IU falls to Michigan 48-41 in double overtime

Mitchell Paige was on his back near the Michigan 2-yard line, moments removed from watching Indiana’s latest chance at a breakthrough punched out from his own hands.

Offensive linemen Dimitric Camiel and Jake Reed hurried over to pull him from the turf, yanking his right arm to lift all 176 pounds of the IU receiver off the ground and back to reality. Paige pulled at his chin strap and bobbed his head, surely replaying the final moment of Indiana’s 48-41 double overtime loss to No. 15 Michigan as he ambled toward the locker room. For the briefest moment, Paige had a grip on the equalizing touchdown pass at the end of the second overtime period.

And then he didn’t.

Instead, Michigan safety Delano Hill caught him in press coverage and jostled and pushed Paige until he could no longer corral the pass and IU’s hope of an upset victory with it.

The crests and troughs of Indiana’s football season brought the Hoosiers (4-6) another series of fleeting highs followed by another crushing low before an announced crowd of 49,557 Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

The latest blow to IU’s bowl hopes required two overtime rounds of heartbreak set up by a game-tying Michigan touchdown in the final two seconds of regulation.

Yes, Indiana took a seven-point lead against the Wolverines into the last few moments of the fourth quarter, before finding itself a couple plays short yet again. Indiana, winless in the Big Ten, has now lost six consecutive games and travels to Maryland next Saturday.

“I felt, for whatever reason, today was just going to be different,” Paige said. “We’re tired of losing, that’s for sure. We’re tired of it. This is the group. This group that we have, we’re going to change this program. You gotta start winning games like that. I thought that was going to be the one. I felt that was going to be the one.”

It nearly was. Indiana built its latest effort on the back of running back Jordan Howard, who rushed for a season-high 238 yards and scored two touchdowns, while averaging 6.8 yards per carry against the No. 3 ranked Michigan run defense.

Indiana stuck with its ground game late Saturday, stringing together 19 consecutive rushing plays spanning the fourth quarter and both overtime periods through a third-and-goal play at the Michigan 5 in the second OT. IU quarterback Nate Sudfeld kept on a read option for three yards, pushing the ball to the Wolverines’ 2-yard line.

But needing only those last two yards to prolong the game, Indiana opted to break its streak of consecutive rushes and threw a pass. Sudfeld took the snap, looked to his right and found Paige, who nearly completed the catch. Instead, the ball popped out.

“We talked about (running),” Wilson said. “We had several choices. We went with a max (protection) and a route over here and two routes over here and see if some guy could win. And they defended it.”

For his part, Howard said he would never question a coach’s call.

“I guess the play call was called as a pass because they were so focused in on the run,” Howard. “I felt like it was a great call. We just have to execute better.”

Michigan quarterback Jake Rudock and receiver Jehu Chesson, meanwhile, combined for a career afternoon through the air. Rudock threw for 440 yards and six touchdowns, with 207 of those yards and four scores going to Chesson.

Trailing 24-16 at halftime, Indiana ran to its first lead with a strong third quarter. The Hoosiers’ defense forced a three-and-out to open the second half and on the ensuing punt, Paige bounced off and spun around would-be tacklers for a 51-yard touchdown return to get Indiana within a point.

Griffin Oakes tied the IU single-game record with four field goals Saturday — the last of which connected from 51 yards out to give the Hoosiers a 26-24 lead with 7:40 to play in the third quarter.

The Indiana defense bent but didn’t break on Michigan’s next two drives. Jonathan Crawford stopped a long Michigan march with an interception, and an IU goal line stand on the Wolverines’ next possession forced Michigan to settle for a 20-yard field goal.
Indiana answered with an eight-play, 69-yard drive built entirely on the ground. It ended with a 24-yard touchdown by Howard, who eclipsed the 1,000-yard rushing mark during the first quarter.

Michigan nearly killed all but the final two seconds during the final drive of regulation, taking the ball 66 yards in less than three minutes and finding the end zone on a five-yard pass from Rudock to Chesson on fourth down to set up the overtime period.

Opening overtime with the ball, IU needed five plays to score on a Howard dive from one-yard out. Michigan, meanwhile, answered two plays later with a 21-yard reception by Jake Butt.

Rudock opened the second overtime with a touchdown after Rudock found Amara Darboh wide open and untouched for a 25-yard scoring reception on the first play.

Indiana, which followed Howard’s lead almost all evening, opted to throw on fourth-and-goal at the two. The toss to Paige at the goal line nearly worked.

Then it didn’t.

“We’re not a bad team,” Wilson said. “But we’re not good enough, because the real stat is we’re 0-1 this week. And we need to get 1-0 next week. It ain’t about stats and running; it just wasn’t enough. Should we have ran it one more time tonight? Ultimately there’s only one stat that counts. And we’re 0 for 1.”


  1. If Wilson stays, Knorr MUST go. This defense is absolutely horrendous! I refuse to believe that there isn’t a DC out there that can’t hold teams to less than 30 points per game. Time to open the checkbook and pay somebody.

  2. Of course it’s the defense but usually it’s the defense in the 4th Quarter. That isn’t scheme or coaching. That’s depth. These guys are exhausted and hung in there tonight longer than I thought they would or they have. I don’t think we could get a better coach and recruiter than Wilson. We are in the toughest division (by far) and have hung “tough” with all of these teams. We need more bodies and I don’t see anyone who would be significantly better than Wilson who would come to IU.

  3. Did the defense settle for field goals early? There is plenty of room to grow on both sides of the ball with this bunch. Seemed like they played hard. Special teams TD, got a turnover late, Howard was impressive. Lots of good everywhere, just not enough.

    I really thought the last TO by Harbaugh was brilliant and may have gotten to us a little. Maybe not, but it seemed to me.

  4. The defense lost this game…..again.

    Complete disrespect by Wilson not run Howard on the last play. He owes that man the ball. Maybe Wilson and Pete Carrol can have a beer and talk about what offensive giants the are.

  5. Is Knorr the problem? Or was it Wilson for hiring Mallory in the first place. I don’t know the answer. But someone has to answer as to why we are forced to start freshman db’s who have been torched all year. And look at next year. Is IU a better team next year without suds, most likely Howard, and the loss of some key players on both lines? Defense wins games. No excuse for lack of depth in the secondary,

  6. I’m a life-long Michigan fan. You Hoosiers outplayed us and deserved to win. You made our “impressive” defense look like they couldn’t color inside the lines. You played us better than the 2 teams that actually beat us. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Damn good fight Hoosiers. Also, If you all would be willing to crowd-source me some new underwear, that would be awesome….

