1. IU is seconds from winning #6 and being Bowl eligible. No matter the back and forth of the game IU was in control throughout the game.

  2. First bowl game of the Kevin Wilson era. By a very fine hair. Hopefully it won’t be like the Lynch era where we

    It’s shocking, isn’t it, that a bowl committee would select a team with only 2 conference wins.?! But we will take it. A road win over a rival is no easy feat. A big kudos to Kevin Wilson for barely avoiding an unmitigated disaster of a season that began with promise.

  3. Oops, to finish the thought in P #1: Hopefully it won’t be like the Lynch era where we are content to be blown out by the #7 or 8 team in the Big 12 and point back to our bowl loss as proof that the program is only going upward.

  4. Hats off to Nate Sudfeld and the IU offense for winning 6 games with the worse defense in America. Ole KW came thru.

  5. Wow, what a defensive struggle! Does either team actually play defense? Congrats to Sudfeld and IU’s offensive line. They played really well and won this game, giving themselves a chance to play one more and finish the season with a winning record for the first time in decades.

  6. Murfman- UK should be on the schedule every year. It’s a natural rivalry and the programs are equally matched,

  7. Way to go HOOSIER!!! IU football team going bowling!!! To IU football team and coaching staff Congratulation on a successful football season…..as a fan every game this year was very exciting and wonderfully to watch.

  8. This team did provide us with an exciting season with victories to celebrate and losses that were competitive so we thought we could win them in the end. I hope this team is the first step into competing with the best teams in the conference leading to the next step that they can win a few of the games against the best teams along with the teams they should beat. How recruiting goes this Winter has a lot to say if the coaches have the players to take the next step in 2016.

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