1. This is a must win game for a team that has played so tough against the best opponents. Come on IU start fast and keep the energy up on both sides of the ball while keeping the ball away from Likely on all return teams. This is the game to put it all together so we can celebrate a victory.

  2. This team doesn’t know how to win. That is coaching and bad decision making. I think if they get blown out today it will be too hard for Wilson to overcome. I am a big Wilson fan but the start of the game today is just demoralizing. He has been given enough time. Go Hoosiers

  3. This is par for the course under Wilson. The defense has not improved at all in 5 years (ranked in the 100s every year). Not a single Big Ten win this year and this guy might get an extension because he’s greatly improved the team? You know that you don’t have a good coach when the arguments to keep him are “who would replace him or we need to keep him for stability”…..

  4. Is there a defense in America that takes more poor angles than IU? It’s unbelievable. I have no idea what they do in practice all week.

  5. Well I am happy to admit I was wrong in this situation. However I will say the defense wad bailed out with Lickey going down. Maryland offense looked like IU’S last year when Diamont was QB. Every play was pretty much going to be a run.

  6. After a poor 1st quarter IU outplayed Maryland 44-7. They could have let this game get away from them especially with Jordan going out after 3 runs.At 3 – 21 they finally woke up and played football against a team that couldn’t match IU this year. It is nice to get to 5-6 with a 47 – 28 win and Purdue coming up. Not only is the state rival IU’s next game but it is the Bucket Game and Bowl eligibility. Plenty to play for so we will see how they get after a team that is a closer matchup than Maryland was.

  7. Double Down. Agree. Where are the blowbags that have wanted Wilson’s head on a stake? Where are the snidely twits that have implied he’s a drunk that is kicked out of every bar establishment in Bloomington?

  8. Wait…whoa… What happened? Did Indiana win the Super Bowl? Oh never Mind… they finally won a Big Ten game! If they win next week they will play in the Tasty Freeze Bowl in Soddy Daisy Tennessee!…but that’s a start!

  9. You know, I’d like to be Alabama, too. Hell, Ole Miss. Vanderbilt. But, if after all the missed opportunities, blowing enormous leads, taking top teams to the limit and then throwing the game away, all that stuff we’re endured as fans, if, after all that, we can end the season with a win over Purdue and a trip to the Burma Shave Bowl it will still be better than most years as an IU fan.

    There’s that.

  10. In football…

    I have no interest in being an alumni or having a degree from the first 2 schools. Having lived in Nashville I frankly have mixed emotions about Vandy as well.

  11. Alabama would be a good fit for Tom Crean. Tennessee would also be delightful as it would provide nearby quality time with the Parrish family during holidays.

  12. Chet…Spent a week at a Nashville hospital (can’t remember the name) but was probably an HCA facility. They wanted a review of their Rehab structure. Did not like Nashville.

  13. Between my freshman and sophomore years at IU I somehow found myself working as a cook at a Mexican restaurant in Opryland.

    I have a checkered past.

    It was a miserable job but my co-workers were high school kids and I was in college and rode a motorcycle. It could have been worse.

  14. Glad you’re back, H4H! Your absence made me think that maybe you got a job or something. Seriously, though, let your wit run wild but please leave the basketball stuff in its cage. Better yet, turn it loose on the basketball threads. This blowbag has never wanted KW’s head on pike (and in fact has been a lot more supportive than some others here), but I’m at the end of my rope with him by this time in KW year five. He’s not out of the woods yet. Purdoo-doo is beatable and the “almosts” v. OSU, UM, etc. are irrelevant. IUFB needs to figure out how to beat the beatables before it can be a contender, and no one can deny that KW hasn’t solved that part of the equation yet. But if KW can beat the beatable Pee-yew and win a bowl (presumably another 6-6 team, i.e., beatable), then he’s earned another year to let the beat go on (as Sonny and Cher would say).

  15. Thanks, Jeremy. And thanks for being concerned.
    But it was more of a Parrish putdown. There was absolutely no objectivity in his Crean apologist tale(your link to the Parrish story recently provided in a Hoosier Morning edition). Not only was the topic dated, but it reeked of “agenda” that marches in deceptive fashion by falling grossly short of the total picture of Crean’s past tactics to vilify many people…Those people he has vilified also have children…Those children he has vilified also have parents). So why do we get so hung up on Wilson’s shortcomings?

    But I’ll keep it on the basketball threads…if that’s your preference.

    Double Down- Thanks for your thoughts and concern as well…Always enjoy your open-mindedness and your great sense of humor. .It’s contributors like you that keep me interested. …when it grows more and more politically correct and “careful” around here. Thanks again for your kindness and heartfelt inquiries…Your friend, Hav.

    1. Thanks Harv. Hoping maybe I can convince the powers that be to let me join the fun when IU and Kansas play at Pearl Harbor next year for the Armed Forces Classic on Veterans Day.

      Regardless, I think the Parrish article is worthy of discussion and criticism, just in the basketball threads. That way there’s a time and place for everything.

  16. davis-

    I’ve always considered the profession of law to be analogous to a lifetime of “job.”

