1. I am sorry you guys have to cover this when you could be enjoying the weather. Have a safe trip home. I hope you got to enjoy your time in Maui. I am not even going to post about the games anymore. Nothing ever changes with this group of individuals.

  2. It doesn’t sound like the unlv game is going to well. 7 turnovers in the first 8 minutes of the game.

    I’ll be thankful next Thanksgiving if Tom Crean is not our coach.

  3. Bryant is THE most overrated “big time” recruit Indiana has had in a long time. Absolutely useless out there. Just pathetic. Sick of watching this crap. Crean must go.

  4. Two rebounds for the big guy (TB)? Our leading rebounder is the shooting guard and that’s triple what TB has so far. Forget defense, we flat out don’t know how to box out.

  5. Sad time to be a hoosier fan. Did someone say we aren.t good at football because we are a basketball school. WOW has that bird flew the coop.

  6. The FG attempt by Bryant was partial block( well 2 fingers) but ITS apparent from Crean’s response that he doesn’t know GOOD defense from a foul; which speaks to the defense ( lack thereof) by Indiana. AND the turnover number remains the same after 3-4 years.

  7. I’m getting a kick out of watching Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg. They’re shocked at how bad of a basketball team IU is.

  8. Jay Williams on ESPN ” Indiana is 324th IN THE NATION in taking care of the basketball; there’s only 345 schools in Division 1″ The turnovers haven’t changed and yet this team was being judged on returning VETERANS before start of season…. Crean needs to go before the start of league play.

  9. A few comments (in order): 1. Crean must be replaced. 2. Ms. Williams you owe IU & your son both an apology for your actions. Its never a problem to defend your child, but its how you defend your child. It was classless & nothing more than pure trash. You should be very ashamed of yourself. 3. Yogi & Blackmon both are misguided to think that either one of them will make it in the NBA. I’m sorry, but someone needs to be honest to them. And lastly, Bryant plays offense like a typical freshman plays offense. Its expected, although he plays defense like an 8th grader. If he wants to improve defensively he’s playing for the wrong coach. Sadly I’m just stating the truth on all of the above. WAKE UP INDIANA….

  10. No more excuses for Crean. None, zero, zilch, nada. Ironically, all the talent he has assembled on this year’s team is exposing his weakness as a coach. This team is in disarray.

  11. Now we know why so many guys were pounding the vodka…So much coaching to digest, so little time.

  12. I think everyone agrees that Crean must go.How about this for a new coach….Steve Alford? I know at Iowa and NM…UCLA he hasn’t done alot…but bringing him back to a state that loves him and he is a legend…could he turn IU around? I know his Dad is very well respected and liked by almost every high school coach in Indiana…so recruting Indiana should be easy.Even though he hasn’t won big…he has taken every school he has been at to the tournament.His teams play hard defense and he doesn’t have any rules problems.I am pretty sure he will be looking for a job at season’s end also.What do all you expert’s think of Alford coming to IU?

  13. Just a few Alford stats….25 years has a head coach…513-258 winning .665%….3 Sweet 16’s….has made the NCAA Tournament 19 out of 24 years…..has more wins ( 513 ) than any other coach in history under the age of 50. Has a very high graduation rate among his players.May not become the next John Wooden but is a heck of alot better than what we have now.I doubt alot of high profile coaches would even apply for this job…it is not what it use to be….but I think Alford would do a heck of a job at Indiana….if he would even consider coming to Indiana.

  14. Confused why anyone would think that a high profile coach wouldn’t want the IU job… I mean, no one is going to leave a cushy gig at a great school for IU, but for anyone not named Izzo, K, Self, Williams, dude in AZ… whatever… anyone else would be foolish not to look at it very hard.

    Crean sucks, but he’s proven you can recruit to IU… 5 McD’s all-American’s in 5 years… 2 or 3 top-10 recruiting classes… A great state of talent to choose from… the ability to recruit nationally… a basketball school…

    This job still holds a ton of appeal.

  15. Blackmon is way too soft to play in the NBA. He is talented but there are lots of talented guys that will never make it in the NBA. Those guys (in the League) are driven to excel. I just have never seen that in Blackmon.

    He is a scorer. That’s it. I’ve just never understood the circus that surrounds him.

  16. Yeah Blackmon wouldn’t even start in the D League… It isn’t even so much that he’s soft, which he is… it’s more that he doesn’t understand how to play the game of basketball. Super low IQ + average athleticism + tweener + non-elite skill = Europe

  17. With the right coach, Blackmon would be one of the most dangerous guards in the BIG. You simply have too many too many guys wanting to showboat/showcase their own skills. They have no direction and it’s basically a spastic game of run and gun(Blackmon included, obviously)….and turnovers …and more spastic.

