1. Easy fellow IU fans… Remember it’s Alcorn St at home. This is no real indicator of IU’s improvement. It’s more of an indicator on how bad Alcorn St is offensively, then the Hoosier’s are defensively. Lets all take a chill pill and see what happens defensively wednesday night. Actually IU really isn’t looking that great. The problems IU have can’t be corrected within this season. The coaching staff’s point of emphasis doesn’t match with their defiencies. But we’ll know more wednesday. Hopefully I’m wrong at the end of the season.

  2. Lazy defense frustrates the heck out of me. No one steps in front of the guy driving the lane just reach, reach, reach. MOVE YOUR FEET! Also can someone on the coaching staff teach Bryant how to hedge a screen? That would have been the first defensive thing

  3. Sorry, just accidentally hit the submit button. Anywho, that would have been the first defensive thing I would have taught him. Alcorn is getting into the lane way too easy. If this was Duke, it wouldn’t matter if we scored over 50 because they would have 60-65 at half.

  4. IU is winning by 19 points at half, and a lot of fans are very unhappy. Bob Knight’s influence is alive and well in Bloomington! LOL!

    The top candidates for IU’s next basketball coach should be subjected to a litmus test to make sure they understand how IU fans expect the game to be played.

  5. Podunker – IU was favored by 32 to 38 depending where you look. Fans are unhappy because if you watched the game instead of looking at the scoreboard you could see that IU was playing some really bad basketball.

  6. The grandest insult is putting that high school team on the schedule(along with those to come) as a reason for Glass to throw more millions at a very poor coach. Nothing is gained in these games but some extra theatrics and clapping for the clown. Any supposed IU “fan” that would enjoy such a farcical just witnessed is not a fan of the game.

    And to think we ruined our one class high school basketball tournament so every underdog could get their blue ribbon and participation trophies. Plymouth with Scott Skiles blindfolded would trounce Alcorn State in the afternoon game before defeating East Chicago Roosevelt in the night contest. Alcorn State didn’t even deserve the designation of “underdog.” They were more like a golden labrador being invited to a Michael Vick pit bull party.

  7. I do know that I always sat on the edge of my seat when the Globetrotters would battle the Washington Senators…I also enjoy “professional’ wrestling and monster truck shows. There’s so much culture in Bloomington that it’s sick…John Cougar and Meg Ryan showing up for Crean, candy stripes, and Alcorn State is more awesome than a night of Hee Haw reruns at the church. Don Fischer grows more handsome than Ricardo Montalban…And Derek Elston…? What more can i say. The ‘Tipton Tripper’ …There is none hipper. Banners are o.k….but there’s no replacement for cool breakaway dunks against your little sister. …Because it’s Indiana…..

    I just pray that our next cutting down of nets ceremony after a loss includes Oladipo singing “Wind Beneath My Wing” to a weeping Crean. That could be the second biggest moment in our history..Only second to Diamonte sportin’ the chrome while his soap opera parents are hangin’ with the frat rats in Memorial, bro…These are truly awesome times at IU. It’s like the Midwest version of Miami Beach. Throw in Joyce Meyer in a bikini and it’s utopia in a bottle.

  8. Before we bash Alcorn State too much just a historical reminder. It was Bobby Knight who insisted that Alcorn State be put on the IU schedule the year following their matchup in the NIT.

    Alcorn State has had more NCAA appearances than Miami (aka ‘the U’).

  9. Well, Chet…let’s just say they’ve slipped an exact momentous proportional degree. It’s gone from Handsome vs. Pretty Ugly….to Ugly vs. Sméagol. The disparity still great…The game looking more akin to ‘assketball.’ which sounds a lot like “ass get ball.”

  10. Yes, Chet…He insisted. He also insisted on teaching the game. He also insisted on running from Crean’s handshake. Let’s talk more Bobby. Did he insist on cutting down nets after a loss. Did he insist of five “state” schools not named after any state in the course a two week span? He played cupcakes. He didn’t own the bakery that makes them on the way to three banners..