  17. Jeremy-

    \You’ve been too solid and loyal to the HT to not send you on the Hawaii trip. …Just my “nobody” opinion. I’m sure you’ll continue to do your “job” to the best of your ability and hold true to your commitment to Scoop/HT and your hard-working values.

  18. H4H: My only gripe about your bball comments is that they get in the way of your other worthwhile stuff (and that provokes others to likewise digress and thus it gets in the way of their worthwhile stuff). This cuts into the time I already squander on IUFB. I don’t even get 15/16 of the things to which you refer/allude/sneer! I’m basically ignorant about bball (which probably makes me some kind of freak IU alumnus). But I love IUFB and am glad that you and others do what you do to keep this site lively.

  19. Chet: “Ole” Miss? Wouldn’t want to be that/them/whatever. “Ole” isn’t even a word. At least not north of the Ohio River it isn’t.

  20. Didn’t Kellenberger get exiled to Ole Miss…via reporting over a trip at Northwestern? Strangely ironic how doing the nasty deed of commenting on Crean’s character sent him from Chicago to far southward the Ohio River…Would such results make other HT journalists careful to not make the same mistakes? Maybe Wilson and a football program not capable of flexing such local muscle make for much easier targets to slander and put on continual short leashes? Shame on Kellenberger for being the tail that wagged the big Bloomington b-ball mafia dog…?

    It’s difficult to keep football and basketball in their respective proper classrooms in such backdrops of uneven criticism and perspectives…when so many the repercussion of stepping on the wrong toes can effectively banish a reporter from his/her job in covering all sports at IU. Thus, they are invariably intertwined…and should not be treated as mutually exclusive entities. Fred Glass as repeatedly tried to bring Bobby Knight to football games and halftime ceremonies…..Fred also mixes the two in his marketing cocktails of validation…(often as a means for his “chosen” validation to be manipulated in the direction of the basketball coach on a committee who had a personal stake in the AD hiring process)… Thus, once again, I would argue that there were failed attempts to use our Memorial Football field and our football team to validate Tom Crean.
    Lastly, may I also as why you seperatists don’t ask “football” to take our beloved basketball candy stripes off those godawful helmets….Please, don’t sacrilegiously take a storied basketball history and slap it onto a Hoosier football helmet like morning toothpaste….

    So, at the end of the day, who is really mixing the basketball into your football? Who are the power-players in Bloomington that have such authority to conveniently confuse and erroneously validate one in place of the other? Because it is not Harvard that deceptively mixes your sweet into your bitter…These are harmless discussion threads…But putting candy stripes on chrome football helmets is selling something far more insidious than anything that a few dozen people will read on a Scoop thread.

    I would also argue that Crean should keep his football brother-in-law out of Assembly Hall…If the blood not be mixed on Scoop threads, then they should not be mixed to sell the expertise a Meat Chicken football coach to validate a Hoosier basketball coach. Please quit telling me on Scoop how Baltimore Raven’s football coaches also claim we have the best coach in all of college basketball….as well.

    Journalists can mix the pot…The AD can mix the pot ….Crean can mix the pots(as if being in a family of successful football coaches would, by association, make for a “takes one to know one” capable coach in an entirely unrelated sport)…

    But, heaven forbid, I step on some toes by bringing up hoops on a football thread …How dare I paint those candy stripes back their original home having nothing to do with Crean, Glass, or Wilson….

  21. Please, don’t sacrilegiously take a storied basketball history and slap it onto a Hoosier football helmet like morning toothpaste….

    I hate to brag……but that was driven deep…(sorry for the baseball analogy on your FOOTBALL knitting spool) …And it does sorta look like a glob of two-toned toothpaste dripping off Bobby’s pearly whites…. What a smile he had… What’s next? Candy-striped goal posts? Or maybe we keep it a bit more subtle and just have candy-striped streamers blowing in the wind from the top the uprights?

  22. Jeremy- Hope you get that trip next year. And feel free to remove all the above basketball posts that I put on this football thread. IU hoops looks very strong this year. Crean has reloaded and a trip to the Final Four is not out of the question with the added depth, multiple perimeter/guard talent, and Thomas Bryant’s inside skills/motor/infectious enthusiasm….Maybe you’ll get a nice trip to Houston . or somewhere out West during the early rounds of the Big Dance
    Have you ever seen the movie, “The Descendants”…? I fell in love with Hawaii watching that film. The film is also a treasure for the great performances and tale of love/devotion. Robert Forster’s performance was a gem as beautiful the islands scenic wonder.

  23. H4H: You are definitely back! And MIXING football and basketball in a post is legit! Yeah, agree about keeping Meatchicken and any other enemy coaches out of ALL IU real estate except the visitors’ locker room. Of course “there were failed attempts to use our Memorial Football field and our football team to validate Tom Crean.” (Your #30). With emphasis on failed; I’m not sure that IUFB could validate much of anything.