  7. Fire Wilson and hire a winner. IU has only ever hired two proven winning coaches in the last 30 years and both were able to take the Hoosiers to bowl games. Knock off the B.S. Excuses and the big battle ship talk and go out and hire a dynamic proven winner and we will be a bowl team. Real simple.

  8. Wilson hired the DC. Our defense is last in points per game, yards per game and yards per play in the big ten. We haven’t had one marquee win in 5 years with Wilson and if we make it to a bowl it will be more to do with how awful Purdue and Maryland have become. Remember that quote the buck stops here? Anyone who has played football knows there is no excuse for people running wide open all day with a 4 man rush! Our offense is gonna have a huge regression with all we lose. Our strength on D is our run defense and that should drop off too with all that we lose on the line. The future is hopeless when we turn to 9 conference games unless we get a proven winner in here. I mean Jim tressel came from a d 2 school, no more offensive coordinators we have been down this failed road too many times!

  9. Absolutely was NOT offensive pass interference on Andre Booker…that was an amazing catch! Also, if Jordan Crawford had been playing the ball instead of watching the UM receiver during that final drive in regulation he easily intercepts that ball. Folks…this team is so close to turning the corner. Had Antonio Allen not been arrested and Michael Hunter not transferred to OSU, this IU Secondary unit is probably good enough to help the team win a couple of these B1G games. I can only hope that IU can beat Maryland & PU, and still make it to a bowl game. BTW, Jordan Howard is a beast and easily a 1st or 2nd Rd draft pick if he decides to go to the NFL next year.

  10. How many of the anti Wilson or knorr posts have football season tickets or make varsity club contributions? The team is much improved, we have played 3 of the 4 best teams in the big ten and were in the games and lost by a touchdown in each game. Purdue pays their football coach more than what IU pays Wilson. I think Fred Glass should give Coach Wilson a contract extension. We gave Crean a ten year contract and we had five national championship banners.

  11. Wilson is a LOSER. Fire this LOSER now. 0-6 is 0-6 is 0-6. Worse record than Lynch, who all of you dopes hated.

  12. Dunbar take a chill pill armchair boy. This team has a weak secondary. Ok, they lost two of their best secondary players at the beginning of the season. Still, the secondary coach may have to go. Other than that, Wilson has built this team out of nothing and they have played four of the best teams in the country toe-to-toe. Both our star offensive players were out with injuries or limited in a couple of games that would have been wins had they have been healthy. Wilson has built a good team. If he wins out and goes to a bowl, I think with this nationally televised heroic effort he may still be able to work more of his recruiting magic and give the Hoosiers another chance. If Dunbar, you think that you are going to do better with someone else, I suggest you personally go out and get him.

  13. “Nationally televised heroic effort” hahahahahahahaha. Did Nate Sudfeld rescue a baby from a well in between first and second overtime? Also, thanks for clarifiying the rules around here. I hate when fans complain about KW and then don’t follow through and fire him/hire a new coach by the end of the weekend.

  14. All of these people who are happy with moral victories are the reason why we don’t have a winning program. I can’t think of one divison 1 program besides us that would let a coach go 0-6 in conference play his 5th year as head coach with ZERO bowls. All i hear is we are close, blah blah blah. The reality is we can’t finish and that is on our head coach who never learns. We lost to RUTGERS, RUTGERS at home! You know the program that is going to fire their coach at any second because 1 big ten win is not acceptable for them. IU south I go to game or two every year and I have defended coach Wilson for years but to say this is acceptable year 5 is a joke. If Wilson is the coach I will do the same thing as when Lynch was losing, not go! 6-32 year 5, that’s really acceptable to some of you guys? Bill Lynch was 6-26 making alot less than Wilson with worse facilitates,players and the big ten was alot better without Maryland and Rutgers. If its not good enough for Lynch, which it wasn’t, how is it ok for Wilson? He needs to go so we can get some hope into the program.

  15. Dang. Had the B1G’s two football bluebloods beat this season — and let both squirm away.

    My only question about CKW is this: If he stays on, in 2-3 years, will we still be sitting here with a 0-6 or 1-5 league record, lamenting a big win that got away or bemoaning how we’re just THIS close to turning the corner. (BTW, I was a student in B-town the last time we beat those two in the same season. Was a really fun time for IU football. It’s too bad we have to go back nearly 30 years to recall the last time this program really prospered. And it’s too bad the program only flourished for about 4-5 years before sinking back into mediocrity).

  16. If CW loses to both Maryland and PU, then his head is definitely on the chopping block.

    If he beats both Maryland and PU, and IU goes to a bowl game, then CW deserves a contract extension. Also, Austin King could end up being a very good QB since he has gotten a redshirt year to learn the system and has a huge upside – he should come in around 6’2″ 205 lbs next season.

    I, for one, am still bullish on this IU team although today’s game was another heart-breaker.

  17. Bullish Higgi? I take it you haven’t watch this team the last 5 years. Same story nothing but moral victories. Jake Rudock had 8 touchdown passes before today. He had 6 vs our bottom of the barrel defense, which is nothing new for a KW team if you have been following the last 5 years. Dead Last in every major big ten defensive category , its not even close Higgi. Stop drinking the Jim Jones kool aid. If he stays the stands will be more empty. Nobody thinks 6-32 is acceptable even at IU.

  18. Donald T…just like The Donald, your arrogance and false bravado will get you nowhere.

    Just what big name coach do you think is going to come to IU if CW is fired? Guessing you would also fire CW if IU finishes 6-6 in the regular season and IU goes to a bowl game for the first time since Hep?

    Yes…I’m still bullish because I believe that IU can beat both Maryland and Purdue. We’ll see what happens…and if IU wins out over the next 2 weeks then hopefully you’ll move to Guyana.

  19. Big name coach? When the hell did I say bill parcells was gonna come here? Its not that hard you take someone like Purdue they went out and found Joe tiller. Its simple you find someone with a record of success as a head coach just like HEP! Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results is the definition of insanity. You’re not facing the facts. We are DEAD LAST in every major defensive statistic. It doesn’t matter if we put up 40 if they score 50 on us. 6-32 in 5 years and guess what next year we have to play 9 conference games and NO div 2 schools allowed. The defense has not progressed one damn season. Show me stats proving me wrong. Look at the stands, look at us at dead last with ZERO wins. Please prove me wrong with some numbers any type of logic besides you’re awful assessment.