  11. “You da’ man” Harvard. Love the historical Indiana (the state) basketball references. I can’t wait for the Damon Bailey reference, which just may be this week after Grayson Allen has his way with our ‘guards’. That’s who this kid reminds me of…Bailey. He has a big heart and won’t quit. ‘guards’ I use that term very loosely; ‘guards’ by position only.

  12. Leave it to Harv to reference Lord of the Rings in a post with the Smeagol reference. Well played, Harv.

  13. I would certainly be more proud if the score had ended 82-51. I could then declare improvement for at least I’d know offensive possessions were not bolstered by lack of IU D on the other end of the court. After doing a little research on Crean’s former and present IU assistants 1 commonality they share are all known for their recruiting. In other words the possibility they know less about coaching D than Crean is possible. The offensive scheme will never change because it is TC’s but you;d think 1 experienced assistant could impact defense positively and another could inject practiced set plays at appropriate times during the course of a game. I am way more a FB man than BB but I think I understand regularly more of the happenings on the court than TC and staff(as we all do).

  14. The actual attendance at the game was less than 10,000, this a newspaper reported number. There were over 7,000 fans that had tickets and didn’t show up. The paying fans are getting fed up with the cup cake crap. Also the Priller and the other end of the bench players played 2 to 3 minutes. Looks like Crean ran up the score. If Coach Knight team would have held this team below 40 points to show it played defense.

  15. I know several people that did not go because of the cupcake and because of their frustration with the team and coaches. It is a…you now have to prove to me you belong mentality by many I know. I will admit for the first time in my life I did not watch the last game in Maui…did not set the dvr. I have never done that before but the lack of fire and lazy defense is embarrassing! I had no interest and that is not like me at all. A win tomorrow night will make everyone forget Maui but what are the chances, 10%? The sad part is they are capable of whipping Dook!

  16. J Pat,

    I was at the Alcorn State game and, sadly, our team this year does not have a chance in Mordor of competing with Duke.

    And, yes, Crean ran up the score against Alcorn State. Pathetic is a word I’d use to describe that game.

    It will be interesting, however, to listen to Crean’s statement after the Duke game.

  17. I could be wrong, but nothing short of another Big Ten Championship or making it to the final four is going to change Crean’s fate as IU’s head coach. Clearly, without a major achievement, his days at IU are numbered. He’s simply swimming against a strong current that consists of unrealistic expectations, long held traditions/history and hardwired style preferences. As referenced in one of the posts above, it’s not good enough that his teams win big against inferior teams, IU is expected to play and win in a certain way. The fundamentals that IU fans have grown up with, and that are still being taught across the state’s High Schools, are simply not there with a Crean coached team. and they’re never going to be. I’m not sure they would be with a lot of other coaches, but that’s irrelevant at this point. Too many fans want to bring back Bob Knight’s brand of basketball, whether that even still exists or not. And ironically, the more successful Crean is in recruiting, the more ardent his critics become, because we can all remember IU basketball achieving so much more success with so much less athletic talent. Or at least that’s how we’ve convinced ourselves it was like back in the good old days.

    I can remember, back when I was a student at IU, that virtually every home game, whether against a cupcake team or not, and IU hosted lots of cupcakes back then, Assembly Hall was filled to the rafters with enthusiastic fans. Watching an IU game in Assembly Hall was a special event, regardless of who we were playing. In my four years at IU, I never missed a home basketball game. Not one! Now, hearing that only 60% of the seats in Assembly Hall were filled last night convinces me that the fervent support of IU basketball, that everyone used to take for granted, has been greatly diminished. While that simply can’t be ignored, the question is, can it ever be remedied, regardless of who is IU’s head coach?

  18. HC,
    You are absolutely correct. Nobody on that staff knows how to teach defense. Judging by his post game interviews , defense never seems to be much of a priority with this coach.Moving your feet on defense instead of grabbing at the ball is fundamental but that seems to be a dirty word on this coaching staff.

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