IU changing weekly routine ahead of Michigan game #iufb

Most Mondays, the dress code is quite simple — T-shirts or polo shirts, and shorts or sweat pants for Indiana’s lone day off.

But not this week.

When he arrived to meet reporters at IU’s Henke Hall of Champions on Monday morning, Dan Feeney was still in practice gear, with both knee braces still attached and pellets of turf stuck to the sweat on his skin. Marcus Oliver, meanwhile, walked upstairs with his ankles fully taped and his cleats click-clacking on the floor beneath him.

It was a different look for Indiana, both visually and in terms of the team’s approach to preparation for Saturday’s home finale against No. 15 Michigan. Rather than give his team its normal day off Monday, IU coach Kevin Wilson held a light morning practice and moved the off day to Thursday — a subtle tweak to the weekly schedule that Wilson hopes will keep his team fresh over the final three weeks of the regular season.

“We talked about it a week ago,” Wilson said. “These kids have worked hard, and you just don’t want to lose them physically or psychologically down the stretch here.”

Pushing the day off until later in the week helps keep players fresh through the wear and tear of the season, but it also might help from a mental standpoint, too. This week, the Michigan walkthrough and game scouting will be tied closer together at the end of the week and could be more freshly imprinted on the minds of players as they take the field for Saturday’s 3:30 kickoff.

It’s mostly a small adjustment, but one Wilson believes might help his Hoosiers get a head start on preparation for the Wolverines.

“It’s just a subtle little tweak to get a jump on Michigan and maybe not be as heavy on the back end with them,” Wilson said. “That being said, we challenged them. We need better prep early in the week. Some of those things you want to make up at the end with those last-minute walkthroughs, you’re losing. We’ll see how it goes. … I think our guys are really putting a great deal of effort in the prep. They’re putting a great deal of effort on the game. That being said, we need to be smart in how we’re practicing.”

Simmons expected to be available

When he was flagged for targeting late in the second quarter against Iowa, T.J. Simmons was ejected and missed all of Saturday’s second half.

That means the Indiana linebacker should be available for all four quarters of this week’s game against Michigan.

When the NCAA added automatic ejection to its targeting rule in 2013, it also included a stipulation that the offending player would be forced to sit for the first half of his team’s next game. Because Simmons missed the second half Saturday, Wilson and defensive coordinator Brian Knorr both believe their middle linebacker will be available to start against the Wolverines.

“Because it was a first-half deal, first and second half has been served,” Wilson said. “I’ll verify that for sure.”

Ups and downs on third down

Coming out of the bye week, Indiana sought to address third-down defensive lapses on short- and medium-range situations.

But after the loss to Iowa, it was IU’s approach to third-and-long that needs work.

The Hawkeyes faced third-and-long four times, converting three of those for first downs. All three of those conversions extended drives that ended in touchdowns, including on back-to-back Iowa possessions in the fourth quarter.

“Those are situations where, if we want to be able to finish off our opponent or do what we want to do in the fourth quarter, those are situations where on third-and-nine, and third-and-10 where we have to get them stopped,” Brian Knorr said. “… It’s disappointing. I think we got better in a sense on third down with of the areas we wanted to address on third-and-short, third-and-medium, but it was those three third-and-nine (yards-plus) that led to touchdowns.”

Maryland kickoff TBA

Indiana will once again be forced to wait for the kickoff time for an upcoming game.

The Nov. 21 contest at Maryland will begin either at noon or 3:30 p.m. The television assignment will be announced within a six-day window of the game. IU also had to wait until this past Saturday to learn that the upcoming game against Michigan will begin at 3:30 p.m. on ABC.


  1. IU goes into the grinder again and I hope the later day helps as it seems to have made a difference with Iowa this year. It is hard to see the coaches and players put so much into the game and have fans complaining so much for losing games to top ten teams. I get the frustration of losing to Rutgers as I was frustrated too. IU just can’t get a break as we have a top receiver that can’t play until next year. I hope the players that have another year eligible come back next year so we have some continuity and growth with the team.

