Indiana’s trip to Maui spoiled in 82-78 loss to Wake Forest #iubb

LAHAINA, Hawaii — Indiana’s designs of a Maui Invitational championship were squashed on its first day.

On their cross country flight to Hawaii, the Hoosiers packed the defensive lapses that plagued them so often last season, falling to Wake Forest, 82-78, before a large IU fan contingent Monday at Lahaina Civic Center.

The Hoosiers (3-1), who led by as many as nine points with seven minutes to play, face St. John’s Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern.

In the Maui opener for both teams, Wake Forest was the aggressor.

As bad as Indiana’s defense was a season ago, it never allowed 50 points in a half. Wake Forest did it against the Hoosiers on Monday, running past IU on the perimeter and feeding the post for easy looks under the basket on the way to a 50-45 halftime lead. The Hoosiers hardly found early answers for Deacons big man Dinos Mitoglou, who scored all 18 of his points in the first half. Mitoglou gave Thomas Bryant fits as he slinked around the IU freshman and hammered the Hoosiers at the glass.

Wake Forest’s Devin Thomas took over for Mitoglou in the second half and led all scorers with 21 points. Troy Williams scored a team-high 16 points for IU. Wake Forest was picked to finish 11th in the 15-team Atlantic Coast Conference in the league’s preseason poll.

Wake Forest gave Indiana the most physical look of the young season, staying true to its profile as a strong rebounding team. The Deacons out-rebounded IU 43-30 and scored 52 of their points in the paint.

It took a pair of 9-0 second-half runs before momentum swung in IU’s favor.

Robert Johnson capped IU’s first nine-point run with a 3-pointer that gave Indiana a 54-52 lead four minutes into the period. Though Wake Forest swung back and tied the game five times after Johnson’s shot, Indiana held its lead until the final 30 seconds. The Hoosiers gained their largest lead of the day through another nine-point swing midway through the second half, beginning with James Blackmon’s first field goal of the day — a 3-pointer with 9:07 to play — and ending with a fastbreak layup from Johnson. It gave the Hoosiers a 72-63 advantage and forced Wake Forest coach Danny Manning to call timeout with 7:34 to play, as Indiana’s vocal fan presence carried the Hoosiers into the break.

But the Deacons pushed back to get within 77-76 with less than two minutes to play, and on back-to-back possessions in the final 90 seconds, the Hoosiers took shots that couldn’t find the rim — the second of which was a floater by Yogi Ferrell as the shot clock expired.

That gave Wake Forest the ball with 33 seconds to play, and Deacons guard Bryant Crawford tore through IU’s defense for a quick layup to give Wake a 78-77 lead. Williams tied the game with a free throw with 13 seconds remaining before Crawford found the rim again with three seconds remaining.

Collin Hartman tried a full-court pass that Max Bielfeldt couldn’t handle in the final seconds and Indiana was sent to its first loss of the season.

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  1. Another beautifully coached loss by Crean. Why, why is he still there. He continually is out coached and is ruining the great tradition of IU basketball. He has/is ruining some very talented kids.

  2. An extremely disappointing and revealing loss. I pointed out after the last game how when Bryant was out of the game, IU’s interior defense really suffered. Tonight, against a team with more talented big men, the interior defense was terrible even with Bryant. I continue to see guards driving at will, big men getting put backs after put backs and tip ins after tip ins. It is very disconcerting. Max and Colin are role players asked to do things they are not capable of doing. Bryant will continue to get better but he is very slow getting in defensive position. Bad decisions at the end of the game really hurt IU, but the continuation of bad defense from last year is a very unfortunate reality. And this was against a team picked to be near the bottom of the ACC.

  3. Terrible loss. Where is the experience of a senior pg? Why did the coach allow a late lead to be squandered with early in the shot clock threes? Then last inbound pass…. A joke. Yogi too tired to come back for the ball? Robert made zero effort to deny the drive to the basket and left TB to try to stop the drive. Halfhearted help defense on both of the last two drives.
    Overall pitiful showing. Yogi”s last three….smart shot or selfishly trying to extend his streak?
    I like Crean, but he has no interest, desire or ability to coach defense. That is no longer acceptable. Either they learn to play it this season or he has to go.

