IU has highest percentage in 11-year history of graduation success rate

An NCAA study released Wednesday revealed that Indiana University athletes enrolled from 2005-08 scored the highest Graduation Success Rate in school history.

IU’s 87 percent score in the GSR, which measures graduation over six years from first-time college enrollment, is the highest percentage in the 11-year history of the report. Six programs finished with a perfect 100 score, including men’s golf, volleyball, women’s golf, women’s soccer, women’s swimming and diving and women’s tennis.

Overall, 17 of Indiana’s 24 varsity sports teams have scores that are equal to or greater than the NCAA Division I average, including baseball, field hockey, football, men’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s track and field, rowing, volleyball, water polo, women’s basketball, women’s cross county, women’s golf, women’s soccer, women’s swimming and diving, women’s tennis, women’s track and field, and wrestling.

“We are committed to our students reaching their highest academic potential and earning Indiana University degrees,” Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “We are pleased that IU has achieved its highest ever Graduation Success Rate and that 14 of our programs had perfect single year APR scores. Our coaches, academics staff and most importantly our students are committed to academic excellence and these numbers reflect that commitment.”


  1. Glad to see our coaching staff and the academic assistants are committed to seeing our athletes achieve at a high level in the classroom. Makes me feel proud of IU.

  2. That’s great news. Glad to know that IU is doing more than just giving lip-service to academics. But when IU can produce consistent winning teams while graduating such a high percentage of its athletes, that will be a very special accomplishment. It appears to me, that other than a few exceptions in D-1 power conferences, like Stanford, N.D., Northwestern, Rice, etc., there is an inverse relationship between Universities that graduate a higher percentage of their athletes and those that consistently produce winning teams. No data to site in support of that hypothesis, but I’d sure love to see it. It might speak to the true values of many Universities and the NCAA officials.

  3. Po, while those schools have had recent success, I think other than ND there hasn’t been a long term history of success. I think Standford all time is about at .500, Northwestern has an all time losing record, and Rice has a losing record all time. Now if you are only looking at the past 10-15 years, then you may be right. Rice has only had 6 winning seasons since 2000, Northwestern has only had 6 since 2000 (not counting this year), and Stanford has had 7 (again, not counting this year). So I think it shows that even the high academic schools will tend to struggle while maintaining those high standards academically.

  4. Can we please stop associating ND with academic excellence. They are nothing more than a Liberal Arts school with a bunch of arrogant alumni. They have to justify the inflated tuition rate they paid for private school by bragging about its academics. Nothing but a bunch of east coast money that couldn’t get into an ivy school and wishes the campus was located in New England. They hate the state of Indiana and the people that populate it.

    My best friend’s dad and I used to go round and round about this all the time. His ace in the hole was always, “You’re just mad because you weren’t smart enough to get in.”

    I knew he wouldn’t do it, so I did the research for him. At the time…

    IU 6 ND 2: Nobel Laureates
    IU 33 ND 3: Pulitzer Prize winners
    IU 2 ND 0: Supreme Court Justices
    IU Ranked 90th in the world in Research Institutions v. ND unranked
    BIG in general regularly outranks ND in multiple categories and rankings.

    Yes ND had a good football team in the 80’s. That has nothing to do with their academics. Don’t let them lie to you.

  5. iuhoosier1992, I think you’re confusing football with all varsity athletic programs, both male and female sports. I, like the article referenced, was referring to all athletic programs, not just football or basketball. Stanford is the most successful Division 1 university in the country, having won the Director’s Cup the last 21 years. For 39 years in a row, Stanford has won at least one NCAA national championship in men’s or women’s sports.

  6. Pfunk, I despise ND, and I’d be the last person to celebrate any aspect of ND. But in terms of academics, regardless of the stats you listed, ND is a excellent school. Not sure if I’d call it elite, but clearly outstanding. And as proud as I am of my degree from IU’s Kelley School of Business, the vast majority of Americans consider ND to be academically superior to any Big Ten School, with perhaps the exception of Northwestern. And if you measure a school by academic admissions standards, ND is a cut or two above IU. On the west coast, the same debate exists between Cal and Stanford. Stanford wins that debate. Private universities simply have some advantages over state schools.

  7. Regarding ND, many times the topic of ND joining the Big Ten has come up. As it turns out Notre Dame actually does not qualify academically to be a member. While it has a fine undergraduate curriculum, they lack the graduate research curriculum that is required to be a member of the Big Ten.

  8. If I’m not mistaken that is why Missouri ended up in the SEC. The money in the Big Ten was much more enticing. Maryland wasn’t going to leave the ACC except for the fact that Big Ten money trumps.

  9. Pfunk, thanks for that. One of the best posts I’ve read on this site.

    The ND is a “great school” schtick is laughable. Yay, you have a contract with NBC. So did the XFL.

  10. Podunker,

    A vast majority of Americans also believe angels are real. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

    I used to be a huge ND fan. My grandpa was a ticket seller at the stadium and season ticket holder. Coming out of high school in South Bend I was a HUGE fan. My good friend’s dad was visiting IU and was giving me grief about my ND shirt. He was a big time banker in Chicago. He said every time he received a resume from an ND grad he tossed it. I made the same mistake as you thinking ND was some kind of superior institution. He explained that they never did anything. All they did was walk around talking about how great they were for having graduated from ND.

    Same thing when I would come home on holidays. We would go out to Corby’s and invariably some girl would ask if I went to ND. Upon saying no I went to IU it would then be the cold shoulder as if I wasn’t worthy. ND chicks aren’t nearly as beautiful as the ladies at IU, but they are way more arrogant. Of course not everyone at ND is like that but there are enough that the stereotype fits and exists for a reason.

    Also, aside from the football team the guys are all punks with an attitude they couldn’t back up. Can’t even remember how many ND boys I pounded into the ground over the years. It was always their mouth that started it but daddy couldn’t save them from…

    “The Region”

  11. Pfunk, you wrote, “ND chicks aren’t nearly as beautiful as the ladies at IU, but they are way more arrogant.” No argument from me on that comment. I completely agree!

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