb Rowe while Perry Hills recovered from an illness. Maryland also used Shane Cockerille — a former fullback — at quarterback for parts of the game.

The teams combined for 1,049 total yards, 473 of which came in the first 18 minutes of action. It was an electric start, spurred by Maryland touchdowns on each of the Terps’ first three drives. Running back Brandon Ross tore through a soft IU defense, rushing for two scores and producing 116 yards across his first four carries of the day, including a 79-yard touchdown run on the second play of Maryland’s opening drive.

Ross finished with the most rushing yards for a Maryland player since 2003, carrying the ball 19 times for 250 yards and three touchdowns.

Maryland defensive end Yannick Ngakoue made a bad first quarter for Indiana much worse when he made a strip sack on Nate Sudfeld, setting up the Terps at the IU 20. A 14-yard pass from Caleb Rowe to Malcolm Culmer moments later put Maryland in front 21-3 with 5:32 remaining in the opening period.

That’s when Indiana’s offense kicked into gear. The Hoosiers responded with a 10-play, 77-yard drive that they capped with a 19-yard touchdown reception from Mitchell Paige. After IU produced its first defensive stop, Sudfeld returned with a 59-yard touchdown pass to Andre Booker. It was a quick jolt of energy for the Hoosiers, who received a much bigger boost through recovering the ensuing onside kick and turning the momentum swing into a eight-play scoring drive that Sudfeld finished with a quarterback sneak from half a yard out. Sudfeld’s dive into the end zone put the Hoosiers ahead 24-21 before Oakes closed the half with field goals of 19 and 48 yards.

Ross opened the second half with a 75-yard touchdown run on the second play of the third quarter, cutting IU’s leadto 30-28. But back-to-back touchdown catches by Paige (six yards) and Cooper (three yards) supplied separation.

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  1. Great win for the Hoosiers… now it is time to give the toiletmakers a swirly. How did Howard get hurt?

  2. The game sure seems much different if you look at all 4 quarters compared to looking at the last 3 quarters. IU offense and defense dominated in the final 3 quarters outscoring Maryland 44 – 7. The defense had a run of 3 and outs after giving up the TD to open the second half. If we were more trusting of this team the early start would just be the result of having an early Kick Off on the road but because the Rutgers game showed what could happen at any moment this game didn’t seem safe. Looking back at the 44-7 score 2nd – 4th quarters it seem foolish to have worried about IU letting this game get away from them. A win versus a much improved Purdue team will go a long way to restore some faith in this team.

    I hope Howard is back for the Purdue game but his injury will probably bring him back next year as I doubt an NFL team will draft a back who missed so many games this year. I wish the decision was Jordan’s and not one based on how the NFL perceives his sturdiness. He makes a big difference to this team and I would love to have him for the Purdue game, Bowl Game, and the 2016 season.

  3. Great win for the Hoosiers on to the slackermakers!!! Defense looked Awesome today other then giving up them long runs

  4. Too bad CW waited so long to give Andre Booker his shot. He has been very productive in his limited playing time (with no drops), and has performed better than Ricky Jones the past few weeks. Hope to seem him get the start next week against PU!

  5. Great Win Hoosier (Coach Wilson)……an excellent victory for the IU football team and staffs….I am sure some of the naysayers and doubters left after the first quarter of this game, but the faithful IU fans stayed and watched a determine (devoted – a team that still believes) team win a game…with all the injuries and freshman playing today, to go out an beat a team which Vegas listed as a three point favorite shows that this team still believes and plays hard for this coach (Wilson) and his staff….to Coach Wilson and his staff you are doing an excellent job of rebuilding the IU football program…..this team has been in every game this year and has provide some excellent and exciting football games…Go Hoosiers….BEAT Purdue!!!

  6. Glad the Hoosiers pulled it out. But this is a game IU should of won handily. Maybe a little overconfidence to start things off? But in the end they did exactly what they should have done.

    I will say winning 2 games on the road in the big including against our main rival in their house would be a solid finish to the regular season. Next weekend should be interesting.

  7. IU79, you are right with much of what you say, I would wait until I see IU handle PU with relative ease before I say things are officially on the next level for this program. I agree with you and say that with the exception of the Rutgers disaster this team has shown itself to be competitive [when healthy] with the very best teams in the Big Ten and country. Many naysayers don’t want to acknowledge there are factors that make a turn around at IU a slow process. I have documented what these factors have been in previous posts. Despite what some people think, this team is a major improvement over past teams coach has had. Despite still working to fix the defensive problems this team has played everyone tough challenging them to the end of games, as long as every starter was healthy. It is a shame the Rutgers game occurred because it was a devastating loss that distorted this season.

    I hope the team comes out on fire against Purdue and plays them the way Maryland got played the final 3 quarters. Purdue will be a bigger challenge as they have improved to the point they can challenge who they play. They haven’t challenged teams as much as IU has, except for the MSU game, but we know their passing game will be a threat to IU but IU is statistically better in most categories and should win with a decent cushion in the score.


  8. Great come-back win for IU. Especially given that our star running back got hurt early. Sudfeld was a real leader today. Yes, this young team wants to win. And I have to say that this come-back victory kind of makes up for the Rutgers debacle (kind of). They know they are close to doing something, in relative terms, that is special. It’s been a long time since the IU – Purdue game carried any significance. But it sure does now.

  9. Podunker, you are right that it has a number of years when the Bucket game meant something other than just bragging rights. Purdue can only play the spoiler but IU can have a chance at a winning season [they have to win at Purdue and the Bowl Game] and more exposure for the program as coaches hit the recruiting trail this Winter.

    I was wondering how the team would respond today with Howard out and down 21 – 3 and I am happy at how they answered the challenge. Now I want to see how they respond to success and a fired up underdog.