  20. I was at this game and it was the best game I have attended.The crowd stayed and it was the loudest crowd I have heard at IU which is one reason the defense wasn’t exhausted and the offense was scoring points in the 4th quarter. It was a loss and not a moral victory but fans were buying into helping the team as much as the UM fans did for their team [they had at least half the fans]. Michigan fans were happy to come out with a win thinking they were outplayed but pulled out the win anyway [I heard those comments many times walking out to our vehicle]. My daughter, SIL, and myself felt it was the best game we had every experienced in person at the college level. We came back to my mother’s house and the whole family [they watched on TV] said the game was great and they thought the team was going to win.

    Our drives stalled in the first half every time Howard went out; he asked to come out and wasn’t pulled out by the coaches. The coaches and players didn’t quit but personally I would have won or lost at the end with Howard running behind our OL. UM’s vaunted D just got 500+ yards put on them and have to be shaken and were shaken in this game as they didn’t have any real answer. Peppers on offense was controlled by our defense. Defense is about athletic ability and IU is lacking due to poor recruiting results before the New DC came in [he has had one recruiting class]. I am questioning the DB coaches as the DBs are any better at playing the ball on deep passes. College QBs get the ball there quicker on intermediate and short routes but long balls should still be played the defender. No matter, freshmen DBs will struggle and I see our man coverage being played tighter with safeties helping on the runs in a timely manner. The problem in previous seasons on defense was not getting good enough athletes through evaluation misses or not being able entice them into the program. Offense is about finding the weakest defenders and exploiting them. On offense you can hide weaker athletes to exploit your better athletes.

    This team needs to prove they can win by beating Maryland and Purdue. I would hope the close games,on tv, against top rated opponents entices higher quality athletes to sign with IU this Winter. We won’t know next year’s make-up until recruiting is over. We do have a RB that beat out an older RB MSU signed last year, an outstanding JC WR that becomes eligible, OL that have played this season and in the past with a coaching staff that has proven they produce quality O Lines, and a defense that has gained a lot of experience that we can’t be sure of how they will improve with it next year.

    Everyone here wants IU to win and we are frustrated with the loses especially since IU is close to winning against teams in the Top Fifteen. None of us are into moral victories; the difference.is how we think IU can win – one side is for changing coaches again hoping to get a better coach [there are now 30 openings in Div I with more to come] while some of us aren’t ready to pull the plug yet. I don’t know that Coach Wilson is the right coach for IU but with the missteps a rookie HC makes while putting a staff together and learning the role of a HC I am willing to give him more time. It is a gamble that he will improve the team next year but with the team being several players short right now yet still in position to defeat top 15 teams and factoring in the challenge those teams feel as they walk out fortunate to come out with a victory. It is a risk keeping Coach Wilson but one I am willing to see IU take for now.

  21. Some great posts. Sampson #14 especially. The real question is this, and it can only be answered by Clarion: how were Michigan’s post game high fives? If the level of relief in them was sufficiently high enough, then Wilson is due a massive extension immediately.

  22. To the IU football team,

    Thanks for yesterday’s exciting game. I’m sure the loss hurts. If our hearts were broken, your hearts were, too. Though your effort fell short, you gave it your best. You played good football. There is no need to hang your head in shame, nor beat yourself to death over this loss. Learn from it. You are seconds away from being a very good team.

    Yes, you young defensive backs need to improve. You will. You will be far better next year with this year’s experience tucked under your belts. For next year, coach and staff will provide you with more good athletes to help out on defense, too. So move on. Win the next two games. Even if you win just one, some bowl committee will realize you would provide fans with an exciting bowl game. Some smart bowl committee will recognize you can play with the best. For you’ve finally reached that stage where you never give up. They’ll pick you. I would.

    Yes! Yes! While not consistent, you’ve provided us with some exciting football. We know you can play with the very best. Just do it in the next two games.

  23. 6 – 32 in B1G. Did Wilson just equal the great Bill Lynch’s record? How can the defense be THIS bad? How can there not be a little more depth? Yes there will be more experience, but who will play QB? Who will replace a potentially departed NFL draft pick in Howard? This year and last year should have been Wilson’s put your money where your mouth is seasons. Next year will be a natural regression/step back just based on personnel attrition. I can see why they might let Wilson continue, but I don’t think it will matter in the long run. He’s still way more Lynch, Cameron than he is Mallory/Hep.

  24. Thank you, vesuvious13 for the game-report from the stands. I listened to this game on the radio (WIUX) and it was thrilling and very, very, exciting. I like the comments from Wilson and his players….we have a team and they are getting better. Let’s hope our Hoosiers can beat Maryland and then get the Old Oaken Bucket and perhaps showcase themselves in a minor bowl game.

  25. Walt,
    Your post (#22) is one of the most eloquent I’ve read here in quite some time. Yes the team came up short again, but your perspective is spot on. In terms of recruiting, we should have juco and graduate transfer players in positions of need (QB, WR, RB (Jordan Howard is NFL bound), DE, & DB taking a really hard look at our program. We are close, and CKW & his staff need an extension. Go Hoosiers! ! !

  26. Yawn. Next week: Mary 35 IU 13 and KW is gone. Here’s the “fly on the locker room wall” report of how “nationally televised heroic efforts” are made:

    COACH HARBAUGH/MEYER/DANTONIO: “I know Indiana’s record is not so good, but we can’t let up this week.”

    PLAYERS: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .”

    COACH: “Hey, Sudfeld and Howard are really good! This offensive is so explosive!”

    PLAYERS: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .”

    COACH: “Guys, c’mon, look how close Indiana came to beating some good teams this year!”

    PLAYERS: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .”

  27. Once again, everyone needs to be reminded of Hoosier Football history, especially those calling for Wilson’s head. No he is not perfect, but no coach and I do mean no coach has a tougher road than a head football coach at Indiana University. This program used to have the nickname “the graveyard of coaches,” and for good reason.

    IU has the most losses of any program in D1 history. Just to get to next to worst, IU would have to go unbeaten for 3 years and the next worst would have to loss virtually every game for 3 years. This is how bad this program is historically. No coach that “IU” can get, will be able to turn it around in 5 or even 10 years. Maybe 15 or 20 if the coach is extremely lucky. Remember I said no coach “IU” can get, yes other schools can get coaches who can work miracles, but why would a coach of that caliber want to take a chance at the “graveyard of coaches.” Football Coaches have a better chance of success at Northwestern, Duke, and Vanderbilt, than they do at IU. Hardly anemic academic institutions.

    I have heard Wilson compared to Lynch quite frequently. Let’s think about why Lynch was fired. He inherited from Coach Hep a team talented enough to have won 8 or 9 games had Hep been coaching. Yet that team managed to go 6 and 6. After that it was all down hill once the Hep talent was gone.

