1. Wilson has to go, we need someone who’s actually won division 1 football games. We got it right once with coach hep.

  2. This defense is going backwards in more ways than one. They’re doing things they shouldn’t this time of year. Half the time they’re just out of position. They don’t stay home and consistently over pursue.

    I’m going back in time and creating a macro in 1995. I will then just hit a key stroke and post it in every game for infinity.

  3. Nice punt/fg on 4th and short. Everyone knows our strength is our offense but our coach. 1 big ten win in two years we need to make a change now, oh wait glass has abandoned our football program

  4. Nice the refs are our best defense! How does someone get wide open 3 and Long all day on us with a weak 4 man rush?! Mix a blitz in you can learn that in high school. Oh wait we got a hc (decent man) who never won a high school game

  5. Scoop Fellas, just a bit of well-intentioned feedback. Big mistake giving up the Live Chat. There were a couple of knuckleheads, but overall a great way for a LOT of us to engage during the game. I thought it was a ton of fun and a good hang. Plus lots of guys from back in the day would come back.

    The community around here seems to be down lately. Food for thought.

  6. This is another of those “if only” IU games. If only IU’s defense could tackle. If only IU’s defense did not over pursue. If only IU’s defense could rush the passer. If only IU had an average defense! If only the replay refs had eyes and the courage to call what everyone watching TV understood was a ball that did not cross the goal line.

    Howard looks great. The O-line is doing a great job.

    IU needs a blow-out third quarter, and then it needs to find a way to hold on. It’s possible. This Iowa team is way over-rated.

  7. What are we gonna do when our starting rb and qb are gone??? Someone needs to be fired. How Fred glass still has a job is a disgrace to all 5 of us iu football fans left.

  8. With a close game on the line in the fourth quarter, IU’s offense falters again. Dropped passes and bad throws killed IU’s chance to upset a top ten ranked team at home. This team does not know how to win.

    In relative terms, the defense played pretty good.

  9. donald t, don’t you understand? It’s not Wilson’s fault, and it’s not Glass, history is to blame. According to some who post on The Scoop, the only thing Wilson needs is more time to turn things around.

  10. Andy keeps taking about Sudfield playing on Sunday. What a joke! He folds like a cheap suit in the second half against decent teams. Every. Single. Time.

  11. I’m really gonna miss Corsaro next year, you guys. No one drops a ball quite like he does. But I bet Paige could learn. We’ve cornered the market on 5’7″ walk-on wide receivers, and I love it. I bet it’s fun throwing to a tiny, hard-to-see target like that. Really love what Mr. Wilson has done in the recruiting world during his reign. Defense much improved under his watch, too. A never ending supply of missed tackles and blown coverage on every 3rd and long. Dutra really has a knack for being in the right place and never making the play. He should just save some time and fall down immediately when the ball is snapped. Michigan ain’t gonna know what hit em next week.

  12. This was a winnable game. 5 drive killing drops and a safety who is the quarterback of the secondary, yet is nearly always out of position and our Hoosiers come up short again. Howard & the O-line did their jobs. Sudfeld and his receiving corps did not. So very disappointing. As a receiver, if you get two hands on the ball you should make the catch. Let’s get ready for Michigan. Go Hoosiers!!!

  13. Podunker, no they don;’t understand…they never have; nor will they ever….! This team is playing decent, competitive ball…on offense. The offense is imaginative, disciplined and- at the line- tough. Even on a tough day for our very good qb, we put up 27 points (impressive number against top 10 teams). Defensively, we’re still a mess and that will haunt. Coach Wilson is as good an offensive coach as his history promised. As a Head Coach he needs to think deeply about how- as a head coach- he will analyze, with the same attention to the details of creating a decently respectable defense as he has achieved in creating an effective and dangerous winning offense. I trust he will do so and what we are seeing is simply the end of the years and years of weak recruitment, passive approaches to competitiveness and lack of development of strong fibre in the players who represent Indiana University and us.

    Important that we do what has never, really, been done at IU. Alumni, supporters and, simply, fans restate w are ‘all in’ and will persevere to the moment Wilson shows the B1C a solid, competitive program of talented players focused on championship football.

    (Good, truthful comments by you up above. I’ll leave my pettiness behind and walk together with you to a great Indiana Hoosiers football program.)

  14. Their OL vs our DL, their WR corp achieves vs our WR corp which did not. The over achiever was easily their QB.

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