  4. “How to Mismanage the Clock as Well as Call [The 1 Second Left While Facing Full-Court Coverage] Play VS. [The 3 Seconds Left and No Pressure Whatsoever] Play”–by Thomas Crean

    The problem is bigger than the last 3 seconds of the game obviously, but still……….I’m speechless.

  5. Terrible defense and coaching. Keep this up and Crean will be like the wind, he will be gone. How many lay ups can one team give up? Where is Thomas Bryant the “rim protector”?

    It is going to be a long season

  6. Crean just got out coached by Danny Manning!!! How does that happen?? Iu should have beat them by 15 or more…..

  7. Indiana is a complete joke.No better this year than last because we have the same coach.Call 2 timeouts to throw a full lentgh pass that work’s maybe 1 out of 100 times?Brad Stevens is not coming…his next job will be either Louisville or Duke.LSU alumni will pay 15-20 million dollar buy out to get rid of Les Miles…better do the same here.Indiana won’t finish in the top 6 in Big Ten and bubble team at best for another one and done.

  8. Crean cleaned up the program, put it back on the map but he is not the guy that is going to get us a national title. Let the search begin so that by seasons end, we have the due dilegence out of the way. This program is a winner and we need a coach that can win year in and year out. Crean can recruit but he cannot coach. Remember fellas, he has a degree from Central Michigan in Parks and Recreation. He is not a very smart guy.

  9. Going to Maui is a vacation, for the players and coaches. Why else go? Indiana can get on TV anytime, they do not need this tournament for any other reason than a recruiting tool. Crean has a hard enough time getting all players ready to play in the best of circumstances – Hawaii – no chance.

    Blackman – complete no show in first half
    Hartman – stupid foul after stupid foul
    Williams – great plays followed by mind numbing turn overs
    Farrell – I will take the last shot no matter what
    Bryant – this ain’t high school no more

    Even the most optimistic have to wonder where the rebounds are going to come from and can this team play just a little bit of defense. Lastly, why do we have to put up this inconsistency year after year after year.

    This tournament is a throw away, I don’t think any of the players take it serious. But what I saw tonight — I saw too many times last year and that is what concerns me.

  10. IU fans you know for IU to win another national championship it will have to be without Crean cuz he has never put a good defensive team on the court in 8 years. That’s not his emphasis. But you all complain after a game like tonight, but then the team wins a big game and all is forgiven. The fans are 1/2 the problem. Quit looking from game to game, instead look at the big picture on where IU belongs….A NEW BANNER HANGING FROM THE RAFTERS. IU needs to move on from Crean….

  11. IU’s major sports are very mediocre. How much longer before Glass, Crean, and Wilson are all sent packing? Results like today are insulting.

  12. Glad to see you all coming back to your senses. Team is loaded and no direction. Crean is better at a smaller school. Decent recruiter horrible coach

  13. Looked very much like the Witchita St game that ended IU’s season last year. It becomes more obvious the better the competition . Thomas Bryant has great potential , but is probably a year ( and 25 lbs) away from being able to be a significant factor in THE BIG. For the 5 or 6 min that the Hoosiers played aggressive defense, they were in controll. That time in between? Sure seems like our bigs ought to have accumulated a few fouls by games end…. Its a pretty good group of players… frustrating, very frustrating

  14. This certainly isn’t very reassuring. In the first half there was great motion albeit somewhat spastic. In the second half it was the same old standing around. When Blackmon chucked up a 25 foot three with the game in the balance, missing badly, with plenty of time on the shot clock, I was pretty sure we were going to lose.

    It’s just one game but it certainly was an awful thing to watch. If they were making new mistakes it would at least be different. This is the same stuff I’ve been watching for the past few years.