    It is becoming painfully obvious to anyone willing to look objectively that this is an institution problem, not a coaching or athletic department problem. Granted Wilson makes some boneheaded game decisions periodically but what coach doesn’t? The problem for Wilson is with the hand he has been dealt his margin for error is much narrower. If you want to see the King of boneheaded game decisions watch Lucky Les Myles at LSU for a while. Yet because of absolute power of the LSU football machine he can recruit enough talent to make up for it and still have a big winning program. How bad a coach would you have to be to not be able to win big at LSU.

    Oh yeah, didn’t IU hire one just like that a few years ago? Thought it was time for yet another coaching change, how well did that one work out for you?

  28. KevinK post #3: “Did the defense settle for field goals early?” All the first half FGs were kicked on 4th down with +10 yds. to go. That’s not “settling.” Agree with the Donald on the live ticker about going for it on 4th and short all day long. But why, oh why, does Redding get the call (1st half 4th and 2 at the UM 44)? He gets stuffed while Howard sits.

  29. Davis, we in the stands didn’t get why Redding was out there either. KevinK was making a point that the defense is not all ti blame…we couldn’t put the ball in the end zone several times yesterday when needed.

  30. IU is the “graveyard of coaches?” Where do you come up with this stuff? … I’m thinking it would be wise for Steady Freddy Glass to make a decision on CKW one way or another after the season — extend his deal, or cut bait. A coach with a two-year deal (which is what it’ll be down to after this season) is kinda twisting in the wind. Recruiting at IU is tough enough without that.

  31. For Bubba J. regarding posting #31

    Bubba, if you were old enough you would know this was a common saying back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The saying may have fallen out of favor in recent years, but it was common knowledge way back then that IU was a difficult place to produce a winner. When John Pont took IU to the Rose Bowl it was thought nothing less than a football miracle. Other than possibly the Mallory years it was IU’s best chance to achieve some football legitimacy.

  32. Bubba,

    Recommend you google up the following, be amazed what you will find: “Indiana University football, graveyard of coaches”

  33. Chet, Actually Walt is correct. There is a model projecting there will not be enough winning teams to fulfill all bowl selection teams have a winning record. Kinda unusual but with CFP and many bowl/conference alliances this is a year it very well may happen. Actually the only thing that may keep it from happening is if very competitive teams in IU’s present position do record a .500 W/L. Trivia for down the road.

  34. Since I did not expect IU to defeat Michigan, I’m still on the “if we win six, Wilson deserves to stay” bandwagon. Wilson’s and IU-Football’s future will be determined by the last two games of the season. However, after almost suffering a stroke watching IU lose yesterday, I calmed down enough to watch the Arizona vs. Utah game. Arizona has suffered unprecedented losses to defensive players due to injuries. They have something like nine true freshman, who until two weeks ago, had never played a down of college football, now starting on defense. They’ve lost six linebackers to injuries. One of the replacements is a true freshman who weighs 195 lbs. Their star defender and Team Captain has been out for five games. Arizona’s defensive roster last night was grossly undersized and had very little experience. They were playing #10 ranked Utah. In the second half, Arizona’s starting QB left the game with concussion symptoms. Arizona found a way to win the game with their back-up QB and eight or nine freshman starting on defense. They are now bowl eligible at 6 – 5. That’s a coaching staff that knows how to win, in spite of unprecedented roster challenges and playing in a hyper-competitive conference.

  35. Gosh, I’m really sick and tired of people using IU’s history in football to justify why IU can’t build a competitive program in the future. That’s just so lame. Using that logic, since IU’s history prevents us from ever being good, the Board of Trustees should just shut down the football program, drop out of the Big Ten, and transform Memorial Stadium into another arboretum! Yes, it is a fact that IU football does not have a winning tradition, but suggesting that the past determines the future and therefore there is little or nothing anyone can do about changing it, is nonsense, irrational and simply capitulation. Organizations can change if they have the right leadership, learn from the mistakes of the past, and are committed to doing what is necessary to achieve the objective. It happens all the time, and history is filled with stories of leaders turning under-achieving organizations into highly successful enterprises. IU’s football history is a factor, no doubt. But it is just one of several factors that must be overcome before the future can be made different from the past.

  36. According to the NCAA to be bowl eligible team must have a ‘non-losing record’ (i.e. 6-6 minimum wins) and the win total may include one game against an FCS program provided that program provides 56.7 full football scholarships over a rolling two year period (90% of the allowable total of 63).

    So, we have to win both games.

  37. JPat (#30): Others have posted that he was asking to come out ’cause he was tired. IF that’s so, please see my posts on another thread re: IUFB players not being properly conditioned. Howard needed breather on IU’s first drive of the game when Redding got the call on 4th and two and the UM 44 yd line? I thought that the conventional wisdom on this site was that the IUD was gassed in the 2d and 4th quarters. Agreed about IU killing its own drives and costing us TDs, but KevinK’s language seemed to question the play-calling.

  38. Po, what you don’t understand is that wishful thinking isn’t as powerful as you hope. For every Arizona there is a U of Washington. They were up 17-0 at Arizona State and lost 17-27. Just because you choose to ignore this example doesn’t mean it don’t exist buddy. The Huskies now won’t make it to a bowl for the first time in eight years and likely WSU (who won at UCLA last night) will destroy them in the Apple Cup last game of the regular season in Seattle.

    IU Football is in a good place. As someone wrote yesterday: just about to turn the corner. No joke.

  39. Yup that is what the NCAA says. But since they are the ones who established the rule they just as easily can modify, amend or offer a waiver vs cancelling any party which is part of their post season pageantry. Like I stated it is a model I saw projected in the last 10 days but no one was talking absolute. Still an interesting dynamic.

  40. Can we beat both Maryland and Purdue on the road? Well Jordan Howard gives you a chance to win – against anyone. But IU’s defense gives you a chance to lose- against anyone. Neither Maryland or Purdue have anything to play for and neither has great passing games. IU should win both games based on talent and match ups. OK Kevin Wilson, prove you deserve an extension. Win the games you are supposed to win. 6-6 with close loses to 4 ranked opponents should get you some top recruits. 4-8 or 5-7 with no winning seasons for half a decade of trying gets you MAC level players. All the winning B1G teams have started working on their 2017 and 2018 recruiting- building the long term relationships that get kids to commit. We are already falling behind with only 10 very average recruits for 2016. IU is 86th in the country this year. Winning the last 2 would help close or flip some top recruits. A 30 year recruiting analysis for Rivals said the #1 criterion for recruits is a tradition of winning. As he put it, “Academics are important, but you don’t see a lot of 5 star recruits going to Harvard.” Winning out would solve a lot problems.

