IU women’s basketball falls to Ohio

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A cold-shooting Indiana women’s basketball team went scoreless in the final three minutes of the game in a 63-56 loss to Ohio in the opening round of the Vanderbilt Thanksgiving Tournament on Friday afternoon.

The Hoosiers (3-2) struggled shooting the ball all afternoon, hitting just 28.8 percent from the field.

“When you rely on your guard play, which we do, and they go 6-for-37, that’s not going to bode well,” IU coach Teri Moren said. “That doesn’t give you an opportunity to shoot it, score any points, but we missed a lot of bunnies at the basket down the stretch especially. We went up, regained the lead and then couldn’t get the stops we needed, then didn’t take advantage of some really high percentage shots that didn’t go down for us.”

Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill scored 14 points apiece to lead Indiana, while freshman Kym Royster added a career-high 11 points. Lyndsay Leikem paced IU with nine rebounds, while Cahill added seven. The Hoosiers also stayed in the game thanks to 18-of-23 shooting at the free-throw line.


  1. Bad shooting day but a career high for Royster. Glad to see Kym starting to come around. After austin Peay they have Ga tech which is on btn plus , then they play Indiana state which will be on espn 3. Go Hoosiers!

  2. A tough loss last night against a team that went 27-5 last year and had 4 returning starters. We experienced a very poor shooting night considering we have been shooting 50% from the floor on the season. We only shot 28% from the floor and were out rebounded again. Ohio grabbed 17 offensive rebounds last night which gave them 10 more shots than we got. One thing that was a bright spot in the game was us only turning the ball over 12 times. We have been averaging over 20 turnovers a game so far this year. Kym Royster played well last night except for a couple of missed layups down the stretch as she scored 11 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 17 minutes. Another disturbing trend has been Cahill getting in foul trouble (fouled out last night) in almost every game this year which sometimes is due to our guards getting beat off the dribble by penetration and Amanda having to pick the opposing player up at the rim. Hopefully, we will have a better shooting day this afternoon.

  3. I was disappointed in the point guard play of Buss. 5 for 25 shooting from the field. More disturbing is 0 assists in 37 minutes of play. 4 turnovers in 37 minutes is not bad. Taking so many shots and not getting an assist is not a winning combination for the lady hosiers.

  4. Buss’ play left so much to be desired. Couldn’t make anything and still kept shooting and shooting, obviously more concerned about how many she personally puts on the board. If I was that cold, I would have been finding my teammates for assists. This whole team could stand to be a little less selfish. 5 team assists. That’s sad. This is the team I expected to see this year…maybe it will get better, I guess at least we aren’t the men’s team.

  5. SteveG and Hoosierfan, what statistics are you looking at? Buss did not take 25 shots in this game, she took 16. The reason she had o assists is because the team shot so poorly, 28%. It is hard to get an assist when nobody can make a shot! And one more thing, the team getting only 5 assists should tell you that they shot poorly! SteveG, where in the world did you get 25 shots??

  6. I stand corrected I read the stats wrong. 16 shots and 0 assists. Still a big problem for Buss and the Team. Same out come.Next game she had 5 assists. Much better play and a win.

  7. As I stated, yes, she had 5 assists in the last game simply because her team mates were hitting their shots +50%. It’s as simple as that, she is averaging 5 assists a game leading the team. She did have 8 assists in the Tennessee St. game.

  8. Ohio is a really good team. Why would they recruit Taylor Agler who wasn’t good enough for us? I guess they have a good coach. 37 minutes and no assists for our point guard and it’s everyone else’s fault. Travis T, I thought you were a little harsh but at least you’re not naive.

  9. Once a student-athlete transfers (and announces it) the recruitment process is supposed to cease. When the young lady mentioned above announced her decision to transfer, it wasn’t to OU. The comment in #9 could be misconstrued…

  10. Nathan, Agler initially transferred to Texas A&M Tech joining Larryn Brooks and assistant coach Brandi Poole who, when she was at IU helped recruit her to come here. If you will remember, last year Agler stared the first 3rd of the season here and then was replaced in the starting lineup by Gassion who at the start of the season was coming off the bench. The reason Agler was removed from the starting lineup was because of shooting 19% from the floor, it’s as simple as that. I would assume Agler changed her mind on A&M and decided on Ohio to be closer to home, she is from Ohio. Nathan, again, it’s hard to get an assist when the team shoots 28% from the floor, as was initially stated, the WHOLE team only had 5 assists in the game, that should tell you something.

  11. Mike C, I know the whole Agler story. You seem to miss my point. Also, the job of the point guard is to get us into our offense, get the ball to people in spots where they can score, penetrate, and dish. When your point guard is always looking for hers, eventually the whole team becomes selfish. They take bad shots which lead to a low shooting percentage. Since you’re a man of numbers Mike, buss is averaging closer to four assists a game not five and she is shooting 16% from behind the arc. So Agler was benched for 19%. I guess coach moren should not let Tyra shoot any 3’s. Can’t bench her as all our other guards are gone. Depth and chemistry are problems we need to address

  12. So now there are chemistry issues again this year, is that what you are saying? Are we to assume you have inside information? The team’s field goal % is 46% which is excellent! Five of our six games this year the team has shot over 50% from the floor! What brings our field goal % down to 46% was the DePaul game where the team shot 28%. How in the world can this team be taking so many bad shots if our field goal % is so high in all of these games except one? Makes no sense? Buss is averaging roughly 15 shots a game which certainly doesn’t seem like always “looking for hers”? Gassion has taken 2 less shots than buss, do we also need to sloe her shot selection down a bit to? IU’s field goal % is tied for 4th in the conference. Not bad? Obviously depth can’t be addressed this year except for the girl that will be added to the team in the next couple of weeks although I don’t know that she will be a huge addition? I have seen her video and she looks a bit slow, we will see?

  13. BTW Nathan, Agler’s 19% was not her 3 point percentage, it was her over all field goal percentage. Comparing Buss’s 3 point percentage to Agler’s 20% field goal percentage seems a bit odd? Last year Agler shot 20% in the conference and 32% in over all play. Her 32% over all percentage was higher because she shot better against the weak nonconference schedule.

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