  15. I hope that one the requirements for a new basketball coach is they played basketball at the college level.

  16. 3 yrs ago after graduation of Cody, Jordan and Christian; IU fans and Alumni knew it would be rebuilding; here are and the DEFENSE is STILL at same level: terrible. NONE of the players that have come thru in those 3 years have learned 1 thing defensively from CREAN. Offense: No post man to pass to at top of key or mid-lane blocks, EVERYONE standing Outside waiting for the dribble to stop and shot go up. Then they crash the boards. What should REALLY concern Glass and Crean is the evaluation of Indiana’s game play in front of a HUGE Fan Base ..ESPN noticed the large fan base that travelled.The fans Sitting in the stands are more than Likely the ” Alumni backers”..they weren’t happy either. Oh IU will come out next game and give a HEROIC effort to support the DREAMS of the fans but I see ANOTHER UP and DOWN year with bad defense giving way to stagnant offense.

  17. This was as bad an exhibition of defense as any we had last year! After absolutely NO defense in the first half, I actually had hope about 6 minutes into the second half but, it was fools gold. The defense disappeared again, then with the game on the line and a 9 point lead with 7 minutes to go Crean takes Bryant out and they score rebound baskets 3 possessions in a row. By the time we get Bryant back in we are behind! Yogi’s shot selection down the stretch was pure selfish and very poor! Crean really wasting the offensive talent this team possesses by not demanding his team play any defense what-so-ever. Bryant or not, it looks like this team will be no better than last year’s unless they turn their defensive commitment around.

  18. Yuck. We are talented enough to keep it close, but this team was a mess tonight. Offense was in total disarray and our defense managed to look worse than Bill Walton sounded.

    As Chet said, this is just one game, but it isn’t reassuring to see them demonstrating the same problems as last year.

  19. For a while tonight I thought the worst part would be listening to Bill Walton’s insipid commentary. But, as usual, Crean came through with yet another coaching disaster–and saved Walton from seeming like an even bigger doofus than he is.
    Love the Les Miles comparison from #9 above—-fat-cat boosters: quit throwing more money at this program until Crean is gone.
    O, and JB: based on the way your game looks so far this year….I’d say we can look forward to seeing lots more of you in candy-stripes the next year or two.

  20. I cannot watch any more Troy Williams… PLEASE LEAVE FOR THE NBA!!!! We would be so much better off if he had gone last year. Friggin Walton is gushing about him and I’m screaming at Crean to get him off the court. He is a turnover machine, which is bad, but he also kills the offense by holding onto the ball instead of reversing it and never looking into the post. So many times that Bryant has great position with no help defender to bother an entry pass and Thomas is just left there screaming and clapping his hands and eventually jumping up and down – so frustrated… We have guys that can score on the perimeter… we need to put players on the floor who value the balls and have basketball IQ… Williams is a dunce with athleticism. More Nicky Buckets… More Robbie J…

    I’m pretty sure that Bryant still hasn’t figured out that Thomas is a lefty.

    Normally the good news in a loss like this would be that the problems were glaring, not nuanced… so a coach worth their salt would be able to impress over the next week the importance of properly closing out, forcing players to go to their weak hand, how to defend a ball screen, how to box out… But Crean is a moron, and I’m pretty sure these kids will have to figure it out on their own.

    Nice last second play…

    Great play calling down the stretch in general – “ok guys, stop all that motion and ball movement you’ve been killing them with all game. Let’s go to the 4-out, stand around and watch the guy with the ball dribble offense… 1, 2, 3 TEAM!”

  21. Wake Forest was more aggressive on the boards. IU couldn’t defend in the last 5 minutes. Stagnant offense on the last few possessions.

    Why would you call a time out after Troy Williams ties the game with a free throw and allow WF to huddle up for an offensive play? WF had no time outs left!

    Why would you throw a pass beyond half court with 3 seconds to go? That’s what you do with 1 second left, not 3. You used 2 timeouts to come up with that?

  22. We have trouble boarding the basketball because we are small. We have to out-shoot the opposition and tonight we took some bad shots. Very disappointing that Crean did not talk to the Radio announcer. that could have been a moment where someone took responsibility and outlined future plans….as it was, we got to hear some Assistant tell us how our team is ‘young’. We’re not young, Thomas Bryant is young but while I feel he’s the reason our guys were playing like a TEAM, when things got tough we got some selfish play from our older players. The Coach has to address that. I still think we’re going to do well in the Big Ten. I predicted over .500 and am sticking with that. My hopes for a special season are sort of put on hold until I see some focused Team Play when things get tough (like playing tough Team Defense at the end of games and taking good Team shots in rotation at the end of games).