  41. bark for sark, by referencing WSU, you reinforce my point. WSU football has a losing record (a .488%) over 117 seasons. Other than a few exceptions over that time, their football team has resided at or near the bottom of their conference. Until they hired Leach, they had been PAC-12 bottom feeders since Mike Price left after the 2002 season (12 years). And Mike Price inherited a successful program built by Dennis Erickson. They hired Leach, a proven winner, in November of 2011, and now look at them! They’re beating ranked teams like Oregon, Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA, with three of those wins earned on their opponents home field. Leach has turned WSU’s football program around in two seasons. WSU is hardly the University that IU is. Like IU, WSU competes for recruits with several traditionally successful football schools located in their immediate area, including Washington, Boise State, Oregon, and Oregon State. Since WSU has limited amounts of talent to recruit from in eastern Washington, it gets a lot of its football talent from California. If WSU administrators are smart, they will give Leach a huge raise and extend his contract after this season to assure that he stays put and has a chance to complete his rebuilding process. Leach is a proven winner and he’s turned WSU around in less than three seasons. If a traditionally weak program like WSU can do it, certainly a great university like IU can as well.

  42. I attended the IU v MI game. It was the best college game that I have seen since IU defeated Purdue to go to the Rose Bowl. If Coach Wilson can win these last 2 games and take IU to a bowl game, then he should be rewarded and retained. If not, then he should receive a salary increase and become the offensive coordinator and IU should give salary increases to the best assistants and find a name CEO Head Coach to head the program. A Bowl game or change! Post #20 and # 22 were very good!

  43. PO captures my feelings in #43. IUFB history is awful, but it does not have to be defining. Yeah, it makes it harder to recruit (both players and coaches), but ex-doormats such as NU have done it.

    Not sure where BeatPurdoo-doo would come up with all the dough to pay KW 1.7+ millions and a head coach, and please, PO, don’t tell me increased ticket sales. Winning is no guarantee of increased attendance. NU is 8-2 and ranked 18th but only drew 30,003 on a beautiful, sunny day last Sat. to see the ‘Cats beat Pee-yew. Some traditions die hard- or not at all.

  44. The university keeps trying to catch lightning in a bottle by going after either unproven or has-been head coaches. The only way that they can make believers out of players, recruits, fans, and opponents is to make a bold hire. Then again, who am I kidding? That’s not gonna happen, so get ready for more misery, Hoosier fans, more gee-whiz, coulda-shoulda-woulda football. What a pathetic mess…

  45. Washington State is a perfect analogy. They averaged less than 30 000 a game and are no where close to a hot bed of div 1 cfb talent! Does that stop them from beating the Oregons of the world or make a bowl game? Hell no. Glass is a lazy AD, that’s why this program is in the toilet. Maryland already fired their coach with 0 wins, because they actually give a damn. All these Wilson apologists so far have not provided any stats or sound logic as to how we are going to improve under Wilson. The fact is we don’t have a chance of having even a decent program until we can find someone who has a track record as a successfully head coach. Blind optimism is not a solution to our program. Who let Michigan get a fg before half because we were not smart enough to kill the clock? I guess 3 points doesn’t matter in a tied game and we were lucky to hold them to 3. How about the end of the game what did Harbough do? He killed the clock, something we could of did and tired to set up the win the way we were running the ball. But we have a guy with an awful record in close games for a reason. Its not the kids fault, they played their hearts out. We should of used our last timeout when Michigan was driving to force them to run the ball or if they did score they would of gave us time left to hit the game winning fg before OT. KW end game time management is completely clueless. He hasn’t evolved as a coach at all, thats why we are LAST in every defensive stat. We wait till we play the best defense in the country to go all out on fourth downs. Why not vs Iowa or Rutgers? Everyone with a set of eyes even Vegas knows we have the talent, just not the coach.

  46. The money is NOT the problem! Boldness and imagination are! The cost would be about $5 million/yr, $1 million for assistant coaches (including Wilson) increases; $102,000/yr for me to be the assistant AD and raise the money, find the CEO/ Head Coach and get everyone to sign the contracts; finally $4 million for the new Head Coach (a guy like Tressler late of OSU would love it and he is a proven recruiter and winner). Of course the Nay-Sayers will whine and say it can’t be done…he won’t want to come to Bloomington…etc. But I could do it, so Glass could do it, if only he risked it all and TRIED!

  47. Talk to some Michigan people and you all will get a better perspective on just how far we’ve come with our FB program. Years past, we had zero ability to be even competitive with Michigan…they always looked at IU as a sure win. Not so much any more. A friend of mine who played at Michigan said that we were by far the toughest team they faced this year even among those teams to whom they lost.

    We are getting better…much better! However, parts of our program still need a lot of work, principally our defensive secondary that is not playing at a B1G level yet. Part of that is lack of maturity and depth. Part is not really having a coaching staff that is B1G level (whatever you think of Coach Knorr, I think we can all agree that he would not be a DC at any other B1G school).

    Right now, we need to beat Maryland which is possible though not probable because its an away game and my sense is we are a little banged up. Then, lets beat PU. As far as a bowl game is concerned, even if we make one, it will be a minor bowl that will not make a ton of difference in recruiting but does allow for some additional practice which should he used to work with team members who are expected to play next season.

  48. It is obvious that Coach Wilson is a brilliant offensive ming, both in strategy and in execution. Indiana needs to keep him and has to do so recognizing for his recruitment, teaching and strategic vision. It is also just as clear that the IU defense is not only a weakness but one so glaring that it leads to calls for his job (idiotic and lacking in football knowledge and substance as they may be). The best individual to think through then issue is Coach Wilson himself and when he does he will see the need to complete his vision of a complete and successful dominant program by finding and bringing to Indiana the best combination of Defensive coaches/assistants available. It will be fun to watch Coach Wilson complete his vision.