    I remember that when Crean first came to IU that he commented how wonderful it was to experience again a college football Saturday, which of course Marquette had not had since 1960. Why did Marquette drop FB? Supposedly it was a business decision (the program was $150k in debt), but I think the real reason was that Marquette had lost four in a row to IUFB (in 1960 it was IUFB’s only win); that would be enough for most trustees to pull the plug.

    Finally, I must opine that the cream and crimson belong to all of IU, and whatever configuration they are given – striped, checkered, houndstooth – I cheer them on (even in my basketball ignorance). That one team has “right” to a particular configuration is unfounded; in fact, I think candy-striped goal posts would look dandy! But fortunately for you, that would be against NCAA Rule 2.5.a.

  24. The cream and crimson do belong to all of IU…But the candy stripes belong to IU basketball and any expectations relating to their historical brand, a brand that represented committed devotion and excellence, should be reserved for evaluations of the basketball program that moves in reference and perspective about their mystique and lore.

    IU Football was the bastard child for decades while those candy stripes, introduced by Knight, were transformed from carnival fabric put on pants into storied tradition/banners. Give Wilson a hint of the same chance to even begin to feel such commitment to football in our collective hearts before cheaply slapping such a hard-earned trademark of hoops upon the neglected and yellowed teeth of IU football.

  25. H4H: So in other words, you’d rather kick IUFB back into the ditch rather than let any IUBB mystique (or at least what’s left of it) give IUFB a hand up. A lot of posters here have commented that the chief thing ailing IUFB (for decades,as you mentioned) has been neglect, apathy, and indifference- but after reading post #35 I would add downright malice aforethought. I think the Red Steppers should wear alternating crimson tooth tattoos (or maybe little crimson vinyl tooth sleeves), but only for football games.

  26. I think you’re not allowing it to get out of the ditch. Correcting the vacuum that has been long present,does not start with ultimatums for heads to roll in five years after decades of neglect. And slapping candy stripes(a longstanding basketball tradition) on the helmet doesn’t erase such neglect and lack of enthusiasm.

    Additionally, the IU logo(whether the pitchfork design, the block ‘I’ design, the state ‘torch’ symbol), are plenty to confuse who the hell is on the field. Maybe that’s the entire idea. Maybe Glass feared sticking with one design would make viewers remember the team producing the follies. Spraying mod candy stripes into something Evel Knievel wore at a Ceasar’s Palace jump gets IU football as close to the basketball lore as Tom Crean putting on a plaid jacket.
    It’s just a damn shame that we never had a “Bear” Bryant at IU Football in the 1970’s…We could have all the IU basketball players put on a houndstooth fedora during warm-up’s before a clueless experience against a Syracuse zone; allow a Crean team to live up to such identifiers in tradition and excellence in execution in the vacuum of 30 years of basketball neglect. .

  27. Come to think of it…? my entire argument is flawed. The greatest insult to the candy stripes is Tom Crean. Wilson’s inventiveness and his strong constitution to never seek villains to attach his own shortcomings gives far more true dignity to the symbol of longstanding excellence in which the candy stripes had to earn.

    Maybe the candy stripes have made this call and are leading us back to place that moves in contradiction their carnival design. In Assembly, the candy stripes are now merely as foolish the clown parading in the streets. The fit was never intended to be accurate. Give them to football where a capable mind is not merely so because of a trademark, a microphone, a Disani bottle, clapping hands, brass symbols, or quotes stenciled from a twitter page onto entrance tunnels.

    Yup…The candy stripes were never given to football. They are running from McCracken. My apologies for getting it wrong, my guiding candy stripes.

  28. ^^^I hope those final closing arguments won the jury. That’s the old table flip routine. You get ’em next time.

    Here’s the candy stripes calling to Memorial.

  29. And basketball has already surpassed the 50 years of neglect we hoodwinked upon IU Football. Why? Because Crean is a factorially poor coach. For every year his hoodwinking( ! ) job presence, he sets our reputation back in factorial years — now equal to 8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1…..or 40,320 years. How do we put that into something that a Hoosier football ONLY fan would understand? Hmmm? You must be familiar with John Wooden. If Crean’s tradition regression were a John Wooden pyramid comparison, Crean would now have Wooden’s “pyramid” functioning as a Ben Carson Thanksgiving casserole of creamed corn filled inside a Devo hat. Coincidentally, the factorial method is also how Glass figures Crean’s pay raises with each contract extension. If the extension comes in year five, Crean will earn five factorial(5!) his current salary during the extension period.

    Wilson’s bonus will be equal to Crean’s Disani expense account and primarily used for a set of chrome helmets.

    Are you beginning to get a handle on how the football and basketball marriage works at IU? Final comparison? IU Basketball is Donald Trump. IU Football is IU Basketball having a one-night stand with Carly Florina.

  30. Harvard, you are right about the pay and benefits between basketball and football. I hope when Coach Wilson and the defensive staff get the recruits they need to finish off games against the big guys that disparity disappears and IU football coach’s pay is close to the best paying jobs in the Big Ten so when Coach Wilson retires [I hope he gets IU to the level the offense is, if the defense doesn’t get there then of course Coach won’t be retained] IU can get the best level of coach in.

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