  23. After a restless night, I think I have finally figured out what is going on with IU athletics: Fred Glass, in an attempt to shovel even MORE money to Wilson and Crean, is secretly utilizing one guy to carry out multiple coaching duties. Unfortunately, so far, his work with the football DBs and the entire basketball Defense seems to paying few dividends…….except to the bank accounts of KW and TC.

  24. Disappointing to say the least. Same decision making and play repeated from last year by Crean and players. Nothing new under the sun. If we continue that behavior, nothing good can come from it. It will be another season of unfulfilled promise.

  25. #10 is spot on. CTC, with a couple exceptions, has done what he was hired to do which was to clean up a drug infested, thug program. He’s not a game day coach…never was. We had some success with the likes of Cody, Victor et al but who wouldn’t? Even by today’s standards, CTC is over compensated given his performance.

  26. Seen better defence at the HPER in pickup games on campus . Crean hasnt shown that he can coach defence . So sick of Yogi being the leader . He always finds a way to throw the game away . If you cant coach defence you shouldnt be a coach . Because thats were it all starts from. Crean has to go . Would be great to see IU get Brad Stevens to come to IU .

  27. My lividness has subsided as I have figured out, perhaps subliminally incited by Bill Walton’s zen-like commentary, that my disappointment comes from my expectations.

    Every passionate IU fan on this blog has expectations that IU should be a premier perennial team, with a premier coach, resulting in year to year player improvement.

    We are all disappointed by these expectations, which should be obvious, but instead are “lofty”.

    We have 5 banners and no future with this clown & cheerleader on the sidelines. None.

    And he and his staff’s development of big men is well documented; Zeller, Perea, Vonleh, April, and now Bryant. What a waste.

  28. Has to be a better option in crunch time than the ball always in Yogi’s hands. Why always is the 3 the preferred shot of choice when points are needed? The D looked good for the few minutes it was played. Troy this is a team game, pass the damn ball to lower your turnover total. So many Q’s and why, oh why, oh why with ample time does the last shot of the game require a 3/4 floor length pass.

  29. I can tell you exactly where CTC came up with that last ‘play’. It was the play Valpo used for their game winning shot a few years back in the NCAA Tourney. Only Valpo threw it to a wide open big man who dished it off to Bryce Drew. They didn’t just chuck it down the floor into a crowd.

    They probably even, you know, practiced it.

  30. Some venting and some observations on this board. What I would LIKE to see is TH writers ask Crean “Why after all of last year knowing your defense had to improve; then the offseason and summer to work on it..THEN practice opens and you have AT least Sr. Ferrell; Jr’s. Williams and Hartman, Soph. Blackmon and Johnson. add 5th yr transfers Zeisloft and Beinfelt. Those are the ones gobbling up playing time that HAVE spent time with Crean. Why is the Defense no Better than 3 yrs ago when Troy and Colin were freshmen. ESPN analysts had IU as a potential Final Four team based on Depth and talent…after the game the were searching for “kind” words ….usually it was porous defense, driving the lane too easily, stagnant offense…same CRAP we have heard from observers the past 3 years. While 1 loss doesn’t make a season; This year GROWTH was expected with ALL the returnees. Nothing ! This team plays this year like last years team. only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  31. After years of zealous defending of Crean you have to admit Chet there’s a lot of crow on the menu for you this week and from here on. Remember when Crean got that “Coach of the Half-Season Award” and you were walking around all over this blog claiming that the heads of Crean’s critics were exploding in the face of the widespread “recognition” for his talents as a coach? Embarassing. And bringing up an obscure Valpo example when there is Laettner’s shot is so unwitting of you but ultimately clearly shows consistency of judgment.

  32. The play with Laettner was similar only in that it went the length of the court. That’s about it. Laettner took the inbounds pass, took a single dribble, spun and shot it. Not even remotely similar to the Valpo play except that there was a basketball involved. Crean stated that the ball was to be passed to a trailer for the shot. Not surprised you were unaware. At least that’s consistent.