  49. davis, Glass tells us over and over again, he’s got the money to pay for the coaching talent he needs. But let’s assume he’s blowing smoke, and that budgets are tight. How does IU increase revenue to be spent on coaching salaries? Increased ticket sales? O.K., that will take some time, but it can help. Donations from alumni like me? Yes. I’m not boasting, but my wife and I have donated modest amounts to various IU departments since the year after we graduated. We stopped donating to athletic funds for a few years, in protest, when IU fired Knight and because of the debacle with Sampson. We have resumed donations since that disaster got resolved. I would be happy to donate a little more if my donations were guaranteed to be spent improving IU Football. I don’t think I am alone in my willingness to increase donations to the athletic department for “a good cause.” And it does NOT take a huge number of alumni donating millions each to help a university’s athletic department. Do the math. Ten thousand alumni donating $1,000 each raises ten million. Twice that number donating half the amount raises the same amount. That fund raising effort would provide plenty of cash for IU to upgrade its coaching staff and recruiting budget. And IU is not going to demote Wilson from head coach and retain him as an OC. That’s NEVER going to happen! Furthermore, IU does not need to pay their head coach $4, $5, or $6 million a year like OSU, Alabama, etc.. But it can no longer afford for its head coach to be the lowest, or second lowest paid head coach in the Big Ten! Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Upgrading the coaching staff can be done if Glass, McRobbie, and the B.O.T. want it to happen. The problem is, they’re not feeling the heat to make it happen because IU’s alumni and fan base have been conditioned over the decades to accept a losing football program. That’s the norm for IU fans and alumni, so this is no big deal to most of The Hoosier Nation. To most IU fans, this football season is just more of the same, and nothing to get real upset about. And that the real problem with IU Football! We will continue to get what we continue to tolerate.

  50. Re: # 50: I remember going to an IU vs U of M game years ago during a season when we thought we might have a chance to beat those suckers. The score was 28 to 0 after the first quarter. Obviously this year’s game was more competitive. The only sports fans who are more arrogant than Wolverine football fans are KY basketball fans. It would have been nice to have seen them eat humble pie on Saturday.

  51. TsaoTsuG#51– The saying about great college programs is that they don’t rebuild they reload. Well we aren’t a great program– not even a good one. This team was built to win this year. Next year will be a rebuilding year. While we have had some close losses, we haven’t won yet in the Big Ten. If Jordan Howard goes pro, (and why wouldn’t he?) then we are in complete rebuild mode. Yes the defensive backfield will be better (can it get worse?), but our offense will most certainly take a huge hit. Remember playing the Penn State game without Sudfeld and Howard? This year, we have a great O line by IU standards along with a NFL caliber QB and running back. When it that going to happen again? And we haven’t won. Not trying to be negative only realistic. A team like IU needs to build up for a run at success. Our defensive backfield, linebackers and receivers should be better next year, but our offensive and defensive lines plus our QB and running backs will not be as good. That is not a recipe for increased success. And without wins this year, it will be harder and harder to improve our recruiting. Winning teams are built first with better players and better players want to play for winning programs. That is why Wilson needs the 6 wins this year or they need to look for another coach. Not because his team wasn’t competitive this year, but because the team will have lost it’s hope of being competitive in future years.

  52. The facts are the facts. In 120+ years of IU football, we have had 2 coaches with a lower conference winning percentage than KW. One lasted 3 years and the other lasted 1. Next year onward, we play 9 conference games. IU should be careful about giving extensions to coaches who haven’t earned them.

  53. How about you show some stats that our Defense will improve? You cant because its year 5 and we are DEAD last in every big ten stat that matters. KW hired our DC, we have been favorite in 5 games this year and only won 4. Probably end u favorites in 7 games.Underachieving and next year the schedule gets much harder with no div 2 school and 9 conference games. IF 6-32 is ok for the program we really should abandon the football program. Wilson is averaging over a million dollars a big ten win, that’s insane. Everyone who’s being realistic sees how much we lose next year and knows we are screwed. KW is a good man and a great offensive coordinator but defense is also his responsibility. Mike leach is gonna win more conference games his 3rd year than Wilson would have won in 5 in an equally difficult situation. That is because they hired a proven winner with HC experience. We make bad hire after bad hire (Hep excluded). I defended Wilson because we should of won 7 or 8 games this year easily. Next season we will be lucky to be a favorite in 4 games and we don’t pull of upsets in KW era.

  54. Even worse than not running Howard on the final play of 2 OT was what Wilson said after the game. If they had scored, he would have kicked the extra point. What!? Your defensive gave up 3 touchdowns over the last 4 plays U of M had the ball!! You really think you have a better chance of winning taking the game to a 3rd OT? Stupid! Almost as dumb as running a fourth down play with Redding instead of Howard. Or when he said he doesn’t change plays for different personnel groupings. So blocking tight ends are supposed to catch passes and receiving tight ends are counted on to block during fourth down run attempts– again stupid. So I guess he would have Zander Diamont throw 50 yard back shoulder fades and Sudfeld run the option? For such a football ‘genius’ he says and does some dumb things.

  55. PO- you and I just have to agree to disagree about how much $$$ is available. I do concur that IUFB would not have to pay a new coach $4 million or $5 million; we’ll have to see what the going rate for new hires at Illinois and Minn. turns out to be. I forgot to mention the real problem with Beat Purwho’s post #49: why on Earth would KW take a demotion? Top OCs (which we all would probably admit describes KW) earn over $1 million. He could just go to work at a much more competitive program and not have to eat crow.

  56. davis, IU could upgrade its head coach with a total compensation package between $2.5 million and $2.8 million per year. Keep in mind, those numbers do not include incentive bonuses. ACCORDING TO USA TODAY, Wilson’s total compensation “going into the 2015 season” is $1,312,277, ranking him 65th amongst D-1 college coaches. Interesting to note that schools like Fresno State, Memphis, Navy, Central Florida, and Cincinnati all pay their head coaches more that IU pays Wilson. The good news is that Wilson is no longer the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten. Illinois and Rutgers pay their coaches less. But Purdue pays Hazell $2.14 million per year before bonuses (ouch!). The average compensation before incentive bonuses of Big Ten coaches is $3.051 million per year. The highest paid Big Ten coach is Harbaugh at $7.004 million before bonuses, but that may include his signing bonus. So if IU paid their head football coach about $2.5 million going into 2015, he would be about the on par with what Minnesota and Northwestern pay their head coach. Minnesota and Northwestern!!!! Surely we can afford to compete with those two schools.

  57. Oh, and by the way, Washington State University pays Mike Leach $2.75 million per year before bonuses. That’s how a university turns a losing program into a winning program within three seasons.

    And coaches making a lot less than Wilson that might like to coach a Big Ten team include Hudspeth (Louisiana Lafayettte @ $1.05), Matt Rhule (Temple @ $648K), Wells (Utah State @ $750K), etc. Or how about dusting off Dan Hawkins, formerly of Boise State and Colorado. Point being, there are a lot of options in Wilson does not win six this season.