    This is not a necessary time to blame Troy…or blame Blackmon…or blame Yogi…or blame the freshman post player. These kids have no direction. The biggest crime is that assistant coaches and the AD have watched this happen year after year…All satisfied to milk their stay, suck up the money, while watching a clueless coach shackle team after team. It’s not relevant whether who will play at the next level. Crean should be playing at the middle school level of coaching.

    As soon as the heat picks up on Crean, it’s the old piss on players routine that returns. That sort of crap only defends the defenseless inadequacies of a man that, for whatever reason, sabotages results more than anything positive ANY player could get from his spastic behavior and in-game blunders.


  18. And none of this matters…Will be eating turkey leftovers for the next five years…Crean is going nowhere…If you can survive after losing 6 out of 8 down the stretch of the regular season heading into March, including 3 straight at home during such meltdown, make us look like a date night with Bill Cosby against Comb-over College from Wets Lafayette, …? ….and you still don’t get canned? Throw in a thrown away NCAA game where somehow, someway, after a timeout to discuss strategy, your players didn’t get the message to foul and stop the clock in order to secure, at bare minimum, a possible shot to win the game on a final possession?

    What a bunch of hot air….Crean hired his own AD. We haven’t even discussed all the off-the-court issues and the lack of respect creates such issues. Are star center was in a car with bottles of vodka…No big deal…But he was in the car with Hanner Perea, a kid that had screwed up numerous times, and had already been removed from the team…

    The president of IU must be oblivious. This was once a school that had a “zero tolerance” policy just in case Bobby got too temperamental? Now we have a bozo coaching the Animal House Fraternity of the Vodka Guzzling Basketball Clueless of the Studious…. and that’s something we will tolerate with a smile on our face? Unlike a Bill Cosby date, we ain’t getting anything out of being this screwed by our athletic administration These boys wearing the suits and ties are in cahoots.. Sampson’s and his class-skipping ballers were lightweight jaywalkers compared to these corporate gangsters and marketing snakes that destroy the lore of McCracken..They ain’t goin’ nowhere, folks. This circus is here to stay until they’ve decided they have enough our ruined history in their wallets to walk away.

  19. actually HFH, I disagree… Do you see even a single pro-Crean voice on this blog these days? I mean, even in the worst of times prior to this year there would be defenders… where are they now… the best you can get is the occasional excuse-maker… like, well, some other team lost, so you know, IU was gonna lose… The tide has turned… Crean was close to leaving on his own accord last off-season. Crean was even closer to being bought-out Les Miles style last off-season… there was some strange tidbit that I can’t remember that saved his job at the last second… Maybe the TB signing… you’d have to go back and read the commments, you “archive” pro…. But there is no saving Crean except a masterful end to this season, and he just isn’t capable of it… remember his kids being boooooooed at their games… the tide has turned.

  20. People only care about image….He goes to church every Sunday. He prays at halftime. He puts IU names in the NBA by finding his diamonds in the East rough….His former player now a superstar at Orlando tweets love letters and tells how Crean is unfairly evaluated…Crean landed Mr. Everything Hinges…That one recruit meant he never had to find another legit post player from our state unit an Assembly Hall steel plate falls from the rafters again….He gave us Sheeheydipo….And you certainly don’t fire a man that was just painted as a victim by a CBS Crean apologist/reporter from Tennessee …We were all gathered into one giant compound to play the victims because of Sampson….Always the victim under Crean….He saved us…You don’t fire a holy man that saved your school from eternal damnation those 19 F’s and PROGRAM WRECKERS!

    Hoosier fans enjoy being the victim. We embraced it the day the made Knight the most bitter man to ever coach one school to multiple banners.

    Crean is really are only way into hoops heaven. You don’t fire a man you must follow. Oh, and one other minor tidbit…..He sat with his “Good Book” in the back row of seats during the Last AD Hiring Supper…..and offered his humble wisdom when he said angles were calling upon him to hire Fred Glass as his AD.

    Yeah, I really expect this guy to get his walking papers. This guy knew how to build job security…..If you’re incapable of coaching the game anything close to your peers, you sure as hell better have some tricks up your sleeves…. Indiana people ain’t to bright, Goeff. He had me at “Because it’s Indiana.” I wet myself for three days….I cried myself to sleep for seven nights. I reinstalled my Nerf hoop in the Harvard mansion entryway…. I stalked Danny Moore’s facebook page and gave myself knee burns while doing so….Tom Crean had me at “Because it’s Indiana.” Now you quit talking silly talk…Nobody puts baby in the corner. NOBODY! (insert turkey-induced flatulence here).