    Yep. I was all for giving Crean a shot at building the program. He didn’t. I was mistaken. I had hoped for better. I suppose you knew this would happen.

    There you go.

    I’ve never really been ‘all over this blog’ about anything but if that makes you feel better go for it.

  33. TJ,
    Never fear. We will hear anytime now about how well the team practiced last week. That worn out cliche has earned Crean millions over the last eight years.

  34. BTW, that ‘obscure’ play is one of the most replayed final shots in NCAA Tournament history. You can’t watch the opening of any NCAA Tournament game over the past few years without seeing it.

  35. Relax Chet I take all that back if it upsets you. The Bryce Drew shot was in 1998 which is more than a few years back. They (Ole Miss) also defended the inbound pass which neither Wake yesterday nor Kentucky in 1992 did. But if that hurts so bad just pretend I didn’t say anything my man.

  36. The reason I advocated for the removal of Crean at the conclusion of last season was for what we’re witnessing here in this thread. It isn’t just about the play in yesterday’s game, but something greater. He has not only lost the fanbase, but most that are associated with the program. An early Nov loss isn’t the end of the world by any means, but yesterday’s loss feels different than just a simple early season slip up.

    Funny, a few years back, Tom Crean was talking about having to build a team’s identity. For example: Bo Ryan’s Concentration Camp Guards: tough defense, careful shot selection, movement away from the ball and no turnovers. Crean’s teams are a jumbled mess and making excuses after the fact seems to be a regular occurrence. Now that Rick Barnes is gone, he’s now the poster child for doing little with so much. Is Wake Forrest a harbinger for things to come, or a bump in the road on the way to greater things? I don’t know, but when your Captain has lost the faith of his crew, everyone is scrambling looking for the life rafts. Crean’s lost control and it would be an extraordinary feat to gain it all back.

    I do give Crean credit for rebuilding from the ashes. However, this rebuilding effort has given Crean a crutch that does him no service. He can always look behind him and say that circumstances have conspired against him and the team saying there’s nothing he can do to control those events. For a fanbase that had a coach who, no matter the circumstances, NEVER accepted mediocrity or failure regardless of the circumstances, it is especially difficult to swallow.

    I, like Chet, rooted for the guy to succeed. It is more of a personal ethos than me trying to make a prediction of the future at the time. Admittedly, that made me defend things when it was probably more than painfully obvious to many of you who “knew from the beginning.” I didn’t think Crean was a top shelf candidate, but I did admire his tireless work ethic and desire to bring Indiana back to national prominence. I just hoped he’d get better and do his job well.

    Anyway, I’ll be still hoping for the best this season. I don’t want to watch basketball through March pouting and scowling. But it is likely that the only way he can save his job is to hang a banner…THIS YEAR. And, regardless of the circumstances, that’s a tall order for any coach/program.

  37. I rooted for Indiana to succeed. But you had to be blind to not realize Crean was merely a mouthpiece and a carnival salesman. He is a beauty pagaent judge. He can use the prestige of our institution to guarantee top athletes(not necessarily savvy basketball players) a passageway into the NBA. And there is no way in hell that he should have ever sat on the caddyshack committee that hired Fred Glass….That’s the sort of dumb sh___ that gets you into arrangements completely in contradiction to what is a dignified structure of accountability at Indiana.

    Without well-schooled ballers from Indiana(guys that actually had solid high school coaching) and one recruit, Cody Zeller, he would go down in history as the worst of the worst in X’s and O’s.

    Collin Hartman could coach this squad better than Crean….I’m sure Bill Walton would confer.

  38. Hehe. Bill Walton got hit in the head by too many waves. He’s even more incoherent than normal. He just called Hartman “The Player of the Tournament.”

    When did they start teaching that the best position on defense is anything but squaring up right in front of your man between him and the basket? Why didn’t the HT Reporters tell us about that trip to Spain Crean took his team to after visiting the Naval Academy this summer? O—lay!!!