  58. He got a new deal before 2014 after turning that battleship around. Dumb dumb Glass lingo! But Po is right, it would be a wise investment to get a proven winner. Washington State was 9-40 the four seasons before him, now they are going bowling 2 out of his four years and have a program full of realistic hope. I wouldn’t mind if we went div 2 to get a proven winner. Who would turn down a 3x or 4x pay raise? Bo Pelini is coaching at Youngstown state, nobody on this planet thinks he is a worse coach than Wilson. I guarantee you he could get us to a bowl before year 5.

  59. PO- I agree with your figuring in #59, and agree with #60 that there are possibilities out there. I guess where we disagree is whether KW was underpaid when he was hired. Lynch was at $300k base and another $300k in “other compensation” (the scheme/scam of which I can’t recall). This was almost identical to Tiller at Purdon’t who got $300k base and another $300k “other compensation” (reported as “supervising” the use of university sports facilities over the summer, which I presume means he wandered into his office a couple of times a week and made sure the air conditioning was working). KW was hired when the Big Ten TV money was just coming on line, and I would argue that it was something of a leap of faith for Glass to triple the football HC’s salary based on an unproven revenue stream. One could also argue that it was a leap of faith to hope that a great OC could become a great HC (or at least the HC to make IUFB respectable), a leap that increasingly appears to have fallen short.

    I’m not sure that you agree with me that KW either wins out or should be let go, but if he is let go I, too, hope IU will spend the $$$ to bring in a proven winner. Your #52 about how many boosters would have to write $1,000.00 or $500.00 checks to fund IUFB to whatever level is a matter about which I decline to comment except to say the I’ve never known anyone who wrote that kind of check to any athletic department. Ten (or even five) thousand people willing to donate $1,000.00 seems like an awful lot to me, but maybe I just hang with the wrong crowd. If your point, however, is that it’s the job of the AD to find people of such means then I can’t argue with that.

    Oops, I will comment on #52 one more time. Is it possible to earmark a donation to the IU athletic department for a particular sport/purpose? Probably not for small donors, but I bet the big hitters get to call the shots on how their contributions are spent.

  60. My wife and I have given $1,000 checks to political candidates we have supported, and I have given smaller checks to IU for different fund raisers. They usually call you with a specific purpose for the money. If the University called and said they were committing an extra $3 million a year to make IU football competitive and had some donating levels, I’d commit to something. But once you start donating, they never stop calling.

    IU has plenty of empty seats they could give away for donations. What about 5,000 seats set aside for something like a $125 donation? Giving away empty seats doesn’t cost IU anything. That’s $3,000,000 for 6 home games. Have free concierge services during the game and a free t-shirt/sweatshirt (spend $25 per head.) What alumni can’t kick up $125 for one game for some VIP treatment? There are probably 5,000 alumni in Chicago alone that would be do it.

  61. The emerging trend in these posts is something I haven’t seen until now, but applaud, which is that if IU football is ever to be truly competitive, its going to take alumni leadership (primarily in the form of $$). If you look at the consistently good programs, you’ll see that common attribute.

  62. Re posts 52 and 58. To say “that will never happen” simply shows a closed and uninformed mind. Say “I don’t see how that can happen”. To ask “why would Wilson take the demotion” is a good question. I can’t possibly put the full facts, reasons and arguments in a little post, but the key is do you want to leave Bloomington as a failure or as a winner? So far (unless IU goes 6-6 this season) Wilson has shown that he is a great offensive coach and a mediocre, at best, head coach. Give him a modest raise and ask him to help the new CEO/Head Coach make Indiana a top 40 program consistently. Then he leaves Indiana as a great offensive mind, with 5 solid years as a head coach, who controlled his selfish ego to the point of taking a “demotion” to achieve the initial goal of raising IU Football to a top 40 solid program! I could sell that to Cosch Wilson and so could Glass!

  63. davis, now you know someone who has written “that kind of check” to IU’s Athletic Department. Not boasting, just telling you that my wife and I have done it many times over the years and are by no means unique. We feel blessed to have graduated from IU and owe some of our success to the education and experiences we had at IU. I know lots of other IU alumni that have written much bigger checks than we have. But we do what we can because we both love IU and enjoy its athletic teams.

    No, I don’t think Wilson was underpaid when he signed his contract with IU. That’s not the point. The point is, IU was unwilling or unable, at the time, to pay the money necessary to hire a man who was a proven winner with head coaching experience. I believe, based on comments made at the time by Glass, that the coaching compensation budget determined the list of candidates IU could attract. The way it works is, IU contracts with a specialized recruiting agency, told that agency what their criteria and budget was, and then the recruiting agency responded with a list of candidates that matched the criteria and would find the compensation acceptable. I don’t think Wilson, as a first time head coach, deserved any more money than he got from IU. He got a big raise when he accepted the IU job. And remember, his contract was guaranteed for seven years! Unusual in its duration. IU exchanged money for longevity/security, which was acceptable to Wilson. It seemed shrewd at the time, but it hindsight, maybe it was not. No, the problem was that IU was unwilling or unable (I believe it was a choice) to pay the money necessary to attract a proven winner with head coaching experience. Proven winners are not going to accept below average compensation. If they are confident in their ability and marketability, they will hold out for the best opportunities that pay above average compensation. Proven winners know that they can attract much more lucrative offers from schools that generate much greater football revenue. IU went the low-risk route and hoped for the best. So far, it has not worked out, but there is still time (two more games).

    If IU wants to break this pattern of “hire and hope” with its football coaches, it needs to either a) hire a proven head coach from a mid-major or D-1AA program (i.e., Jerry Kill type) that sees the IU job as a major career promotion and compensation increase, or dig deeper and pay a proven D-1 head coach a compensation package that is above D-1 average. There were 128 schools listed on USA Today’s D-1 list. Wilson’s compensation was ranked 65th, which is obviously in the lower half of that range. To be in the upper half of that range, IU would need to be paying it coach about $1.4 million per year before bonuses going into the 2015 season. To be able to attract a proven winner like Mike Leach, IU would need to offer something over $2.2 million before bonuses. Effective leaders don’t come cheep!

  64. Beat Purdoo-doo: I say KW will never stay around at IU to play second fiddle because for him to do so would require a radical departure from normal human behavior.

    IU86: You ideas are really interesting because they comport with human nature. Be a big shot for $125.00? That’s a great idea. Glass should contract with you to implement immediately! I’m not sure what you mean by “giving away empty seats” (if someone is paying $125.00 that’s not giving them away) but like I said, great idea.

    PO: My self-esteem and socio-economic status have both improved immensely thanks to paragraph one of yours #67. I’ll be sure to drop your name repeatedly! The balance of your post clears up for me (sometimes slow on the uptake) your comments on IU cheapness (or whatever you want to call it) vis a vis KW- he was paid the right amount for what IU was getting, but IU should have spent more to go with a proven winner. Does that sum it up?