  21. oops…[angels]….(possibly angles…you never know…Maybe angels with angles?)

    I’m sleepy….Bears won a game @ Green Bay. Jay Cutler…Have I told you his roots go back to Chesterton? They make ass-kicking jocks in that tiny town. We Chestertonians put the ‘D’ in DNA.

  22. Harvard- I thought of you while watching that Bears gritty victory. Always a huge feat to win at Lambeau. Things looking better this year; Cutler actually isn’t awful.

  23. Short of a gritty performance in the Final Four or better Crean is a dead coach walking.

    Speaking of football, how about them ‘Boys. Romo only had three picks early and only 2 of them were returned for touchdowns. At one point I believe he threw consecutive passed without an INT. Impressive.

    Well, I’m guessing he’s taking the rest of the season off because, well, next year for sure. The Indiana Hoosiers are still in contention for the post season after the Dallas Cowboy are eliminated. It would be funny except that it happens almost every year anymore. If they weren’t in the worst division in the NFL the Cowboys would have been eliminated last month.

  24. I have a hard time hating on the Cowboys like I used to . They are just too irrelevant. Terribly unlucky season for them anyway, with Dez and Romo going down. They’ve played some plucky defense (I admit, I had written “gritty” but it was time for a synonym) but you aren’t going to win many games with Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden at the helm.

    Yesterday, they simply ran into a juggernaut. How about the Panthers, by the way? For all the pain it causes me to know that the Patriots will inevitably be winning it all again (like the Warriors will in the NBA), at least we know that the NFC championship game won’t be played at Lambeau.

  25. Harvard for Hillbillies #81

    Thursday, March 19, 2015 – 2:28 PM EST

    Phew….Northeastern was tough.. Don’t know that many coaching names, but my first impression of the Northeastern coach is very favorable…He looked like a class act in the handshake line at the end of a very heartbreaking loss for his squad. I’d hire that guy. Ran some nifty stuff that caught ND sleeping….That’s why I hate filling out brackets…I’d rather see the upsets …Brackets eff with the mind

    Harvard for Hillbillies #2

    Friday, March 20, 2015 – 2:17 PM EST

    Hire Bill Coen now!!

    Harvard for Hillbillies #4

    Friday, March 20, 2015 – 2:32 PM EST

    Listen to the man that can lead us to the promise land…He mentions “Hoosiers” at the 1:25 mark

    Flash forward 7 months….And then this happens……..If only Fred would have listened to me last March. We could have had a top quality coach that could actually teach and be a perfect fit for those humble candy stripes. But, as I said dozens of times, it’s all merely fantasy and empty wishes. Nothing will change at IU Basketball…The passion has been sucked dry via the preacher and the victim act.

    HIRE BILL COEN NOW! (bonus clip to follow) Forget that other dweeb that sold his soul to parquet.

  26. Maybe so. That being said, if beating Miami is your signature win then…you don’t have a signature win.

    Miami has made it to the NCAA tournament exactly 5 times in the school’s history. That’s one more than Coppin State and one less than Alcorn State. They advanced past the second round twice…ever. For that matter the school dropped the basketball program from 1971-85.

    They had a pretty good (not great) team three years ago. Before that they had another pretty good (again not great) team 16 years ago. That’s it.

    Let’s wait until Northwestern beats a real program before we start drooling over their coach.

  27. Chet- Northeastern(Boston area), not Northwestern…Northeastern came within a heartbeat of beating a very strong ND team in last year’s March Madness. ND, if you recall, gave UK all they could handle in an Elite 8 game that was decided in the final possessions. ND also defeated both NC and Duke and won the ACC tournament prior to March Madness.

    I just like Coen…Like his personality and his apparent love for the roots of the game(high school ball, “Hoosiers,” the mystique of the David vs. Goliath games, etc.). I just remember how beautifully coached they appeared to be against ND. I remember it looking like a team in sync…They ran stuff to precision and were the complete opposite of what you see from a Crean squad..

    It will never happen anyway, Chet. It’s just my preference for the sort of man I’d love to see at Indiana. Did you watch the interview in the clip provided in post #37?

  28. Seahawk Tom, the Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin in the pre-season. For the whole year, not just a handful of games. Most GMs would take him over Bryant for a variety of reasons. They have also played the entire season (until a few snaps last Sunday) without their best defensive lineman, Charles Johnson. Every teams has injuries. Good teams overcome them.

    Dallas just looks for a reason to fold. Would any other organization pin their hopes on a QB that finds a way to lose in the clutch every single year for a decade? He’s a stat machine but he never wins the big game. Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins than Romo. Shoot, Sanchez has TWICE as many playoff wins as Romo.

    The ‘Boys are the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are the same organization with different uniforms.

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