1. How come Howard can’t carry the ball in the red zone? Same mistakes over and over this honestly should be Wilson’s last game as HC. Over under Reddick 3.5 tds today? The sad part is we actually have the talent to pull of an upset this year, just not the coaching.

  2. Did IU actually convert a fourth down against Michigan? Play calling in the red zone seems to missing something. Oh yea, they’re called touchdowns.

  3. And just when IU’s offense is clicking, incompetent refs blows two p-i calls and robs IU. Worst p-i call I’ve seen in months. And then, in the same series, a non-call when the Michigan defender was clearly holding the arm of IU’s receiver. Just terrible job by two of the refs.

  4. Howard is gassed after three consecutive carries. He taps his helmet to come out. That’s why he’s not carrying in the red zone. Go Hoosiers ! ! !

  5. He can’t be that gassed Keith to not get one snap inside the red zone after we use a time out? Are you watching the game?

  6. Donald T,
    Of course I’m watching the game. After 3 consecutive carries he is tapping the top of his helmet, and Redding comes in. If you have a DVD check it out @ the half.

  7. The exact same story vs IOWA, we give them enough time to score before half and end all our momentum. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  8. Keith he didn’t tap his head 3 straight red zone trips. Maybe we should slow the game down so our best players can be in the game at the most critical times and spots.

  9. Donald T, I assure you Wilson will still be IU’s coach on Monday and Glass will still have his job. This is Indiana. And we still have a chance to win two more games. I know you’re frustrated, but try not to lose all reason.

  10. No excuse for the defense to be this atrocious. They’re ranked 118th or so in the country. Literally no improvement at all on the defensive side of the ball since Wilson has been here.

  11. Give credit to the Hoosiers for a valiant effort. But defense is the reason we are losing big ten games. Has been for years. It really is a shame.

  12. At some point you have to win games.You are what your record says you are and if you can’t win 6 games you’re not very good. IU had a ‘close’ loss to OSU in 2012, did it really help the program? No it didn’t.

  13. Lets face the facts its year 5 and we have the worst defense by far and have zero big ten wins, time to start over with someone who can teach defensive fundamentals! If our offensive would of been this aggressive vs Rutgers or Iowa we would of had for sure 1 maybe 2 more ws, but were the morons of the big ten.

  14. So So Close. Hell of a game. So proud of these Hoosiers. Gave it everything.

    And I bet Michigan fans are saying the same thing – we have no defense.

  15. Enough of these “moral victories”. Five years into the KW Experiment and our defense still sucks, especially with the game on the line. KW has done little to erase the perception of IU football as hapless losers. Oh well, at least we are still on track towards a winless B10 season. Whoopee!!

  16. Wilson’s terrible clock management with less than four minutes to play in regulation, plus the worst pass defense in college football were the two reasons IU lost this game. IU, down two points, is driving the ball late in the fourth quarter. IU is shredding Michigan’s defense on running plays. IU gets a fist down inside UM territory. What does Wilson do? He continues to run the hurry-up offense. All we needed was a field goal! I actually screamed “NO” at the TV when Howard scored his touchdown with about 3 minutes left in regulation. When is Wilson going to learn that his hurry-up offense is not compatible with his young, undersized, inexperienced and fundamentals-challenged defense? What a waste.

  17. Po you are completely right, but id add the terrible clock management before half. When we gave them 49 seconds before half i knew it would be a miracle to hold them to 3!

  18. Fire Wilson and hire a proven winning coach. Hey the formula works. IU has hired to proven winners in the last 30 years and both took the Hoosiers to bowl games. It’s real simple. Dynamic winning coaches recruit winning kids.

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