  39. Why can’t Walton stop blowing his whistle? He’s still making up for the horrific absence of one that would have fouled him out of a Final Four game in 1973. I wonder if Bryant reminds him a bit of Steve Downing. Shame on me…Downing was soooooooo much better. These Establishment blowbags keep selling Crean’s choice BIG’s as top talents…..They .are all for keeping Tom Crean at Indiana.

    t’s always slobberfest when they talk about are supreme talent….(knowing full well we have a bozo coaching them). The selling only helps the dimwits have their ammunition to keep Crean because he can run to every corner the East Coast and find some diamond in the rough that has NBA potential….But his teams, absent any synergy, clue in how to ‘team’ defend, or play together, will never have banner potential.

  40. Crean’s overall lifetime yield is 5th place and 20 wins. Same as it was in the Big East when he was there. This type of ceiling and pedigree is a godsend for a program that needs a rebuilder, or for a smaller school that wants to overachieve.

    It is a nightmare, on the other hand, for a program trying to take the next leap from good to great. Too many examples come to mind of this type of meddling mediocrity that can’t harness elite talent: George Karl’s Sonics (lost to 8th seed Lakers year after year), Don Mattingly’s Dodgers, Billy Gillespie at UK, Les Miles at LSU (perhaps), every USC coach during the 90’s before Pete Carroll, Notre Dame coaches before Bryan Kelley…etc.

    It’s time for IU to get a grip and learn when to upgrade. You don’t become great by being scared to act and resting on laurels. The program is in great shape to hand the reigns to someone who can not only bring, but coach great talent to new heights.

  41. Completely disagree. Give him a program that doesn’t already have a huge pedigree/tradition in hoops and he would rot like on old summer tomato on the vine. He is a salesman that sold himself into the right households.

  42. Not to belabor, but Butler is a smaller school with basketball pedigree that could use some spark/rebuilding. How do you think Crean would do at Butler? IT WOULD BE A DISASTER. It would erase everything that school represents(defensive work ethic, team first, unselfishness on offense, cajones, smart shot selection, never panicking when behind, precision cuts and utilization of different offensive sets instead of limiting everything to perimeter weaves or dribble-drive, fundamentals…fundamentals…fundamentals…, a place you take talent and turn them into basketball students instead of playground showboats).

    If he’s such a marvelous recruiter and a great teacher of the game, then Butler would be blessed to have him. We can only pray.

  43. ( “Why didn’t the HT Reporters tell us about that trip to Spain Crean took his team to after visiting the Naval Academy this summer? O—lay!!!”)

    HUHH??!! YEAHH WHY???? Is HT sports staff brushing the record? Or just didn’t know??? What is this all about??

    (Good catch, DD!)

  44. Let’s be honest here. Harvard, there is no doubt you were never on board with CTC. Good for you. You’re right it seems. That being said, when some of us were reluctant to throw him out with the bathwater we had the #1 ranked team in the country.

    It was fool’s gold. Sure, we all know that in retrospect. At the same time, is it reasonable to call for the head of a coach that, at the time, had brought his team to the #1 ranking? The year before the Hoosiers were, during the regular season, the only team to beat a vaunted Kentucky team. Toss in a couple Sweet Sixteens. Their first Big Ten championship in forever.

    No AD anywhere would see that as a bad hire at that time.

    You were apparently correct but you really didn’t have the data to support it. It was an opinion that was counter to the available information. Sometimes that happens. I wouldn’t bet that way.

  45. You’re right, Chet. Never was on board with Crean. But I was on board with the Hoosiers when many were throwing Christian Watford under the bus in attempt to defend Crean. Rankings are mostly talent evaluations…You could give Crean all the talent of Duke and UK combined and his coaching would have them all tripping on their toes by March.

    We won’t rehash why I could never get on board with Crean from the beginning…His proving he could not coach simply followed in line with what was already a villain-chasing blowbag that points to everything as the problem but the guy in the mirror. He doesn’t put anything on his own shoulders…Is it possible that just an ounce of humility and a spoonful of accountability could take just a tiny bit of pressure off his talented players?