    This game against UM will be a tough one but a win would pick people’s spirits up especially if the team finishes with wins in the two upcoming road games. Our team has shown they can play with anyone and it would be great to have a few things go their way so they beat anyone they play. Go get them Hoosiers.

  2. Lets face the facts its year 5 we got zero big ten wins. The only other school with 0 wins this season in the big ten fired their coach who was 10-23 in 4.5 years and made two bowl games. Our guy is 6-31 and blowing 25 point leads at home with 17 mins left to the worst team in the conference! How does Glass have a job? Lets add in the fact too that the big ten is softer with two weakish football programs added. The only reason we don’t have 90% empty stadium is because the other programs that care about winning bring fans. I sent Fred Glass an email (no BS!) after IU lost 10–62 to Purdue in 2008 and to shorten the story basically I think Bill Lynch is probably an amazing man but hes not gonna turn around our program. I did give him props for being nice enough to actual respond to me, he disagreed and understood my frustration. Well two years later he agreed hopefully we wont have to wait another two years to late, because the Rutgers game set this program back years! Then after the game you can see coach KW tell flood hell of a game after its over. Hell of a game? One of the worst loses in recent history you should be pissed we blew an insane lead when the other teams best player was hurt. If they can win at Northwestern they sure as hell can win here if we didn’t have incompetent leadership across the board. The HT use to be a decent paper but nobody has stones to write what i said its just too honest. If the foundation is 0 wins that it can’t get worse. -1 is not possible VV

  3. Donald T you do nothing but criticize people, sorry you are so mad. Get off this site since you hate it and don’t listen to facts other than wins and losses. I knew you were a coach that truly knows football or you would understand that turning around a losing program is very tough and takes time to turn around a losing program; I have been there as a coach and know that. I also know when you start with very good athletes it is easy to win if you put in the work. By the way the two school I coached or helped coach never won state titles until I was there. The school I was HC of team that went to the state twice was a mixture of inner city kids and poor country kids so getting them to come together wasn’t easy. Not only that I had study tables and worked hard to get them recruited and still stay in touch with those inner city and poor country kids along with the country kids from the first school that won a title.

    I will not respond to any more of your post so please stop comment on mine.

  4. Refute any of my facts with numbers disproving me? Please. You have giving me none but the terrible mich st comparison. Again you jump to these absurd statements about how I feel when I have not say anything of the such. Nobody said anything about iu being easy to turn around, not one single person. Great i hope you have your resume up to date when the job opens up after the season. You can’t win a logically argument so you make statements up and play the victim. But you can’t run from the facts we are last in big ten defense by far (30 yards a game,6.6 yards a play last by far) and its year 5 that falls on head coach as well.

  5. too all you fans criticism the IU football team, please look at the IU football schedule…you will notice that the IU football team has played four (Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa) teams ranked in the top 15 of the CFP polls and we have played two (Western Kentucky and Penn State) teams that previously received top 25 votes….The IU football record will be 1-5 against those 6 football teams, but what we have to look at is how competitive the team has been against those ranked teams….my questions to all fans is how competitve would the IU teams of the pass be against this competition??? yes, fans need a signature win and more wins to say that this program has improved, but if you look deeply at the talent and the play on the field you have to say that IU football has improved

  6. IU79 You are right and you know who is making wrong statements about me.
    People ignore D T as he can’t comprehend what is written and only think #s are facts instead of statements are facts and say bad things about others. IU is making progress as the games against top teams are very close to IU winning. I hope better recruits see that and come to IU.

  7. I’m fine with us losing to all those teams except West ky at home! But you fail to mention the biggest game of our season and the reason we are in last place RUTGERS. They are gonna fire their coach because their program is doing so terrible this year. Yet they came in here as touchdown underdogs and scored 28 points in less than 18 mintues with over 70 percent off there entire offense off the field. Maybe moral victories as our stud SR QB is about to go to NFL is ok with you but some of us are in reality, this was our chance with playing the 3 worst teams in the big ten not named IU.

