1. this is clown show city – our guards basically driving it into the lane all day and then trying to do and 1 trick shots against the towering trees of wake forest. What the hell is bryant doing? didn’t feel like showing up today i guess? Clown show, Crean.

  2. ESPN analyists ..”There’s no “D” in Indiana ” “The concerns for Defense that been there in the past and Thomas Bryant suppose to “fix” STILL a concern” “Indiana guards need to attack the ball at the point”…People seeing WHY Crean’s job is AWAYS being talked about. SAME Crap that’s been here for past 3 years for sure. Dribble, dribble, dribble, and …..shoot. 1 guy dribbling and 4 standing out side to see who gets picked next to dribble. Wake Forest picked to be DEAD LAST in the ACC. I Know you cant make evaluation on 1 game BUT the defense issues have REMAINED the same. The offensive scheme is the same ….dribble and shoot ..no inside cuts or screens. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!

  3. lol – Bryant is a joke. Might as well be HMP down there. No force whatsoever. and this is wake forest? What happens against Vandy? Duke? Notre Dame? Rest of the B1G?


  4. IU football plays better defense than the basketball team. Can’t wait to hear Crean’s excuses for this one.

  5. Pretty pathetic occasion for me to tune into my first Hoosier game after getting Sling TV. What a terrible last 5 minutes! Errant 3 pointers that without the slightest prayer, absent rebounding, Wake Forest getting layups at will, and a Big Man that looks like gumby and can’t get his body in front of a defender.

  6. Can’t figure out what was more annoying: Watching this team’s performance, or listening to Bill Walton, who actually knew NOTHING about IU’s current team. He actually commented once on how he liked that they don’t spend too much time dribbling. Huh?

  7. gumby? Ouch. …but accurate. He looked like Hanner on defense. Just absolutely lost. A first year coach making Crean look like dog sh___.

    How’s it going, Seahawk?

  8. Spot on TJ! You called an hour before the finish.

    We got up by 9 by a 3 min. flurry of defense that led to easy baskets. Then….nada…back to the status quo….dribble around, stand around, throw up a prayer.

    And how about that Tom Crean brilliance yet again on that final out of bounds play?!?!!?! Classic Tom Crean.

    All of this is why I didn’t go over this year. Shaping up to be another Chaminade vs. IN 7th place game. Thank God we didn’t win and get embarrassed by Vandy or Kansas. Maybe that was Crean’s plan all along.

  9. You have a nine point lead coming down the stretch and you keep jacking up threes and missing. At what point does the coach call time and tell the players to drive to the basket for high percentage shots and get fouled and go to the line? Basic basketball. Not this coach.

  10. Out scored 17 to 6 in the last 7 minutes. We really took some awful shots in those last 7 minutes. Same old Yogi I will just dribble till shot clock is down two two and throw something at the rim and hope we rebound are tip it in. Crean out coached again and again and again!!!!

  11. I cannot believe that Tom Crean did not show up for the Radio Interview. Sad, that does not show “leadership’ and ‘taking accountability’

  12. Simply a pathetic radio interview. Very Disappointing. I sure hope Crean does not come up with the same “someone has to step up and take ownership” like he resorted to last year. That got tiresome real quickly.

    I had thought we could simply out-shoot anyone but that lull, similar to 2nd hafl lull….did not happen tonight.

  13. IU fans Crean has to go if you ever want to win another national championship. Cuz defense is necessary to achieve a championship and Crean has never put much effort on a defensive team. I like Crean, but not as the IU coach. So Fellow IUions take your IU education and evaluate Creans cost/benefit and make a nonbias opinion…and come back to reality. Enough is enough.

  14. Where was the leadership from any of the team’s experienced players during the last five minutes of the game? Crean might have been better off benching a few of them for the last two minutes of the game. Talk is cheap! WTF?

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