    When dealing with young men you never know how they will respond just look at the OSU/ MSU game tonight when OSU was held to 132 yards total offense. Then the comments Ezekiel and others made during the press conference blaming their coaches for the loss. Makes me appreciate our young men even more than I already do with this group.

  10. IU79 (post #7), in reality IU was favored by 1.5 today. Does anyone here know if IU has ever beaten Pu 3 straight times? Mallory never did. Two game bucket winning streaks in my lifetime: 1987,1988; 1990,1991; 1993, 1994; 2013, 2014. History is def against IU winning sat. I sure hope they do though.

  11. IU has won the Oaken Bucket [instituted in 1925] three times or more twice 1940-42 and 1944-47. Purdue has won it multiple times most of the series. Before the bucket was instituted IU won 1899-1901, 1908-10, and 1917-21.

  12. IU is 5-6 with one game left at Purdue. BeatPurdue!!! That will make the season a success, it will produce a Bowl Game and all the benefits that come with that, it will solidify Coach Wilson’s future at Indiana, it will make every grad happy, it will light a fire for Hoosier Football! You get the idea, we have a really BIG game coming up. GO IU!! BeatPurdue!!

  13. What a game by Simmie Cobbs. Other than dropping that one wide open pass. He has really stepped up for us. Great to see young players rise to the occasion. How is Dan Feeney?

  14. V13, I had the same thought about Howard. When he didn’t return to the game I thought, “Well, at least this probably means he’s coming back.”

    He’s a power back and nobody want a fragile power back (not that I’m saying he is). If he went the season injury free he had a good shot at a late first or early second round slot. No telling how far the injuries dropped him.

    I hope he sees it the same way.

  15. Chet, my dad said the same thing about the helmets and I agree. I’m hoping for all red and our chrome vs Purdue. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this amped for a game coming next weekend. Funny how sports can pick you up. My mother took a turn for the worst and is in the hospital…sad times for us. We are making decisions to the best of our ability and for the future. I just read Indiana basketball broke top 10 ranking. Feeling festive today getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week and safe travels! Go Hoosiers!

  16. Congrats to you Coach Wilson, the staff and team! Great game! Great victory! Thanks, Coach Wilson, for your patience in teaching our players about how to deal with adversity. That skill was on display yesterday. It will be shown to Purdue next week. And it will help them raise their game to a new level at IU next year, the likes of which we haven’t seen for sometime.

    Yes, thanks for teaching them resilience. It’s one of life’s greatest skills everyone needs if they are to successfully navigate through it. You have turned IU football into a learning lab. That makes me feel proud to be associated with IU. I’m sure it makes our players’ parents feel good and proud about having entrusted their sons into your care, too. Thanks!

  17. Great thought, great comment, great message Walt D. This will turn out a cornerstone season. You are right, what Coach Wilson is teaching is how to achieve winning.

  18. For all of you euphoric well wishers, the secondary coaching/playmaking is statistically the WORSE in the NATION! Right out of the box, getting blown out by a 3rd string qb and the only other team without a conference win. KW has put a better caliber player on the field but with the same results. Special teams and linebacking corp along with corners and safety are consistently out if position. Wilson needs to get those position coaches upgraded. Not a big fan of team chocking inside red zone all too often either. That falls directly on KW and his neurotic sidekick KJ.

  19. For what it is worth to all Kevin Wilson haters. Butch Jones who is in his third year trying to rebuilt the Tennessee Vols. With 5 and 4 star players is having a tough time at it. H e was quoted as saying it takes at least 6 or 7 years to completely rebuilt a team. By that time,you will have the all the players you have recruited for a couple years, This year they have a 7 and 4 record, but after a couple early losses some fans here were calling for his head.. Lets give Kevin time he will straighten the ship. Go Hoosiers.

  20. tenn pete, Mr. Jone’s comment is self-serving in the face of criticism directed at him by dissatisfied fans and boosters. It also flies in the face of numerous programs that have been turned around in far less time. It’s about resources and leadership. Both of which are in ample supply for Mr. Jones, but neither of which have been in great abundance at IU for decades. Hopefully, IU now has the leadership that will convince people to provide the football program with the resources necessary to build and sustain a competitive program.

  21. Ugly, ugly first quarter but a really nice win. Yes it was against the 2nd and 3rd string QB for arguably the worst B1G team. But they did what they had to do. They beat a team they should have beaten. Now one more win and the season that looked so promising will end with a bowl game. Both KW and the IU Admin NEED one more win. The Admin doesn’t want to go into a crowded market for a football coach and KW needs the win for recruiting. KW’s last 4 recruiting class rankings are in order: 38, 39, 49, 87 (2016). Not too hard to notice the trend. He started out great but has lost some ground each year. IU’s top recruits and prospects for 2016 are a lot of JUCO kids and players kicked off other teams. They need one more win to sell top recruits that this program is on the rise and not just a bottom tier team with some respectable loses.

  22. Hoosier ’86: “They beat a team they should have beaten.” (#30). Exactly. Beat the beatables. “KW’s last 4 recruiting class rankings are in order: 38, 39, 49, 87 (2016). Not too hard to notice the trend.” This was what I was writing about on an earlier thread; new coaches at losing programs have an opportunity to pitch recruits that a new day has dawned, but if the losing continues that sales job becomes a really hard one to close. Let’s hope that IUFB can beat the beatable Purdoo-doo and win a bowl for a new dawn of improved recruiting.

  23. Poducker (comment #29) You are so right, we are or have been hoping for a winning season for a long time. And yes the blame should be on the Administration. Put money out for better assistants.

  24. This is nice. Scoop posts tend to be more emotional and insulting, but # 30, 31, and 32 were thoughtful and well stated! Thanks.

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