  8. Well IU 79 aka VV13, in the past we have beat Iowa. We were only 6 point underdogs for a reason, we got a talented football team and we should of had a shot to beat them. We scored 6 times and they scored only 5, the difference is that kirk ferentz was more agressive on fourth and shorts while we were kicking fgs. Again not playing to win is a disgrace, when you have 3 nfl players on offense and the other teams qb was hurt! 6-31 in 5 years, 0 wins this year with our best qb ever is fine with some people just not the real fan base.

  9. Id rather lose by 70 then blow a 25 point home lead to the worst team in our conference, hope you lemmings are happy with zero big ten home wins. Correct my 6 to a 5* ^ started drinking early thinking about how bad we are,smh. Whoever said masochists were IU fans was probably right, even Purdue can win a big ten game.

  10. Donald T, the only thing I disagree with anything your wrote above is that Sudfeld is “our best qb ever.” No way. He’s not IU’s best quarterback ever by a long shot. He’s an outstanding young man of excellent character, but he’s not IU’s best QB ever. Right off the top of my head, I can think of five IU QB’s who were better. The off-the-top-of-my-head list includes, Harry Gonso, Babe Laufenberg, Trent Green, and Antwaan Randle El and Dave Schnell (RIP). And we could debate Ben Chappell joining that list too. Sudfeld in a good college QB, and he’s probably in the top eight IU quarterbacks of all time, but others were better. If nothing else, those other guys were better simply because they were more durable. They were all tough, durable guys (Randle El was probably the toughest ever!). And with the exception of Trent Green, none of them had the benefit of IU’s current offensive line to protect them like Sudfeld enjoys this season. And please spare me the statistics comparison. Sudfeld get’s a lot more offensive plays under Wilson’s system than any of those other IU QBs.

  11. I’ll give you green, Gonso and Schnell. You really lost me with Ben Chappell, that’s not even cmon man.

  12. You forgot Randle El! Randle El is one of the top three all-time football players in IU history, not to mention one of the best players in college football while at IU. And I think his success in the NFL validates that opinion. In fact, if Randle El had played on a team with just an average defense, I believe he would have won the Heisman. His only downside as a QB was his height, but he more than compensated for that with his incredible athleticism.

  13. v13 and The Donald: Knock it off, youse guys. And really, v13, only cheerleaders “allowed” to post here? I like The Donald, even if he is like an eight-track machine playing the same stuff over and over.

    IU79: Most people in most endeavors are judged by how they perform against their peers. I put more weight on whether IUFB is beating the beatable teams, not on how IUFB is losing to elite teams.

    The Donald: “in the past we have beat [sic] Iowa.” (#9). Yeah, about ten years ago. Please explain yourself, this statement is pointless without context. IUFB beat Notre Dame in 1945, too, but how does that figure in?

    1. This seems like a good time to interject this reminder: Continue to debate away, just do it without personal attacks — that includes impugning people’s education or intelligence. I would add that the internet is not a good place to make those kind of evaluations.

  14. Kirk Ferentz has lost to IU many times in the past, I even recall them being ranked a couple of those! Iowa was a winnable game, not sure what you don’t comprehend my friend. People go nuts because of the rankings, but they were a 6 point favorite to a winless big ten team!
    2012 IU 24 Iowa 21, 2007 38-20, 2006 31-28, 2000 45-33, 1999 38-31, 1998 14-7. 6 wins in the last 20 years and we don’t even play them most years now! Plus id not take any 1945 cfb win serious. There was some type of historical event that changed the landscape of sports, oh the second world war!

  15. The Donald: We’re doing it again! Agreeing, that is. At least kind of. Of course the 1945 IU-ND game should have been called the “4-F Bowl.” Admitted my memory failed me as to the particulars of recent IU-Iowa history (but I did write the previous week that I liked our chances v Iowa). But I still don’t see how previous history figures into v13’s rosy outlook for IUFB and IU79 comments on the schedule.

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