Lolo Jones examines Devine Redding’s hurdling skills #iufb

It’s not clear whether Devine Redding has a history in track and field. His official Indiana biography lists only his participation in football during his high school years in Ohio.

But the Indiana sophomore running back drew the attention of at least one United States Olympian on Saturday.

Lolo Jones, a specialist in the 100-meter hurdles, critiqued Redding’s leap over Purdue safety Brandon Roberts through a series of tweets, acknowledging Redding’s terrific burst while jocularly pointing to his need for polish.

“The good: Great speed approaching into hurdle,” Jones wrote. “The bad: his trail leg (is) so slow whipping around he has too much air time and that allows him to get tackled. C-. Amazing speed into hurdle. But loses that speed (with) a slow, incomplete trail leg, which allows competitors to catch him.”

Beyond the hurdle, which you can watch below, Redding rushed for a career-high 144 yards on 22 carries — averaging 6.5 yards per touch — and he scored on a six-yard touchdown run. Redding recorded the first 100-yard game of his career last week at Maryland.


  1. Although Redding tries to go outside too much his hurdle was tremendous as he went right at the defender. I hope as he gains experience he improves his power and gets better feet for inside running. He plays hard as he demonstrated with his leap but doesn’t have the power inside Jordan Howard has [not many RBs have Howard’s power]. IU showed that they have developed a strong stable of RBs with several more coming in next year.

    Keep running hard RBs as people are watching you and you are bringing attention to IU football.

  2. Harvard leave it to you to make a pun [I great one I might add] out of Redding’s run. Runs like that hurdle inspire a team to play harder. Redding’s run shows how players are buying into how hard they must play to win. The more players that absorb this the more games IU will win in the future [especially if Howard comes back]. I see Simmie Cobbs making extra effort on pass plays and once he eliminates drops [far fewer this year than last year]. Add in Patrick next year along with several others that were injured this year and we will have a receiving corps that may rank up with the best in the country. Now that means we need a top QB to go along with them. But that leads into needing good defense to stop the other teams so our offense can get the ball back in a hurry.

    It is nice to be excited about IU football and I hope the recruiting reflects how close we were to beating the best teams in the Big Ten. With all the coaching changes our coaches may pull off the best recruiting class IU has had but that may be too big a dream.

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