    One thing I do agree with is the sentiment that IU should hire a HC who views the gig as a big opportunity (Hep), not someone who views it as a stepping stone (Cameron) or a place for redemption (DiNardo). But then again, that’s why I thought Lynch was a good hire- a guy that would be tickled to lead a Big Ten program. I’m sure Lynch was tickled to get the job, but his credentials as a winner were mixed- very good at Butler but decidedly mediocre at Ball St. His main credential, apparently, was that he was Hep’s guy (good enough for Hep, good enough to succeed him).

    IUFB is 2.5 dogs to Maryland. I’m somewhat surprised that there’s even a line on a pair of 0-5 teams. By the way, Mary’s starting RB was suspended indefinitely yesterday.

  65. Davis- free tickets in the sense that they are excess capacity to the University. The seats are going unsold now, so they have little or no cost to give away. Free in a sense to Alumni since we are usually asked to donate but don’t get anything tangible for the donation.

    I’ve often joked with alumni friends how I wish the University would call with something I truly cared about. Building arches is nice but building a winning football team would be awesome. Yes its shallow to put the football program first, but I would really like to see us win for once. And if the ticket was part of the donation, and my money was going directly to improve the football program, and we got recognized during the game- ” thanks to the Big Red Alumni Section for raising $500,000 from today’s game. That brings our yearly total to $1,500.500.” Yeah I’d be all in and would be calling friends to put something together. Suddenly, IU vs Southern Illinois would look like a fun game to attend.

  66. Hoosier ’86, Unique thought and does make some sense. Particularly at this time in building a program and enticing a new fan base by a different twist.

  67. For those wanting facts here are some about the game against UM [I was out for a couple days due to recovering from the trip to the game]. Something many missed was how IU’s defense as low as it ranks did better stopping UM than the high ranked UM did stopping IU. The only area they did better was pass defense and scoring defense. IU had 7 scoring drives in regulation while UM had 5 scoring drives. The main problem was IU came up with FGs while UM came up with TDs. You have to look at more than just the score to see how a team is doing.

    The biggest problem with the defense is we have to start freshmen DBs and we are missing starting DBs [they are freshmen too] due to a lack of success recruiting DBs by the past D coordinator and our new DC has had one year to recruit defensive players. As I pointed out before look at MSU dealing with two freshmen safeties playing and their pass defense is 11th in the Big Ten while IU with more freshmen playing are 14th. It hurts to play freshmen on defense and MSU has better players at DE and put more pressure on teams. Give our defensive staff time to build the defense and IU’s defense will be much better coming up with the can recruit and get the right players.

  68. V13- LIsted below are the DE recruits for IU and MSU. Which team do you think is solving their pass defense problems? We are getting weak MAC level players and they are getting NFL caliber recruits. Glad we aren’t playing Ball State anymore for the Hoosier Cup. In case you are interested, Ball State has a 3 star and two 2 star DE recruits. Yep, we are getting out recruited by Ball State. But good luck with that blind optimism.

    2016 DE Recruits Michigan State 2016 DE Recruits Indiana

    Name Stars National Rank Name Stars National Rank
    Josh King **** 8 Alan Cater ** Not Ranked
    Austin Roberson **** 9 Chris Henderson ** Not Ranked
    Ryan Smith ** Not Ranked

  69. Ok the formatting changed once posted but MSU has two 4 star defensive end recruits rated the 8th and 9th best DE’s in the country. IU has 3 two star recruits, none of which are nationally ranked. BSU has one 3 star and two 2 star DE’s for 2016.

  70. 123, right now IU hasn’t gotten commitments from better DEs but it is early for this staff to finish their recruiting class and I hope we get better DE recruits by signing time. I hope this staff can sell the close games against the best to get a few 4 star players to come in to improve the defense. This staff seems to close out better than other staffs and I hope they do the same this year becomes we need some top recruits.

    I agree with you that right now our recruits don’t match well with MSU recruits but it took Denato and his staff several years of 3 star players to start bringing in 4 and 5 star players. I am hoping athletes see how close IU was to beating the top teams and want to come here but we will have to wait and see.

  71. Vesuvius, as sad as I feel ou5r record does not reflect the quality and intensity of play by the Hoosiers, I agree completely with your comment and the analysis of the source of our defensive woes.

  72. V13- Mangieri was a 3.7, Shaw was a 4 by some recruiting services, Latham was a 4– but Reyner and Ralph Green III were 2’s. It’s not an exact science but generally you can determine how good a team will be by the quality of their recruits. I’ll give Wilson credit, he is a tireless recruiter. But unless some guys make some colossal, out-a-nowhere leaps in ability, this team is going to have less of a pass rush next year than this year.
    I was sure the year after Hughes and Latimer left we were still going to have a great offense because of the experience of Sudfeld and the running game with Tevon Coleman. But it didn’t happen. I thought our replacement receivers would be better than they were.

    I think you might be falling into the same trap. Just because IU’s offense is great this year doesn’t mean we will be great next year without Sudfeld and probably without Jordan Howard as well. And by IU terms, our pass rush has been pretty good this year. Well at least at the start of games and the start of the 3rd. But I can’t see anyone on the current team as a significant upgrade to Mangieri or Shaw.

  73. KW’s recruiting may have indeed peaked. HC’s taking over losing programs are maybe able to sell “Hey, the ship’s got a new captain and we’re changing course in the right direction” for the first couple years of their tenure, but as the losing continues that pitch becomes less and less effective.

  74. Chet: I wrote “may” have peaked, we’ll see how it will have gone when letters of intent are signed. I don’t follow the recruiting as nearly as intensely as do some of our friends here. My point is that it’s tough recruiting to a losing program (no kidding!), but that new coaches have a grace period in which to convince recruits that “Things have changed at Whatsamatta U., give us a try,” but the window for that pitch does not remain open for long if things, in fact, don’t change.

    I, for one, do think that things have changed for the better under KW, particularly in the kids-playing-with-heart-until-the-last-whistle dept., but it just seems to me that KW has not made significant progress in the figuring-out-how-to-be-a-head-coach dept. But unlike my armchair-quarterback OPINIONS about team spirit and KW’s professional development (or lack thereof), the FACT remains that there has been no improvement whatsoever in the all-important won-lost dept. Mary and Pee-yew are beatable opponents, and if KW can’t get it done against these two very winnable games after five years as the head coach, then will he EVER be able to do what IUFB hired him to do? Opinions here are certainly split on that question, but I have to say that I think not.

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