    Purdue has a ton of Big 10 championships. Yippee. Separation in March Madness comes when you see teams you don’t see three times during the season. Crean will never be able to get his teams to adjust(halftime or otherwise) when it’s against coaches that bring so much more to the chalkboard.

    If his players only chased and got in the face of the guy they’re guarding like Crean got in Jeff Meyer’s face. Now that was a teaching moment wasted.

  46. No argument here.

    Here’s the thing. I probably speak for more than a few Hoosiers in that. by default, I’m going to be supportive of a new coach. Now, if Rick Pitino or Calapari got hired all bets are off. But some nondescript guy from Marquette who has been to a Final Four and interned under Tom Izzo? Who doesn’t like Tom Izzo?

    Welcome to Bloomington. Best of luck.

    I think those of us that are engaged realize it’s just not happening. I’m pretty sure we’re watching a dead coach walking. Barring a banner or, at least a Final Four trip, I just don’t see this show getting renewed for next season.

    Too bad. We’re loaded.

  47. Chet you’re again talking about “facts” and you either ignore them or just aren’t aware of them. Kentucky finished 38-2 that year so Indiana was not the only team to beat them. Crean himself admitted that was not the play he had drawn for them. All the signs were there but you ignored them: Zeller made the team competitive by having the influence of a Larry Bird (though as you recall you kept insisting that he was not that important it was all Crean’s brilliance in your view). Crean meanwhile was obsessed with VJ3. Lucky for us VJ3 got injured and Crean had to use Jordy. It was clear the players were underachieving. We played Butler with the #1 ranked team and lost. At the time you were claiming rankings mean nothing. Now you make them sound like a big deal. Admit it you are a loser. The national press called us the biggest underachiever in history as you were busy celebrating the coach of the half-season award. I’m so sick of it. Twist it any way you want it that’s the truth. Crean controls the local newspaper and you’re just another one of the big heads he brought with him from Marquette. Because you can’t be so dumb as to believe what you write.

  48. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?

    Kentucky lost to Vandy in the SEC tournament. That’s in the post season. I said Indiana was the only team to beat them during the regular season.

    Put the pipe down, Opie.

  49. And in all honesty, Chet, I didn’t know Crean from Cindi Lauper when he was first hired. After only two press conferences, I thought he was Cindi Lauper.

  50. I want to agree with post #48. It is tme for IU at least in basketball to take its place among the elite. We need to go out and get an elite coach. It is amazing to me how KY, Duke NC all reload. Maybe now and then have a off season, but come right back with a very strong team. Ky replaces seven players and are rated number two. Beat Duke by double figures in second game. PLAYED defense so Crean has had these guys for three years and they still don’t play help defense or any other type of defense. Take quick three point shots at the end when we needed to run some time off the clock and score. Man run the offense if you get and easy lay up fine shoot early but lauching a long three. Unbelieveable. I am sorry he can blame team leadership, but I say it is lack of coaching and teaching. This isn,t The first time we have lost a game like this with these kids. Does’nt Crean use film to teach them what they should be trying to do in games like this. CRAZY\

  51. Furthermore #55 is a attempt to rewrite history. Here are some of your memorable posts on this blog:

    Chet (Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 8:02 PM UTC) said:

    If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost … What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

    That’s from the time when some on this blog were calling you Thunderlips. I am glad in retrospect you realize what a simpleton you were with some of your statements.

    IU made the Bobby Knight legend possible. He couldn’t have had that kind of success at Texas Tech or, really, any but a small handful of schools.

    The young Knight would have succeeded anywhere. Consider that Knight made the Kryszewski legend possible. What was Duke before Kryszewski got there?

    One more time, IU basketball did’t start with Bobby Knight. He had a great run from the early ’70s through the early ’90s.

    And on and one you went to the great satisfaction of Laffy who was one of the few that agreed with you.

    Then, of course, there was that one time with the Meth girl… 😆

  52. Hey, that’s awesome. Looking back I was was spot on on every one of those.


    I’m smarter than thought. Thanks.

  53. “What was Duke before Kryszewski got there?”

    Well, let’s see. Two years before Coach K arrived they were in St. Louis playing Kentucky for the NCAA Championship.

    You’re such a masochist.

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