1. There have been plenty of upsets: Duke lost a game at home already. UNC lost a game (and the #1 ranking) already. Wisconsin lost and is struggling. UCLA lost their first game at home with Monmouth and every game since has been an adventure for them. There have been so many upsets already. So Indiana lost. So what. The season is young. The key is for Crean to assume full responsibility. Everything can be re-established and reworked from there. We were not going to finish the season undefeated. Nothing is lost if Crean assumes responsibility and he and the team learn from this. There’s too much talent to panic at this stage.

  2. Nothing changes with this team. They can beat anyone but they can lose to anyone as well. The constant is Crean. The teams you mentioned will get better. Whereas, IU will have these same posts in January,February and March. Yogi is not a leader and that is so clear at the end of games. Just sad at this point. At least Crean can get a real tan. This will be his last trip there as the Hoosier coach

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