IUWBB: Indiana beats Slippery Rock, 98-33

Riding 31 points from newly minted point guard Tyra Buss, Indiana bested Slippery Rock 98-33 in its exhibition opener.

The Hoosiers, who will open their season at home Friday against Tennessee State in the WNIT, outscored Slippery Rock in every quarter, taking a 53-19 lead into halftime. IU also received double-doubles from Amanda Cahill, 14 points and 12 rebounds, and Alexis Gassion, 12 points and 11 rebounds.

Karlee McBride scored 20 points and pulled down seven rebounds off the bench.

Newcomers Tyshee Towner, Danielle Williams and Kym Royster also saw their first action. Towner, a junior college transfer from Wabash Valley, contributed nine points and two rebounds, but also five turnovers.

Against Slippery Rock’s limited size, IU outscored its opponent 48-14 in the point, and won the rebounding battle, 62-38.


  1. Let me start by saying that Slippery Rock was a very, very mediocre opponent to say the least, but, the team played pretty well for the first time out. One thing I would really like to start with just to get this out of the way. Travis T, your prognostication in your last post that Buss will become an “annoying ball hog that will run the team into the ground” was not quite evident in this exhibition. While she did score 31 points, it’s not like she got them by throwing up an incredible amount of shots scoring those points. She took 13 shots which was a team high but, Cahill and McBride also took the same amount of shots and Gassion took 12 while Towner took 9. It looks as though by this performance that she didn’t “hog” the ball? She also was third on the team with 4 assists following McBride who had 7 assists and Gassion and Cahill had 5 and 4 assists respectively. So, apparently Travis T., the statement of Buss “hogging” the ball as you suggested was a bit of a stretch when you had that many different players with multiple assists. The team had 22 assists on 35 baskets which proves there was a great job of players looking for each other. The unselfishness of the team was quite impressive! Two players had double-doubles; Cahill had 14 points and 12 rebounds and Gassion had 12 points and 11 rebounds. The team shot 50% from the floor which is a good sign and 9 for 25 from the 3-point line which put them at 36%. Buss scoring 31 points was probably a bit of an aberration when you consider she was much quicker than anyone who tried to guard her which of course will change when we face better competition. She was constantly fouled which caused her to attempt 16 free throws which helped her score as many points as she did, again the quickness issue resulted in many of the fouls. IU held Slippery Rock to 13 for 71 from the field which resulted in a shooting percentage of 18%. Again, we need to look at the quality of the opponent when seeing this.
    All in all, it was a nice game for our girls simply to be able to play against somebody other than themselves. One other thing that I might mention is I would hope that Jess Walter returns soon from her concussion issues, she is certainly missed when she is not out there, she gives us another great shooter and her all around game is very good. Can’t wait when we play for real this coming Friday at noon. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Buss is going to have an excellent career at IU. She is the flexible type of high quality athletic leader/player in a variety of areas ( both on and off court) that makes her valuable to IU women basketball program.

  3. Nice job Lady Hoosiers! Looking forward to the start of the season on Friday. This team has the potential to be very good defensively and is going to have nice scoring distribution. There are multiple players that could lead in scoring for any given game. Rebounding and turnovers will be key. All in all I see a fun team to watch that is going to make some noise this season and have a great time doing it.

  4. Theres work to do for the incoming freshmen but that will come with time and good coaching. Looking forward to see how they fare against Tenn. State. I noticed last year they lead their division which is divided in half like IU’s leaders and legends. They were 12-4 in coference 18-13 overall. Will be glad to see the return of Jess Walter, she will be needed. Not sure if the freshmen can pick up the slack needed in the post early on, improvement will be necessary.

  5. Has any thought been given about scheduling a double-header. Men game followed by the women’s? Could be a mechanism to increase interest / attendance ?

  6. I thought coach Moren’s assessment of Royster “deer in the headlights’ was on key. The fact that she looked really good in practice , but hesitant when the bright lights came on verified that fact. I have no doubt that in time Kym will become the player IU needs her to be and more.

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