IU planning season-long celebration of 1976 undefeated champs #iubb

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Hoosiers’ 1976 championship run, Indiana will recognize college basketball’s last undefeated team throughout the upcoming season.

For one, the Hoosiers are receiving another small uniform modification. The team will wear a commemorative patch placed on the back of IU’s home and road jerseys throughout the season. This patch is in addition to the five stars that have been added below the back of waistband of the shorts to signify Indiana’s five national championships.

The school will hold a public recognition of the ’76 team during IU’s home game against Wisconsin on Jan. 5. Indiana has also mailed season tickets to fans in a folded keepsake replica of the 1976 championship banner.

With Tom Abernethy’s and Bobby Wilkerson’s induction to the IU Athletics Hall of Fame tonight, all five starters from that season’s team will now be enshrined inside Assembly Hall.

More details on the season-long recognition of the ’76 team will be announced throughout the season.

“The undefeated 1976 NCAA Champions were not only the last team to enjoy a perfect season, they are rightly considered the greatest college basketball team of all-time,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “As a life-long IU basketball fan, the 1976 team will always hold a special place in my heart and in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of other IU fans. It is a great privilege for us to honor their 40th anniversary with a season-long recognition of their singular and legendary accomplishments.”

Indiana will wear this patch on the back of its basketball jerseys this season to recognize the 40th anniversary of the 1976 undefeated national champions.


  1. The ’76 team was great, absolutely great. But the ’75 team was better. While the ’76 team went undefeated it had some close calls, most notably the OT win over Michigan at home. Yet, the ’75 team won by an average of something like 20 pts per game. Shouldn’t have started Scott May with his broken arm in a lightweight cast that game. Steve Green & John Laskowski could have made up the difference. Still took Kentucky a Herculean effort to beat that team.

  2. Former Indiana Mr. Basketball, and a classmate of mine from Jeffersonville, Mike Flynn, wound up on the cover of Sports Illustrated following Kentucky’s upset win.

  3. Wasn’t there also a kid from Jeffersonville who played for Kentucky that year? I think he hit a big bucket near the end of the game but my memory isn’t what it used to be.

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